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  • Yoongi’s Jelly smile
    Yoongi’s Jelly smile 9 hours ago +1

    *jhope just wants a sponsor from SPRITE*

  • roarimadinosour
    roarimadinosour 10 hours ago

    Egg Slut is an actual food place in america tho

  • aynurə Eyvazova
    aynurə Eyvazova 12 hours ago

    Don't fight 😂😂😂

  • valerie art love
    valerie art love Day ago +1

    My mouth hurts from laughing too much. They're so cute!

  • Kookie Lover
    Kookie Lover Day ago

    Their english is getting better and better everytime
    I'm soo proud of these boys

  • Uyen Nguyen
    Uyen Nguyen 2 days ago

    Grammy? Nominated 👏👏💜

  • Poten Cee
    Poten Cee 2 days ago

    Its nice that Jhope is trying his best to speak in English. I mean all of them are.

  • A.R M.Y
    A.R M.Y 3 days ago


  • Khushi Kaur
    Khushi Kaur 3 days ago

    "I love my.. My life" 😂😂 I died

  • Sabeeya Sirkhotte
    Sabeeya Sirkhotte 3 days ago

    My brother asked me who I'm chatting to that's making me smile, I was only watching the video 😂

  • Manisha Bhaittrai
    Manisha Bhaittrai 4 days ago +2

    Jin said I love you to suga😂😂

  • Manisha Bhaittrai
    Manisha Bhaittrai 4 days ago

    Ohhh v said something then he stop he said travel then he said hmm for sleep nobody letting him speak nobody asks him😟😟😟😟😟😟😟😟 10:08

  • Manisha Bhaittrai
    Manisha Bhaittrai 4 days ago +1

    What's that mean?😂😂😂 9:03 HAJIMAA 😂

    • Gurjit Khangura
      Gurjit Khangura 4 days ago

      That was soo adorable nonetheless. Hajima means stop it/don't if you didn't knew.

  • Emy Aanya
    Emy Aanya 4 days ago +1

    7:09 ,,for army sing sing haha nice n cute Jungkook🤗🤗🤗

  • Roda Segitiga
    Roda Segitiga 4 days ago

    6:05 egg what? Like what the f! 😂😅

  • you got no jams
    you got no jams 4 days ago

    Jimin-*deep stare into guys soul*
    Me-*dying of laughter*
    Jimin-*notices it’s his turn*
    Jimin-oh-uhhh I love my everything……

  • Maisa Gomez
    Maisa Gomez 5 days ago


  • Sirimah x
    Sirimah x 6 days ago

    @3:27 I neeed this level of extraness in my lifeu

  • Sirimah x
    Sirimah x 6 days ago

    *Tae Tae I proud of you too meeeeen*

  • Sirimah x
    Sirimah x 6 days ago

    *My father mother sister* And my puppy

  • Sirimah x
    Sirimah x 6 days ago

    *with Mr Bang talk about*

  • Sirimah x
    Sirimah x 6 days ago

    *Don't fight don't fight*

  • Sirimah x
    Sirimah x 6 days ago

    *my handome faceu*

  • Sirimah x
    Sirimah x 6 days ago

    *Study englisheu hardeu*

  • osama lutfi
    osama lutfi 6 days ago

    2:05 jimin savage 😂

  • Marco Antonio Mejia Rosas

    que guapo son Saludos bts

  • Delana Hopeworld
    Delana Hopeworld 7 days ago +1

    When watching their English videos you notice a lot of them understand the language. They sometimes respond to questions without RM translating.

  • Delana Hopeworld
    Delana Hopeworld 7 days ago

    I need a ringtone of "Hey Jimin, you nice. Keep going." 😂💜

  • Delana Hopeworld
    Delana Hopeworld 7 days ago


  • shamim Hussein
    shamim Hussein 8 days ago

    When will i see bts in africa 😩😩😩😩😩😩

  • kitty Cat
    kitty Cat 8 days ago

    If this was a try not to laugh challenge I would be dead.

