Samsung Galaxy Fold Unboxing

  • Published on Apr 15, 2019
  • Unboxing the new Samsung Galaxy Fold. The Galaxy Fold is the first folding smartphone I've ever tried. The Galaxy Fold is the most futuristic smartphone I've ever tried. How does the Samsung Galaxy Fold stack up against the other flagship devices like Apple iPhone, Huawei Mate X and others? Are foldable smartphones the future of smartphones? Computing devices in general? Enjoy my Samsung Galaxy Fold hands on video.
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  • Unbox Therapy
    Unbox Therapy  7 days ago +15406

    Galaxy Fold or Mate X?

  • Maliq Sims
    Maliq Sims Day ago

    Good luck getting a decent case

  • TheWafflezMan
    TheWafflezMan Day ago

    How much is this in u.s? I know it comes out on the 26th tho

  • Ninjaish Productions 2.0

    I kinda wish the outside display took up more space. Im sure the fold 2 will have that.

  • Sammie Nguyen
    Sammie Nguyen Day ago

    But is it water proof.

  • King Bowser
    King Bowser Day ago

    Thank You Nintendo for the Galaxy Fold

  • Nicholas Mavrikis
    Nicholas Mavrikis Day ago +1

    My mum says it is bad because when you fold it, it can crack

  • Gaachan Gaanyul
    Gaachan Gaanyul Day ago

    Don't open the screen protector...

  • cole jones
    cole jones Day ago

    it a iPad mini that can fold and have 2 the fold one at the back and the little one on the over side 🤦‍♂️🤣😂 😑 on to you Samsung

  • Ko0L-Keith Knowledge is Power!

    Jesus how much did they spend on just the 6 boxs inside each other! Heh got damn

  • yeet yee3t
    yeet yee3t Day ago

    "The first bendable phone" then what the fuck is a flip phone

  • Tiffany
    Tiffany Day ago +1

    Nintendo: Am I a joke to you.

  • Alins Hendrix
    Alins Hendrix Day ago

    Don't waste your money on this it doesn't feel like an actual phone.

  • Death Wish
    Death Wish Day ago

    Customer -Peels of screen protector ...
    Galaxy Fold - breaks

  • PanDab Gaming
    PanDab Gaming Day ago

    its 89k in my country so expensive so much!!!!!!!

  • Jared Adamson
    Jared Adamson Day ago

    Freeze frame at 9:11. Shimmer off light reflection shows flaws. You can see fold. Cheap protective covering shows marks and flaws.

  • skuets
    skuets Day ago

    That's an ugly ass phone though

  • xXx NoscopeR xXx _

    So this is basically a tablet and a phone

  • Katrina Wilton
    Katrina Wilton Day ago

    I want this

  • Dino
    Dino Day ago

    I don’t like it reminds me the old Phone style

  • zhapii ignacio
    zhapii ignacio Day ago

    Can i have one?😢🙏

  • Shadow Gamez
    Shadow Gamez Day ago

    Soo basically a much more better 3ds with 2 not 1 touch screens and can do much more?

  • Sam El-Sabagh
    Sam El-Sabagh Day ago

    New phone with new design is always expensive probably in the near future when Samsung and other companies start to make phones with similar design price will go down


    My tablet can do that too! *Snap*

  • 5 subscribers with no videos

    It’s so thiccccccccc

  • Sniuchi
    Sniuchi Day ago +1

    Nice no jack and yes notch

  • godzgrr8t
    godzgrr8t Day ago


  • Xbox Hates Me
    Xbox Hates Me Day ago +1

    cant wait for a foldable ds

  • Josh Howley
    Josh Howley Day ago

    How will Phone Cases and Screen Protectors work on this phone???

  • Josh Howley
    Josh Howley Day ago

    How will Phone Cases and Screen Protectors work on this phone???

