The Palm Phone actually fits in your palm

  • Published on Dec 12, 2018
  • The Palm Phone is an unusual device. It’s a tiny smartphone (companion) aimed a digital detoxers. The idea is that you’ll opt to leave your big smartphone at home when on vacation, night out etc. The Palm Phone runs Android with a custom skin tuned for the tiny display. The device is a Verizon exclusive.
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  • Unbox Therapy
    Unbox Therapy  Year ago +3914

    Are you addicted to your smartphone?

    • Cool kid Games
      Cool kid Games 17 days ago


    • Manik Lal Maskey
      Manik Lal Maskey 25 days ago

      I don't have one to be addicted 😆

    • rgrilghsrg hvuailhe
      rgrilghsrg hvuailhe Month ago

      despite what you think your personality is not that great you should spend more time with shots of the actual product instead of medium shots of your ugly face making shitty jokes.

    • Jess the trash
      Jess the trash Month ago +1


      HÜRÃČÁN Month ago +1

      yes vut what is the solution here

  • axcel carl maca
    axcel carl maca 3 hours ago

    Please unbox cherry mobile phone from Philippines.

  • 1silvervespa
    1silvervespa Day ago

    Date night phone ....
    Where you can pay attention to each other m a y b e !

  • Rajking Gabru
    Rajking Gabru 2 days ago

    As Windows comes in S-mode
    Same this phone has basic features
    I must say good for school going kids..

  • Rxin
    Rxin 3 days ago +1

    bruh i had the palm pixie as my first smart phone and i LOVED IT

  • NHK LM
    NHK LM 4 days ago

    7:08 Put it away and do what? Stare at a wall or pretend to read a months old vogue magazine? Maybe read a pamphlet about washing your hands? You're in a doctor's office, not much to do except wait lol.

  • Todd Pickens
    Todd Pickens 6 days ago

    Every smartphone should come packaged with this little bastard

  • Ts Leithart
    Ts Leithart 6 days ago

    I wish that this was an ios operating system because i do not trust android which is run by google

  • amapolavioleta
    amapolavioleta 7 days ago

    sound off!

  • stefan speidel
    stefan speidel 7 days ago

    I dont think ive ever felt my iphone 6s is too big. I would get a phone that is limited to calls and texts. That makes more sense if you want to "pay attention to your kid's game" than a small, unusable phone worth $350.

  • Parker Campbell
    Parker Campbell 9 days ago

    I saw this phone in a verizon store

  • meg a tron
    meg a tron 12 days ago

    "this device is the thought that counted" 😂😂😂

  • Rodrigo
    Rodrigo 14 days ago

    So you have to buy a product to stop using your other product. Thats capitalism for yall

  • Jaydeep Chug
    Jaydeep Chug 16 days ago

    "Or get an iWatch ! ". Makes 100% sense. It's basically the same thing.

  • Hizamaru769 Gaming
    Hizamaru769 Gaming 16 days ago +1

    He actually made me laugh when he was talking about soccer parents for the second time

  • Unsesquipedalian
    Unsesquipedalian 18 days ago

    That is really cute.

  • Sonny Wolf
    Sonny Wolf 18 days ago

    I'm 24/7 on my phone even shower and pooping but all business while sheeps 24/7 gossip on social media, you have to kill them to stop them using a big phone.

  • riooo
    riooo 18 days ago

    Whenever he reaches out to get something it’s like he has a stretchy arm

  • Faris Bakr
    Faris Bakr 19 days ago

    It's a smaller iPod 📱
    It should probably range at around 100-200 dollars, or have smaller bezels to make room for a better keyboard.

  • Michael Horodowicz
    Michael Horodowicz 20 days ago

    This is funny.

  • Dillon Reineking
    Dillon Reineking 20 days ago

    It's a shit phone. The size is fine. The service is dog shit. You never have signal and the battery life drains by the minute. Once again dog shit

  • teddy xx
    teddy xx 20 days ago

    Looks like mini iphone

  • Dr evil
    Dr evil 21 day ago

    Trap phone but it’s to much

  • Keshav Naagar
    Keshav Naagar 22 days ago

    I would definately use it. If it was between 100 to 150 dolllars and had a full infinity like display.

