CITY OF LIES Official Trailer (2018) Johnny Depp, Tupac, Biggie Movie HD

  • Published on May 21, 2018
  • CITY OF LIES Official Trailer (2018) Johnny Depp, Tupac, Biggie Movie HD
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  • Anthony Arcanum Sanctum Regnum

    This movie looks great has some of the best actors in Hollywood, Deep and aForrest and a great supporting cast, it looks well made great story that many fans of Big and Pac like myself plus people in general would live this mystery solved and wonder why it wasnt then shelving this movie makes it seem even more like the city of LA was involved and it may even be federal

  • Jayme Splendid
    Jayme Splendid 2 days ago

    Aaaaaand it's gone! It must have sucked pretty bad for it to be pulled from release.

  • Leo Silva
    Leo Silva 3 days ago

    they are making a big deal about not releasing this film just like before years ago people are getting in the way of a 2pac and biggie movie case that exposes the corrupt system I think they may be more to this then just assault and battery

  • Tony Penton
    Tony Penton 5 days ago

    Bullshit they just shelved this movie LAPD would had something to do with this movie never seeing the light of day i think

  • Cinsational Cinema
    Cinsational Cinema 7 days ago

    such a shame they pulled this film from it's release date..

  • philip joseph
    philip joseph 7 days ago

    Just rappoers, man. Us blks hv no leaders

  • Roy Jones
    Roy Jones 7 days ago

    The only reason this movie wasn’t a blockbuster is because it told the dark truth. Wake up people

  • cr 7
    cr 7 8 days ago

    When is this out???

  • Tech Master
    Tech Master 9 days ago

    Annnnnnndd.....they shelfed this masterpiece

    IDEZIGN PIXELS 9 days ago

    The powers that be... Shelved this film!

  • woody fregia
    woody fregia 10 days ago

    To bad no one will ever see it

  • eddy gat
    eddy gat 10 days ago

    If this dont release we riot

  • Dan DJB
    Dan DJB 10 days ago

    You get SUB from me for letting know this movie existed! & for that I’m grateful ❣️👏🏻

  • david Duboise your boy

    Young pappy movie next

  • CulCre
    CulCre 11 days ago

    So now this movie isn't coming out because of a fight on set. I KNEW some bullshit was gonna happen with this movie, I fucking knew it! Why the fuck are they not releasing this movie all over a fight on set? Since fucking when does that happen? "THEY" DID NOT WANT THIS MOVIE TO COME OUT AND MADE SURE OF IT!!!! THE LAPD WAS INVOLVED WITH THE MURDER OF CHRISTOPHER WALLACE!!!!!

  • Brian DiVincenzo
    Brian DiVincenzo 11 days ago

    This got shelfed

  • Doc Holliday
    Doc Holliday 11 days ago

    The movie is done why the fuck arent they releasing it?

    THA REAL 12 days ago

    I heard they shelved this movie because it was so bad.

  • Vincent Poupart-Brunelle

    Can you believe they shelved that movie?

  • J B
    J B 12 days ago

    So why did this get pulled from theatrical release?

  • herociouz
    herociouz 12 days ago

    Should've been titled, "Who Shot Ya?"

  • selfie kroos
    selfie kroos 12 days ago +1

    LAPD disallowed this movie's release

  • seventy chev
    seventy chev 12 days ago

    This movie is bull****. It`s more of the same tripe and historical embellishment that screenwriters are famous for.
    Hollywood has always enjoyed inflaming Black anger at the system. The L.A.P.D. is not to blame.
    East coast rappers and West coast rappers were at war. Get over it.

  • Mr. Whitaker
    Mr. Whitaker 12 days ago

    This movie has been shelved. R.I.P.

  • Chris Ayers
    Chris Ayers 12 days ago


  • The Rebel Streamer
    The Rebel Streamer 12 days ago

    I can't believe this movie got pulled because they don't won't the truth to come out fuck the law they always trying to hide shit.

  • Adriana Yanez
    Adriana Yanez 12 days ago

    Wow i cant belive this pulles this tight movie

  • Brittany  Nayneecassum
    Brittany Nayneecassum 12 days ago +1

    The movie may have solved a secret and maybe it was to close to the truth, it was pulled for now....