  • Brook Anderson
    Brook Anderson Day ago

    2000. No thanks

  • Herman Ågotnes
    Herman Ågotnes Day ago

    I don`t like the way the camera interfiers with the youtube video 5:27

  • Corey Harris
    Corey Harris Day ago

    Try getting a phone case for that good luck 😉

  • abdulrahman aldubai

    Is it water resistant

  • nuolebab95
    nuolebab95 Day ago

    ok but how does a cover work on this lol?

  • Autosport & More

    How about house keys in your pocket?
    the keys will scratch the phone
    Or how about a bank card in combination with a magnet? that will be a lot of new bank card.
    or coin money that will fall to the floor the umpteenth time. and that for € £ $ 2k
    This phone is made for convenience, but let's just say that there will be little convenience

  • acap O
    acap O Day ago

    Now try make a cover for that thing

  • Knif3 junki3
    Knif3 junki3 Day ago

    I want one. And to think at end was $15,000 just sliding around table lol

  • Hafiz Saqlain Qadri

    Nice cell fone

  • JJ PLAYS07
    JJ PLAYS07 Day ago

    I dont like how the screen goes small when it is folded

    OMSI2 FANBOY Day ago

    Apple EWWWWWW NO HEADPHONE JACK Samsung Ehhhh no headphone jack idc

  • AngelGraveYard92

    It’s only a matter of time before Apple copies this design

  • Hickory
    Hickory Day ago

    Apple Australia do not allow comments to be posted on their videos, yet silly people still buy their phones, folks be smart if they don't want you to comment why buy the phone? what service will you get from them? besides you are supporting slave labour as they produce their phones cheaply in Asian countries for less than $200 and you pay mega bucks they won't even allow you to change batteries on the phone not to mention they have software built in to slow your ph over time in order for you to update!! you need special tools to open battery case and worse still some are sealed forever

  • Aj's Renditions
    Aj's Renditions Day ago

    That shit is ugly af!

  • TheCynx
    TheCynx Day ago

    now lets do a bending test, *DOES IT BREAK?!?!?!*

  • medea Jijavadze
    medea Jijavadze Day ago

    0:11 is optical illusion if you look at any on the box d will disappears on the box

  • Mad Ziam
    Mad Ziam Day ago

    Don't remove the protective film or you will catch a radioactive dust and die of thirst

  • Vegar Hoem Gravråk

    Wait so there is an protection screen on it and people think that there is a second one.

  • Frank DiGiorgio
    Frank DiGiorgio Day ago

    How does a case go on it?

  • Ankit tiwari
    Ankit tiwari Day ago

    Remove protector

  • FullMetalJack
    FullMetalJack Day ago

    It may break fast, but it's still more durable than an iPhone

  • A H
    A H Day ago

    This is retarted

  • Debbie R
    Debbie R Day ago

    its a fun gimmick but pretty sure it'll be a flop (im a samsung lover) its long and thick and the front screen is just a weird shape and pretty sure you'll end up using just that one 90% of the time...

  • Nutty Junno
    Nutty Junno Day ago

    Look cool

  • Zach
    Zach Day ago

    Awesome! Another phone only douche bags can afford.

  • AkibtheGamer
    AkibtheGamer Day ago yea... we back to flip phones..

  • Yumi B
    Yumi B Day ago

    Playing pubg on this device finna be lit asf

  • Clayton Heath
    Clayton Heath Day ago

    Can it play video games?

  • P. Vivek
    P. Vivek Day ago

    $2000 I will better buy 2 iPad mini and stick a tape to it.

  • Smiley Elmore III

    That shit is tight

  • Akeem Clutch
    Akeem Clutch Day ago +4

    Next we are getting tablets that fold out to mini tv’s!

  • Reiden Pimentel
    Reiden Pimentel Day ago

    Please Review Huawei Mate X.

  • Dagnija B
    Dagnija B Day ago

    I dont like it :/

  • King koala
    King koala Day ago

    3ds: Am I a joke to you ?

  • Deqauvis Markins

    Samsung: We’re going to make you pay a bunch of hard earned cash for a phone that you’ll replace in less than 5 years.
    The Public: YES. THANK YOU!

