Rhett & Link Eat the World's Spiciest Curry with Sean Evans | Hot Ones

  • Published on Jan 12, 2017
  • In this special precursor to Season 3, TVclip sensations Rhett & Link meet Sean Evans at Brick Lane Curry House in NYC for a Hot Ones off-season training session. The trio compete in a “spicy” trivia contest-answer a question incorrectly and you must take a heaping forkful of phaal, the spiciest curry in the world, made with some of the hottest peppers in the world in including the famous Smokin’ Ed’s Carolina Reaper.
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Comments • 4 760

  • SR1Records
    SR1Records 13 hours ago

    Makes me laugh how they keep calling naan bread a "burrito"! lol

  • Tox1cFuse34
    Tox1cFuse34 Day ago

    Rhett used insider trading

  • TheJudge442
    TheJudge442 2 days ago

    I’m loving the John Williams music @ 12:45

  • John Smith
    John Smith 3 days ago

    Rhett GOD. Also on that last question, the hot ones with Adam Richman mentioned something about peppers on fences to contain elephants or something like that too.

  • Paige 1996
    Paige 1996 3 days ago

    My stomach already hates me so if I were to even smell this curry my stomach lining would just dissolve lol

  • W B
    W B 5 days ago

    Rhett when he uses absorb... HAHAHaaaa

  • Bandit 1
    Bandit 1 5 days ago

    A menthol vape if you know you know

  • Rich83
    Rich83 6 days ago

    Who the hell Where's a sweater to heat challenge..

  • vishkiller23
    vishkiller23 6 days ago

    Take it in white bitches lol😂😂

  • vishkiller23
    vishkiller23 6 days ago

    Has to be fuckin Indian, yeah we Indians can be fuckin crazy 😂😂 gotta go to east India lol

  • Evan Goodman
    Evan Goodman 7 days ago

    back when sean looked genuinely nervous when eating something spicy

  • siya malhotra
    siya malhotra 8 days ago +1

    It's so odd that Kanye literally flew someone from another continent for Indian food but Kim called it disgusting.....so fucking disrespectful!

  • Brian Jones
    Brian Jones 10 days ago

    I call BS no sweat no tears no snot not even flush skin casual conversation even smiling
    Nice try

  • fhmi.
    fhmi. 11 days ago

    i would love to try that curry. i don't care if it's super hot

  • Hassan Gaming
    Hassan Gaming 12 days ago

    The elephant thing i learned in school

  • Sébastien Guilbaud
    Sébastien Guilbaud 12 days ago

    Great episode! I see Sean becoming a top 5 show interviewer/presenter really soon :) he's getting big but I'm sure it's gonna go way further

  • 21Danieltbs
    21Danieltbs 13 days ago

    You want real hot curry? Visit North East India! Nobody eats hot food like we do….nobody!

  • trina Stark
    trina Stark 17 days ago

    Why is link on the left side and Rhett on the right WHHHYYYYY!!🤣🤣

  • Joshua Wheel
    Joshua Wheel 21 day ago +1

    Okay so the real score should be:
    Rhett - 9/10
    Link - 7/10
    Sean - 5/10

  • Dale Gribble
    Dale Gribble 23 days ago

    Dom is so pretty! 😁

  • carlos
    carlos 23 days ago +1

    they should be questions a common person would know. just making them guess answers no one knows isnt fun

  • Johnny Funke
    Johnny Funke 24 days ago

    Back when Trump was just a celebrity

  • Michael Wooten
    Michael Wooten 25 days ago +1

    The curry was helicoptered from the restaurant to Hethrow airport, where they took a normal flight

  • MedEvil1c
    MedEvil1c 27 days ago +1

    While I love rhett and LInk, and this is the video that turned me on to watch every episode of Hot Ones, I wish we have more Chili Klause. Bring back Chili Klause

  • dragonlover7196
    dragonlover7196 28 days ago

    i need to go to this place. i love spice. i love indian food. it's a win-win

  • bloodaxe
    bloodaxe Month ago

    WTF is that audio ? Dislike

  • Cubix Gamma
    Cubix Gamma Month ago

    There is a miss-edit xD, When they finished the 6th round Sean's score was wrong At exactly 10 mins in the video

  • Artist Zeo
    Artist Zeo Month ago

    Yo the last question!! I got it right for the SAME REASON as Sean! Lol and I knew who deserved that shout out!

  • TioliBoiFatz
    TioliBoiFatz Month ago +1

    How is a Indian dish the National food of Britain? 😂

    • Justin Knight
      Justin Knight Day ago

      Because it's more popular than any of their native dishes.

  • JT Loredo
    JT Loredo Month ago

    You can totally see Sean's face turn red. Immediately.

  • Sadistic _cactus
    Sadistic _cactus Month ago

    they are sitting in the incorrect order this is illegal

  • M. Strain Jr.
    M. Strain Jr. Month ago

    Not a fan of that typical reality show music.

