Never Buy a Honda With This Engine

  • Published on Apr 24, 2019
  • Never Buy a Honda With This Engine, DIY and car review with auto mechanic Scotty Kilmer. Buying a Honda. Is the Honda Civic and CR-V new engine worth it? Cars you should never buy and avoid. Honda engine problems. Should I buy a Honda. Are the new Honda engines reliable? The truth about the new Honda engine oil dilution. Car advice. DIY car repair with Scotty Kilmer, an auto mechanic for the last 51 years.
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Comments • 3 704

  • Scotty Kilmer
    Scotty Kilmer  5 months ago +99

    If you're having problems with your engine, let me know below
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    • Andy Singh
      Andy Singh Hour ago

      I have a 14 EX-L V6 White Orchard Pearl. The paint has multiple flaking above the rear windshield. Starter started slipping around 36,000. Honda refused to replace it. Replaced the starter and it was started slipping that same week. Finally had to replace the torque converter at 42,000 miles which cost 1,700 and put another brand new starter. Honda refused to pay for anything even though there is a TSB put for this specific issue. I ended up paying 2,500 for parts and labor. This is my second Honda but customer loyalty means nothing for this company. This WILL definitely be my LAST Honda.

    • mrzfxr
      mrzfxr 8 days ago

      Scotty yes, we just got a 2019 and it’s doing it, 2300mi in. Checked the oil every three weeks on breakin, level increasing and the dreaded gas small. So apparently Honda’s “fix” did not work. Wish I had found out about this channel earlier, we’ll regular syn changes affront. Or buyback if they can’t fix it...

    • Mozammel Hoque
      Mozammel Hoque 18 days ago

      Hello scotty. I have a honda civic ex 2006. Few days ago my compressor stop working. One of my local mechanic change the relay and its works fine. Then I notice my cooling fan turn on in ignition mode and both fan and compressor constantly run after I start no matter ac on or off. Can you suggest me what to do to solve the problem

    • Liz W
      Liz W 23 days ago

      Hey Scotty, I am having this issue with my 2017 CR V. The engines fuel injectors are bad, is that a bad sign, does that mean the engine may already have a lot of damage?

    • VAL13C
      VAL13C 28 days ago

      Scotty Kilmer...I’m saving up some cash to buy a 2006 Honda Civic Sedan. But I’m only willing to pay $4500. What is considered the average or normal mileage on that year for a car under $5000.

  • Roza Vasilyeva
    Roza Vasilyeva 12 hours ago

    Hey Gents, what engine is that? A 1.5 litre turbocharged one? Does anyone have any experience with the 2.0 engine (in Honda civics 10th gen)?

  • John Fisherman
    John Fisherman Day ago

    What year is that first gdi ? Trying to figure out if my 2012 Honda Accord 2.4l has gdi

  • Mason Tee
    Mason Tee Day ago

    So is it worse to leave the car running while I go in the store and let the engine get to normal operating temperature or worse to make a series of short trips?

  • iamSelfSufficient

    Luckily for me it don’t get cold in San Diego.

  • Calimangrower 1
    Calimangrower 1 2 days ago

    I love Honda and Nissan

  • Jeff White
    Jeff White 2 days ago

    Scotty: i like changing oil laying down

  • David Oconnell
    David Oconnell 2 days ago

    Mine is at 80k miles. No problems yet. Just dont follow Hondas STUPID 10k mile oil change interval recommendation. These cars need every 6k miles

  • PMpagi
    PMpagi 2 days ago

    Good to know! Thanks Scotty!

  • robt555
    robt555 3 days ago

    Also never by the six cylinder with solid lifters. Every time it's time for a tune-up is going to cost you six hundred bucks.

    • robt555
      robt555 2 days ago

      @Paul Ferreira
      Yeah I guess that's why they continue to make it, right genius? Because it was such a winner. There are people on this planet I guess that Common Sense makes no sense. I'm going to assume you're one of them.

    • Paul Ferreira
      Paul Ferreira 2 days ago

      @robt555 I read it. You implied that the engine is expensive to maintain. It is not. You inferred that the engine should always be avoided. That's ridiculous.

