Big Guns - New Buggies for Spec Ops units

  • Published on Jun 26, 2018
  • Hello, guys. We just filmed the first ever Russian buggies set to be used by the country’s military.
    The vehicles you’re about to see will be used for seek-and-destroy missions in forests, in mountain regions, and in deserts. I don’t want to reveal too much about the new vehicles now as we’ll test drive them in a later episode.
    But for now, let’s have a look at the buggy being put through its paces by a National Guard special operation unit, recorded specially for you.
    ℹ️ Suppressors, rails, and optics for Russian arms -
    ℹ️ Russian Spec Ops battle gear -
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Comments • 8

  • Ao1968
    Ao1968 7 days ago

    look like olive drab run of the mill side by sides to bring more than that to the party.

    LOADING 9 months ago

    Oh where have I seen these types of vehicles before? Oh yeah the US

    • Лев Чумаков
      Лев Чумаков 7 months ago

      So what? (it looks like some kind of mockery, but I don't understand what)

  • J M
    J M Year ago +1

    July 22nd 2018. Small wheels create friction on the bearings. Small bearings and then you have your disc brakes that heat up. Why are we seeing something like DARPA. Or they have wheels that turn into tracks. That's great that you're shooting at cardboard. Are these the weapons to be used and going after the Anunnaki. Why don't we have instead of cardboard we have images of Anunnaki. Were you can shoot them to kill them.

  • Buffalo Lodge
    Buffalo Lodge Year ago +2

    Looking good! Stay strong...stay vigilant!

  • Metallic Archaea
    Metallic Archaea Year ago +1

    U.S. Navy SEALs used Chenowth Desert Patrol Vehicle (DPV) or Fast Attack Vehicle (FAV) "Doom Buggies" to roll into Iraq back in '91. Cool to see the concept still alive.

    • Don Sonny
      Don Sonny Year ago +1

      Metallic Archaea these were developed primarily for desert warfare , with Russia manufacturing them also now its expected to see them soon deployed somewhere in the middle east in a current or future conflict , its good to see Russia playing a role in world events its getting really old always seeing the US in every single war on every continent , refreshing to have a brand new force on the scene , very curious how Russia will fare in wars and special ops , if we take Syria as a precedent the Russians should clean house wherever they go , I payed close attention to what they have done in Syria and Ukraine and concluded this is a whole different force not the incompetent Soviets

  • TheEagle
    TheEagle Year ago +5

    Nice. Glad to see russia is back in the game.