The Palm Phone actually fits in your palm

  • Published on Dec 12, 2018
  • The Palm Phone is an unusual device. It’s a tiny smartphone (companion) aimed a digital detoxers. The idea is that you’ll opt to leave your big smartphone at home when on vacation, night out etc. The Palm Phone runs Android with a custom skin tuned for the tiny display. The device is a Verizon exclusive.
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  • Unbox Therapy
    Unbox Therapy  7 months ago +3468

    Are you addicted to your smartphone?

  • V. Sriram Sundar
    V. Sriram Sundar 7 hours ago

    A phone for your kids.

  • Scottish Bonsai
    Scottish Bonsai 10 hours ago

    It's a couple Asian guys on TVclip making these I come across a video last NYT him promoting himself and if any one wants to buy one get InTouch he had one what was pretty smart actually long screen only help call app and message app side to side that's how slim it was but colour was crazy good and was really fast but you got to install playstore on them but he had a few and a white box that took 4 SIM cards and it pairs to your own handset so you could have 4 numbers weird yeh but be handy at times too lol

  • ricky pandey
    ricky pandey 16 hours ago

    good phone for soccer parents children. :P

  • Yeah Right
    Yeah Right 16 hours ago

    palm should've just stayed in the shadows... that absurd thing is so god damn stupid

  • Mr. Steal yo girl
    Mr. Steal yo girl 21 hour ago

    I would definitely use it but it’s too expensive

  • Wajid Awan
    Wajid Awan Day ago

    *In 350$ why can we can’t help a poor man?*

  • Ken Nomuri
    Ken Nomuri Day ago

    I love this part 😂😂😂😂1:21- 1:23

  • Kevin Walter
    Kevin Walter Day ago

    Better solution: Apple watch

  • skgate
    skgate Day ago

    twice as powerful as my att prepaid phone.. half the size

  • Snuggle Velocity
    Snuggle Velocity 2 days ago

    I see this as babies first smart phone

  • Proof Pudding
    Proof Pudding 3 days ago

    I LOVE IT!!!

  • GX 々 TheWither
    GX 々 TheWither 3 days ago

    If you buy one for your kid and he just wants to play you will still need to pay 10 💵????

  • psi psitronick
    psi psitronick 4 days ago

    Get an apple watch! That was my conclusion too!

  • I'm a chicken nugget

    Reading the title.
    Me: No shiz Sherlock

  • Rahane Daksh
    Rahane Daksh 4 days ago

    From were can i buy this phone... you should provide link to buy this phone

  • Al Nyc
    Al Nyc 4 days ago

    Damn you are annoying these days .

  • Levi Heidrich
    Levi Heidrich 4 days ago

    im looking into these do they need a smart phone to operat/

  • V Richard
    V Richard 5 days ago

    Dose are the phones I send to the homie (friend) in prison .....

  • this boi.
    this boi. 5 days ago +4

    Buy the iPhone SE if you want a good phone that receives all updates and costs ~$200+.

  • Stranger Phenomenon
    Stranger Phenomenon 6 days ago

    if its bezel less many will switch to that phone ^_^

  • B D
    B D 6 days ago

    Or get an iPhone SE?

  • Archer V.
    Archer V. 6 days ago

    finalmente mi bolsillo se aliviara.

  • Millicent Holley
    Millicent Holley 6 days ago

    And people call me crazy because I have a pixel xl phone but 99% of the time I’m carrying my iPod touch

  • charlie Tully
    charlie Tully 6 days ago +1

    That's a prison phone. It fit between the bump cheeks nicely. Just saying

    • Allan Hotman
      Allan Hotman 2 days ago

      @charlie Tully u dumb for that 😂

    • charlie Tully
      charlie Tully 2 days ago

      Yeah you could squeeze the charger down there as well no problem 💯🙊

    • Allan Hotman
      Allan Hotman 2 days ago +1


  • Daniel Colwell
    Daniel Colwell 7 days ago

    I'm watching this on the palm phone.

  • Keno Ty
    Keno Ty 8 days ago

    Palm Phone is perfect for emulator match with game controller such as ipega red knight will be perfect game compared to Bittboy or LDK, the thing is it's so expensive......

  • MobileTech Insight
    MobileTech Insight 9 days ago +2

    I bought one and love it. You actually can pull the Sim tray out and put a regular Sim card in it as I do now. It's one of my 4 devices and 4 numbers. I actually do use mine of I know I will be out a while and want something easy to throw in my pocket. I'm typing this from my palm.

  • Wendy K
    Wendy K 9 days ago

    I like this channel, i also like tacoes 🌮🌮

  • Wendy K
    Wendy K 9 days ago

    I like this channel, i also like tacoes 🌮🌮

  • tim chuk
    tim chuk 10 days ago

    lew! what's best small phone I can buy?

  • Justin Sane
    Justin Sane 11 days ago

    But why $350??

  • Agustín De Iturbide.
    Agustín De Iturbide. 11 days ago

    Or you can just buy an iPhone SE or 5s for 60 bucks.

