Roy Buchanan - Please Don't Turn Me Away/Hey Joe (live in Chicago)

  • Published on Jul 14, 2011
  • 1979.09.15 Chicago, Illinois
    A nice one-two punch by Leroy Buchanan. Fantastic solo in Please Don't Turn Me Away (love the way he ends the solo) followed by maybe the his longest version of Hey Joe. Buchanan certainly over does it but fuck it, it's rock and roll.
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  • Mark Collins
    Mark Collins 15 hours ago

    Who's the singer? Not Roy, right?

  • Joseph Hill
    Joseph Hill 6 months ago +2

    I thought Alvin Lee was king under ground blues then I heard Roy

  • Joseph Obenauer
    Joseph Obenauer 6 months ago

    Thank you, Mr. Mendez.

  • John Leonard
    John Leonard Year ago


  • Evan's Gate
    Evan's Gate Year ago

    love your description, thanks for uploading! Roy Buchanan will never die!

  • Henk Vinke
    Henk Vinke Year ago

    Sam, thank you for uploading this!

  • Roy Daniels
    Roy Daniels Year ago

    Seal good

  • joebubbit
    joebubbit Year ago +1

    I saw Roy with Lonnie Mack and Dickey Betts at the Park West in '86. It was billed as the Great American Gui9tar Assault. It sure was.

  • Jack Empson
    Jack Empson Year ago

    This song used to really move me. i love his takeoffs.

  • Amy Sutherland
    Amy Sutherland Year ago

    Stunning solo. Wonderfull song

  • JohnsRadios
    JohnsRadios Year ago

    Thanks for the post love Roy and Billy Price really sings the heck out of this song.

  • Jack Empson
    Jack Empson Year ago +3

    I saw him at this concert and he was drunk and carried a six pack on stage with him. He then began so play the hell out of the guitar.

  • Jack Empson
    Jack Empson 2 years ago +2

    I was at this concert. He was great.

  • Anderson
    Anderson 2 years ago +1

    Excelente trabalho do melhor q
    Guitarrista que já pisou nessa terra

  • dilalio cobuns
    dilalio cobuns 2 years ago +1

    I'm gonna go and post the link to this vid, on some justin bieber vids, show them the light.

  • Al Sowa
    Al Sowa 2 years ago +1

    I remember being at this concert, thank you Sam for posting.

    • Jack Empson
      Jack Empson 2 years ago +1

      I was there too. maybe we crossed paths. haha!

    • Al Sowa
      Al Sowa 2 years ago +1

      YES IT WAS.

    • dilalio cobuns
      dilalio cobuns 2 years ago

      thats amazing man, peeps say this recordin is bad but its one of my favourites, omg that solo. was it as riveting live as this recording is ?

    • Al Sowa
      Al Sowa 2 years ago +3

      yes sir, While we were waiting to get in the manager was out front and I mentioned to him Sir you booked a really great show, He called out to one of the staff and said, "Pauli take these gentlemen to the front". So there we were sitting at a front table drinking pina coladas and watching one of the worlds greatest guitarist. I was 27 years old.

    • dilalio cobuns
      dilalio cobuns 2 years ago

      u for real ?

  • A. Cipriano
    A. Cipriano 2 years ago

    Não interessa que alguns gostem do Bieber ou da Taylor Swift, este trabalho do Roy é genial, e isso é que importa ...

  • Brick OGDEN
    Brick OGDEN 2 years ago


  • Tearhill
    Tearhill 2 years ago

    dang, thought it was live video...

  • Mike White
    Mike White 2 years ago

    awesome hillbilly version hey joe!Loved it!yyee hahh

  • geoforn
    geoforn 2 years ago +2

    14:57 made me laugh :D

  • hodis
    hodis 3 years ago +7

    I thought Billy Price was the best singer Roy had of all his bands, This was Roy's 3rd album for Polygram, I played the shit out of it . Roy lived around Maryland, DC, Northern Va when I lived there and I
    was fortunate to see him play quite a few times. We had another guy named Danny Gatton that was pretty much as skilled as Roy, unfortunately he also committed suicide about 5 or so years after Roy.
    Both of these guys were tortured souls, maybe that's why they were so soulful sounding.
    I'll never forget Roy as long as I roam the earth.

    • Elston Gunn
      Elston Gunn 2 months ago

      @Evan's Gate Check out Danny Gatton's CD 88 Elmira St. His Albums wasnt his strength seeing him live was quite an experience:))

    • Brendon Fraser
      Brendon Fraser 9 months ago

      Roy was murdered by police.

    • Simon Folkard
      Simon Folkard Year ago +2

      I don't believe Roy killed himself,it all stinks of corruption.However such a great,talented man.

    • Evan's Gate
      Evan's Gate Year ago

      could you please point me to some great soulful danny gatton tracks? heard the name and checked him out but was a bit underwhelmed.

