GOD LEVEL Street Food in Mexico - Sandwich NINJA with SUPER FAST Cutting Skills + Mexican Chicken

  • Published on Feb 10, 2018
  • GOD LEVEL Street Food in MEXICO! Check out ExpressVPN.com/thefoodranger for 3 months free w/ 1 year pack and 49% OFF! We went for a full on Mexican street food tour in Puebla, Mexico, and discovered the most incredible FAST cutting sandwich lady, with the fastest knife cutting skills, kind of like the Super Human Sandwich Fruit Ninja of Mexico, along with amazing tacos with spicy salsa and delicious mole poblano! ALL of the Best Mexican Street Food!
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    In this street food tour vlog, we venture outside of Mexico city to Puebla, to eat the best street food in Mexico and taste the world famous Mole sauce over top of juicy chicken. It was spicy, full of chili, and so delicious.
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    The Best Street Food we found, was definitely the cemita sandwich from Puebla, which was made by the most amazing woman, the Sandwich Ninja of Mexico! The cemita sandwich was cut so fast with amazing skills, EXTREMELY fast! Her knife skills were incredible, chopping and cutting so fast with the avocado fruit and the chicken as well. The way her hands worked was amazing to watch, and this was just one of the street foods we had in Puebla, Mexico! The Chicken sandwich was so plump and delicious
    We started our street food tour in Mexico in Mexico city, eating a ton of delicious street food in Part 1 and 2 here:
    After this, we spent a day on a street food adventure to go to Puebla, all in search of the famous Mole poblano, but we found so much more. The first thing we did was visit a local market and try out a bunch of food in the market, like juicy lamb tacos, covered in spicy salsa and then spicy stomach tortilla tacos as well. This is the beauty of Mexican street food, the amazing variation and extreme deliciousness of the cuisine that makes your mouth come alive.

    After this, we found the world famous Mexican Mole Poblano, famous from Puebla that was incredibly flavourful, full of chocolate, chilies, fruit, nuts, cinnamon, and more!
    After exploring the street food market a little more, we drove to Puebla and found the most amazing sandwich ninja cutting up with super human skill each ingredient and fruit like avocado to put into the sandwich and slice with incredible speed and precision! She was so fast! The sandwich was prepared very fast and it was so delicious as well! She had GOD LEVEL skill, her knife skills were so fast and so fun to watch.
    After eating the sandwich with the locals and enjoying the flavour, we went on to have one final meal in Puebla, Mexico, except this one wasn't a street food. We wanted to try the stuffed chili pepper, but it wasn't in season! So we had a pumpkin seed sauce over top of pork and it was still fairly delicious.
    Here are the addresses for the locations in this street food vlog:
    1) Lamb Tacos with delicious spicy salsa - Inside the Cholula Farmers Market near the town square
    2) Amazing Mexican salad bar featuring spicy pickled chipotle chilies and cow feet salad along with Nopales prickly pear cactus salad - Also inside the Cholula farmers market
    3) Mole Poblano rich and dark chocolate sauce with chili, nuts, fruit, and cinnamon - Also found inside the cholula local farmers street food market
    4) Super human fast cutting skills sandwich lady of Mexico - Found in Puebla downtown - Super Cemitas El As De Oros
    5) Pretty delicious but not amazing Pueblan dinner found downtown Puebla
    My name is Trevor James and I'm a hungry traveler and Mandarin learner that's currently living in Chengdu, Szechuan, China, eating up as much delicious street food as I can .
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