• Published on Jul 19, 2019
  • Full Crit Blitzcrank Top Gameplay! League of legends Blitz Season 9 gameplay!
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    Season 9 Blitz runes guide League of Legends
    Grasp - Shield Bash - Bone Plating - Revitilize
    Biscuits - Time Warp Tonic
    10 AD - 10 AD - 6 Armor
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Comments • 186

  • SoloRenektonOnly
    SoloRenektonOnly  Month ago +24

    BOOOOOOOOOOOM WHAT UP! Hope you are having a great day!
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    • obiwon84
      obiwon84 Month ago

      If you sold the potion for 40 armor that would of been around 1000 hp versus physical damage. This doesn't even take into account your passive or phantom dancer shield. The armor had way more value due to it scaling with you hp pool.

    • Scott Adams
      Scott Adams Month ago

      This patch is sooo buggy. The other day I had a game that we started losing and all of a sudden the minions couldn't be damaged by abilities anyone, only auto attacks, they ignored enemy minions and took no turret damage. We had a Yi and a Jinx on our team when they had like a Swain and a Singed so they couldn't do shit to push and we won. It was nutty

    • Lukas Mikula
      Lukas Mikula Month ago

      Actually, real question... As warwick uses ult at you and obviously you have time to use your own ult, wouldn't it cancel hes ult cc as he gets silance? Or is it just fked up?

    • Lukas Mikula
      Lukas Mikula Month ago

      That crab Q dodge 🦀🤔😂👌

    • Stone7C1
      Stone7C1 Month ago

      does blitzcranks new shield breaking ability work on spellshields like morganas?

  • Spike Games
    Spike Games 6 days ago +1

    100% OMG OP GG WP RIOT WTF omae wa mou shindeiru

  • Adam Santana
    Adam Santana 9 days ago

    Imagine losing to a blitz top 🤡🤡🤡

  • Mr.Panda
    Mr.Panda 11 days ago

    Gets ganked for the first time
    “I hAvE hIs JuNgLeR Up mY aSs 24/7”

  • Jordan C
    Jordan C 14 days ago


  • GoFunk Yourself
    GoFunk Yourself 15 days ago

    Sry stop your vid too much adds

  • NovaMosh
    NovaMosh 16 days ago

    *Enemy Jungler comes top once and fails gank and almost dies to tower*

    Mike: "I've just got his jungler on my ass 24/7. >:(

  • Nick
    Nick 17 days ago

    Mikes face when he missed the crab was a picture😂😂

  • koko Osama9999
    koko Osama9999 20 days ago

    Riot: van this account
    Me: hehe boyyyyy

  • John Dohn
    John Dohn 24 days ago

    you french montana looking mfer ... :D

  • Grim UK
    Grim UK 25 days ago

    ks trash ...

  • Octopus Lol
    Octopus Lol 26 days ago +1

    Galio w nerf sucks

  • Jaime Dy
    Jaime Dy 28 days ago

    Very Honor worthy indeed. Nice game! 😎👍🏻👍🏻

  • Still High
    Still High 28 days ago

    WTF happend, diddnt checked his vids in a while. Dis Bois face got slim af?!

  • Polar Bear
    Polar Bear 28 days ago

    "62 iq big brain"
    Iq lower than 80 means at least borderline retarded

  • Phildepill
    Phildepill 28 days ago

    damn a nashors, gunblade, lich bane, AP Zap build would be lit.

    • Pendulum
      Pendulum 25 days ago

      might even be interesting to have liandries for that constant passive proc

  • Name Name
    Name Name 29 days ago +1

    Kled E first cast isn't targeted. Hitbox is pretty huge, though. Second cast also isn't targeted. Just goes to whoever got hit by the first cast. Targeted would imply the second cast could hit second target.

  • ColossalDonut5
    ColossalDonut5 29 days ago

    This Kled he laned against is awful. Who takes Conqueror on him anymore while also taking ignite?

