Robyn Crawford and Whitney Houston’s Romance

  • Published on Nov 12, 2019
  • Robyn Crawford dishes on having a romantic relationship with Whitney Houston and how it all started.
    Plus, Robyn talks about what she really thought about Whitney and Bobby’s marriage and her new memoir, "A Song For You: My Life with Whitney Houston.”
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  • Matty Leake
    Matty Leake 47 minutes ago


  • Loc Harris
    Loc Harris 2 hours ago

    Sorry back again but that's when you know it ain't right when you trying to keep it a a secret God is not a secret love all God creation but do not put God in something that is not right because he left his way and if you read it you a follow it don't try to pick and choose what you going to follow cuz it don't work

  • Rebecca Thornton
    Rebecca Thornton 5 hours ago

    Wendy should quit

  • Carrie S
    Carrie S 9 hours ago

    I don’t understand why this lady would even go on Wendy Williams show. She makes Wendy look like a cheap tabloid writer....

  • Shanna R
    Shanna R 15 hours ago

    those boots though 🤔🤔🤔🤔 where can I find ???

  • hamed Khatibani
    hamed Khatibani 16 hours ago

    gold star lesbian ???? wow

  • Ms. G
    Ms. G Day ago

    This interview should have been done By Oprah or Gayle. Wendy is no where near Robyn's class, she's nothing but a hot mess!!

  • myeyesinside out

    Robin should have talked to Oprah

  • Debbie Blatt
    Debbie Blatt Day ago

    This is so beautiful and heartbreaking; Robyn was her grace- she deserved this love, protection: she would’ve been accepted and maybe even still here today. I just can’t.... I hate that at that time Whitney couldn’t have it all. “The Greatest Love Of All” 😥🙏🏼

  • Sky Walker
    Sky Walker 2 days ago

    I hate when people kiss and tell. Whitney would hate for Robin to discuss their relationship much less on WWS! She hated Wendy Williams. Also, their secret relationship was pretty obvious at the time they were together to those who noticed, anyway. So this topic is a non-story, really!

  • jarmelo2006
    jarmelo2006 2 days ago

    I don't buy this bullshit.

  • Shandra Smith
    Shandra Smith 2 days ago +1

    ❤️ Robyn's coolness! I wish Robyn wouldn't chose Wendy to interview her because Whitney cursed Wendy out & wasn't fun of her!👏

  • Sambini DuRose
    Sambini DuRose 2 days ago

    This was painful to watch-ackward af.

  • Meli Cloud
    Meli Cloud 3 days ago +1

    Wish they would have caught up to her lmfao..

  • Master Corey Blu-Ray/Gaming/Music Channel

    Whitney never dated her shes lying

  • Marquelworld Marquelworld

    Why is she talking now

    INDIA LA LOCA 4 days ago


  • Melina Vlachou
    Melina Vlachou 4 days ago

    a humble woman and a tyrannosaurus rex having a conversation

  • Miah Stalings
    Miah Stalings 4 days ago

    Black and white laces for the Masonic colors let you know the elites always have a hand in what is done to the stars pay attention

  • Debi Scott
    Debi Scott 4 days ago

    I guessing SHE needs MONEY...some KIND OF FRIEND she Isn't.....poor Whitney

  • Sawyer Ramos
    Sawyer Ramos 5 days ago

    wendy is so trashy.
    what a classy lady

  • Music Feign
    Music Feign 5 days ago

    The Cretan that's interviewing this classy young lady is repugnant at best. Look at it, everything about is fake, and trying to discount the memory of a special friendship, probably one of the only friendships Whitney had she could trust. Like Aretha said to the mutant thing interviewing, sit down girl. Your nothing and possess no talent of any kind. It looks so stupid , you almost feel sorry for it.

  • ImperfectMe
    ImperfectMe 5 days ago

    Wendy is so Ugh 🙄

  • Tina Hudgens
    Tina Hudgens 6 days ago

    Robyn is adorable 🤗

  • j pugh
    j pugh 6 days ago

    no mistaking she's a lesbian whitney must have been a lesbian too

  • Charlene Valenzuela
    Charlene Valenzuela 6 days ago

    Wendy, I know it’s none of my business but I’m just curious... how stretch back is your facial skin?

  • Amiracle Jahara
    Amiracle Jahara 6 days ago

    I respect Robyn. Whitney Houston is the best. I respect her a lot because I’m bisexual too.

  • Xeno G
    Xeno G 6 days ago

    Robyn is so damn classy. I love how she handled Wendy so professionally.