  • Bandit Darville
    Bandit Darville Month ago

    That must be one hell of a helicopter..

  • Arc Airsoft
    Arc Airsoft Month ago

    “I’m telling my brain that this is not happening” *CAUGH*

  • Nav.igator.bisht.PRO

    What devil calls 'naan' a 'burrito'

  • James M
    James M Month ago +1

    The expense of a private jet would be so much more than $3900

    • Don 905
      Don 905 15 days ago

      He must have covered the travle even the helicopter would b more then that from england to nyc

  • nff21
    nff21 Month ago

    my brain thinks thats looks delicious, but my stomach pointing gun at me

  • Crazy'z Mod'z
    Crazy'z Mod'z Month ago

    awww that's hot!

  • Ethan Chen
    Ethan Chen Month ago

    Every 10-14 year old commenter: *Insert rip their toilet joke* "wow he/she can eat so much, i can only eat a single asparagus and then im full" (comment) also the "rip butthole commet" also the "omg i hate watching these types of videos at 3am"

  • Silas Coley
    Silas Coley Month ago +1

    You know it’s good when they are wearing gas masks

  • JT King
    JT King Month ago

    Sean took a dive on the Tikka Masala question

  • Ben B
    Ben B Month ago

    Link & his fake ass hiccups again...🙄

  • AmieK
    AmieK Month ago

    Reading the questions and A, B or C makes me sea sick......it moves. 😫

  • II-50_Shades_Of_ Swift-II

    What a waste of Paper

  • No, Patrick.
    No, Patrick. Month ago

    10:00 smooth

  • Han Park
    Han Park Month ago

    kim k thinks curry is disgusting???

  • Nafeh Khan
    Nafeh Khan Month ago

    7:30 that’s kinda how you eat it

  • Orlando Trustfull
    Orlando Trustfull Month ago

    Got to love Link writing "Cim" instead of "Kim"
    Proof, if it were needed, that he is a complete moron.

  • Milk Bacon
    Milk Bacon Month ago

    I remember when he was scared to eat sushi

  • holidayonion
    holidayonion Month ago

    I've never had curry, but I love ridiculously spicy foods. I really wanna try this.

  • MDestron2282
    MDestron2282 2 months ago +1

    Chili Klaus and Sean's Scandinavian cousins are the best!

  • Jolly Llama
    Jolly Llama 2 months ago

    I haven't paid attention to Rhett and Link in years, they're looking horrid from selling out over the years. Satan has his price

  • Joel Bryan
    Joel Bryan 2 months ago

    Man Link looks like a knockoff brendon Urie

  • Johnny Johnny
    Johnny Johnny 2 months ago +1

    -Im telling my brain that this is not happening
    -*dies *

  • paulinanilah
    paulinanilah 2 months ago

    I'm at a cafe procrastinating from my work and I just LOL'd when Rhett went all guru for a second there. 9:08 hahahhahahaa Got a few crazy looks my way.

  • Miss Mantell
    Miss Mantell 2 months ago

    09:20 they're eagerly waiting for something ............

  • MrFelixify
    MrFelixify 2 months ago

    The bromans between Sean and Chili Klaus is so strong Sean is hallucinating answers told by Chili Klaus when they met.

  • Evan Okeefe
    Evan Okeefe 2 months ago

    Are we gonna ignore the fact link spelled Kim "cim"?

  • SmilEndlessly
    SmilEndlessly 2 months ago +1

    Love this!!!

  • jessiekai
    jessiekai 2 months ago

    yeah it keeps the elephants away but everyone living there lives with the constant feeling of being pepper sprayed.

  • TheBrandonRobert
    TheBrandonRobert 2 months ago

    Sean Evans coming up gold with the clutch anime moment.

  • Leon Beck
    Leon Beck 2 months ago


  • Laura K
    Laura K 2 months ago +1

    Why would someone have to apologize for saying a food is disgusting. I don't give a shit who they are. Everyone thinks at least one food dish is disgusting that other people like a lot. It's an opinion not a fact.

  • dubcindub15
    dubcindub15 2 months ago +1

    @4:14 Sean staring like a Game of Thrones fan a few days ago :D

  • Rohan Ratna
    Rohan Ratna 2 months ago

    Worst part is its definitely not a one day challenge

  • arctic 1878
    arctic 1878 2 months ago

    What the hell, i clicked on a casey neistat video and i ended up here

  • Santos Perez
    Santos Perez 2 months ago

    More like a sissy not a chewer 😂😂

  • SuperSuperdude88
    SuperSuperdude88 2 months ago

    just do what homer does, drink hot wax before you eat spicy foods!!! DOH

  • josh ferguson
    josh ferguson 2 months ago

    Anyone else hear voices under the elephant question? That was creepy!

  • Joey Pham
    Joey Pham 2 months ago

    "Resist the temptation to pee in your own mouth."

