Walmart is closing Sam's Club stores

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  • BluRey BluRey
    BluRey BluRey Day ago +1



    ok china is rising and walmart is cutting down it's partnership business joint venture

  • Meagangoodmevonne Caldwell

    Thanks phgoyogohhl yo ohoovvy

  • RV Beginner Winnebago Adventurer '97

    I went to our closing store, next time I'd get a cart or flatbed early
    I'd have a spreadsheet to give me an idea what things cost 25 percent or 50 percent off
    I started with the large stuff first, like a drone and the higher end computer backup apc supplies....mattress pads....microwave....water softener salt...
    then while in line starting from the very back of the store I grabbed stuff like potato chips and such, every one I encountered from 945 am to 230 p.m. were nice...

  • kaxitaksi
    kaxitaksi 4 days ago

    Wasn't tax cuts supposed to 'create' jobs? This is how it really works and I've been saying this for years.

  • gaby 막대
    gaby 막대 4 days ago


  • Exploring Abandoned Mines and Unusual Places

    Make America great again!

  • DrivingBackward
    DrivingBackward 4 days ago

    Has to be a black name, Jamal’s

  • G'S Up 34
    G'S Up 34 4 days ago

    Fuck Sams Club Costco and Winco All Day

  • kclowney97
    kclowney97 4 days ago

    I’m so pissed I went to see the discounts on the TVs and all of the electronics were GONE

  • Krillin be Chillin'
    Krillin be Chillin' 4 days ago

    I didn’t see MrBeast!

  • Uncle Fester
    Uncle Fester 4 days ago

    Why are you Wallmart folks closing everybodies favorite Store. Sams club. If your management are too lame to run the stores then franchise them out to Someone who will and appreciate such a great opportunity to make America great again. Dont worry ablout minimum wage .Your only talking about raising the prices in a few pennies. Wallmart should be the trend setters not the followers. Keep these Sams Clubs open so God can bless your company. The proof is in your have to remember your beginings.

  • gameboy523
    gameboy523 4 days ago

    Clickbait crap🙄

  • MyLittleDiscolite
    MyLittleDiscolite 4 days ago

    None of this is Trumps fault

  • Take One Productions By: AARON YOX

    What happens when you grow to quickly

  • The Law
    The Law 4 days ago +1

    this is what happens when you raise minimum wage

  • nanahachi kurenai
    nanahachi kurenai 4 days ago

    Minimum wage dont help anybody

  • Christian Torres
    Christian Torres 4 days ago

    Sams club has some stupid ass interests rates.. fuck sams

  • disturbed3330
    disturbed3330 4 days ago

    Hey wal mart employees wanted a pay raise this is walmarts way to make up for the lost cash.

  • killercaos123
    killercaos123 4 days ago

    This just proves how SOULESS, CORPORITIZED, GREEDY, SELFISH, and UNETHICAL big American businesses are. And that's why we need legislation to keep these corporate assholes in check!!!
    They HATE the American people, price gouge them, and only look at them as a open wallet not as human beings.

  • Haley Wilburn
    Haley Wilburn 4 days ago

    All of the Sams Club employees can relocate to Walmart. Then maybe they could have more than 3 of the 21 isles open. It’s a win for everyone.

  • Abby Prince
    Abby Prince 4 days ago

    I agree that it is horrible that they closed so many stores without notifying employees because that is their life. But when the customers signed up for a membership card, you can't just expect them to reimburse, for something you agreed to pay for that in the fine print most likely said, "you are choosing to sign up for this membership with full responsibility, even if the location closes." I mean come on, you can use that card at any location.

  • Shannell Awuah
    Shannell Awuah 4 days ago

    Mine is closing and it's so sad because the coke there was 63 cents and it was large and the pretzels were only 97 cents. ):

  • Mrs. R.D
    Mrs. R.D 4 days ago

    no, this doesn't have anything to do with making FEMA shelters....

  • Kodak Blake
    Kodak Blake 4 days ago

    Fake news

  • Jordan Waddell
    Jordan Waddell 4 days ago

    As I work at a Wal-Mart I have got some info about what they are doing with the closed down Sam’s Club. They are turning them into a local distribution warehouse for Wal-mart and Sam’s Clubs. Most stores have truck drivers deliver from a far distance so this makes it easier to get product in stores. This is also used by Amazon

  • GeekBella
    GeekBella 4 days ago

    They still won't open more than 2 checkout lanes tho..😒

  • Tyler Young
    Tyler Young 4 days ago

    Watch out folks.

  • Sonicthefellow7
    Sonicthefellow7 4 days ago

    Cmon i like sam's club
    But now i understand
    Its good they raised wages but at the cost of jobs being lost with no warning

  • Carlos Sanchez
    Carlos Sanchez 4 days ago

    Sam's club are assholes for not warning or telling that some of their stores are closing to employees and customers

  • Creative Writer
    Creative Writer 4 days ago

    And sams club is better than Walmart

  • Gabriella Turner
    Gabriella Turner 4 days ago

    Nooooooo my dollar freezies T^T

  • Jake Tow
    Jake Tow 4 days ago

    Shop at Costco, it's better anyways.