  • james james
    james james Day ago

    but will it blend?

  • Kevin Estrella
    Kevin Estrella Day ago

    Did ur thing broke

  • Jack Woods
    Jack Woods Day ago

    2700.00....must be nice.

  • Eligijus Benys
    Eligijus Benys Day ago

    Pretty useless if I do say so

  • Mystery Girl
    Mystery Girl Day ago

    I feel poor🤐🤐🤐

  • Mystery Girl
    Mystery Girl Day ago

    Fuck iphone x this is next level

  • Dib Irken
    Dib Irken Day ago

    "On a bench, in the street, in public transit"
    Sure, Lew. If we got the 2 Gs to spend on a phone sure... 😂😂

  • Attila Rodrigez
    Attila Rodrigez Day ago

    now how the hack Will you get a phone case on that?

  • Rishabh
    Rishabh Day ago

    Its all good til he opens Snapchat

  • Nadia Kirsten
    Nadia Kirsten Day ago

    Why would you want this

  • ChillaystiKz
    ChillaystiKz Day ago

    What a waste of money lmao, completely non practical.

  • satuduatiga123
    satuduatiga123 Day ago

    If only i can get that

  • wa
    wa Day ago

    $1900 flip phone

  • Francesco Zornetta
    Francesco Zornetta Day ago +1

    Man this shit ugly

  • Sindre Ulfsnes
    Sindre Ulfsnes Day ago

    how much will it cost??

  • Baracky
    Baracky Day ago

    2019 - galaxy fold

    2024 - galaxy f *old*

  • SpottY
    SpottY Day ago +1

    If Apple dont call their foldable phone ifold or ibend Samsung here i come!

  • Racing Fox
    Racing Fox Day ago

    Wait five minutes! It will be broken LoL 😂😂😂😂

  • matthew cross
    matthew cross Day ago


  • tougedreams
    tougedreams Day ago +1

    That oldschool unbox therapy music in the background thoo👌

  • Chuckiele
    Chuckiele Day ago

    If it was a proper tablet size unfolded and a proper phone size folded, it would be nice, but I guess thats gonna come sooner or later.

  • Raven is better
    Raven is better Day ago

    Unfortunately yes, unfortunately the screens have been cracking on the fold part so, would you go out and spend all that money to have shortly after the screen crack on you, hmm. . . . !

  • Adrian Subia
    Adrian Subia Day ago

    I wonder how many bad things this guy would say about this product if apple had made this exact same product first

  • Devin Kirchner
    Devin Kirchner Day ago

    The way he smacks it shut😖😧

  • Therealjohncofey

    It is different. But it will take some price drops for most too buy it. Great concept though.

  • Watercraft
    Watercraft Day ago

    If I buy this phone, how I'm supposed to use my folding phone case?!

  • Beno Ji
    Beno Ji Day ago

    I should have patented the idea when I was 7 🤦🏻‍♀️☹️

  • Wasabi
    Wasabi Day ago

    Damn thats dedication. Making this video at 00:14 l. Props

    HOWARD CHANG Day ago

    when he is talking about apple omg 1000 bucks for an iphone???? you can just get a Huawei and have all your information stolen! Samsung gay ass foldy piece of shit, only 2000 bucks! It is the future! Fuck you you shit

  • Marcos V.
    Marcos V. Day ago

    que tijolo! treco cabuloso

  • Dr.Benjamin Ghotbi

    Samsung: New foldable phone!!!
    Apple: New foldable phone!!!
    Person: Apple, I love your new iFold its the best!

  • Silky Balky
    Silky Balky Day ago

    Im gona start save money,and for a 50 years im buying this motherfucker

  • Singed Marley
    Singed Marley Day ago

    But does it explode?

  • ECML Transport
    ECML Transport Day ago

    And the point of this device??

  • Su Amigo El Ilegal

    I'm getting one for me and an extra for me 😎