    • robt555
      robt555 2 days ago

      @Paul Ferreira read my post. I didn't stipulate a timeframe, I stipulated an engine but thanks for all the info.

    • Paul Ferreira
      Paul Ferreira 2 days ago

      There is no scheduled valve adj interval on Honda V6s...not for the last 20 years. If by "tune up" you mean a 105k service with a timing belt job, it's well worth it. Those were/are very good engines for the long run. MPG is not the greatest, but they're powerful, cheap to maintain and last a long time. They did have a few years there with oil consumption problems, but they were still reliable and ran well.

  • Chris Dominguez
    Chris Dominguez 4 days ago

    I have a 2015 accord with 119K miles and have never, thank God, had any issues. I think by now something would have surfaced. I do change oil/filter about every 7,500 miles.

  • NeXusDz
    NeXusDz 4 days ago +1

    is this a problem with the 1.5T only? or does the 2.0T has this problem aswell?

  • Victor Reyes
    Victor Reyes 4 days ago +1

    Might as well start driving my old 74 Chevy Custom Deluxe.

  • Red Demon64
    Red Demon64 5 days ago

    Oof I have a 2019 Civic Hatchback Sport that has the 1.5T Engine. I hope I don’t have this problem.

    • David Oconnell
      David Oconnell 2 days ago

      Change your oil every 6k miles. Im at 82k and going strong

  • ClosingTheLoop
    ClosingTheLoop 5 days ago

    My 2017 Civic SI failed at 61,000 miles. 1000 miles after my warranty. I also have the extended warranty, but without them doing any diagnostics they deemed it was not applicable and are extending an offer less than free.

  • stephenwolf
    stephenwolf 6 days ago +1

    Is the 2.0 L 4-cyl a good motor? I'm considering a 2019 Civic Coupe Sport with 6 speed MT. I've heard too much about 1.5 T problems

    • David Oconnell
      David Oconnell 2 days ago

      Im at 80k thousand miles on my 1.5t. The reason these motors are doing this is because they are recommending 10k oil changes. Its silly. Change it every 6k and you are fine. My dads at 68k on his 2017 1.5t and i have just over 80k on mine. Its fine.

  • Omar Lacayo
    Omar Lacayo 6 days ago +1

    Stupid elder you are so crazy, the best cars are the Japanese not USA car, so stupid .

  • Donald West
    Donald West 6 days ago

    I asked about this on a different video and this is the answer. I'm going to pass on this engine.
    Thin oil, high temps and I I keep cars 300k plus miles, don't think that it will make it, even with high quality synthetic oil.

  • Suryum Gobin
    Suryum Gobin 6 days ago

    Can i turbocharge this engine ??😃

  • ZnB_TV
    ZnB_TV 8 days ago

    So changing oil every 5k miles with high quality full synthetic stops the engine damage in the future?

  • Zed Lopez
    Zed Lopez 8 days ago +1

    Iam convinced he’s a prt owner of toyota,,or own a dealership,,

  • Anthony Fig
    Anthony Fig 8 days ago

    Scotty What do you think about the Honda Fit sport 2019? I just bought one.

  • Golden Child
    Golden Child 9 days ago +1

    Hey scotty would u say the same for a 2010 Honda accord?

    • Golden Child
      Golden Child 7 days ago

      @Buster _ ok thanks so much🤩

    • Buster _
      Buster _ 7 days ago

      Golden Child nah man it’s not the 2010 has a k24 and u can see the difference between the two motors I think this is a newer motor

  • Kanti123
    Kanti123 9 days ago +1

    I turn in my CRV for a Pilot, naturally aspirated v6

  • Bill Wylde
    Bill Wylde 11 days ago

    This whole oil dilution thing is not as bad as people make it out to be. My brother has a 2018 CVT Honda Civic Hatchback Sport. It does have oil dilution. The car operates fine because my brother drives the car right away and when he is done driving. He idles for 2 minutes before shutting the car off. Over 40 thousand miles, no problems and he does change his oil and oil filter when the Maintenance Minder kicks in.
    Think of it this way, there's a bunch of 10 generation turbo civics roaming around the country. They are common to find on the road. Either people don't know or care about the oil dilution. Since the average driver will just run the car into the ground and only do the oil change or no oil change at all. This situation pales in comparison to the Toyota stuck throttle mishap and the Takata air bags.

