Understanding Mazemen, Japan's No-Broth Ramen | Food Skills

  • Published on Jul 31, 2017
  • In the U.S., the word "ramen" conjures up images of chewy yellow noodles and bubbling vats of tonkotsu-style broth. But lately, a different style of noodle-making has been capturing the imaginations of ramaniacs everywhere. Enter: mazemen. Fresh off a cameo on Aziz Ansari's Master of None, Yuji Haraguchi's mazemen is a broth-less ramen topped with bacon, egg, and bonito flakes. Customers are tasked with mixing the ingredients together, and the result is a heap of gooey, yolk-and-pork covered noodles, sans soup. Mazemen is the perfect bowl for ramen-lovers who crave noodles-and little else.
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Comments • 442

  • New Yoko
    New Yoko 4 months ago

    Terrible music, ramen without broth or anything are best

  • Louise Ashton
    Louise Ashton 8 months ago

    The mix has made this video unwatchable :(

  • Patty Cake
    Patty Cake 10 months ago

    this is not brothless ramen...

    • Patty Cake
      Patty Cake 10 months ago

      i mean technically yes... but traditionally hell the fuck no

  • Orek Tempe
    Orek Tempe 10 months ago +1

    Basically indomie

  • Dr. Phil's creampie lounge

    wtf turn down that annoying music

  • Taejin's Cactus
    Taejin's Cactus Year ago

    Let me clarify again, pasta and noodles are not the same. Therefore, a no-broth ramen can't be 'Asian Pasta', okey dokey?

  • Sushi
    Sushi Year ago

    i thought the red garnish thing was saffron, but that would be crazy expensive.

  • Solveg Rasmus
    Solveg Rasmus Year ago

    so basically its a Japanese pasta carbonara

  • _ _
    _ _ Year ago

    Who eats Top Ramen without broth? Me, and it's delicious.

  • Retro
    Retro Year ago


  • raWr Fishing
    raWr Fishing Year ago

    i have been eating this a long time ago... without knowing what it is called... holy cow

  • WHAT THE!!!!
    WHAT THE!!!! Year ago

    dat beats tho

  • Mycel
    Mycel Year ago

    the guy talks a funny mix of very slow and very fast.

  • Jiamin
    Jiamin Year ago

    The broth is the best part

  • Awesomeness
    Awesomeness Year ago

    sooo dry noodles?

    FORDs DAD Year ago

    Sounds like the duck from Kung fu panda 🐼

  • Mipapi
    Mipapi Year ago

    Them noodles look good asf

  • Glottis
    Glottis Year ago

    I think the music mix is totally fine, personally. I had no trouble understanding him.

  • Elvis Boulala
    Elvis Boulala Year ago

    Its a carbonara, wtf

  • kc soysauce
    kc soysauce Year ago

    this is basically carbonara lol

  • firecrow 797
    firecrow 797 Year ago

    hey idk if anyone told you but the music is to loud

  • Darian James
    Darian James Year ago

    what did the guy say?

  • lohengren
    lohengren Year ago

    i need this

  • Aaron J
    Aaron J Year ago


  • White Dawn Death
    White Dawn Death Year ago

    Shit I been eating liqiud-less Ramen for 30 fucking years, nothing new here but looks damn good so totally worth the watch. Add all kindsa good shit it...some type of hot sauce, fried Bologna, eggs, green onion, toss the spice packet in the trash, add pepper, garlic salt, onion salt to taste, smoke a bowl and fuck some shit up!!

  • Jedi-pi
    Jedi-pi Year ago

    Music unnecessarily loud!!

  • Ash Rostami
    Ash Rostami Year ago

    gives us more of the bald man eating wings or we revolt

  • KnowFun
    KnowFun Year ago

    looks good.... where can i eat it.

  • Patrik Orlicek
    Patrik Orlicek Year ago

    Asian Carbonara

  • All The Artsy
    All The Artsy Year ago

    wait. he made this ramen because broth is too hot????

  • Nico Beaton
    Nico Beaton Year ago

    your soundtrack is drowning out the fucking speaker, come on guys, what is mastering

  • The Emo Emu
    The Emo Emu Year ago

    That looks DELICIOUS!

  • swclikewhut
    swclikewhut Year ago

    I really wish you added am actual sub to this video. TVclip auto generated is terrible and I'm legitimately interested in what this chef has to say but I'm having a terribly hard time following

  • Naeem Majors
    Naeem Majors Year ago

    Sooooooo y'all just not gonna have subtitles 😐

  • Ascendant Madness

    This is how I've been cooking my ramen at home for 20+ years, including the egg. Who knew I could have opened my own restaurant.

  • Steve Holmgren
    Steve Holmgren Year ago

    During the video press "c" for captions. Apparently he likes robbing noodles.