  • John Whalen
    John Whalen 29 days ago

    I'm a little nervous about shield buster Blitz lol

  • Imran A.Saeed
    Imran A.Saeed 29 days ago +2

    *Tomorrow's Title*
    "BOOM WADDUP, playing some Blitz in the jungle"

  • fudaldeath
    fudaldeath Month ago

    I made the exact same face as you when you missed hook on the scuttle. wtf?? xD

  • MrZahsome
    MrZahsome Month ago

    No it's not broken. Keep trying to bait idiots into doing dumb shit like this.

  • LordZanik
    LordZanik Month ago +14

    Day 49:
    Cannons @ 15: 5
    CS @15: 75 /171
    Solo lane cannon fails post 15: 0
    Total cannons missed today: 4
    Cannons missed: 146
    % cannons missed @ 15: 27.90%
    Failed cannons today: 0
    Failed cannons: 60

    Missed cannons: zone off of 3 cannons by enemy team
    ganked into dove into death
    roam for a kill
    3 man ganked
    killed kog then ww dove under tier 2 tower and gets killed

  • Thomas Charette
    Thomas Charette Month ago

    Kled not being targetable after he dismounts is bullshit.

  • Xidea RS
    Xidea RS Month ago

    They changed E. It's not just CD anymore. It's actually really good to max with an AD build. Read the ability, "Double's your AD into Bonus True Damage"

  • Jessica Fox
    Jessica Fox Month ago

    How dare you call it sniper when there is a much, muuuch better name for it!?! Artillery Cannon Kog'Maw. D:

  • patrick samples
    patrick samples Month ago

    i wish tiamat would proc the R's passive.

  • Stefan
    Stefan Month ago

    can someoene explain why his name is solorenektononly but he never play

    • Stefan
      Stefan Month ago

      @kostas ioa nah, he play other champs on his main acc too

    • kostas ioa
      kostas ioa Month ago

      Cause his main is Renekton and he plays him in his main account. In the other accounts he does troll builds with many champs!

  • B Lazarov
    B Lazarov Month ago +1

    What's the logic behind kled remount dropping aggro from turrets? That's dumb

  • k'Lick
    k'Lick Month ago

    Maybe ezrael's halfbaked ap build works on him. Klepto build confirmed

  • Devon Gonzalez
    Devon Gonzalez Month ago

    Does anyone else notice how his voice isn’t as smooth anymore? I know he’s been sick but I think it’s his mic or something

  • austin antibus
    austin antibus Month ago

    Yo SRO love the vids love the stream. I've been trying to uninstall for 3 years now and I'll take long breaks, but watch your videos and wanna play again. I gotta un sub so I can put the game down for good. Boom solo uninstall only here. Adios

  • Blainy Kid
    Blainy Kid Month ago

    Why not Nashor's Tooth, Guinsoo's Rageblade into Rabbadon's Deathcap, then tank items? Better scaling for abilities and safety out of the tank items? Also, why not PTA instead of Grasp?

  • Bayan Zabihiyan
    Bayan Zabihiyan Month ago

    Lol, you ult was bugged, the passive damge was 50 too high at all ranks.
    100 passive damage per second at lv6 is insane.

  • SaracatungaX
    SaracatungaX Month ago +1

    Leona bruiser top is pretty decent with the changes

  • DTRiel
    DTRiel Month ago


  • CathakCreos
    CathakCreos Month ago

    A sniper Kog build would be super fun to see here.
    Sniper Kog was silly fun back when I played. Was a while ago though. The core build only took 4 items though. My favorite build was running the last two slots as support items for Mana and laughs. Snipe enemies down in lane, keep them slow, and get fed while carry farmed or feed carry, depending on how afraid they were.

  • Mustafa Ozturk
    Mustafa Ozturk Month ago

    Hello dzidra24 !!

  • Camuri
    Camuri Month ago


  • Fist OfFury
    Fist OfFury Month ago

    As a blitz main this awesome shit hits right in the heart! #100%HookRatioEz Loving the content fosho! :)

  • James P
    James P Month ago +1

    spear of sojin would of been nice in this game. pop ult every 20 secs pop people with the speed

  • driklol
    driklol Month ago

    LOL I played against that kog last night in 3s, he cried like a little bitch the whole match because i was bullying him on vi (I haven't played in like 5 months). I cant imagine what his team chat was like in this with the agressive af zoning etc.