    THEEM2GHOST 11 days ago +1

    K20 and k24 the best engines period

  • Handy Cap
    Handy Cap 12 days ago

    Sold my 1.5 Turbo off at a major $ loss after owning a little over a year. Software did nothing to fix mine. I was going around 1000-1250 miles between changes. Had oil dilution bad. First Honda I ever owned that was junk. You are correct "DO NOT BUY A HONDA WITH THIS ENGINE!" unless you like losing lots of $.

    • Buster _
      Buster _ 7 days ago

      Handy Cap I’m sorry to hear ur loss I am also very skeptical about these new Honda’s And other vehicles that have that 2.0 or whatever twin turbo stay away from them

  • symun buuntw
    symun buuntw 13 days ago

    Honda cr V. Hr V 2017 jap import

  • Alfredo Tirado
    Alfredo Tirado 14 days ago

    Scotty, I hear used oil is great for growing vegetables.

  • Minh Vu
    Minh Vu 14 days ago

    Simple solution only buy their non turbo engines, the 2.0 engine in the LX or sport model!!

  • primavera919
    primavera919 14 days ago

    Hey Scotty, I am about to buy a Civic but I am not sure if this engine is on a civic. Please let me know if this engine exists on a civic 2012

    • James Medina
      James Medina 14 days ago +1

      primavera919 no of course it is not in there.

  • haml28
    haml28 15 days ago

    modern cars are junk.... everything is disposible trash.... thats why i dont care about climate....nothing last like before

    • James Medina
      James Medina 14 days ago

      haml28 what do you prefer lasts?? Your V8 engine or every coastal city and the ability of the Earth to provide us with food?

    RADIN SYAH 15 days ago

    Errr Hyundai? 🤔

  • Perry Howard
    Perry Howard 15 days ago

    I was just lookin at a new crv last night , glad i saw ur video, so which engine is it , I was lookin at the 4 cylinder ( not turbo)

  • Rico Paolo Mojica
    Rico Paolo Mojica 16 days ago +4

    Lots of machinery problem? Ride a horse instead..

  • Noah Vale
    Noah Vale 17 days ago +1

    I had oil delusion problems with my 2005 Honda Civic ..

  • jp554731
    jp554731 17 days ago

    Don’t forget the R18 engine. Now that was a real POS.

  • Jonathan Birdsell
    Jonathan Birdsell 17 days ago

    Scotty, I just recently discovered your videos and have become addicted. However, I just bought a 2015 Honda Accord Sport that has a 2.4L Earth Dreams engine in it, and after watching this video I checked my oil and noticed a smell of gasoline. I've only had the car a week, but from what I can tell there is no noticeable rise in oil level due to dilution. Is this a serious issue? Thanks

  • Wayne Williams
    Wayne Williams 18 days ago

    not impressed with the CRv. Itnis frumpynlooking and has an oil dilueion problem. id choose the murano for my$ becausenthe murano is faster, more luxurious dnd murano goes further on a tank of gas. Murano is bigger soo it has more passenger space. Though the crv has more room for stuff. But no durround view cam, no cooled seats orpanoramic sunroof. Murdno wins!

  • Ben Spears
    Ben Spears 18 days ago

    I have owned a 2017 Honda Civic Hatchback (1.5L Turbo) for two years now. I love the car because it does wonderfully on the interstate. I used to commute 2.5 hours per day to work but I recently switched to a job that is 1 mile away.. I now notice gas in my oil.. but I didn't previously.

  • Squid Usn
    Squid Usn 18 days ago +1

    It's assembled in USA. American workers dont know $h!t or don't give a damn period! I've seen most of them where they have to be trained using a freaking simple tool. They're hired out of the ghettos.

  • Bill Blair
    Bill Blair 19 days ago +1

    Hey Scotty, is there a price on your head from the car companies? I love your incredibly honest reviews of cars.