  • Colin Everett
    Colin Everett Year ago

    You guys should link to the restaurants in the description.

  • deathscythe
    deathscythe Year ago

    So this like a Japanese carbonara without cheese

  • powerjam123
    powerjam123 Year ago

    he's a cup of parmesan away from making carbonara

  • MWYANT19
    MWYANT19 Year ago

    ima sell ramen without the noodles, or the broth.

  • MWYANT19
    MWYANT19 Year ago

    id eat that

  • FLO91
    FLO91 Year ago

    looks so tasty

  • TheKaukas
    TheKaukas Year ago

    Cheap food.

    • TheKaukas
      TheKaukas Year ago

      With a huge price tag. 2:22

  • WhereMyKeys
    WhereMyKeys Year ago

    Isn't it bad to eat raw eggs?

  • Alex
    Alex Year ago

    Turn on subtitles and go to 0:12

  • Charlock
    Charlock Year ago

    Audio needs some help on this one.

  • GmoneyStylez
    GmoneyStylez Year ago

    Boom chika boom boom chika pop "high hat" boom jazzy trumpet* yea golden beat man.

  • Mike Manning
    Mike Manning Year ago

    Seems like the hardest part is half boiling the egg. This will make for a good breakfast tomorrow morning.

  • LeoVomend
    LeoVomend Year ago

    fuck that looks good

  • Dracula Wannaboogiedown

    Yeah the background music is mixed horribly lmao complex when will y'all learn the right levels

  • Captyn
    Captyn Year ago

    This is something ive been waiting for, ive never enjoyed the broth aspect of ramen. I would literally drain mine and eat it with butter. 1,000 times better.

  • Purple Haze
    Purple Haze Year ago +1

    I KNEW
    I NEVER LEAVE WATER, JUST PUT IN half a tablespoon of butter immediately after draining the hot water and stir with powdered contents.
    over two decades and rolling

  • Velasoraptor
    Velasoraptor Year ago

    Yeah you guys usually have good Mixing, but the music is about 2x louder than it needs to be. I can't hear him because of the music...

  • Aziez Nugroho
    Aziez Nugroho Year ago

    2 words, Indomie Goreng

  • Kevin Mitchell
    Kevin Mitchell Year ago

    Looks incredible

  • Nova Wain
    Nova Wain Year ago

    Chill out with the music jesus

  • pigsareit
    pigsareit Year ago

    this music is too loud

  • Kabalyst
    Kabalyst Year ago

    Raw eggs and pancette/ganciala looking pork tossed in freshly cooked noodles. So basically it's a parmesan-less japanese carbonara huh ?

    • Muffins Plays
      Muffins Plays Year ago

      I'm sure the Japanese flavourings from ingredients such as nori and bonito will provide it with the depth that the ramen broth is supposed to bring.
      The umami flavour would be more developed than the flavour profile of a regular carbonara but they would definitely be similar.
      Either way it doesn't discredit what he's doing and even the idea of serving a half boiled egg with pasta* and other toppings that you break and mix in yourself is an innovation on carbonara let alone ramen.
      *While the shape is different to regular ramen noodles, the preparation seems to be the same I assume that would make these alkaline noodles which are different to pasta

  • Martin Konstantin Herrmann


  • Dopeloop
    Dopeloop Year ago

    turn the fucking music down

  • ibreedh8
    ibreedh8 Year ago

    I never use broth, I always drain it. Only way I can eat it and a lot of people I let try it, end up eating that way.

  • sleighte
    sleighte Year ago


  • Jose De Ugarte
    Jose De Ugarte Year ago

    Is this Naruto Approved?

  • Wolf Chen
    Wolf Chen Year ago

    How is this even ramen? It's just a dry noodle/pasta.

  • William Chen
    William Chen Year ago

    Damn i was hoping this place was in LA

  • Agent Tomcat
    Agent Tomcat Year ago

    The subtitles on this video are priceless.

  • maxx steele
    maxx steele Year ago

    This dude had a lot of bad facts. In Okinawa we eat a shit ton of bacon and this style of noodle isn't anything special. Unfortunately this joker helped make a video that speaks for all of Japan. This isn't innovative and I bet you ask any college student, Japanese and American if they've seen this before and they'll tell you that they have that shit last week.
    This is bullshit. Enjoys your noodles hipsters!

    • Dark Knight
      Dark Knight Year ago +1

      You just spent time with the American people in the military base.
      That's why you didn't know what the noodle is in Okinawa.
      Please do not tell a lie to the other people in the country.
      Finally, you should not have said a rude word because your comment seems to be racists.
      I will report your behavior to TVclip as the racial harassment.
      I disappointed that your excuse is childish and violent.