  • Jin Lee
    Jin Lee Month ago

    \o/ yay!

  • DraguenPlays
    DraguenPlays Month ago +1

    That video reminds me of primo, he would have liked these changes

  • Nico H
    Nico H Month ago

    Blitz toplane... NICE this is why I watch this channel

  • Patrick Banks
    Patrick Banks Month ago +3

    Shame there were no other brawlers in your team, that HP bonus would have been sweeeeet

  • Tster123
    Tster123 Month ago

    and when he saw that blitzcranks ult passive could proc up to two times, they say that a nashors tooth build was born that day.

  • Kowla -
    Kowla - Month ago

    u sound like blitzcrank

  • Blub
    Blub Month ago


  • StormGamesTr LoL
    StormGamesTr LoL Month ago

    Playin my fav hooker 😏❤

  • GreyShot
    GreyShot Month ago

    Blitz Galio and Sylas, that is one Choncky team

  • Livatus
    Livatus Month ago

    CritCRANK action! LETS GO!

  • Dennis Af Forselles

    40 min 7 ads comon man?

  • HLAIBI Safouane - UpSuicidal

    AP/ATK SPEED Blitz next mike ?

  • ax cri
    ax cri Month ago

    i actually play this since the last video of critblitz that mr. SRO made, and duuude, so much fun!! Love your vids sir

  • Szabó Loránd
    Szabó Loránd Month ago +1

    Is that a challanger player showing Off with bronze ANd silver players. Lame

  • ETV Kash
    ETV Kash Month ago


  • Luprecial
    Luprecial Month ago +1

    more tank Karma! love watching you shit on meta top laners and they just have no answer.

    • Chris Powell
      Chris Powell Month ago

      i agree, his tank karma games are super entertaining to watch, some of my favorite videos by far.

  • Waldorf2R3
    Waldorf2R3 Month ago

    I think gunblade would be good on this build or frozen hammer

  • EPA Ciudadano
    EPA Ciudadano Month ago

    Next try it Tiamat shojin for the cdr

  • Ryan Sisk
    Ryan Sisk Month ago

    Can we get a bashers tooth / lichbane blitz?

  • Matthew Laughlin
    Matthew Laughlin Month ago

    Are all of these ranked games on meme accounts, or blind/draft?

  • Brett Cripps
    Brett Cripps Month ago

    Mike! You gotta do Galio!!!! Paleeaaasssse!

  • Kufcio
    Kufcio Month ago

    Kled should be idk deleted this passive is way too much to deal on its own

  • Adrian
    Adrian Month ago +1

    A bit confused about running shield bash on blitz, don't you get it only (not counting lee's w) when his passive procs? Why ever take it over demolish?

  • Fluff ZiMouse
    Fluff ZiMouse Month ago

    do a kogmaw vid pls

  • bathrobeheroo
    bathrobeheroo Month ago +5

    "jungler up my ass 24/7" while Lee ganked first and WW only ganked once.
    Also, you were many times the "lee" splitting bot, hoping your 4-mid team won't engage just put pressure.

    • CreagDog2
      CreagDog2 Month ago

      I mean, anyone can just make shit up lol

  • matthew tracy
    matthew tracy Month ago

    Next item would be wits for some on hit, a little bit of healing, attack speed and mr

  • Anthonie
    Anthonie Month ago

    New malphite buffs make full are or mall really funny

  • jonathan
    jonathan Month ago

    scuttle crab is faker bro holy moly

  • Hemanth Bijjala
    Hemanth Bijjala Month ago

    WTF? Darius unbeatable top lane?!? Life steal built too OP!

  • incarnation of evil

    These fucking titles dude. Stop... Overbuffed blitz when they just added the shield removal when blitz was not even op before it. Makes absolutely broken against kled with only 1 shield from his R

  • Aaron Anderson
    Aaron Anderson Month ago


  • David Burnworth
    David Burnworth Month ago

    try out ap irelia seems like fun