Boyfriend Rates My Korean Designer Outfits | International Couple

  • Published on Sep 9, 2019
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Comments • 2 732

  • Farina Jo
    Farina Jo  2 months ago +3246

    Which outfits would you like to wear yourself? 🙊💕

    • ·Zarina Galaxy·
      ·Zarina Galaxy· 16 days ago

      neither i wouldn't look good in them buuut the 4th outfit was really cuuuuute

    • Sahar Qashqaei
      Sahar Qashqaei Month ago +1

      N. 4 is good design

    • Uma Devi Punj
      Uma Devi Punj Month ago

      10:34- Outfit 5 (The Inspired Hankok Style). 😍🥰

    • BLINKAY -
      BLINKAY - Month ago

      The black one, the purple one and the white one ! But I just want to say that you was so pretty on all the outfits 😍

    • Gumbe Haining
      Gumbe Haining Month ago

      Outfit 2

    KPOP MULTIFANDOM 11 hours ago

    Ele parece o hab do stray kids kkk que casal mais lindo!

  • Hannah Escarez
    Hannah Escarez Day ago +1


  • Taehyung Kim
    Taehyung Kim 2 days ago

    Her boyfriend is so cute his facial expressions reminds me of Stray Kids Han, like if you agree with me

  • daddieyos
    daddieyos 4 days ago

    he literally looks in love everytime he sees her. you guys are made for each other. the most cutest couple out there. i give you guys all my support :)💗

  • Emilly Daiane
    Emilly Daiane 5 days ago

    Título em português, mais a legenda não kkkk

    DEON YOUNG 5 days ago +1

    Your so cute with him.😊💖💖💖... You both really cute💖💖💖💖💖

  • 성준
    성준 7 days ago

    두분 너무 잘 어울려요

    FANCY GIRL 8 days ago

    Woooow his changbin from stray kids..nooo his Han jisung .. what is these I love this 🤦😭♥️✨

  • Korean Vlogs
    Korean Vlogs 8 days ago

    all koreans look same

  • ya limdayoung
    ya limdayoung 10 days ago


  • Aniyah Davis
    Aniyah Davis 11 days ago

    He low key look like bts jungkook from dope mv

  • mahi shaik 19
    mahi shaik 19 11 days ago

    14:5 and your boyfriend soo respectful🤗🤗

  • mahi shaik 19
    mahi shaik 19 11 days ago +1

    😯Oh you are really look like bts jungkookie 🤔im not lie 😩

  • Kelan Smith
    Kelan Smith 12 days ago

    Her boyfriend looks a little bit like jisung from stray kids 🥰

  • Nguyen Uyen
    Nguyen Uyen 12 days ago


  • Bla Blabla
    Bla Blabla 12 days ago

    My fav outfit: I REAAAAALLY liked the cute Hanbok outfit. It is extremely adorable.

    would wear as well.

    VALOUISA 12 days ago

    6:15 looks like a piyama and let her look boring. I like only the Lilac one and the black one.

  • - g¡b¡
    - g¡b¡ 12 days ago

    damn the way he looks at her
    find me a man like that damn

  • Joudy Alanazi
    Joudy Alanazi 12 days ago

    He looks like BTS Jungkook when he turns on the side talking to you and with his hair

  • Micah Do IOI
    Micah Do IOI 12 days ago

    He kinda lowkey look like Youngk

  • Wanda Aprillia
    Wanda Aprillia 12 days ago

    he look like jungkook+yuto pentagon

  • 카다아야
    카다아야 13 days ago

    ur bf half like jungkook

  • 카다아야
    카다아야 13 days ago

    add me in facebook

  • Damian S
    Damian S 14 days ago +1

    Handsome couple

  • emily colantuono
    emily colantuono 14 days ago

    How tall are you?

  • Wolfieroblox Wolfie
    Wolfieroblox Wolfie 15 days ago

    I'm ur boyfriend looks like jeon jungkook

  • amanilache
    amanilache 16 days ago

    I mean he honestly looks like a kpop idol

  • Sarah Augustus
    Sarah Augustus 18 days ago


  • lam nuray
    lam nuray 18 days ago +28

    Her: Its that sexy? You think so?
    Him: Maybe its you who's sexy ;)

    Me: awwwwwwwww :')

  • jenø the søftie
    jenø the søftie 18 days ago

    he’s so good looking, she’s very pretty and u guys are so cute together 💕

  • livy is an army
    livy is an army 19 days ago

    your boyfriend looks like a mix between Jungkook and San from Ateez lol idk if that’s just me

  • rayane martis love fofo Mika é Kaká

    Amo te love amo linda

  • Ridhan Ridhan
    Ridhan Ridhan 20 days ago

    The 2 outfit is nice

  • Jikook’s World
    Jikook’s World 20 days ago

    Have I found my husband Jungkook? No ok...