  • lola Robins
    lola Robins 8 days ago

    "Maybe Grammy" I can pray... " I love hamburger and sprite.." realize just did coke commercial

  • Yvonne Chua
    Yvonne Chua 8 days ago

    I love puppee

  • Yvonne Chua
    Yvonne Chua 8 days ago

    I love key pulled

  • Lindi Lyons
    Lindi Lyons 8 days ago

    His voice... 😢💜🐈

  • KAJOL _20
    KAJOL _20 9 days ago +1

    The way Jimin said "My eye "

  • Potato Girl
    Potato Girl 10 days ago

    Jin's dad jokes are...

    Let 'Jin' Dary

  • Cindy Hz
    Cindy Hz 10 days ago

    - “Don’t fight, don’t fight”

  • Rika Komariah
    Rika Komariah 10 days ago +1

    ARMYdeul~ Visit my channel, please~

  • Emma Hickman
    Emma Hickman 11 days ago

    Hahahahahaha when v said egg slut 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Chechu Basta
    Chechu Basta 11 days ago

    7:58 we must protect him omg is too precious

  • Zarin Subah
    Zarin Subah 12 days ago

    I love how RM takes care of ever y one of them so carefully. He's literally the best leader

  • L B
    L B 12 days ago

    " my member " jimine-ah what do you mean??

  • Jeeno31
    Jeeno31 13 days ago

    i'm crying.

  • William Ortiz
    William Ortiz 13 days ago

    Hey jimin be nice and keep going

    With sprite

  • William Ortiz
    William Ortiz 13 days ago

    I love.. I love my life

    Top 10 best qoutes Of life

  • Drama And Tea
    Drama And Tea 16 days ago

    9:03 *H A J I M A A*

  • Sugary
    Sugary 17 days ago


  • Sugary
    Sugary 17 days ago

    can I see all of bts doing their "extra" red carpet pose on the actual red carpet pls?

  • panda god
    panda god 17 days ago

    Jimin: *high expectation*
    J-hope: I love ur elbow
    Jimin: *sorely disappointed*

  • Heaven Robinson
    Heaven Robinson 17 days ago


  • Heaven Robinson
    Heaven Robinson 17 days ago

    I like how every time namjoon roast someone he says, *”sorry...”*

  • Julie Ann Mimpin
    Julie Ann Mimpin 18 days ago

    Sprite 😂 I love u J-Hope 😍

  • Jungkook could step on me and I would thank him

    Egg slut omg I’m dead😹😹😹. He meant egg salad bless him uwu

  • bricks janna reyes
    bricks janna reyes 20 days ago

    Jin is playing lol😂

  • Andie Xulu
    Andie Xulu 20 days ago

    I can't with V and the pups

  • My heartu Very dirty water!

    9:02 vmin and vkook striking at the same moment ! 😂

  • Liv Prince
    Liv Prince 20 days ago

    “ Ooh worldwide Handsome “ 😂😂😂

  • Liv Prince
    Liv Prince 20 days ago

    V 😍😍😍😍😍♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

  • eume banda
    eume banda 20 days ago


  • Padfoot Girl
    Padfoot Girl 21 day ago

    If I was asked I love about each member:
    2)V:His voice
    5)J hope:Funniness and Dance
    7)Jin:His generosity and love for the members🥰
    Each member is awesome in their own way

  • raedew357
    raedew357 21 day ago

    Jhope saying he loves his life gives me life 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

  • Ramsha A
    Ramsha A 21 day ago

    Give yoongi everything

  • Heloyza Smith
    Heloyza Smith 21 day ago

    They don't know how to speak

  • Heloyza Smith
    Heloyza Smith 21 day ago

    We have pop we don't need this!

