Batman Dead End - Making Of

  • Published on Dec 11, 2011
  • Batman: Dead End is a fan film made by Sandy Collora that premiered July 19, 2003 at the San Diego Comic-Con, and on the internet shortly thereafter.
    The film was made for a reported $30,000. Collora filmed a similar project, 2004's World's Finest, with much of the same cast and crew.
    Plot: Batman (Clark Bartram) corners an escaped Joker (Andrew Koenig), only to have the villain suddenly dragged off by an Alien. The Alien is in turn killed by a Predator, which Batman duels to defeat. Other Predators then appear just as more Aliens emerge from the darkness behind Batman. The film ends abruptly with Batman caught in between the two alien species.
    Film director and comic book writer Kevin Smith called it "possibly the truest, best Batman movie ever made", and comic book artist Alex Ross praised it as "Batman the way I've always wanted to see him". Collora has stated in interviews that the film was made as a demonstration reel to attract attention to his directing skills, and as such, succeeded in its goal.

    Fan Films Quarterly listed Batman: Dead End as one of the 10 most pivotal moments in fan film history in its Summer 2006 issue.
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Comments • 131

  • Bumble Bastian
    Bumble Bastian Month ago

    Sad how this film is better than some feature films such as batman v superman

  • corbenfan84
    corbenfan84 5 months ago

    Andrew Koenig was a great talent its sad wb never gave andrew a chance to play the joker on film or tv RIP

  • J's Watch
    J's Watch 6 months ago

    I wanna see a sequel to come now please

  • LordSesshomaru85
    LordSesshomaru85 6 months ago +4

    God damn Clark looks like an Alex Ross painting! 🤘

  • Hector Plangesis
    Hector Plangesis 7 months ago +2

    It was a good effort .

  • Aniket Sawant
    Aniket Sawant Year ago

    Director is so passionate & that's because he is a fan of the character. Director like him needs to be hired by big studios.

  • Robert Archambault

    So when will he make a full length movie

  • Kirby Lee Gulley
    Kirby Lee Gulley Year ago

    Clark...definitelt has it....just has to get VASTLY more subtle with every motion. >_< YET NAILED IT FOR NICKELODEON!!!! HOO! HOO! HOO! #Art

  • Kirby Lee Gulley
    Kirby Lee Gulley Year ago

    Potential! The actors & actresses....WOW....the behind the to bands a-bout this & feel free to mention me. You have the potential for Dark-claw & all.....just get those same suited actors & actresses MORE FIT via #VeganFitness go figure....& EXPECT MAGIC. BRRRWAAAAH!

  • McSuperfly
    McSuperfly Year ago

    The sculpture at 4:32 bears an uncanny resemblance to Sylvester Stallone and that’s actually because he was originally going to play Batman in this movie with Mark Hamill as the Joker. It was all set to happen until Stallone got cold feet at the last minute.

  • Tide Pods
    Tide Pods Year ago

    My friends uncle played batman in this movie, look up @thegamingfry

  • christian bartolotta
    christian bartolotta 2 years ago

    This film was brilliant I didn't catch on until years later, they captured Batman and Joker to every essence of the characters they at least had a budget big enough to afford quality actors and special effects this whole crew worked like a machine making this brilliant film.

  • JL member
    JL member 2 years ago +13

    This Batman definitely looks like the Alex Ross comic.

    BAT-TALK! 2 years ago

    All this for just 8 mins

    • McSuperfly
      McSuperfly Year ago

      Well you can pretty much multiply all the time, energy, money and manpower by about a thousand and say the same thing about any 2 hour movie.

  • Jacopo Lorenzo Vianello
    Jacopo Lorenzo Vianello 2 years ago +1

    seeing this kind of passion, intensity, dedication reminds me exactly why I love Batman, and comics in general.

  • Potsworth
    Potsworth 2 years ago +1

    it sick it piss

  • HDQO101
    HDQO101 2 years ago

    Does anyone know the song of the background at the beginning?

  • Leo.A. Ferbelliner
    Leo.A. Ferbelliner 2 years ago

    Que tremendo cortometraje realizó este equipo, Sandy Collora y su gente llevaron a cabo la materialización del mejor Batman que he visto, esa máscara y su expresión facial, el hecho que se mueva con esa soltura y gire su cuello con naturalidad, uf!!! Y para que decir la escena cuando cae al charco de ahí y se levanta se ve muy orgánico y aterrador, tal cual el cómic, un trabajo único que Hollywood debiera intentar igualar.

  • yuckthejams
    yuckthejams 2 years ago

    this guys need to do a sequel asap!!!