  • Chris K Jones
    Chris K Jones 3 years ago +15

    Been playing for 30+ years, studied all the greats, but the first time I heard Roy he just utterly blew me away and has done every time since. Thanks so much for posting. The chills just flood out of this recording. Love to all the fans of the mighty Buchanan.

  • Peter Ball
    Peter Ball 3 years ago +1

    Sounds like a REAL recording to me. Awesome, close your eyes and you can imagine being there. Thanks.

  • WEXF Radio
    WEXF Radio 3 years ago +7

    Please do not judge the recording it was what it was and still great vocals and guitar work!!!

  • Dave Heatherly
    Dave Heatherly 3 years ago

    Sam you are the Man! Go,d the Park West, Roy, The song combination, what else could a soul reasonably ask for in one lifetime? NOTHING

  • Maurits Lo A Foe
    Maurits Lo A Foe 3 years ago

    Poor recording indeed a pitty there are no moving pictures .I remember turning this album to grey.Back then it were vinyl.Man memories of my sweet fifteens goes bye listening to this ,thanks anyway asides of the poorly was the year 1975,can you imagine way back 41 years ago.

    • dilalio cobuns
      dilalio cobuns 2 years ago

      Funnily enough I messaged Billy about this to thank him, he said it wasn't him but maybe a bass player from the band.

    • WEXF Radio
      WEXF Radio 3 years ago +1

      Billy Price from Pittsburgh PA

    • dilalio cobuns
      dilalio cobuns 3 years ago +1

      +Maurits Lo A Foe Awesome man. I find this recording absolutely enthralling. I was wondering if you could tell me who the singer is on the first song. I have sought high and low but not found anything. R u sure that it was 1975 ? it says chicago west 1979/15/09 ?

  • cesar antonio cartaya
    cesar antonio cartaya 4 years ago +1

    Ufffffffff Sin duda alguna Hendrix, no le llevava mucho ha este genio de la guitarra -RIP- ROY

  • Michael P
    Michael P 5 years ago +3

    Sadly not the best recording, but still fantastic

  • Gerardo Erak
    Gerardo Erak 6 years ago +3

    If you want to hear "serious" late 60`s and early 70`s "blues-based-guitar-players"
    do yourself a favour and listen (among others) to the great Messrs. R. Buchanan
    (r.i.p.), R. Gallagher (r.i.p.), D. Allman (r.i.p.) and P. Green (with early Fleetwood Mac).
    2.That is, besides the "obvious" choices of Messrs. J. Hendrix (r.i.p), E. Clapton and
    J. Beck.

  • Keno Dominguez
    Keno Dominguez 6 years ago +3

    Fuck Justin and anyone who listens to the little runt

  • alejandro vassallo
    alejandro vassallo 6 years ago

    jajaj tengo toda la discografia del rory! jaja si eun groso!

  • cesar antonio cartaya
    cesar antonio cartaya 6 years ago

    ah soy de Venezuela

  • cesar antonio cartaya
    cesar antonio cartaya 6 years ago +1

    igual como escuchas a roy buchanan ,te recomiendo, escucha también a Rory Gallagher es otro tremendo guitarrista.

  • alejandro vassallo
    alejandro vassallo 6 years ago +1

    man! I am a big roy fan.. would like to talk to me about roy... I am too young and I by the time I wwas born. he had died :S

  • l2string
    l2string 7 years ago +4

    Only Billy Price could sing this song the way it was meant to be.

  • triple5ingles
    triple5ingles 7 years ago +1

    I'll never understand why people listen to music like this and then bring up justin bieber. I just watched an Albert King video, Oh, Pretty Woman live '70 (highly recomended), and the 1st damn comment on there was something about justin bieber, and a few videos later, I watch this one, and its the same thing. Is the mofo so big that there truly is no escape from him? not even on the roy buchanan and albert king videos?

  • Roscoe Filburn
    Roscoe Filburn 7 years ago +1

    More gravy. Awesome sauce.

  • bluesrhythmandroll
    bluesrhythmandroll 7 years ago +1

    I know why Bieber is bigger, because people are scared of truth, it can be painful. Roy catches the failings of humanity, most don't want to face up to it. I think he is a super talent.

  • Serkan Yıldız
    Serkan Yıldız 7 years ago

    i completely agree with you telemaster1953.

  • dreamchild68
    dreamchild68 8 years ago +1

    Genius. LOVE IT. Eso es un guitarrista y lo demás son tonterías

  • telemaster1953
    telemaster1953 8 years ago +2

    i will never understand why people like taylor swift and justin bieber can have so many fans with so little talent and somone like roy could have so few when he had so much talent . he could put more emotion into one note than most can in an entire song. and he will always be my guitar hero

    • John Leonard
      John Leonard Year ago

      telemaster1953 Because Taylor Swift writes great songs that can be played om the radio. If Roy would have had someone ghost write a couple ofersj tumes on each of his records he jad a chance of mLing some money. No radio station is.going to play Roys Blues on a Top 40 show. Luv him the way he was.

  • VelanneSanity6511
    VelanneSanity6511 8 years ago +1

    Where did you get this?