Why the majority is always wrong | Paul Rulkens | TEDxMaastricht

  • Published on Oct 21, 2014
  • This talk was given at a local TEDx event, produced independently of the TED Conferences. Paul Rulkens is an expert in achieving big goals in the easiest, fastest and most elegant way possible. Originally trained as a chemical engineer, he has moved his focus to the fascinating field of high performance.
    Paul Rulkens is an expert in achieving big goals in the easiest, fastest and most elegant way possible. Originally trained as a chemical engineer, he has moved his focus to the fascinating field of high performance. His work is based on his knowledge and experience about the practical application of behavioral psychology, neuroscience and especially common sense. He currently works worldwide to make successful people, teams and organizations even more successful. He lives with his wife and two children in Maastricht.

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  • Nelson Huan
    Nelson Huan Day ago

    Summary in one sentences..
    What he means is don't always follow the majority but think of something new and out of the hat.... If you follow the majority nothing new will ever come out....

  • Katrina Rogers
    Katrina Rogers Day ago

    So basically, 3% are red-pill-people and 97% are blue-pill?

  • Qiao Dan
    Qiao Dan 2 days ago +1

    Story of my life.

  • ちししき
    ちししき 2 days ago

    what's mean about 3:29"I know who you are"?
    why the audience laughed?

  • Ghulam Rabbani
    Ghulam Rabbani 3 days ago

    Why the majority is always wrong.
    Why u not apply this rule in Islam

  • Tom B1324
    Tom B1324 3 days ago +1

    Well that explains *democracy*

  • Brinstar Media
    Brinstar Media 4 days ago +13

    I'm not following industry norms by watching this video at work instead of actually working

    • Steve Harris
      Steve Harris 2 days ago

      And getting paid by the guy who thinks outside the box!

  • Stephen Rother
    Stephen Rother 4 days ago

    The box is those who are taught. Outside is those who learn ( think ).

  • Niko
    Niko 4 days ago

    Damn, love this guys voice/accent

  • Johanne Steinway
    Johanne Steinway 6 days ago

    Majority is not always wrong. They are late. Or some are early, should I have said?

    • Left
      Left 5 days ago

      Simply not true.

  • Don R. Mueller, Ph.D.
    Don R. Mueller, Ph.D. 6 days ago +8

    I am a graduate of the George Carlin School of Human Development. Where our school slogan is: If you see any developments let us know because we haven’t seen any.

  • Balu madduri
    Balu madduri 6 days ago +1

    There are things which change , there are things which don't change. For example what we've been seeking never changed till now , survival and procreation and fulfillment. Tech changes , outside world changes our inside hardly changed .

  • Alexander Pappas
    Alexander Pappas 8 days ago

    So this guy is reeling us that communism is wrong?

  • Ram
    Ram 11 days ago

    Well, remove “why” from title to match video as he didn’t give any pointers. Man, I could give TED talk like this. Just keep saying “majority is wrong”😂

  • MegzeeR
    MegzeeR 12 days ago

    What do you do if you have fantastic ideas for new business using new ideas with today's technologies but have no idea of how to go about getting enough capital to get the business started? I've tried to before but the money junkies first, and naturally, ask for my ideas, business plans and models, marketing ideas and the like before they "believe in you" enough to lend you your venture capital but instead turn you down, take your business model and build it themselves which is VERY COMMON TODAY!

  • CallMe_ Q
    CallMe_ Q 12 days ago

    so where exactly in this talk did he prove the majority is wrong?

    • Dhr. Neuteboom
      Dhr. Neuteboom 10 days ago

      @CallMe_ Q Well, that's just his message and it has some truth in it of course.. but it's more to give it as a template way of thinking I guess. It's hard to apply such fairy tales, but sometimes it can be of use. Sometimes, you only need to be smart for once!

    • CallMe_ Q
      CallMe_ Q 11 days ago

      @Dhr. Neuteboom Alright that makes sense I suppose

    • Dhr. Neuteboom
      Dhr. Neuteboom 11 days ago +1

      Watch it again. He means there are so much options and possibilities, your thinking is limited to even know the right answer.

  • mark lucking
    mark lucking 12 days ago

    I heard this message before, but not said so eloquently and with so much style, if you keep doing things that same way, you'll always get the same result, he is very goo speaker.

  • אורן דקל
    אורן דקל 14 days ago

    Asimov/The proffession. Been there. Done that. Salo!