    • J's Watch
      J's Watch 6 months ago

      Can u ask them to do it and I wanna see the sequel to come NOW

  • sabastin Roberts
    sabastin Roberts 2 years ago

    this really inspired me im gonna be a movie director when I grow up

  • sabastin Roberts
    sabastin Roberts 2 years ago


  • sabastin Roberts
    sabastin Roberts 2 years ago

    I hope they do a sequel

    • J's Watch
      J's Watch 6 months ago

      Can u ask them I wanna see it

  • Shane Hickenbottom
    Shane Hickenbottom 2 years ago

    What Richard Donnor is to Superman. This guy is to Batman

  • DocDoomClassic 52
    DocDoomClassic 52 2 years ago +13

    The 12-minute low-budget fan film they crafted is better than the entirety of 3 big-budget full length DCEU movies.

  • Itlivesinthewall
    Itlivesinthewall 2 years ago +1

    0:15 Spider-Man music?

    • J's Watch
      J's Watch 6 months ago

      Trailer music of spider-man movie from 2002

  • Cozy2626
    Cozy2626 3 years ago

    I thought Clark was Superman? LOL j/k this was friggen awesome! Sandy should be handling the DC Cinematic Universe!

  • Maydelcore Zone
    Maydelcore Zone 3 years ago +3

    Gotta say this Joker looks fantastic.

  • T Fal
    T Fal 3 years ago

    the scene where Batman holds predators arm away with using just one arm was stupid unless Batman has his Armour on there is no way he is stronger than predator who has the strength of 10+ men

  • XanArt21
    XanArt21 3 years ago

    Tthese guys CAN figure out to make interesting predators and do the faces correctly!

  • Superman_ 2000
    Superman_ 2000 3 years ago +4

    the batman's real name, is the secret identity of Superman.

  • Francisco Sanchez
    Francisco Sanchez 3 years ago

    they possibly made this because batman and Robin was a piece of FUCKING SHIT and I don't blame theme also before batman begins

  • Tom Nicolini
    Tom Nicolini 3 years ago +4

    The best Batman movie of all time garranteed!

  • Soup4atray1752
    Soup4atray1752 4 years ago

    watched the full documentary last night. was good up until they showed the movie at comic con and the director showed how frigging egotistical he is. it's sad. he does good work but doesn't expect to have to work for it like everyone else in the industry. he seems to think he should automatically be james Cameron

    • MY 2 CENTS
      MY 2 CENTS 3 years ago

      you can tell he is a walking ego, applauding everything he did and is in this video

  • Shane Hickenbottom
    Shane Hickenbottom 4 years ago +10

    Anybody who says Clark wasn't The real Batman doesn't know the character. He was better than Bale by a least a few dozen light years forget the mile. This guy was waaaay better than just a mile. The only thing wrong with bringing Bartram to mainstream movies is that the hollywood types would fuck it up. If that happened it would cancel out the authenticity of a great film. The only way it could really be done is to give Collora full creative freedom.

    • Superman_ 2000
      Superman_ 2000 3 years ago

      true, you are very true. But what about Kevin porter. He's also an excellent Batman.

    • Papaxota
      Papaxota 4 years ago +3

      He was way better then Bale

  • Joe Kerr
    Joe Kerr 4 years ago +9

    This should of been a real Batman movie.

    • batman the dark knight
      batman the dark knight 3 years ago +1

      +The Joker well... let's go kick superman and lex luthor ass.

    • Joe Kerr
      Joe Kerr 3 years ago +1

      +batman the dark knight Aw come on Bats, it's so boring down there.

    • batman the dark knight
      batman the dark knight 3 years ago +1

      hey you supposed to be in arkham asylum

  • Skyward Wolfman
    Skyward Wolfman 4 years ago

    Clark Bartram IS Batman!

  • Shane Hickenbottom
    Shane Hickenbottom 4 years ago +25

    Clark Bartram is to Batman what Christopher Reeve was to Superman. The only thing wrong with the movie imo it should have been longer than 8 minutes

    • Kirby Lee Gulley
      Kirby Lee Gulley Year ago

      Shane Hickenbottom he has to work HARD on ninjitsu passive....other-wise he IS #BatMan. 🎭 He DID zonk it for Saturday car-toon & #Nickelodeon in my opinion. He even has the aloof & worry.

  • Danaus Alexander
    Danaus Alexander 4 years ago

    This is amazing work well done

    ARCHANGEL 4 years ago

    THIS is who should be doing the next Batman movies. Take notes Zack Snyder for Justice League Batman.