  • Matthew Fuller
    Matthew Fuller 2 months ago

    From the side, Link looks like Brendan Urie

  • Skepticatheist2
    Skepticatheist2 2 months ago

    I love Pfall curries and have been to Brick Lane in London. While I enjoyed the fun trivia contest questions and game that was being played in this episode, these guys MISSED THE POINT. Pfall can be fun to eat, with lots of flavor besides the HOT HOT peppers. It's Not a torture or punishment like it was portrayed in this show. THUMBS DOWN to you on this one, Sean.

  • CRH
    CRH 2 months ago

    Flight lanes from Wales go over Iceland. Since the Earth is a globe, it's closer to New York that way.

  • Sabrina Amran
    Sabrina Amran 2 months ago

    Me: *laughs in Good Mythical Morning

  • sToNeD PeOn
    sToNeD PeOn 2 months ago

    10:00 guy with the glasses would totally be in the middle of that manwich.. 🥪

  • apb 5281
    apb 5281 2 months ago

    Phalls are child's play in the UK. There's two/three more above the phall that are hotter again.

  • Biren Patel
    Biren Patel 2 months ago

    No helicopter on earth can travel over the 3000 miles from London to NYC.... bullshit

  • Sans
    Sans 2 months ago

    you should invite mike chen

  • Justin Decelis
    Justin Decelis 2 months ago

    9:53 Link: "Help me"

  • loodlebop
    loodlebop 2 months ago

    I'm going to explain the elephant one, they have sensitive smell, and they put the chillies into a condom and strap it to a firework and launch it towards the elephants so it explodes in a cloud and the elephants hate that shit. You have learned something weird today.

  • Brad Ng
    Brad Ng 2 months ago

    is that curry even good? or just an explosion of spiciness

    • Fatin Amirah
      Fatin Amirah 2 months ago

      Brad Ng depends on the person who cook. Some cooks focus on the spice, some would love to make it savoury by balancing the spice + coconut milk. If you go to Malaysia - it would be savoury if it’s malay restaurants, it would be a bit strong on the curry if it Indians/Mamak.. the protein that you use to make curry also plays a factor. i would personally choose chicken curry over fish curry. Hope I answered your curiosity 😊

  • enlightendbel
    enlightendbel 2 months ago +1

    I would have been disappointed if he didn't remember the elephant bit.

  • Bryson Wiley
    Bryson Wiley 2 months ago

    I’m pretty sure I heard Stevie’s laugh at 8:52

  • jack daniels
    jack daniels 2 months ago +1

    THIS IS SOOOO FAKE..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Stephen
    Stephen 2 months ago

    Why are all these TVclip orginial pleebs so annoying?

  • Cristian C
    Cristian C 2 months ago

    You know shit's not right when you're cooking and you gotta wear a gas-mask

  • Toco90 cole
    Toco90 cole 2 months ago

    4:25 that's the face of worry

  • brad segee
    brad segee 2 months ago

    This would have been way better without the trivia

  • david gomez orantes
    david gomez orantes 2 months ago

    "Welcome to the party..." EPIC

  • Parents Basement
    Parents Basement 2 months ago

    I have come to really enjoy seans oh shit this person is gonna puke face

  • Olivia Snow
    Olivia Snow 2 months ago

    Ya see for some odd reason now I want curry

  • Metal Storm47
    Metal Storm47 2 months ago

    11:12 BRUA I know that they said they fuck up this question but still that's a really big fuck up.

  • tomitstube
    tomitstube 2 months ago

    "welcome to the party rhett"

  • Niranjan Prakash
    Niranjan Prakash 2 months ago +5

    Naan with curry, yeah man ! It's a totally good idea! Never has a combination so divine been ever thought of!

    • deprofundis
      deprofundis Month ago +1

      @Nick Miller they were referring to using it to block the spice, not that it was novel to eat it that way in general

    • Nick Miller
      Nick Miller 2 months ago +2

      I'm not even Indian and I was like "oh come on guys, really?" Why did they think the naan was there, for decoration?

  • William Eastland
    William Eastland 2 months ago

    Jet fuel soup

  • YeeSoest
    YeeSoest 2 months ago +1

    Pro tip: if the cook is wearing a gas mask, leave...
    It's not food if the preparation makes a camera team leave as if the cook just exploded with diarrhea !!

  • Chuck Norris
    Chuck Norris 2 months ago

    Has anyone tried this? It looks so good I feel like id have to try it but I'd regret it. My biggest feat for spice is Paqui Ghost Pepper chips and it isn't the heat that stops me- the chips aren't tasty enough to want to keep going. Based on looks; those phaal curry chicken chunks look delicious

  • LizBiz Ldn
    LizBiz Ldn 2 months ago

    finally, a hot spice that sean can't handle loool

  • Alec Fugeson
    Alec Fugeson 2 months ago

    Damn. I am really seeing a lack of danes telling everyone they are danes.

  • adit12345678
    adit12345678 2 months ago