Stainless Steel Mascara Wand vs Screw

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  • Safiya Nygaard
    Safiya Nygaard  10 months ago +5342

    WHERE IS MY NOTIF SQUAD!?! love u guys! also, sorry for the lack of weekend video, i was ded but my antibiotics have brought me back to life! expect 4 videos this week to make up for it! 🖤🖤🖤 also, what do u guys think of the intro? i just whipped it up really quick! still experimenting!

    • Ivy Elizabeth Music
      Ivy Elizabeth Music 26 days ago

      Safiya Nygaard love you

    • cynthia hernandez
      cynthia hernandez 2 months ago

      Safiya Nygaard Go follow @s.e.l.f_group !!!! It’s a WOMEN EMPOWERMENT PROJECT I CREATED WITH OTHER GIRLS!!! I promise you’ll love it!! Our goal is to teach younger women and older women to love themselves first and learn to accept others. We want to talk to many middle school girls about self love and other subjects that are essential to know. Please go follow us on Instagram @s.e.l.f_group

    • TatoTimez
      TatoTimez 3 months ago

      NOTICE ME SENPAI!!!!!!!!!!!! also, love the intro. also, END THE SCREW PUNS!!!! I CAN TAKE NO MORE!

    • rexxed757
      rexxed757 3 months ago

      you and tyler should go to american eagle and pick entire outfits blindfolded

    • Uncontrollable yet Unforgettable Sansom
      Uncontrollable yet Unforgettable Sansom 3 months ago

      Safiya Nygaard here I am a notification squad

  • Mojdeh H
    Mojdeh H 12 hours ago

    #semach 🙍😑😂😂😂

  • nkotb 82
    nkotb 82 4 days ago

    Thank Goodness she did it over without the primer! I was thinking for so long... "Oh no! It's the stupid primer's fault !" I was also wondering id the mascara wand instrument is coiled like the screw or just a series of circles, like some wands are. Fun video, Thanks Saf!

  • Rose O
    Rose O 4 days ago


  • Nasumi Chan
    Nasumi Chan 5 days ago

    Saf your lashes are so long and luscious like how in the world did you get them like that

  • Mystic Galaxy
    Mystic Galaxy 5 days ago

    I vote screw

  • llama damaa
    llama damaa 5 days ago


  • Tobias C
    Tobias C 5 days ago

    the beginning is literally me with everything i've ever owned.

  • adafunk
    adafunk 7 days ago

    Saf! Try zig-zagging the mascara wand, it gives more separation and coverage of the lashes!

  • Valerie Ricaurte
    Valerie Ricaurte 7 days ago

    She’s so funny 😂 wtf

  • Genesis Alva
    Genesis Alva 8 days ago

    I don't like it lol

  • Lucy Sullivan
    Lucy Sullivan 8 days ago

    Me: lol use a skrewdriver to put on the mascara XD
    youtuber: HOW I LOST MY EYES TO MASCARA!!!!

  • Maryberry
    Maryberry 9 days ago

    When she asked if the Starbucks cup was hers😂😂😂

  • Greg Putnam
    Greg Putnam 10 days ago

    So you need to thoroughly clean that instrument because I am sure if am of the mascara formula gets in the primer, you are donezo.

  • Jessie Racheal
    Jessie Racheal 13 days ago

    The screw looks better than the mascara wand tbh

  • Kaitlyn S
    Kaitlyn S 14 days ago

    Screw it, just use a mascara wand

    hahahahaha, ok i’m gonna go now

  • Mikayla Jenkins
    Mikayla Jenkins 14 days ago

    I really love her necklace... Where is it from *-*

  • Twenty one ubiquitous fallout dragons At the disco

    To be honest, close up, the screw did better. 😂

  • dawnasaur
    dawnasaur 15 days ago

    First video I ever watched from you! The memories.

  • Frances Powell
    Frances Powell 16 days ago

    So we're supposed to use lash *primer* now? Why? What's it supposed to do?

  • Eylül Tosun
    Eylül Tosun 17 days ago

    actually you have to wait after you put the lash primer so its dry.

  • Raeven Kelly
    Raeven Kelly 18 days ago


  • Maya Emily
    Maya Emily 18 days ago

    You can buy 2 mascara pots for the price of the wand

  • Magen.D. Postema
    Magen.D. Postema 18 days ago

    Buying that product would be a screw up.