  • Cody Meshigaud
    Cody Meshigaud 22 days ago +1

    My dad never showed up to my soccer games :(

  • Umbrella Sound
    Umbrella Sound 23 days ago

    In my case it's like half palm phone

  • isa kang hangal
    isa kang hangal 24 days ago +1

    Palm phone made up of palm from palm tree?

  • Jp Janse van rensburg
    Jp Janse van rensburg 25 days ago

    definitely will buy..but to expensive

  • Alberto Alfaro Alvarado

    I think its very interesting from a cyclist perspective. Usually, as a cyclist, you dont feel comfortable carrying your big phone in the maillot. Also, its very uncomfortable when your phone starts notifying you stuff during the ride. So I’ll buy it.

  • zakky m
    zakky m 25 days ago

    Where do you get it from

  • Hari Krishnan
    Hari Krishnan 26 days ago

    Ofcourse he is for apple

  • wiplash7
    wiplash7 26 days ago

    Love when willydoo is in the video

  • Spark
    Spark 26 days ago

    When apple makes an apple watch plus

  • black hunter
    black hunter 27 days ago

    vedio call are working ?

  • Mr.Nobody
    Mr.Nobody 27 days ago

    I saw it in bestbuy today and fell in love with it. Probably i'll buy it, it is so cute

  • Ismaeel Adam
    Ismaeel Adam 27 days ago

    where did you get it please tell me

  • Adnan Mohamed
    Adnan Mohamed 27 days ago

    Failed device in every sense of the word and the battery lasts less than an hour and does not support the Arabic language a loss of money

  • Safety Wizard
    Safety Wizard 29 days ago

    Needs a watch band if it doesn’t have one yet lol

    EYE_BEE_SOLOW 29 days ago

    It's the same size as my first iPhone.

  • MemeBoiii
    MemeBoiii 29 days ago


  • Monkey4274 Gaming
    Monkey4274 Gaming Month ago

    Can it play games?

  • bedo hatem
    bedo hatem Month ago

    ok can i ask YOU SOME THING what did you think about muslims or did you know or have a muslim friend
    pleas answer me

  • Elija03
    Elija03 Month ago +1

    So the concept is that they’re giving you a phone with few features and pretending it’s an advantage

  • johan van seijen
    johan van seijen Month ago

    After the launch of the original iPhone I got one like these out of Bangkok (obviously not a palm). It basically was an mp3 player with which you could call. And it had snake!!! Had a lot of people looking and was a great conversation starter. It wasn't 350 USD though.

  • Jose Antonio
    Jose Antonio Month ago

    its good so the BIG B**CK MEN wont steal your main phone AND your number.

  • Khaled Belhaj
    Khaled Belhaj Month ago

    No. Thanks.

  • Danilo Pablo
    Danilo Pablo Month ago +3

    Funny how everyone seems astonished by its size but this is exactly how most of the phones were sized 5-7 years ago

  • Dan The Man
    Dan The Man Month ago +2

    They’re approx. $100 on eBay now.

  • rosdi abu bakar
    rosdi abu bakar Month ago

    Where did you buy please tell me pleased 🙏🙏🙏🙏

  • pong foong
    pong foong Month ago

    You can choose ios all adroid .old school we choose icq.

  • Queen Elizabeth The second

    You didn’t mention that it has face id

  • San Ten Chan
    San Ten Chan Month ago

    *Good video dearest friend!*

  • jSyndeo Music
    jSyndeo Music Month ago

    4:30 Well this just got pretty meta, as I'm watching this on MY Palm phone!

  • Agile Bot
    Agile Bot Month ago

    Very stupid video.

  • m8riX_01
    m8riX_01 Month ago

    i have this and an XR and i play clash of clans in class on the daily and i have NEVER gotten caught with this. Thank you for fostering my phone addiction.

  • Marc Sam D.
    Marc Sam D. Month ago

    If it was around $80 or less, i think it's a good buy, but at $350? Too expensive for its size

  • Mando Gonzalez
    Mando Gonzalez Month ago

    Palm pre??!!🤣😂😁

  • Michael Goyone
    Michael Goyone Month ago

    Expensive for $350.

  • Akhil k
    Akhil k Month ago

    Oh boy.. Now the "lightphone" has a competition

    EDWIN RIVERA JR Month ago

    I need that phone for my motorcycle backup phone. Great idea, just not a 350 type of phone.