ORGANIZED KITCHEN TOUR | How To Organize Your Kitchen

  • Published on Feb 7, 2016
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  • Higher Imagez 4%er Supporter Midwest s4vagez

    Thanks, nice tips. I'm surprising my moms by organizing her pantry area.

  • Mom Gamer
    Mom Gamer 7 days ago

    Love your videos... How about organizing kitchen appliances with their accessories? Can’t figure out a way to do so without having the cabinets looking messy . I also keep confusing the accessories- between appliances that I can’t know what belongs to what exactly ... Thanks

  • Raine I
    Raine I 7 days ago

    As soon as I saw the baking utensil caddy, I had to stop the vid and look for it. Do you have the link Nick? Loving your channel!

  • ItsMyLife
    ItsMyLife 11 days ago

    Love it 😍

  • Sofia Kaya
    Sofia Kaya 13 days ago

    I didn't think it was possible to have SUCH a nice & organized kitchen until now...

  • Hayet Arous
    Hayet Arous 16 days ago

    Which camera do you use to record your videos? :)

  • Lea Fox
    Lea Fox 22 days ago

    Nicki,you are my kind of organization lady. I can’t function without being organized... I love watching your videos and happy to see someone that is neat and clean lined as my home.My new friend you are a lot more organized than I am but I can’t compete with the QUEEN

  • J B
    J B 23 days ago

    Why did it take me 3 years to find you 😭😭 your videos have truly motivated me to reorganize my entire home!

  • nurshark05
    nurshark05 26 days ago

    Beautiful kitchen! Great organization!

  • mai zedan
    mai zedan 26 days ago


  • T Magaruh
    T Magaruh Month ago

    Just a thought, but for your spice jars, if you re-print the labels and put them on the edges of the silver lids (where you could still easily see them and they would probably lay flatter), it would make washing the jars much easier in between refills. I have gone thru so many spice jar organizing ideas. I really like yours!

  • Joyanna Moran
    Joyanna Moran Month ago

    Where did you get your lazy Susan style organizer for your baking tools?

  • Aytan Mammadli
    Aytan Mammadli Month ago

    Where have you got this white caddy in 1:52?

  • TheModesC
    TheModesC Month ago

    So beautiful!! I love it

  • Love God so Much
    Love God so Much Month ago

    I bet you iron your sheets too lol

  • Shawntai Daniels
    Shawntai Daniels Month ago

    I LOVE everything about you home! I've been binge watching your channel lol! I know you said that you were trying to keep your little collection to that one cabinet so I hate to do this to you, but here is the link to more.
    I just bought this dinner plate set in blue and it is gorgeous 😍.

  • Vicky Ingals
    Vicky Ingals Month ago

    Beautiful kitchen and extremely neat organized love it!

  • Sharon Ayers
    Sharon Ayers Month ago

    I’ve been so frustrated with my spices (lack of) organization. I knew you would have an awesome idea & after a little searching I found it! Thank you for sharing your home and process. ✌🏻

  • Christine Attard
    Christine Attard Month ago

    It is a beautiful kitchen. I do believe there is more freedom to organize well when you have a larger kitchen with a lot of cabinet space. I really think to organize like this you must have this type of scale. Unfortunately, I don't have that type of space to play with. My kitchen space is much smaller, but I did get some good ideas from the video.

  • C Kimball
    C Kimball Month ago

    Seriously!! Gorgeous! Well done!

  • J Midu
    J Midu Month ago

    Show us all the china from both sides of the family. Do you use it?

  • DamnIt Babbz
    DamnIt Babbz Month ago

    aaahhhhhhhh your so put together i love it!!!!! great video gave me alot of ideas

  • Mari Caz
    Mari Caz Month ago

    My god so beautiful

  • Sweet November
    Sweet November Month ago

    Lovely place! Btw.. your voice is so cute! 😊thank you

  • itshina
    itshina Month ago

    Ahh thank you for thissss. My fiance and I are moving into our first home together in 3 months and I honestly had zero clue as to where to put things! Now I'm hopeful haha

  • Pamela Harper- Bowman
    Pamela Harper- Bowman 2 months ago

    you have saved my entire house. School is out and I’m going nuts reorganizing my home. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge,and your passion!

  • Okashiable
    Okashiable 2 months ago

    Lovely kitchen and handy tips! You really convinced me to just have one big set of everything that matches the other stuff. One thing I do differently is to store glasses I don't use often upside down, so you don't need to clean them out before using.

  • Milla Atlanta
    Milla Atlanta 2 months ago

    Just purchased your book at Barnes and Noble

  • Tina Shaarda
    Tina Shaarda 2 months ago

    So organized I love it. A beautiful kitchen!