  • BrokenGlass043
    BrokenGlass043 4 days ago

    Walmart is better than Sam's anyway so who cares? Those people who lost their jobs can smarten up and learn a new skill . Like advanced math to get another job. All they need to do is look it up. So again I ask, who cares?

  • Samyueru
    Samyueru 4 days ago

    Fuck walmart

  • Samyueru
    Samyueru 4 days ago


  • GoldenGlove209
    GoldenGlove209 4 days ago


  • Claude Faustus
    Claude Faustus 4 days ago

    The Great Depression 2 incoming!

  • Droggoth
    Droggoth 4 days ago

    these corporations dont give a FUCK about you when are you people going to wake up and start fighting back? they're treating us like a bunch of HOES and we need to do something about it

  • Naing Lin
    Naing Lin 4 days ago

    All my childhood grocery shopping memories will not be forgotten, especially when my dad would clear out the clearance items one by one.

  • Katelyn0531
    Katelyn0531 5 days ago

    See the stupid liberals thought that the extra $3 would just come out of thin air. Little did they know raising the minimum wage would mean unemployment would go up, something they have been complaining about. Hey liberals right now would be a good time to use your brain. Your ideas don’t help the economy!!!

  • Yabba Dabba
    Yabba Dabba 5 days ago

    If you think Walmart is unethical, stop working there and stop shopping there. There's absolutely nothing forcing you to do either. If you claim you have no other options, then that's your fault. Learn some goddamn skills.

  • Jamerson Aj Clark
    Jamerson Aj Clark 5 days ago

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  • Newbytooby
    Newbytooby 5 days ago

    Why does cnn have a channel named “CNN Money”

  • 18JasonM
    18JasonM 5 days ago

    I work at Walmart and I’m just glad I’ll be getting paid $11 now👌👌

  • Kallie Smith
    Kallie Smith 5 days ago

    How's that tax cut for big corporations coming along now?

  • dsffg234
    dsffg234 5 days ago

    Oh you think is a positive than why doesn’t the trump swap administration raise the minimum rage🤠

  • J.C. Lynn
    J.C. Lynn 5 days ago

    I was mentioning the pay increase and these stores closing at the same time to a friend yesterday. I wasn't expecting to see this connection in a video.

  • Anjie94565
    Anjie94565 5 days ago

    There are Walmarts, in nothern Texas, that open at 06:00 and close at 00:00. Those stores were open for 24 hours. (The new hours of operation were posted -- on the doors -- around 23:30 at the store near me.)
    Walmart has a terrible habbit of letting employees and customers know about drastic changes at the last minute.

  • tumblers in the gym
    tumblers in the gym 5 days ago

    probably to turn them into FEMA camps...

  • M. Strain Jr.
    M. Strain Jr. 5 days ago

    And that's the result of raising the minimum wage. Thousands of people lost their jobs, but those who kept them at Walmart got pay increases. Minimum wage increase = increase in unemployed workers.

  • LaKenya Whitworth Music

    It's messed up for sure. But if they'd said anything you can bet that tons of people would have stopped coming to work and the existing employees would have been so pissed they wouldn't be doing their jobs properly (if at all). Plus employee theft would be off the charts. It's sad but employees are rarely civil in an environment like a store closing with impending layoff. So while it sucks I can understand why they did it this way.

  • Tony Anderson
    Tony Anderson 5 days ago

    Sam's is a shithole. Poor service - dirty stores. The consumer shut it down. Smart people go to Costco.

  • nate
    nate 5 days ago

    Trumptards screwed haha. But muhhh job increases

  • Jon Smith
    Jon Smith 5 days ago

    Watch freedom toons explanation Walmart ....that's freedom toons Walmart

  • Jon Smith
    Jon Smith 5 days ago

    Mandatory minimum wage hike at work maintain there 3.1% profit they had to lay off people it's called economics if they gave all there people 4dollars more an hour they would be outta business in a yr

  • Trinidad Moreno
    Trinidad Moreno 5 days ago +2

    My friends are always saying they're not going to shop at Walmart anymore but they still do

  • weirdyoda04
    weirdyoda04 5 days ago

    A voluntary raise for to $11.00/hr is a good thing yet they play ominous music and imply it has something to do with SAM's closing under performing stores.

  • The Life Of Pastor Lee

    Gotta make up for that increase in minimum wage somehow! Lay people off & more robots

  • impactajuvenile
    impactajuvenile 5 days ago +1

    It’s probably because those Sams club stores were located in Sh*t Hole communities? Just speaking the truth man!

  • BangsDaDrum
    BangsDaDrum 5 days ago

    My roommate lost his job because they closed a store with no warning.

    NIGGER GUY 5 days ago

    Imagine what happens CNN if the Dems raised minimum wage nation wide

  • Tercel Curry
    Tercel Curry 5 days ago

    Dang I never even been to a sams club store

  • Righteousgaming13
    Righteousgaming13 5 days ago


  • JourneyTotheTruthandTotalRandomness

    Maybe they should have done something about their black racist CEO. Too late now.