  • Justdissin
    Justdissin 12 days ago

    Nah...not interesting

  • Jared Akin
    Jared Akin 12 days ago

    Why was this movie pulled!?!??!

  • Colleen  Ross
    Colleen Ross 13 days ago

    RIP Tupac and Biggie. Someone PLEASE solve this case!!

  • jessica Gray
    jessica Gray 13 days ago

    Why do they all sound like n.y. pd ??

  • RastaMann 901
    RastaMann 901 13 days ago

    Cnt believe they pulled this from releasing

  • Daniel Gennaro
    Daniel Gennaro 13 days ago

    And they arent releasing it why??? lol truth is Suge Knight and P Diddy orchestrated it... dont see either of them in the movie from the preview.

  • Brandon Stone Stone
    Brandon Stone Stone 13 days ago +1

    The people who murdered pac and big are still in authority all likelihood they have been promoted to more powerful positions. Thats why this movie is being pulled. The covert war on anyone who can lead black people in opposition to white supremacy is real and ongoing. Black men and women must organize secret societies. Latinos and all other minorities must also organize secret societies for their survival. Racial holy war (Rahowa) is their doctrine. They have been waging Rahowa for centuries against all of us. Do something about it. Now

  • Rock N' Roll
    Rock N' Roll 13 days ago

    So is this the movie that got shelved?

  • MarcMarcelTV
    MarcMarcelTV 13 days ago

    1:08 the muslim Cam Newton

  • Doug styles
    Doug styles 13 days ago

    Too bad its sitting and won't be released

  • pegcity4eva
    pegcity4eva 14 days ago


  • Sea Side
    Sea Side 14 days ago

    Why the hell did they pull this movie? Guess it was to real for some influential people!

  • paulie walnuts
    paulie walnuts 14 days ago

    This movie is on the shelf

  • adam glover
    adam glover 14 days ago

    Too bad they shelved this movie...

  • John
    John 14 days ago

    lol its canceled now

  • Patrick Brewer
    Patrick Brewer 17 days ago

    I hope this movie is 3+ hours long like JFK 👍 NEXT UP IS A MOVIE ABOUT 9/11

  • T B
    T B 18 days ago

    The old good Jhonny !!!

  • Pelom Pelon
    Pelom Pelon 23 days ago +1

    What happened to this movie

    STONEFREE1962 24 days ago

    all the hip-hop, rap *GARBAGE* youll have to listen to, through-out this entire movie?
    I love Depp's movies, but Im gonna pass on this one.

    RALPH TYRRELL 24 days ago

    things that make you go Hmmmmmmmm!!!!

  • richy r
    richy r 24 days ago


  • fodolo craigo
    fodolo craigo 24 days ago +1

    this movie got canned

    • Daniel Gennaro
      Daniel Gennaro 13 days ago

      i wonder why tho?.... and not because it 'sucked'.. probably the backlash against LAPD

  • Özlem Çalbay
    Özlem Çalbay 26 days ago

    Johnny Depp 💗💗💗💜💜💜

  • Kazimierz Bosman
    Kazimierz Bosman 27 days ago

    Lets fuck WOrld Trade CEntre

  • Scott A
    Scott A 27 days ago

    Uggghhh more liberal horseshit. Pass.

    • enerpro
      enerpro 11 days ago

      But of course, it ain't your typical dick-eating-priest-turned-child-molester story you might like..

  • billy Spe
    billy Spe 28 days ago

    this looks fucking amazing, well done

    JESUS RAMIREZ 28 days ago

    Wow!!!! Im impressed!

  • Tony Mannsion
    Tony Mannsion 28 days ago +1

    The Government don’t want this Movie to come out.

  • Jermaine Brooks
    Jermaine Brooks 29 days ago

    Booooooooo!! 👎

  • michelle Rodríguez
    michelle Rodríguez 29 days ago

    Amo a johny depp😍

  • NPC #838383651552
    NPC #838383651552 29 days ago

    If Scarlet Jo Hansen isn't playing biggie I'm not watching it

  • Stephen Harris
    Stephen Harris 29 days ago +1

    who fucking cares! little thuglets thinking they're mafioso lol

  • Kazimierz Bosman
    Kazimierz Bosman Month ago

    What is this? It is day of Legacy or other dumb?