  • Annabelle Williams
    Annabelle Williams 19 days ago

    The screw did better

  • Mag -narwhal
    Mag -narwhal 19 days ago

    one is a screw with a handle and one is a screw

  • i don't trust you
    i don't trust you 19 days ago

    i for some reason thought the title meant you were going to bash the wand with a screw

  • Aj Acar
    Aj Acar 19 days ago

    the wand is the same as a screw so its not that different from the screw why get so scared about a screw?

  • Sophie Palmer
    Sophie Palmer 19 days ago

    Who low key likes the screw better😂😂

  • Ava Beilman
    Ava Beilman 19 days ago

    I like the screw side better

  • Cheeta246
    Cheeta246 20 days ago

    Should have bought a magnetic screwdriver for easier application.

  • Haleyy Thaooo
    Haleyy Thaooo 20 days ago

    The Screw puns. On this vid. Screw i5 I’m out

    RON WEASLEY 20 days ago

    For being a ravenclaw you are not so smart

  • Lola Turner
    Lola Turner 21 day ago

    Safiya should do her make Up using like tools (e.t.c paint brushes, nails) from home depot

  • Diana Louca
    Diana Louca 21 day ago +1

    Me: this is my mascara screw wand eye...
    Also me: and this is my SCREWED eye

  • Abigail Friday
    Abigail Friday 23 days ago

    Did u curl ur lashes

  • Ariana Arianator
    Ariana Arianator 24 days ago

    “I did the full face of Home Depot makeup challenge” -next for safs video

  • Void Of Nothing
    Void Of Nothing 25 days ago +1


  • Candis Dastmalchi
    Candis Dastmalchi 25 days ago

    Your problem is that you let the primer dry completely before applying the mascara itself. That is precisely why it got spidery looking. When using primer, you should allow it to dry slightly, still remaining tacky before applying the mascara. That's how you get a smooth application without spider lashes.

  • Ivy Elizabeth Music
    Ivy Elizabeth Music 26 days ago

    Such an awesome video idea!

  • Wunderiing
    Wunderiing 27 days ago


  • Ashi ash
    Ashi ash 28 days ago

    can you try lash perms ?😍

  • KristinaJo
    KristinaJo Month ago

    I really feel the need to try this now!!! But I don’t think it’s a smart idea... oh well “screw” it!!!

  • Leslie Bennett
    Leslie Bennett Month ago

    Lol watched 1:24-1:26 about 5 times😂😂

  • Juliana Kampes
    Juliana Kampes Month ago


  • Cookie Crumbles
    Cookie Crumbles Month ago

    Make slime

  • Cookie Crumbles
    Cookie Crumbles Month ago

    Right before this, I watched brave wilderness get bitten by a centipede. And now you say you are at risk with a screw 😹👏

  • Jenna Elizibeth
    Jenna Elizibeth Month ago

    I think the screw worked way better in my opinion but I don’t know about you gurrrlllll tell me what you think

  • Stacie Kuhns
    Stacie Kuhns Month ago

    🖤 Hello I am here to engage with your post.

  • Ginger Bush
    Ginger Bush Month ago

    I felt as though you were hesitant to say anything bad about the wand. It was clear that the screw looked better and the comments overwhelmingly agree.

  • knee toes
    knee toes Month ago +2

    I think that the screw won

  • * *
    * * Month ago

    Another overhyped product that doesn’t work. Thanks for taking one for the team, Saf!

  • ᴊᴇɴɴʏ l
    ᴊᴇɴɴʏ l Month ago

    Is it just me who thinks the screw did better

  • Colleen C.
    Colleen C. Month ago

    Wholly crap$78!!!!!!!

  • dominique p
    dominique p Month ago

    The only reason I wouldn’t use that mascara is bc I hate plastic wands and I feel like it would be just like that.

  • Amber Sanchez
    Amber Sanchez Month ago

    I kind of liked the screw better lol

  • Ace Poe
    Ace Poe Month ago

    I loooove the screw look

  • Safira Anjani
    Safira Anjani Month ago

    WAIT I THOUGHT ONLY MY GRANDMA (and another grandmas) USE THIS
    So I was on my grandma's house (nobody live there anymore) mom cleaned the place and she found an old weird bottle and I thought its perfume (it looks elegant like perfume) and then my mom said "its your grandma's mascara" curious, I opened it and it looks exactly like the hourglass one (and I was shocked, back then hourglass haven't launch this product yet) luckily my mom got it home and now (after a while I'm not interested to try it) I can try the vintage version of stainless steel mascara wand

  • Steph M
    Steph M Month ago

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  • Clarice Quinlan
    Clarice Quinlan Month ago +1

    I prefer the screw!!! 🙊

  • celina dee
    celina dee Month ago


  • Flora Ramona
    Flora Ramona Month ago

    What is her religion and race guys. Sorry but i just wondering

  • katherine nieves
    katherine nieves Month ago


  • Iva Miljovska
    Iva Miljovska Month ago

    Use liquid lipstick on your lashes

  • kiran imran
    kiran imran Month ago

    You are so rich to spend your money on it just to try it

    • kiran imran
      kiran imran 29 days ago

      i know youtubers make money off these experiments and its like an investment, but was just wondering.