  • frizerbee
    frizerbee 16 days ago

    the majority chooses :D so whatever mate! and they chose Trump.

    • frizerbee
      frizerbee 15 days ago

      @Pablo Ramirez Villalba you missed the point :D

    • Pablo Ramirez Villalba
      Pablo Ramirez Villalba 16 days ago

      Actually the majority chose clinton, Trump won because of the electoral college

  • Keegan
    Keegan 18 days ago

    *Chrispy dinner*

  • TheArachnerd
    TheArachnerd 18 days ago +4

    Well I guess it's right to microwave a baby

    • Sam Mannuel
      Sam Mannuel 11 days ago +2

      funny though

    • TheArachnerd
      TheArachnerd 12 days ago +1

      Yeah... _but....but the joke_

    • Sam Mannuel
      Sam Mannuel 13 days ago +2

      It's wrong because thinking outside the smaller box shouldn't be devoid of conforming with larger box of sanity(Legal, moral, physical & technological as he said).
      PS his definition may not be complete but he has a great point and was in the context of high performance, innovation & critical thinking.

  • Alban Gocaj
    Alban Gocaj 18 days ago +2

    Read Zero to One by Peter Thiel, great in-depth description of this very idea of not adding onto what others are already doing, but to create something new (and minimizing competition)

  • Tanuuitimulas Gubenditariums

    Trump: majority is wrong. I want to be their president without doing the president stuff.

  • Morgan Bmgtow
    Morgan Bmgtow 19 days ago

    So many useless Ted talks; there should be standard to entry.

  • Michael O'Brien
    Michael O'Brien 20 days ago

    So, morals are inside a small box?

  • burt panzer
    burt panzer 21 day ago +1

    Because people are in general, too trusting and prefer to simply assume what they believe to be accurate, which is much easier than the time and effort spent to know the facts.

  • ideaquest
    ideaquest 22 days ago

    A few simple tricks but lots of BS.

  • Kalleponken
    Kalleponken 22 days ago

    So anarchists are right!

  • Pedro Lopes
    Pedro Lopes 24 days ago

    If the majority becomes extraordinary you may erase extra.

  • Guardian angel
    Guardian angel 24 days ago +2

    And another 11.15 minutes of my time waisted listening to complete BS!

  • Amrtvideo
    Amrtvideo 27 days ago +1

    The majority of the masses are worked so hard that they don't have the time to research a thing. The masses parrot back what the Media tells them is "true". The Media is the Brain of the Sheep.

    • Amrtvideo
      Amrtvideo 26 days ago

      hahahahaa duh... absolutely!!!

      ATTENTIVE EXERTION 27 days ago

      By any chance are you a citizen of a country whose media is spreading false news?

  • Vacamood
    Vacamood 28 days ago

    If he asked a psychologist, an expert in the field of mind. It's called dunning kruger effect. Google about it. You'll thank me. Tldr. To avoid this effect. You just learn the basics and spend 20 hours of intentional learning. Then you're able to challenge the physical norms. Creating the extraordinary. Thumbs up to change people lives. Also sleep, personality and intelligence is a combo formula.

  • Brandon Faun
    Brandon Faun Month ago

    7:21...eat the rich.

  • Brandon Faun
    Brandon Faun Month ago

    So we've compartmentalized accumulated societal knowledge and imposed division of labor strategies of specialized individuals to collectively coordinate our lives. Well wasn't that just @#$&ing enlightening?!!! I'll be sure to tell the average American pulling two jobs worth of hours to survive that their production/performance is ultimately wrong in this context.

  • Michael
    Michael Month ago

    Welp.. that's 11 minutes I can't get back.

  • Wind Horse 0 01 0 11 0

    So I've heard that radioactive waste can be successfully made inert when packed inside of glass ... yes glass. anybody know about this

  • Christian Kandzia
    Christian Kandzia Month ago

    this guy is what egomania looks like. its okay if you hav it under control^^

  • Joseph Weston
    Joseph Weston Month ago +1

    WOW I am unsure if I am more disappointed in the video or the fact I feel compelled to respond. The question is the same but the answer changes is not a sign of innovation, change, or thoughtful reflection. What worked in 1942 still applies today but the answer changes because of a lack of thinking. You can take the nature of war as a prime example. The last 20 or so years the us military has gone through extensive lengths to change doctrine to fight "today's wars" that is ultimately resulting in the reinstitution of old doctrine with a modern flair to be called innovation. I don't disagree change is important to human life in general but it has to be purposeful and of sound intent. Think about wall Street and the outside the box thinking in 2007 that made 3% rich and robbed everyone else. If everyone was innovating the same way then wall Street wouldn't exist. The boundary of law is supposed to be established to avoid that from happening. Being correct or wrong is inaccurate in crowds. Being fair is more accurate and the majority is more or les correct on fair when the majority of people are reasonable in their reflective thought.

