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    All The Marvel Cinematic Post-Credits Scenes Compilation (2008-2018)

    • Superflygamer
      Superflygamer 2 months ago

      Brogan Associates no.. and his name is not cheeseboy 96

    • Vai B
      Vai B 2 months ago

      Alfie Gare your right . Can’t. Believe the other people didn’t notice it .😂😂. They are so dumb

    • Alfie Gare
      Alfie Gare 2 months ago

      Vai B that’s what I said it is right above your comment

    • Vai B
      Vai B 2 months ago

      You have made an error . Thor Ragnorok was in 2017 and not in 2018.

  • Kreed 13
    Kreed 13 Day ago

    How much i missed out! I only whatched the mid credit scenes

  • Tom Hiddleston Lover!!!

    When I was watching Spider-Man ffh i went with my mum and my grandpa and my mY Greenspan started to stand up after the movie and I had to explain the post credits scene to him on the way back because he didn’t understand. My mum doesn’t like marvel but she takes me to all of the 12 am showing so she knows about the credit scenes

  • Jennifer Meredith
    Jennifer Meredith 5 days ago +1

    Where's the scene of Spider-man telling the window washer he missed a spot? Should be end credits of Age of Ultron.

  • Moin Shaikh
    Moin Shaikh 9 days ago

    Who is here after watching far from home

    RAHUL B 10 days ago

    I was too busy to get out from a theatre
    Yes my mistake 🤦

  • Woon Tong
    Woon Tong 11 days ago +1

    Who is here after Spiderman: Far from home..... just me..... k

  • Sem Boonstoppel
    Sem Boonstoppel 11 days ago


  • Acey Nival
    Acey Nival 12 days ago

    That thing inside the Cocoon on 21:08 is Goddamn Adam Warlock trust me hehe

  • Reil TRJ
    Reil TRJ 12 days ago

    Is anyone here after seeing far from home

  • Meat Loaf224556
    Meat Loaf224556 13 days ago +2

    23:10 me when I was finished watching endgame

  • Natalie Hawthorne
    Natalie Hawthorne 15 days ago +2

    *i watched these scenes but I forgot that I did but I know these scenes really well y’know what I mean kmao*

    • Mevia
      Mevia 2 days ago

      Edited comment but it still says "kmao"

  • fahima _k
    fahima _k 15 days ago +11

    Who’s here after the mind blowing mid & post credit scenes from Spider-Man FFH?

  • Storm 123
    Storm 123 15 days ago

    Sorry post credit 1st one

  • Storm 123
    Storm 123 15 days ago

    Errrrrmmmm doctor strange isn’t end credit

  • Natan Via
    Natan Via 16 days ago

    6:55 beginning of all

  • Natan Via
    Natan Via 16 days ago +1


  • Gsavyé La Shense
    Gsavyé La Shense 16 days ago +3

    Who’s here after watching Spider Man?

  • Isaac Reyes
    Isaac Reyes 19 days ago

    0:11 snap

  • BULATAO Channel 195
    BULATAO Channel 195 20 days ago

    List of Scenes (from 2018):

    1. Nick Fury
    2. Tony Stark
    3. Thor's Hammer
    4. Nick Fury's #2/Loki
    5. Nick Fury #3 (Scene from The Avengers)
    6. • Shawarma Place
    • Thanos
    7. Bruce Banner
    8. • The Collector
    • Thor Returns to Midgard
    9. • Hydra Underground/Quicksilver & Scarlet Witch
    • James Barnes' Memory
    10. • Baby Groot Dancing
    • Howard The Duck
    11. Thanos #2/Infinity Gauntlet
    12. • The Wasp Suit
    • Steve Rogers, Sam Wilson & Bucky (Scene from Civil War)
    13. • Wakanda
    • Spider-Man's Signal
    14. • Doctor Strange & Thor (Scene from Ragnarok)
    • Mordo "Too Many Sorcerers"
    15. • Kraglin's Arrow Test
    • Yondu's Ravenger Buddies
    • Adam Warlock
    • Teen Groot
    • Stan Lee Cameo (R.I.P.)
    16. • Scorpion
    • Captain America on Patience
    17. • Thanos' Ship
    • The Grandmaster
    18. • T'Challa's Statement in the U.N.
    • Bucky (White Wolf)

  • Xd Chris gaming
    Xd Chris gaming 21 day ago

    14:06 when no one closes the door

  • Xd Chris gaming
    Xd Chris gaming 21 day ago


  • Nurul Fatiehah
    Nurul Fatiehah 23 days ago

    Tony Stark why you die's in Endgame😭😭😭

  • Ahmed Waleed
    Ahmed Waleed 25 days ago

    Thor ragnarok was in 2017 not 2018

  • Isn’tMyProfilePicCute

    These post credits scenes are so smart... it’s like they have specialised writers specifically for them

