5 Common Russian Idioms about NOSE 👃

  • Published on Apr 26, 2018
  • Let's learn Russian idioms about nose! Русские идиомы о носе.
    TOP-5 the most common and popular idioms about a nose in Russian from Ru-Land Club.
    ❇️The list of idioms:
    вешать нос - to get upset
    водить за нос - to deceive someone
    зарубить на носу - to remember well
    клевать носом - to nod, to feel sleepy
    совать нос - to poke one's nose
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  • Elizabeth Bun
    Elizabeth Bun Year ago

    some guy told me I had a russian nose? What does that mean? lol

  • hernan cho
    hernan cho Year ago

    can you make a video about является?

  • Jože Ws
    Jože Ws Year ago

    Beautiful nose(:

  • Oscar Tártalo
    Oscar Tártalo Year ago

    Very interesting. Thank you.

  • ferruccio
    ferruccio Year ago

    hi Nika, interesting and useful lesson, as always. I miss your lovely dog though. how is he?

      RU-LAND CLUB  Year ago +1

      ferruccio thank you 😊 oh, he is great, walks a lot, sleeps a lot and goes to the dog school 🐶😀

  • Muhammad Yasir
    Muhammad Yasir Year ago

    ich vermisse dich ❤

  • Aprende Ruso Ya
    Aprende Ruso Ya Year ago +1

    Good video., and good lesson.

  • hozan heini
    hozan heini Year ago

    Lesson for advanced level,

      RU-LAND CLUB  Year ago

      Intermediate and advanced, some idioms can be used even by students with A2 level , like "не вешай нос!" :))

  • hozan heini
    hozan heini Year ago

    Well done