    • T. D
      T. D 29 days ago

      kiran imran sometimes you gotta spend money to make money yo.

  • Morgan Lea Gaming
    Morgan Lea Gaming Month ago

    The screw did better if u ask me

  • Brixenta
    Brixenta Month ago

    I’d never seen this product before! I love your videos bc they’re pretty unique!

  • Sophia Colson
    Sophia Colson Month ago


  • Fatou Dabo
    Fatou Dabo Month ago

    2:25 WUT😂😂😂😂😂

  • Nancy Price
    Nancy Price Month ago

    You should do a video about essential oils!

  • Panda Evolution
    Panda Evolution Month ago

    Wait what if you just took an old, cleaned, mascara wand with the mascara?

  • Kelly Thompson
    Kelly Thompson Month ago

    I am with everyone else on this. The screw side looked way better.

  • MJ Talks
    MJ Talks Month ago

    The screw won

  • Charlotte Carpenetti

    It gave me an ad about fake lashes on this video

  • ilene cunanan
    ilene cunanan Month ago

    Hello Safiya I love watching your trial videos. Can you do a trial on citra and co waterproof eyebrow tattoo pen please and thank you. ♥️

  • Vallery 01
    Vallery 01 Month ago

    Dont know how..but when I’m watching your videos I instantly feel happier 💙

  • River Dolan
    River Dolan Month ago

    Screw won

  • Catchergirl05 elyP
    Catchergirl05 elyP Month ago

    She probably didn't want to screw up her lashes😝

  • Becca George
    Becca George Month ago

    I like the screw lashes more!

  • mimi mizen
    mimi mizen Month ago

    I need some advise . When using mascara primer do you wait for it to completely dry or put mascara over the top right away? Xx

  • Anna C
    Anna C Month ago

    Screw wins..

  • Oskar winters
    Oskar winters Month ago

    i think the screw did better :P

  • Olivia High
    Olivia High Month ago

    Man those brows were thick

  • sexy Love71
    sexy Love71 2 months ago

    Everything together is 150$ I'm going with the screw

  • Jaime Niddrie
    Jaime Niddrie 2 months ago

    Love love love your videos! Hello from South Africa! X

  • Anna Woodward
    Anna Woodward 2 months ago

    I preferd the screw

  • Makayla Beauty
    Makayla Beauty 2 months ago

    I love when Safiya was like SCREW like in hocus pocus lol!

  • Shelby Smith
    Shelby Smith 2 months ago

    Cool and hilarious video

  • LizzieAGstudios
    LizzieAGstudios 2 months ago

    I'm on team screw.

  • Carter Borle
    Carter Borle 2 months ago

    you should try putting ona full face of makeup using only home depot goods as brush, beauty blenders, etc!!!!

  • 璃々てとー さん lily teto-san

    Lol ads gave me maybelline lash sensational mascara

  • Lyla Brooks
    Lyla Brooks 2 months ago


  • adRENaline rush
    adRENaline rush 2 months ago

    If I were Saf I would close my eye while applying it with the screw

  • Miranda L.
    Miranda L. 2 months ago

    Okay but once you used the mascara youd have to clean the wand off everytime before using the primer again

  • Mikela van Dyk
    Mikela van Dyk 2 months ago

    Lash primers as from the devil!

  • Ebony Mclean
    Ebony Mclean 2 months ago

    *sees Starbucks in Home Depot* is this ours? Yeah it is is it just me who laughed at this considering not many people would have Starbucks there

  • Stitch Obsessed
    Stitch Obsessed 2 months ago +3

    WTF!! That's like 115 bucks!!! That's when you know it's a piece of crap

  • emma barro
    emma barro 2 months ago

    am I the only one who thought that the screw side looked better anyway

  • Melanija Mitrovic
    Melanija Mitrovic 2 months ago


  • Melanija Mitrovic
    Melanija Mitrovic 2 months ago