  • Hashtag Little Lemon
    Hashtag Little Lemon 12 days ago

    The UI looks like the one on the Apple Watch?

  • Klaudia Jonas
    Klaudia Jonas 12 days ago

    palm phone

  • Kimberlly The Crappy Wanna-be Artist

    Man it must be really hard to type on that

  • Mansei Ysrael Bantiyan

    The $4 smartphone would be ur next option

  • Gnohp Man
    Gnohp Man 14 days ago


  • AM A BOSS dang
    AM A BOSS dang 15 days ago +1

    how much times did he say tiny little?

  • Jennier Perez
    Jennier Perez 16 days ago

    Waiting for the v2 versions of this. Absolutely love this idea

  • Rob Lombardo
    Rob Lombardo 16 days ago +1

    Lew predicted the finals

  • Michael McAllister
    Michael McAllister 16 days ago

    This target market looks like it would be for kids. Parents that don't have the money for a $1,000 smartphone and are buying a smartphone for their kids either this or a Nokia phone or even rock it old school with a flip phone. Either way that is what I can see this phone be a use case for. Kids they typically have the smaller hands.

  • brian wilson
    brian wilson 17 days ago

    I think if you want it to be in your wallet

  • Sacripentia
    Sacripentia 18 days ago


    To save some money, just get an iPhone 4 and use that instead.

  • Gajendra singh
    Gajendra singh 18 days ago

    Poco f1 is 300$!

  • Anna Marfa
    Anna Marfa 20 days ago

    2:10 what do you call that weird sideview video shot?

  • water sheep
    water sheep 20 days ago +1

    Atleast its cheaper than the istand

  • Personamedaniel
    Personamedaniel 20 days ago

    Use it for a week, Lew!

  • COE Research
    COE Research 21 day ago

    I love it....saw it today and am considering dropping the iPhone.

  • Neal Frost
    Neal Frost 22 days ago

    A man does she has a girlfriend 🙂🙂🙂

  • kwade220
    kwade220 22 days ago

    I found a brand new one on eBay for $85. I bought it and I'm gonna give it a shot. I work in a machine shop with lots of metal and grinding dust. For that reason as well as being around equipment I'm not on my phone a lot. I think there's a market out there for this phone if you think outside the box. How many people are out there dropping their $1000 phones and breaking them at work or during physical activities? You won't have as much wear and tear on your regular phone as well. We will see, may just be a gimmick but it work on me when it was priced right at $85. $300+ is ignorant.

  • kwade220
    kwade220 22 days ago

    I like the nicotine patch analogy, that was perfect👌.

  • Rue Koegel
    Rue Koegel 22 days ago

    Can I get it without texting, data, consumption apps, and a camera? Just a talking box mobile phone with a decent battery?

  • trouncerrredits
    trouncerrredits 23 days ago

    I'd love this with a 4g tablet or even better, the new Microsoft folding screen thing.

    DOGELIFE 2 23 days ago

    iPhone 7+
    Am I a joke to you?

  • Aleister White
    Aleister White 23 days ago

    I like the Apple advertising!

  • Simba The rabbit
    Simba The rabbit 24 days ago

    You use the palm phone when you go to see the palm trees

    Cause you said it’s for vacation ...or something. Tell me to shut up

  • Lady Bug
    Lady Bug 24 days ago

    It’s the iPhone X for your kid

  • astrocat
    astrocat 24 days ago

    Basically my old iPhone SE. I just got a new phone with a 6" screen and I actually kind of miss having a smaller phone.

  • Saul Savage
    Saul Savage 25 days ago

    Im a soccer son

  • Osama Azhar
    Osama Azhar 25 days ago

    I have nokia c2-01 and believe me ! Its very good phone still in 2019 i use it for calls and text

  • Ali Balaghi
    Ali Balaghi 25 days ago

    Samsung galaxy pocket?
    Samsung galaxy young ?

  • Ram Prasad Neupane
    Ram Prasad Neupane 25 days ago

    i enjoy you joking than presenting

  • Diwa Alejandro Galvez
    Diwa Alejandro Galvez 25 days ago

    In all fairness, months later, Raptors did defeat the GSW with Steph in 6 games :)

  • dimi1326
    dimi1326 25 days ago

    Makes watching porn on your phone difficult!

  • Abigail Dominguez
    Abigail Dominguez 25 days ago

    The thing I noticed was the keypad. The phone is too small for the querty.

  • Abdul Rahman Noor
    Abdul Rahman Noor 26 days ago

    Sorry but this is a NO GO for me.
    If I wanted a cure to screen addiction or something to take on a holiday, I'd rather buy a small budget phone instead of this faux-premium, deliberately sub optimal phone designed to be a pretentious "nicotine patch" to a first world problem.

  • Savannah bea
    Savannah bea 26 days ago

    They should rebrand this phone for kids. Remake it out of a durable plastic and make parental controls available and sell it for kids first smartphones.

  • Jasen Stewart
    Jasen Stewart 26 days ago

    You should review the Kyocera duraforce pro 2

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