  • Shannon Johnson
    Shannon Johnson 2 months ago

    This woman is my idol!

  • Jun Glo
    Jun Glo 2 months ago

    Where did you get the lined wire baskets and the name card holders?

  • Jun Glo
    Jun Glo 2 months ago

    Get a pampered chef cake tester- it's stainless and you never have to do another toothpick- rewashable and easy to use!

  • Jun Glo
    Jun Glo 2 months ago


  • bevvy c
    bevvy c 2 months ago

    Oh my word! Your kitchen is something from a movie set.

  • Me
    Me 2 months ago

    I wish to have a beautiful kitchen like yours

  • Niki Kelly
    Niki Kelly 3 months ago

    That is a fabulous kitchen!

  • Guynelle Randle
    Guynelle Randle 3 months ago

    You make it look so easy! 👏🏼

  • Fer Cal
    Fer Cal 3 months ago

    Beautiful kitchen and so well designed.

  • Regina Loukoumidis
    Regina Loukoumidis 3 months ago

    Beautiful kitchen! I just love all of your organization. I will use a lot of your ideas in my new kitchen. Thanks for sharing. 😃

  • Kharah_Jay Live
    Kharah_Jay Live 3 months ago

    Binge watching nikkie

  • LaSonja Hilliard
    LaSonja Hilliard 3 months ago

    Although I am probably older than you, when I grow up I want to be just as organized. I love, love, love this "How To" video! There were a few items you used that sparked my interest. This is actually my first time commenting on a video. I am interested in the spice containers you have and the silverware organizers. I would love to reorganize my kitchen totally, but I do want to become overwhelmed. I will start by purging unused items. Thanks to much for sharing, and I love forward to watching and learning from your other video.

  • Deqa ahamed Ahamed
    Deqa ahamed Ahamed 3 months ago

    Beautiful sister

  • Artice Hedgemon
    Artice Hedgemon 4 months ago


  • noor ka Bawarchi Khana
    noor ka Bawarchi Khana 4 months ago

    amazing kitchen

  • Nicola Lawrence
    Nicola Lawrence 4 months ago

    You are the bridge to the island of beauty I've been trying to get to all my life thank you so much. Now I can stop obsessing and actually concentrate on something else like my business

  • Sarah Jenkins
    Sarah Jenkins 4 months ago

    You have so many cabinets,, gorgeous kitchen😍

  • Angga Gita Purnama
    Angga Gita Purnama 4 months ago


  • Swap R
    Swap R 4 months ago

    Can you please tell me where I can get that lazy susan style caddy. Thank you

  • danitza williams
    danitza williams 4 months ago

    Hi Nikki.. where did you get your utensil holder?

  • Patricia Young
    Patricia Young 4 months ago

    I really enjoyed your videos Nikki. Thanks for sharing

  • ethelberta
    ethelberta 4 months ago

    Thank God I found this video. I just got married and moved in. My husband gets anxious when i throw useless things away. I'm patiently waiting to get pregnant so that I can blame the remodeling on the pregnacy. I have saved this video

  • bella0418
    bella0418 4 months ago

    Everyone doexmt have the privilege of having a pantry, so my cabinets are my pantry

  • Diana T
    Diana T 4 months ago

    so beautiful such an inspiration :)

  • slcea7
    slcea7 4 months ago

    Great organizational video, beautiful kitchen. Thanks for the vid!

  • Leticia Gracie
    Leticia Gracie 4 months ago

    I am an organizer junkie. I am doing my kitchen right now, And feeling overwhelmed!! I watched your video, after watching dozens, and you did a fantastic job and gave me so many ideas thank you so much!! Well done!!

  • Amy Barnes
    Amy Barnes 4 months ago

    This is SO beautiful! Where do you keep your trash can?

  • Jagoda Basic
    Jagoda Basic 5 months ago

    Nice😊love your attitude using everything every day.

  • anupama vuppala
    anupama vuppala 5 months ago

    Hi lovely ... I don’t u defat ant one thing how u could manage everything white the cutlery , accessories etc ... any suggestions on this point . Tnq Nikki .

    • anupama vuppala
      anupama vuppala 5 months ago

      Hi lovely kitchen Nikki ... but I don’t understand one thing how u could manage everything in white from accessories to cutlery to everything , plz suggest on this point plz , tnq

  • Renee McCrory
    Renee McCrory 5 months ago

    My biggest organization problem is I have too much STUFF! I would donate, but my daughter is getting married in Nov. and my son is still in college. They'll need startups. I wish I had this info BEFORE I bought all of my misc. I'll share with my daughter maybe she'll start out right. Instead of a lot of hodgepodge..

  • nagk1180011
    nagk1180011 5 months ago

    Amazing 😍 i want to ask you Are you muslim ??