  • Mahra AlMazrouei
    Mahra AlMazrouei 20 days ago

    I clicked cuz I thought he was YOUNG K !!!! Omg

  • whojang2000
    whojang2000 21 day ago +2

    Doesn't matter whatever Farina Jo wears, Just all beautiful

  • enzo
    enzo 21 day ago

    why does he look like brian from day6-

  • Sara
    Sara 21 day ago

    Okay but his English is GUT GUT!!!!
    Lol I mean to say good in Korean style (it's cute)

  • lia kpop
    lia kpop 22 days ago

    wer ist auch aus Deutschland?

  • Jhenifer Yamamoto
    Jhenifer Yamamoto 22 days ago

    Eu acho ele parecido com jeon jungkook

  • A W
    A W 22 days ago +1

    You both are too cute! I love how Farina can pull off any outfit. Your bf is so sweet you look good in ANYTHING! The hanbok was modern, sassy, cute, and lovely. Totally agreed that it was too much for pizza but more formal meal. The winner outfit #4 was very modern, hip, and comfy that very cool edgy street style. The wide leg pants with sailor top (I liked it alot very elegant and classy but not Farina's style but she looked great in it.) The first outfit was made for her but I agreed with the sexy painter comment by Dong In. The second outfit the purple top was very sexy, tousled look but for me not a look to go outside to eat food. Thanks for the fashion show Farina!

  • The End
    The End 22 days ago +1

    He's like mix of young k and jungkook from some angles.

  • official_mumu Ss
    official_mumu Ss 24 days ago +1

    He looks like yuta from pentagon

  • Blue Bird
    Blue Bird 25 days ago +1

    You have the perfect body!!! Everything looks good on you!!! 👍 100% 😍😍😍❤️❤️❤️👍😄

  • Kat Delghingaro
    Kat Delghingaro 25 days ago +1

    Does your boyfriend play bass guitar and write songs for day6?

  • Luján Méndez
    Luján Méndez 26 days ago

    Soy la unica que le ve parecido a San de Ateez o a Yuto de Pentagon?!

  • Six9 Ex6tence
    Six9 Ex6tence 27 days ago

    i like the black one....

  • Park Mochi
    Park Mochi 27 days ago +1

    Is it just me or does he look like he could ne jungkooks brother

  • Jonathan Tuitasi
    Jonathan Tuitasi 27 days ago

    I love the fourth Han bok

  • Paula Barreto
    Paula Barreto 27 days ago

    2:01 quien es el? who is he?

  • batman likes pizza
    batman likes pizza 28 days ago

    Y’all make a cute couple

  • fox sin Ban
    fox sin Ban 28 days ago

    Every time I saw his profile I was like : kookie 🥺💜? Btw what is his name ? I didn’t understand it in the video 😬

  • fox sin Ban
    fox sin Ban 28 days ago

    Kommst du aus Deutschland ?

  • Hanin_ K1
    Hanin_ K1 28 days ago

    يممه يهبلون🥺

  • Myra Perez
    Myra Perez 29 days ago

    7:14 Damn girl. body goals!!!!

  • • rrainbowii •
    • rrainbowii • 29 days ago +1

    Your boyfriend is very handsome im jealous 😭💗💗

    Team Single forever ✅

  • NillyC
    NillyC 29 days ago

    Her nose is strange. I think she got her dad's nose. ( I remember watching a video of her and her dad like forever ago).
    And stop it people, he doesn't look like Jungkook at all. Are you all just saying that because of his nose?
    Why am I here ? Someone on Twitter said this was cringey.

  • Omarie Bates
    Omarie Bates 29 days ago

    He’s cute 🥰 adorable couple

  • Nini sablan
    Nini sablan Month ago

    Ur boyfriend looks like hes apart of BTS cute couple tho lol