  • Heloyza Smith
    Heloyza Smith 21 day ago

    Do not come, there are others countries

  • Bts x goodgurl
    Bts x goodgurl 22 days ago

    Namjoon is good at english

  • Hafiya Moulana
    Hafiya Moulana 24 days ago

    I would be so happy if anybdy could teach me Korean ✨✨✨

    KEAYANNI 26 days ago


  • Dezvous
    Dezvous 27 days ago

    I like your editing. Fast, not too slow

    BTS OBSESSED 28 days ago

    h e y j i m i n y o u n i c e k e e p g o i n g - jimin 🖤

  • kookies , with suga & tae

    ᴡʜᴀᴛ ᴅᴏ ᴛʜᴇʏ ᴍᴇᴀɴ ʙʏ ᴛʜᴇɪʀ ᴍɪxᴛᴀᴘᴇ ??

  • Grace Padilla
    Grace Padilla 29 days ago +1


  • Paul Reade
    Paul Reade Month ago +1

    Bts *breath*


  • Bianca Crump
    Bianca Crump Month ago

    “I love your sexy brain” lmaooo 😂😂

  • lorenzo lim
    lorenzo lim Month ago

    jungkook’s english has impoved a lot

  • 우주사랑YOUTUBE

    Their english have improved a lot

  • Malak Abukoush
    Malak Abukoush Month ago

    V is hilarious!!!

  • vaish navee
    vaish navee Month ago

    Jimin got *inspiration* from RM expensive gurl

  • Yoonmin, Taegi,Yoonkook

    Suga:sleep and sleep and sleep
    Me:*laughing* hahhaha

  • Drama And Tea
    Drama And Tea Month ago

    *JIN: I love youre... sexy brain*
    *Time:* 6:33

  • ani aniya
    ani aniya Month ago

    9.02 V "HAJIMAAA" for JUNGKOOK and JIMIN only smile ,,superrrcute HAHA
    and finish 11.18 "I LOVE YOU" for SUGA from JIN HAHAHAHAHAHA

  • DaitLynn Willis
    DaitLynn Willis Month ago

    J-hope : don't fight, dont fight" me: 😂😂 replay like 20 million times"

  • K-Phanic! At The My Chemical Boyee

    egg slut???

  • Dylan_Games! AWESOME!

    Ohhhhhh Michael Jackson i just cringed

  • Butterfly Beauty
    Butterfly Beauty Month ago

    3:06 me too

  • Butterfly Beauty
    Butterfly Beauty Month ago

    3:05 yeah you are namjoon


    its so CUTE when they are trying to speak a language that they actually dont know.I love BTS for that they are and i will never change it because i am in the ARMY of BTS. LOVE YOU FOR EVER!!!!!!!!

  • Kim Namjoon/ Rap Monster

    i can't believe how Jhope is being protective to the dogs

    • Kim Namjoon/ Rap Monster
      Kim Namjoon/ Rap Monster Month ago

      and also did the dog in the left just bite the right dog's neck?? (I'm doing left to right because they look the same)

  • Queen Bae
    Queen Bae Month ago

    Is there a video for the fan they are about at American Hustle Life??

  • Rawan Elmakki
    Rawan Elmakki Month ago

    V's 'of course' at 2:45 was the cutest thing i've ever heard 💜

  • day dreamer
    day dreamer Month ago

    Imaging being their puppies........

  • kadharin awungshi
    kadharin awungshi Month ago

    ARMY love u too bts😘😘

  • kadharin awungshi
    kadharin awungshi Month ago


  • Dani Lovee
    Dani Lovee Month ago

    I miss TaeTae's mullet 😭😭😭😭

  • Tasnima
    Tasnima Month ago

    Yeah that one interviewer was dead.

  • Mike Oscar
    Mike Oscar Month ago

    Dont fight,Dont fight😂😂😂😂

  • AR mail
    AR mail Month ago

    Did anyone notice they skipped what Jimin said to Jungkook...

  • AR mail
    AR mail Month ago

    *worldwide funneh guy*

  • khadija abada
    khadija abada Month ago

    9:06 i hated that interviewer she is like souless