A Serial Killer Who Murdered 10 Women Has Been Executed In Florida | TIME

  • Published on May 24, 2019
  • A serial killer who murdered 10 women in 1984 has been put to death.
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    A Serial Killer Who Murdered 10 Women Has Been Executed In Florida | TIME

Comments • 60

  • Damond Williams
    Damond Williams Month ago

    Good riddance

  • Kürşat Türkay
    Kürşat Türkay Month ago

    if you dont wanna this kinda person in your country; you mommas, hug your children at age 0-4 with full of your hearth. this makes brain of your children hypotalamus working correctly.

  • Caboco Carlos
    Caboco Carlos Month ago

    I agree with slavery in Africa because I am an atheist I understand 5 languages but I don't pray.

  • R.A. Dalton
    R.A. Dalton Month ago

    I am a 64 year old moderate independent voter and a retired U.S. Army Master Sergeant (1972-1993). ANY execution is horrible to witness but necessary in order to protect society from those would would prey on it. My question to those who don't think that lethal injections should be used would be: OK, which method would you prefer instead? Pick one (a) gas chamber, (b) hanging, (c) firing squad, (d) electric chair or (e) guillotine, all of which were used in the the recent past and ALL of which had occasional problems with specific executed individuals. Anyone convicted of murder, especially those who target police, should be given the death sentence, unless there are some type of mitigating circumstances, such as self defense. In addition appeals should be limited to ONE only, and that's it. It is extremely ridiculous that it takes on average 10 years, or usually even FAR more as in these cases, from the time someone is convicted before the sentence is finally executed. The lengthy delays have been pure torture to the families of the victims that have to constantly testify and relive the past once again in appeal trials and are not allowed to finally move on with their lives. Concerns for victims families does not EVER seem to matter to the liberals out there who only seem to care about these scum bags and protecting them. We in this country have an overly generous appeals process which we allow offenders to abuse endlessly. Life in prison without chance of parole is simply an extremely extended death sentence where we in society have to pay for the cost of their life long incarceration, assuming they are not let out early by some liberal judge or parole board. Would you want to live in today's prisons for the rest of your life? Life in prison is in reality far more cruel then simply executing them. For liberals getting rid of the death sentence is far more about keeping their OWN hands clean and conscience clear, then it is about mercy. With the possibility of escape always there, the only 100% way to guarantee the safety of society is to execute the most dangerous and violent criminals before they have a chance to kill again. Society has an absolute right to protect itself from the dangerous violent criminal in a permanent way and should do so! We could prevent a lot of young people from becoming criminals in the first place if we would re-institute corporal punishment once again. For more on corporal punishment see: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Corporal_punishment

    DAYA WHITAKER Month ago


  • Christizo 6
    Christizo 6 Month ago

    What fuckin took them so long????????

  • Tio Nino
    Tio Nino Month ago

    California snowflakes would forgive him and give him a medal for the suffering in jail.

    JBIRD NELSON Month ago +1

    Popcorn anyone?

  • RidgeRider RC
    RidgeRider RC Month ago +6

    How about if someone is sentenced to life they just get snuffed when they leave the court room. Quit wasting taxpayers money on inmates!

  • sativa shiva
    sativa shiva Month ago +1

    I can only hope his soul rots in hell forever.

    KiTT FOXXE Month ago +4

    And in California our governor removed the death penalty so now you can Slaughter murder as many people as you want and you will never be executed those are the words of governor Gavin Newsom who is the nephew of Nancy Pelosi

    • Jive Honkey
      Jive Honkey Month ago

      California is ran by Mexican Cartels, Newsom is just a fist puppet.

    • Clay Potter
      Clay Potter Month ago +2

      KITT FOXXE .. Yeah, Newsom thinks it’s barbaric and inhumane to execute anyone... But, Abortion is fine and dandy. Didn’t know he was Pelosi’s nephew. Interesting

  • Hermes Trismegistus
    Hermes Trismegistus Month ago +2

    They should have revived him and repeated the process 10 times before letting the last of it take his life in totality

  • Norm Haletty
    Norm Haletty Month ago +1

    Long waited a long time to be long gone.

  • Linda Minton
    Linda Minton Month ago +6

    GOOD! All monsters should be euthanized.

  • Major Kong
    Major Kong Month ago +6

    CNN just lost another correspondent

  • URC
    URC Month ago

    Rot in hell

  • Dirty Burger
    Dirty Burger Month ago +3

    You might kill Florida man, but another Florida man will take his place.