    • maxx steele
      maxx steele Year ago

      I'm multicultural and multinational my dear so I'm not limited in creative food combinations. I live in Kadena my wife was born in Naha but went to school in the US like me. Our daughter has the best of all the worlds and your way of thinking that people in one region all eat the same shit and have the same experience is outdated.
      You misunderstand your place in the world community. Like I wrote before. None of this shit is new to me. Between just my wife and I you can't argue 80 years of experience baby!
      I didn't misunderstand a damn thing. You just don't know who you're talking to.

    • Dark Knight
      Dark Knight Year ago +1

      You misunderstand. I was born in Naha, Okinawa.
      You said about "Miyako-soba", not Ramen.
      Ramen is a Japanese dish. Ramen usually is using sliced pork on the top.
      Not Bacon. You just confuse Miyako-soba as Ramen.
      You should learn about the Japanese food before you made a shame comment on TVclip.

  • daftrhetoric
    daftrhetoric Year ago

    Yeah, when I think of Ramen I think 'inaccessible'. It's all that refined mongoloid slurping I think.

  • Official Fire
    Official Fire Year ago


  • kahea2018
    kahea2018 Year ago

    we been doing this. lol but not as fancy ;)

  • Gambit2483
    Gambit2483 Year ago

    This looks good..wouldnt mind trying

  • Miles Moore
    Miles Moore Year ago

    No need to re-upload, sounds perfectly fine to me, I heard every single word this guy said, plus i got to enjoy some swanky music. Get some decent headphones yall.

    • Miles Moore
      Miles Moore Year ago

      I'm not being sarcastic by the way, just re-read my comment

  • Andrew Lee
    Andrew Lee Year ago

    No. He make it easier for Americans to eat ramen. Smh if you don't slurp Asian noodles, you honestly can't get the whole taste of the noodles. Food is not just about taste. Texture and technique.

  • David Robinson
    David Robinson Year ago +1

    This guy is a genius, making $2 Carbonara, calling it special ramen and charging $15.

  • weeniesupreme
    weeniesupreme Year ago

    this looks so good fml

  • Mike Van Der Vegt


  • Patrice Humphrey
    Patrice Humphrey Year ago

    yummy my favorite

  • PhilbertQAverage
    PhilbertQAverage Year ago +1

    So pasta, basically...

  • Philip Bateson
    Philip Bateson Year ago

    your editor for these projects needs to better balance the music with the voice over.
    I assume the goal here is the person speaking to communicate an "understanding" of mazeman.
    He has a decently thick accent, and your music dub drowns out our ability to "understand" what he is saying.
    If anything I have now decided to hate mazeman forever....prolly not, but FIX YOUR SOUND!

  • Daniel SebeTheREdMage Desdunes

    I thought that place was a fish market?

  • michael roberson
    michael roberson Year ago

    how did they make the egg like that?

  • Daddy Cheeseburger

    the background music is too LOUD i hate this channel now fuck you i cant hear anything because im angry now

  • Gregory Drew
    Gregory Drew Year ago

    That ramen looks really gooWUB WUUB

  • Yamchas Ghost
    Yamchas Ghost Year ago

    so....spaghetti carbonara then.

  • Nancho Party
    Nancho Party Year ago

    Go to 0:12 and turn on captions.

  • Bend Over
    Bend Over Year ago

    Mee pok bak chor mee

    BCKNS Year ago

    Where the fuck is the boxing video?

  • Kuro Neko
    Kuro Neko Year ago

    no broth??😠😠😠 heresy

  • slaiyfershin
    slaiyfershin Year ago

    To me, Ramen without the broth takes away half of what it means to eat ramen.

  • Metallaio
    Metallaio Year ago

    So... Japanese CARBONARA!?!

  • •Chil-rixien•

    Can you try to get Terry Crews on hot ones?

  • HYKL
    HYKL Year ago

    so basically abura soba, but with men??

  • Vtine
    Vtine Year ago

    Holy crap, I need that in my life

  • Talon ViperChef
    Talon ViperChef Year ago

    What dumb fuck editor thinks having percussion louder than a dude with a foreign accent is a good idea?

  • Dylan Mclaughlin
    Dylan Mclaughlin Year ago

    That's not Japanese food. That's white washed food for dumb people.

  • Robbie Rotten
    Robbie Rotten Year ago

    Dear god.
    Turn on english subs at 0:13

  • AnarchistAaron
    AnarchistAaron Year ago

    Sort out ya audio levels ya amateur

  • JayBrooklyn97
    JayBrooklyn97 Year ago

    Where's his shop at?????

  • dahalofreeek
    dahalofreeek Year ago

    Holy fucking shit that looks beautiful and swirling that egg in looks super satisfying.

  • Gambino
    Gambino Year ago

    Japanese Carbonara FTW