    ARCHANGEL 4 years ago

    lol Clark plays Superman.

  • omar power
    omar power 4 years ago +3

    Still the best batman ive seen till now

  • André Monteiro
    André Monteiro 4 years ago +2

    Clark... Bartram? Really?!

  • SamScareCrow
    SamScareCrow 4 years ago +1

    They really should have made a full movie on this! The whole Batman vs Alien vs Predator concept has the making for a frikin awesome movie series!! With a martial art ability of say, Scott Adkins, and with the makers of Watchmen...... AWESOMENESS!!

    • LouisXIV92
      LouisXIV92 3 years ago

      Zach Snyder excluded of course.

  • knightfall209
    knightfall209 5 years ago

    Please redo this! Awesome!

  • Lee Darin Jr
    Lee Darin Jr 5 years ago +1

    Between Clark Bartram and Kevin Porter they equal out.

    • Joe Kerr
      Joe Kerr 4 years ago

      @Lee Darin Jr Kevin Porter because he sounds more like Kevin Conroy and looks like Bruce Wayne, Clark Bartam did a great job too.

  • xavier Lorenzo
    xavier Lorenzo 5 years ago

    The white contacts was a brilliant move i always wondered why the fck didnt they do this in the movies! It helps with hiding the identity of Bruce wayne u twits! But noooooo they just come up with a batman voice lmaooooo

  • Kamin S
    Kamin S 5 years ago

    hh cool

  • elpay 77
    elpay 77 5 years ago

    muy bueno el corto la unica pega que le veo es el traje de batman muy poco tecnologico hubiera sido mejor si hubieran utilisado un traje mas moderno.

  • Alejandro Romero
    Alejandro Romero 5 years ago +40

    This shortfilm deserves an special bluray edition, something that makes justice to the effort and passion of this filmmakers.

    • J's Watch
      J's Watch 6 months ago

      More like a sequel I wanna see it

  • Spider-Man
    Spider-Man 5 years ago +39

    WB should be ashamed that they can't make a practical Batman cowl and they can!

    • Kirby Lee Gulley
      Kirby Lee Gulley Year ago

      Spider-Man they go for low-key so as to inspire. #ROFLMAO

    • 29kalel
      29kalel 2 years ago

      ARCHANGEL realism is what makes batman believable. And it works just as Nolan made batman work this batman works in this short film also

    • Vegeta
      Vegeta 4 years ago

      +N7Normandy117: DAWN OF JUSTICE LEAGUE same

      ARCHANGEL 4 years ago +2

      @Alex Rodriguez Oh I don't care about realism. I am one of the few people who love that Ben Affleck's Batman is in his classic suit.

    • Spider-Man
      Spider-Man 4 years ago

      @N7Normandy117: DAWN OF JUSTICE LEAGUE Dude there's a man in blue tights with a giant 'S" on his chest flying around a city, just go with it lol

  • TheSeanyy213
    TheSeanyy213 5 years ago +9

    WB should hire these guys

  • Christopher
    Christopher 5 years ago

    Wish they would talk a whole lot more about the predator. I am a HUGE predator fan. The original predator is my favorite but this was an awesome movie

  • XISlender ManXI
    XISlender ManXI 5 years ago +1

    Wanna see part 2 were he fioghts them all

    • J's Watch
      J's Watch 6 months ago

      I wanna see a sequel to come now

    • Papaxota
      Papaxota 4 years ago

      Why jokers have always a bad end ?

    • Vegeta
      Vegeta 4 years ago

      +This is the most magical username you'll ever come across and every time you see it you grow wiser r u seriously serious

  • Tobias Bent Edelmann
    Tobias Bent Edelmann 6 years ago +4

    best batman i'v ever seen in my life

  • Luto Akino
    Luto Akino 6 years ago +5

    the best batman's interpretation that i've seen

  • Alex Johnson
    Alex Johnson 6 years ago +1

    Koenig shouldve gotten a wb shot as joker. Last laugh or man who laughs storyline. He's perfect along with ledger. Sad sad ending for him.

  • Harvey Harrison
    Harvey Harrison 6 years ago

    at 4:46 does anyone know the name/ comic/ concept is called?

  • Davidkevin
    Davidkevin 6 years ago +1

    Everyone is extraordinarily talented.
    And yes, this *is* the Batman I always saw in my mind's eye when reading the comics.
    Rest in Peace, Andrew Koenig.

  • Bloodhaze101
    Bloodhaze101 6 years ago

    This is inspirational

  • Angel Loeza
    Angel Loeza 6 years ago

    those costumes we amazing