  • Ed
    Ed 19 days ago

    Thanks scotty

  • gforce
    gforce 20 days ago

    A torquenews. article: There is enough gas blowing-by to Increase the amount of oil shown on the dip-stick... That is a lot of gasoline in the engine oil.

  • Henry Salgado
    Henry Salgado 20 days ago

    Too late a got one hahaha

  • My Name is Gladiator
    My Name is Gladiator 20 days ago +1

    Shame on Honda. Last decade it was crap transmissions. Now it's crap GDI engines.

  • Dave Stock
    Dave Stock 21 day ago

    Damn Communist Chinese are smarter than us. Keeping the crap out of their country. F’ the ecoshit. Ain’t stopping global warming anyway. Just yankin cash out of our wallets. Biggest scam ever.

  • danny Barlow
    danny Barlow 21 day ago


  • Liz W
    Liz W 21 day ago

    Help Scotty! I've got the 2017 CR V, 31,000 miles and already had to get the purge control solenoid valve and fuel injectors replaced...should I sell it now and get a Toyota Camry?

  • Joe M
    Joe M 21 day ago +2

    "Make sure you use a high quality synthetic oil!" "I bought STP because it was on sale down the street."

  • Viktor Gold
    Viktor Gold 21 day ago +1

    My 2018 Camry has rattling dash, door, engine is very week and the transmission is very jerky especially when cold. Should I buy Celica?

  • Dave Porter
    Dave Porter 22 days ago +1

    Just bought one. Thx for the video!!!!!! Glad I got a three year lease.

  • Android 890
    Android 890 24 days ago

    That squirrel was so cool 🤣😂

  • Kris Bohn
    Kris Bohn 25 days ago

    Do the Honda Pilot v6 earth tech engines have the some problems.

    • Ryan Littleton
      Ryan Littleton 17 days ago

      They don't. This mostly applies to the 1.5T.

  • Byron Arriaga
    Byron Arriaga 26 days ago

    I have a question, I'm reading that a lot of the engine problems have come on the CRV'S and Civics, I'm in the market for a 2017 Honda Accord v6 touring. The Accord has earth dreams v-tech engine, does it apply to the car I want as well, or am I good? lol, would appreciate anyones insight.

    • Byron Arriaga
      Byron Arriaga 25 days ago

      @Jean Alex thank you so much !!!! very informative and helpful .

    • Jean Alex
      Jean Alex 25 days ago +1

      The Civics and CRVs have oil dilution problems because they are using Gasoline Direct Injection or GDI and the turbocharged 1.5L engines with GDI experience this problem much faster and to a greater extent thanks to the turbo.. If the 2017 Honda Accord you've been looking into is using Programmed Fuel Injection or PGM-FI then you won't have this issue.. You can check Honda's website to verify what fuel injection system their certain cars use and make sure you look into the specific trim of the 2017 Honda Accord you are going to buy because like the Civics as an example, there are certain trims of the Civic that uses PGM-FI (which again, is what you want), while other trims use GDI, it just so happens that all the Civic trims that use the 1.5L turbocharged engine is paired with the GDI system

  • Moe
    Moe 26 days ago

    I have the 2016 accord never seen that but again I have it serviced before it gets to 40% oil life with 24,578 miles sport

  • T.D. Newsh
    T.D. Newsh 26 days ago

    I am thinking about getting one of those....what other car in the same price range would you suggest instead?

    • Sunny Pen
      Sunny Pen 25 days ago +1

      Corolla/Camry, don't like me regarding buying this dump honda toy.

  • Josef Haber
    Josef Haber 27 days ago

    Hi is it true that this problem will effect earth dream turbo charged petrol engines only or both?

  • skeneretnow
    skeneretnow 28 days ago +4

    Friendly reminder guys don't watch scotty kilmer videos if you still want drive a car😂

  • DennyMack1054
    DennyMack1054 28 days ago +1

    Only the 1.5 turbo crvs and civics have these issues. Ac control unit update. Problem solved.

    • DennyMack1054
      DennyMack1054 25 days ago

      18-114. That’s the bulletin number

    • Caesar G
      Caesar G 25 days ago

      May i ask what is the AC control unit update or repair code?