    • 1 wordhere 1wordthere
      1 wordhere 1wordthere Month ago +1

      Well said let me try to stay the nother way yes the answers have changed E E equals MC square for instance Einstein married his cousin twice no the majority when given the truth almost always get the right answer

  • Tonino Belimussi
    Tonino Belimussi Month ago +1

    Ikea and Dell are nice examples, but: thinking outside the box only works for very very few people (plus we'll never know how many failed while trying)... If everybody starts "thinking" outside the box, it will only produce many many not very very smart ideas at the end of the day. I know so... because I often think outside of the box ;-)

  • Slimeustas
    Slimeustas Month ago +3

    His accent is beautiful.

  • Anthony Lewis
    Anthony Lewis Month ago

    Wow, imagine if a company like O'Reilly stopped publishing useful texts and instead paid people to echo truisms on a stage, you'd get, TED.

  • Debra Jensen
    Debra Jensen Month ago

    Sounds like the majority he's talking about is the business bosses. Of course people not doing the job aren't going to think out of the box. I thought this would be about population.

  • The Bonesaw ..
    The Bonesaw .. Month ago +1

    Back in the late 80s, I had a friend who had a fantastic business idea; one of the most original ideas I had ever heard of, in fact. He wanted to create a video rental business, without a store front... and he asked me for help in thinking about how this business would (or even could) work. Of course, we thought of all kinds of different ways in which people could both order and return videos... all of them but one. You see, even though I actually owned a computer and was already a fanatic denizen of the World Wide Web... or the *_"net"_* as it is commonly called, neither of us considered it as a great way for people to rent the *_"flicks"* they wanted to watch. He and I were both so ingrained into thinking about the video rental business according to Blockbuster's model that we couldn't see our way around the problem. That said - and somewhat in our defense - there was one initial problem that would have held us up: DVDs did not yet exist and VHS greatly compounded the problem; and neither he nor I knew anything about how one would approach packaging VHS tape so that it could be safely transported by the U.S. mail. However... I think that had we considered sending them by mail, we could have worked out the packaging problem. Our biggest stumbling block was in believing that people would want delivery of their movie immediately (the way they got videos by going to Blockbusters). It never dawned on us that there might be a market of people who would be perfectly happy waiting a couple of days for their movie to arrive.

    But then... that's the entire point of this lecture. We were paralyzed into thinking that such an innovative idea could only be solved by using its current industry "norms".

    • jusayen so
      jusayen so Month ago

      The Bonesaw.....Most people are extremely naive about the business world. So many of the best innovations are not being implemented. The timing has to be right for new innovations to replace current business practices. Keep thinking outside the box, and don't think 'big business' is trying that hard to improve people's lives. So many "innovations" result in less customer service and more profits for huge companies.

  • Nico Steentjes
    Nico Steentjes Month ago

    And yet... the 97% may live longer.

  • Anonymike
    Anonymike Month ago

    Make me think of what I said about the mythologist Joseph Campbell and his dictum, "Follow your bliss."

    My response was, "Yeah, that fine for a bunch of rich girls with trust funds."

  • Ali Soegiharto
    Ali Soegiharto Month ago +1

    when the 97% decided to break industry standards and become the 3%, then the 3% is no longer 3%, then we need another theory.
    this is pure mind-f***k

  • John Laban
    John Laban Month ago

    Open source hackers!

  • livingwaterutube
    livingwaterutube Month ago +1

    Is the definition of everyone being innovative...chaos?

  • Daniel Kemnitz
    Daniel Kemnitz Month ago

    If you do what's normal, and think inside the box, then you stagnate and hand over your life to what already exists and what's already learned. You give up the possibility to learn something new - aka you reach a dead end. If you are able to think outside the box and not follow the norm all the time, then you open up yourself to learn something new about the world or yourself, and through that new experience you are able to combat stagnation and increase your world view - which is where true success is found. This doesn't mean most people can't be satisfied with living a normal life, but per its definition a normal life is a dead end with no further improvement and no new learning, which is why the majority is wrong. The majority have accepted that they don't want to learn more than what is already known.