  • dat boi
    dat boi Month ago +2

    Think about how much money we spent to get him to this point. Why waste hundreds of thousands of dollars when you can get a 9mm for 20 cents a round?!?!?

  • David DeVito
    David DeVito Month ago +1


  • Nicholas Brewer
    Nicholas Brewer Month ago +4

    Hopefully he was a Democrat.

    • Shawaine
      Shawaine Month ago +5

      Who hurt you so bad that you have to randomly spam political insults.
      Kinda pathetic tbh lol

  • Michael Newell
    Michael Newell Month ago +7

    A rope would be cheaper and faster!

    • Shawaine
      Shawaine Month ago

      @JBIRD NELSON I am pretty liberal and am completely pro death penalty. Blanket labeling makes you seem ignorant.

      JBIRD NELSON Month ago

      Michael Newell
      Our country has grown soft and liberals love to keep murderers alive...

  • Nehemiah Howard
    Nehemiah Howard Month ago +7

    Now get rid of nicholas cruz

  • Arukadar Arukadawn
    Arukadar Arukadawn Month ago +2


  • Christ The Messiah
    Christ The Messiah Month ago +2

    Should have happened Sooner

  • BIG A
    BIG A Month ago +3

    Circle of life yay.

  • Anthony Campos
    Anthony Campos Month ago +5

    BREAKING NEWS: Trump pardons him

  • John citizen
    John citizen Month ago +2

    why 20+ years ?????

  • vincent kiprotich
    vincent kiprotich Month ago +3

    Very good Go to Hell!

  • DeepBlue
    DeepBlue Month ago +1


  • Weekend Warrior
    Weekend Warrior Month ago +4

    Sounds about white 💊💉😂😳😡😵

    • Shawaine
      Shawaine Month ago +1

      I love how the only thing people upset about this post can manage to write is something equally racist. The hypocrisy is real.

    • sativa shiva
      sativa shiva Month ago +1

      Sory you not doing so well. I hope it gets better, good luck and Africa is calling all blacks back to join in on the white genocide over farm land... you should be with your people. I think you'll be happier.

    • Jive Honkey
      Jive Honkey Month ago +3

      Black males 6% of the USA population make up 35% of everyone executed since 1977 jackass.

    • dat boi
      dat boi Month ago +1

      Sounds like you are a racist. People like you are why my black girlfriend hates blacks more then some klan members

    • Crown Royal
      Crown Royal Month ago +3

      Weekend Warrior naw, there are some colored killers taking the lead.. 🐵

  • Loraine Waiter
    Loraine Waiter Month ago +16

    #goodriddance what took so damned long??

    • Weekend Warrior
      Weekend Warrior Month ago +1

      Loraine Waiter because he’s a fuckin deranged cracka😂

      JBIRD NELSON Month ago +1

      Loraine Waiter
      Well the department of corrections has stock holders, Loraine...
      They make money off the incarcerated...

  • Michael Jean
    Michael Jean Month ago +1

    Maybe Donald Trump and bar needs to go there I'm not saying anything said if we lost them both

    • Crown Royal
      Crown Royal Month ago

      Cole Southard 👍👍

    • Cole Southard
      Cole Southard Month ago +2

      Crown Royal 😂

    • Crown Royal
      Crown Royal Month ago +1

      Michael Jean y'all have had so many SHITTY presidents, that you don't know a good one when you see him.

    • Problematic 1
      Problematic 1 Month ago +1

      Trump Anxiety Response Disorder...TARD causes its sufferers to respond to any subject with a diatribe about President Trump.

    • Crown Royal
      Crown Royal Month ago +1

      Michael Jean idiot loser whoarlirry tit sucker

  • Anna-Maree Castillo
    Anna-Maree Castillo Month ago +12

    What took so long?

    • Mikey Gallagher
      Mikey Gallagher Month ago

      the appeals process takes 20 years sometimes.. then there are other ways to stall... judicial systems are set in a way so that innocent men and women aren't put to death before evidence surfaces. i say it was more to live with his crimes for abit than to be relieved of that mental anguish.

    • Anna-Maree Castillo
      Anna-Maree Castillo Month ago

      @Igs " It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society ". ~ Jiddu Krishnamurti ~

    • Igs
      Igs Month ago +3

      Prisons have to steal tax payers money

  • Raging Rob
    Raging Rob Month ago +7

    Good job Florida 👏👏👏👏👏