  • Ronda S
    Ronda S 7 days ago

    Wendy is a gossip messy columnist, she's gonna look for trash to talk about, what did y'all expect?

  • chanell rose
    chanell rose 7 days ago

    Tears.. 😢just to hear of The Genuine Love and Respect they had for one another. She handled this interview well. Whitney will always be missed in my opinion she’s the greatest female singer of all time much Respect 🙌🏽💚💜🕊

  • Melanin.Audacity.Nefertari

    Squat like Khalif! That’s so...Jersey!

  • exotikguy
    exotikguy 8 days ago

    Omg Wendy’s face is hideous! Wtf!!!!

  • jonrichdoe84
    jonrichdoe84 9 days ago

    Im disappointed to say the least. Wendy shld be Ashamed.

  • Sunny Day
    Sunny Day 9 days ago

    Wendy look high

  • Freddie Batista Jr.
    Freddie Batista Jr. 9 days ago

    Dog Face Wendy!!!😑

  • Navorria Plummer
    Navorria Plummer 9 days ago +1

    She is beautiful inside and out. Very elegant and poised.

    UBU NOIR 9 days ago

    Why is the black community so homophobic?

  • Barbara Martinez
    Barbara Martinez 9 days ago

    Robyn is an amazing woman, pose, center loyal.... I feel so sad for Witney having to give up someone she loved

  • sa ga
    sa ga 9 days ago +4

    Perhaps Whitney would still be alive if she had stayed with this woman.

  • harry1babs
    harry1babs 9 days ago

    Ms. Thang is full of it!

  • Tamika Piller
    Tamika Piller 10 days ago


  • Tamika Piller
    Tamika Piller 10 days ago

    God it's hard to listen Wendy!

  • Desmond Goldson
    Desmond Goldson 10 days ago +1

    Robin what are you doin🙍🏾‍♂️ I bet you that white woman set this whole thing up and wrote that book.

  • Kimberly Harris
    Kimberly Harris 10 days ago

    Why put her out here after her death? I don't agree

  • Gabriela Hevia
    Gabriela Hevia 10 days ago

    No puede estar hablando cosas si Whitney Houston ya no está 👎👎se quiere ser famosa acuesta de Whitney Houston 😤😤😤

  • Lhisa Mrklon
    Lhisa Mrklon 10 days ago +1

    She should not have "come out" and said anything. Just leave Whitney Houston as a heterosexual figure, she obviously followed God and married a man and bore a child.

  • Whitney
    Whitney 10 days ago


  • Ave Cesar
    Ave Cesar 10 days ago

    Oh My God.. Lier..ROmance??? Dont need this! Is just for money...terrible. If is true our not...Its is to bad talk about !

  • Gorgeous Lady
    Gorgeous Lady 10 days ago

    I did not know Whitney Houston was Gay!. Other Black celebrities
    Will tell stories about being in love
    With the same sex!.
    Yes Al B sure and I dated
    For 12 years!. What Tha!.

  • reenie rae
    reenie rae 10 days ago +37

    Robyn Crawford is far too sophisticated to be interviewed by this woman.

  • Rebe Ruth
    Rebe Ruth 10 days ago +1

    She’s too classy for this show, this interview would have been so much better with someone on her level of class...

  • Kelli Page
    Kelli Page 11 days ago +1

    I love how Robyn let her know how she didn't like Wendy's radio show

  • Archduke of Belgrade
    Archduke of Belgrade 11 days ago

    She is a class act. Unlike Wendy. This book is amazing. This is a true tribute to Whitney. Beautiful book. Honest and we can actually see who Whitney was as a person. Whitney's family never honnored Whitney like this.

  • Heather Bonelli
    Heather Bonelli 11 days ago

    She LOVED that woman. It's so evident, her soul mate still to this day. My heart breaks for the love they never got to share... The sheer respect she speaks of Whitney in is tragic, I wish her peace and may Whitney rest in peace one day... If justice is ever served.

  • Diane Sullivan
    Diane Sullivan 11 days ago +17

    Wendy has absolutely no class and this “interview” is unworthy of Robyn.

  • TheTourmaline57
    TheTourmaline57 11 days ago



  • politically correct
    politically correct 11 days ago

    Robyn is a beautiful person and when she speaks of Whitney you can tell it was unconditional love mentally and spiritually and Robyn only wanted the best for her

  • 21AFD
    21AFD 11 days ago +1

    Both these bitches are FUCKING WACK!!

  • Rogernewday123
    Rogernewday123 11 days ago


  • Kia Davis
    Kia Davis 11 days ago

    Robyn shows us that true love transcends all. Labels don't matter.