40° Rally Il Ciocco 2017 - Day 1 - Crash & Max Attack! [HD]

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    RACINGFAIL! 10 months ago

    Hi Palbo46. Congratulations for this amazing video.
    One of your clips in this video has been selected to our next compilation (Racing and Rally Crash Compilation Week 11 March 2017), therefore we would like your permission to use it and some of your clips on our future weekly compilations, as other TVcliprs provided. We will include your channel link in description plus your other social media links, your video link and cards as well in each compilation that features one of your clips. Also, we will subscribe you, add your channel to our Partners list and announce you on our facebook page. But there's more! Your videos will feature on our website from now on! Hopefully you will get even more recognition and more subscribers. Doing so you will reach not only your national event searchers but worldwide as well.
    We believe our videos are of Fair Use, but we would like your permission anyway because we want to be a friendly channel.
    Please reply to this message as soon as possible, because we are working on last week's compilation.
    If you want to know more about us please read our "About" section.
    Best regards,

  • Alex861697
    Alex861697 10 months ago

    he had other things on his mind 💍

  • rosmanao videos
    rosmanao videos 10 months ago


  • Broda na jajach
    Broda na jajach 10 months ago

    Nice video but I have 1 question. Is it this new fabia r5 with VW parts? I think so because it isn't sound like normal fabia r5

  • chinkue205
    chinkue205 10 months ago

    Buen video Pablo!!!!!!!