    • jusayen so
      jusayen so Month ago

      Daniel..."The majority have accepted what they don't want to learn". What a rare point, with added credibility because the rest of your comment. Look at the typical examples of adults claiming they are wise and entire groups of millions are not wise....democrat backers and republican backers comments aimed at eachother. They demonstrate such a low intelligence level in how they write their thoughts. Just for starters, they refuse to learn that it takes no intelligence test to pass, in order to be qualified to vote.

  • t z
    t z Month ago

    What is.. the biggest rock?

  • Γιάννης Γαβριηλίδης

    Total waste of time

    • Γιάννης Γαβριηλίδης
      Γιάννης Γαβριηλίδης Month ago

      @jusayen so Typical huge ego... :-)

    • jusayen so
      jusayen so Month ago

      Not one reason added. Typical huge ego/lazy underachiever undeveloped brain. Truth is so easily found! Look for the "most popular", yet totally illogical points, and then start learning that reality is opposite from how most people claim. But here's the catch....you have to first be smart enough to know how to go about studying this.

  • Rinzin Wangdi
    Rinzin Wangdi Month ago

    🤔 many commentators just discussed on topic..How about? sharing ideas on how to do things differently to create different results, looking for happy and supportive environment that will help to create different results... as we know life is all about choices. I might be able to share (PM me)some people might be having great idea too...

  • Hillel Flesch
    Hillel Flesch Month ago +2

    What a way to start this lecture? In 1942 during the war? He was visiting Oxford three times between 1931-33. This is such a false and floppy statement. Shameful.

  • Rajan Dubey
    Rajan Dubey Month ago

    Amazing guy...

  • Ugo Assandri
    Ugo Assandri Month ago

    I absolutely feel part of the 3%

  • Barbara Lawrence
    Barbara Lawrence Month ago +1

    s u p e r b ! difference is the difference

  • Jason D
    Jason D Month ago +1

    All he's describing is ideas, the majority of people come up with ideas .....necessity is the mother of invention....only thing to take from this talk is that people have ideas all the time....some are good ideas and become successful others are not and fail.

  • True Leaf
    True Leaf Month ago

    Dear youtube, stop putting worthless ted talks in my feed. What happened to the good old days when recommended content actually was a good thing?

    • jusayen so
      jusayen so Month ago

      You didn't add a single explanation to back your comment. You unknowingly proved the one of many points the speaker made. Here's the good news.....you are surrounded by simpletons, which reinforce your flawed thinking process, and make you think "popular opinions" are an indication of intelligence.

  • Monk Gaming
    Monk Gaming Month ago +64

    The majority of this comment section entirely missed the point of the video. The majority is always wrong in the sense that the majority isn’t ever extraordinary. If the practice is done by the majority then it won’t be successful it will yield average results. If the question is how can I make a successful business, following what everyone else does won’t get you there. The majority can never be successful only average. Yes he basically said think outside of the box but he explained how, something you rarely hear. He explained that you have to recognize your boundaries and think of ideas that exist outside of them. Honestly it was very inspiring and great advice.

    • As vpn
      As vpn 12 days ago

      @Daniel Kemnitz I understood the point at the end of the vedio but i do see einsteins whole class passed.😂

    • Michael
      Michael Month ago


    • Monk Gaming
      Monk Gaming Month ago +2

      Daniel Kemnitz
      Incredibly well said.

    • Daniel Kemnitz
      Daniel Kemnitz Month ago +12

      It's staggering how many people here totally missed the main points, but I guess that also proves that the majority are most inclined to do what they consider normal, and thus never exceed the average box.
      The people who moved the world never did like everyone else were doing at their time. A collective mind is only good at doing what they already know works, but a mind that stands outside of what is currently being practiced, is the one mind that has the capability to innovate and change our perception of what we do and how we live.
      Every majority factor is based on safe options and predictability and consistency, which in the end results in a status quo situation that just keeps itself running, nothing more and nothing less.

  • Blackstream Adventures

    I am listening and eating at the same time. The eating is on auto pilot. This flies in the face of modern culture as diversity has become enforced conformity with diversity receiving only lip service.