  • DexterHunter 91
    DexterHunter 91 5 days ago

    So wait a minute wait a minute wait a minute, the shittiest store ever is shutting down the not so shitty like Sam’s Club stores? What’s next, the Cleveland Browns have a mn unbeatable season next season?

    Yah ok sure That’s what they all want to think

  • BG
    BG 5 days ago

    $11/hr, eh? Guess we're having steak tonight! 😒

  • unpossible11
    unpossible11 5 days ago +2

    Just because you increased minimum wage doesn't mean you get paid more. Why do people not understand this?

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  • CorrieLejjena
    CorrieLejjena 5 days ago

    Nah, shut down the Neighborhood Wal-Marts.

  • Matthew Smith
    Matthew Smith 5 days ago


  • Life Talk - Upper Midwest

    People dont like it then Boycott Wal-Mart and Sam's Clubs all the way around. I don't see that happening. That is why I don't shop at Wal-Marts or Sam's Clubs. Haven't done that in quite awhile.

  • Otaku Man
    Otaku Man 5 days ago +2

    Time for some FEMA Camps
    I'ma just stock up on cans while half of the population is dead

  • Jared Snyder
    Jared Snyder 5 days ago

    U wouldn’t be getting the minimum wage increase if trump didn’t cut of major taxes to big corporations like Walmart. People can say what they want about him but the fact is he’s actually getting the work done

  • Dylan Porter
    Dylan Porter 5 days ago

    Antifreedomparty sure loves their saps.

  • Dylan Porter
    Dylan Porter 5 days ago

    Republican party race to the bottom.

  • Dylan Porter
    Dylan Porter 5 days ago

    The tax cut goes exclusively to stock buy back, and executive bonuses also to legal fees.

  • Dylan Porter
    Dylan Porter 5 days ago

    This was already planned an increase to 11$ last year.

  • Pheebe Dee
    Pheebe Dee 5 days ago

    What about Target? Are they raising their wages too? Costco should purchase Target or vice versa.

  • Cindy Houston
    Cindy Houston 5 days ago

    They reduce their workers with self checkout and close sams their will be no jobs for our young workers except crime bullshit i will go anywhere but walmart or sams if that's whattheir doing walmart can close bring back mom and pop shops

  • Troll killerz
    Troll killerz 5 days ago


  • Denise T.
    Denise T. 5 days ago

    Wow! They’re barely raising wages to $11? Always behind Target.

  • Sugakookies
    Sugakookies 5 days ago

    Walmart, dis is not da wae

  • Oscar N2
    Oscar N2 5 days ago


  • Ottoverse
    Ottoverse 5 days ago +2

    Me: wtf why they closing sams club
    Video: walmart closed A COUPLE of sams stores without warning
    Me: well ok then

  • JOYCE '19
    JOYCE '19 5 days ago

    I was thinking, this kinda sucks... but then I realized I'm watching a CNN video so it probably isn't actually as bad as they are making it out to be.

  • Star Wolf
    Star Wolf 5 days ago

    What's sam's club?

    This is a joke

  • PharmD Official
    PharmD Official 5 days ago

    Save Money, Live Better

  • xchillxdawgx
    xchillxdawgx 5 days ago

    More FEMA camps

  • Brandon Barbera
    Brandon Barbera 5 days ago

    When u increase the wages, you increase inflation! Stop this dumbass millenial wage crap.

  • Nico Ceresa
    Nico Ceresa 5 days ago

    Horizontal integration at its finest

  • david abdo
    david abdo 5 days ago

    Good shouldnt have to have a member ship to shop there walmart taking over building gas stations soon selling cars

  • Caleb McCall
    Caleb McCall 5 days ago +1

    Seems like you're grasping at straws here when there's not even a need to. There are actually good examples of things you can discredit the tax cuts from causing. Walmart has been closing Sam's Club for years because they can't compete with Costco or more mainstream superstore competitors like Walmart itself, WinCo, and Fred Meyer. It's failing because it's worse, just like K-Mart. Closing them to increase wages makes sense when they were probably going to be closed in 10 years anyway. Call it shady, maybe it is, but if it weren't for shady people with shady practices we'd still be a pre-civilization people. Besides, remember you're not going to convince anyone that lower taxes are bad after tax season when 99% of people care about their wallet more than larping as communists.

  • Anita Star
    Anita Star 5 days ago


  • Obligated orb
    Obligated orb 5 days ago


    WHORE 5 days ago

    We never went there anyway

  • Bullsfandoe
    Bullsfandoe 5 days ago

    Hurr durr stoopid libruls hurr durr. Trump iz perfect he will fix all the problems! Build a wall hurr durr! #MAGA 2020
    Did I mention how stoopid librawls are? Fuck immigrants even though they are a gigantic cornerstone in this country's foundation hurr durrrrrrrr

  • The Squad
    The Squad 5 days ago

    Well, I'm going to Costco.

  • Perfect Music
    Perfect Music 5 days ago


  • MindTravler
    MindTravler 5 days ago

    One of many corrupt soulless corporate entities in this day and age. Sam Walton's children are ☠Children Of The Corn.☠