  • Porn Victim
    Porn Victim Month ago

    Suge did it. Spoiler alert.

  • Massoud Pasha
    Massoud Pasha Month ago

    Uncever the cover.

  • Humphrey Obanor
    Humphrey Obanor Month ago

    this will only raise more questions that will never be answered

    • Cameron Wood
      Cameron Wood 14 days ago

      Humphrey Obanor especially seeing as the movie got cancelled

  • Scotty don't
    Scotty don't Month ago

    416 L.A. cops hated tgis trailer.

  • Ludwig H
    Ludwig H Month ago

    Hey Internet. Do I have to listen to Rap and do I have to know all these Tupac and Biggie guys to enjoy the movie?

    • AFO
      AFO Month ago

      If you have to, then the movie sucks. Not your fault.

  • pawanjot singh
    pawanjot singh Month ago


  • Smooth Nicely
    Smooth Nicely Month ago

    a biopic about Johnny Depp, Tupac, and Biggie in one movie?? I'm confusion...

  • mayd0n may
    mayd0n may Month ago

    johnny deep's voice fits everywhere

  • john smith
    john smith Month ago

    S Night"........

  • Robert Webber
    Robert Webber Month ago

    arrrrr, looks good ye matties

  • noyce714
    noyce714 Month ago +2

    Oh the irony! Johnny Depp helped two convicted murderers get out of prison. Now he's trying to solve two murders in a movie.

    KING NOTORIOUS Month ago

    When is this coming out

    KING NOTORIOUS Month ago

    I’m confused is this a movie or have they actually found out stuff

  • Yuvraj Zala
    Yuvraj Zala Month ago

    Eminem knows about this! Ask him...

  • dill papa
    dill papa Month ago +1

    they most likey faked their murders to boost promote the industry.

  • gotohellaaron
    gotohellaaron Month ago

    This looks like a good movie.

  • gotohellaaron
    gotohellaaron Month ago

    Did Biggie have anything to do with Tupac being shot that time or did Tupac just assume that?

  • Andrew B.
    Andrew B. Month ago

    September 7th? I don't think that it ever came out.

  • Julio Smith
    Julio Smith Month ago

    oh look. another anti police movie. Yay

    IWB BAB Month ago +1

    1:07 song?

  • timber_beast
    timber_beast Month ago

    Fat Depp LOL

  • pipinook
    pipinook Month ago

    jim gordon?

    MUSIC LOVER Month ago

    SPOILER ALERT: The case remains unsolved. And the movie is SHIT!

  • Brandon Pegg
    Brandon Pegg Month ago

    meh riot fodder

  • CHEF_CurryNation
    CHEF_CurryNation Month ago

    Maybe Pablo Escobar shot Biggie

  • 1MNUTZ
    1MNUTZ Month ago

    glamorize corruption

  • Socky.13
    Socky.13 Month ago

    Zeds dead baby. Zeds dead.

  • Derek Masuda
    Derek Masuda Month ago

    You know shit is serious when a character violently flips a desk over lol

  • Ashton Altham
    Ashton Altham Month ago

    what the fuck is with the 3 second trailer before full trailers these days. who wants a trailer of a trailer

  • German Carrasco
    German Carrasco Month ago +1

    The title of the movie should of been Who Shot Ya!

  • Alias X
    Alias X Month ago +2

    Johnny best man

  • thekizer45
    thekizer45 Month ago

    The Illuminate killed Tupac and Biggie because they wanted out.

  • usman saeed
    usman saeed Month ago

    Movie not out yet

  • Evans
    Evans Month ago

    Johnny Depp you will never get an Oscar

  • Philosophically Trying

    Zed's dead, right?

  • D Lee
    D Lee Month ago

    nice but im gonna wait for the shai labeouf version

  • LadyScorpio39
    LadyScorpio39 Month ago

    what the hell happened to johnny depp? he used to be so good looking.

  • David Luna
    David Luna Month ago

    Puttn A Hold on This Movie cuz something big is about to be revealed about pac

  • RapOn
    RapOn Month ago

    Again ...a movie with a budget - mostly about Biggie even tho the man that actually matters for a worldwide peace - Pac never got the concretely made film for.However we still waittin..