  • Savage McQueen 2
    Savage McQueen 2 28 days ago

    In the avengers post credot scene, is that Doctor Doom

  • Nadia Khamo
    Nadia Khamo Month ago

    13:27 wrong song man

  • Tannishtha Mudoi
    Tannishtha Mudoi Month ago

    6:04 omg guys? this is where mukbangs started

  • D-Cal123
    D-Cal123 Month ago +1

    Thanos 2015: Fine, I'll do it by myself
    Thanos 2018-2019: Hey, Dark Order I need your help.

  • Christian 05
    Christian 05 Month ago

    GOTG Post Credit scence music was changed to avoid copyright lol.

  • Miguel Ronne
    Miguel Ronne Month ago

    Can someone pls help to reply me, who is the guy white hair 9:21 in thor the dark world. Is that jeff goldblum? Is that the same guy with the grandmaster in thor ragnarok?
    who is the man in post credit thor the dark world?

  • elizabeth
    elizabeth Month ago

    I was smiling the whole time until the post credits scene for Thor Ragnarok, then I actually started crying

  • Ronnie V.
    Ronnie V. Month ago

    That song on Guardians of The Galaxy Vol. 2 is Surrender, lol

  • Gail Hillgoth
    Gail Hillgoth Month ago


  • Gail Hillgoth
    Gail Hillgoth Month ago


  • Samari Barnwell
    Samari Barnwell Month ago

    The first guardians scene has the wrong music

  • Nina Wielink
    Nina Wielink Month ago

    This is How thor became fat hehe

  • Mujahid Syed
    Mujahid Syed Month ago +1

    17:09 This post-credit scene is from Thor: Raganarok

  • Where Who & Why is Gamora

    Avengers Infinity War
    Ant-Man and the Wasp
    And captain marvel

  • Buster
    Buster Month ago

    3:30 this is where things get serious

  • Corgan Remeur
    Corgan Remeur Month ago

    In guardians of the galaxy vol. 2 what did the golden chick said that machine is

    • Corgan Remeur
      Corgan Remeur Month ago

      Okay she said adam but i didn't know it's adam warlock

  • Ryan Cochbain
    Ryan Cochbain Month ago

    I’m here to talk to you about The Avengers Initiative

  • Hamzah Nashirul
    Hamzah Nashirul Month ago

    R.I.P Stan Lee

  • Dr Soap
    Dr Soap Month ago

    “To challenge to court...death.”
    It sounds like they were going with comic book Thanos

  • Alhia jhoy Abarquez

    and in spiderman far from home is the black widow movie

  • Alhia jhoy Abarquez

    Guys let me remind you that because of Nick Fury the avengers were assembled

  • Random Otaku
    Random Otaku Month ago

    Funny that adam would later becomes a Hero in the future.

  • Provizorikum
    Provizorikum Month ago

    "..Did I ever tell you the definition of insanity?..."
    Ohh, yeah... when I saw Michael Mando in this SpiderMan cut, instantly come to my mind this line from Far Cry, until now this movie was out of my scope, but after this, I will watch it for sure. :D

  • Keanu Reevwwwiou
    Keanu Reevwwwiou Month ago

    Thor Ragnarok Was Released In 2017? Am I Right?

  • Yellowbee 101
    Yellowbee 101 Month ago

    Rocky is at gotg 2

  • Ali Adel
    Ali Adel Month ago

    These are not after cast liar liar pants on fire

  • dodo dragon
    dodo dragon Month ago

    Who thinks Stan lee filmed parts already to be the one above all

  • Ivan Pacheco
    Ivan Pacheco Month ago

    13:58 Is the one I like the most

  • Chance Andre
    Chance Andre Month ago

    Clink Clink Clink Clink

  • Julie’s Aesthetics

    they really put a shit ton of post credits in gotg v2

  • kunoichi yamori
    kunoichi yamori Month ago

    6:42 human hand thanos???

  • Sonic171000
    Sonic171000 Month ago

    And Endgame was a very stupid movie along with no post credit scene.

  • Lewmel van Putten
    Lewmel van Putten Month ago

    that ship from thor ragnorok is thanos's

  • chepekusanagy
    chepekusanagy Month ago


  • Clenery Aingremont
    Clenery Aingremont Month ago

    2018 without Infinity War and AMATW scenes?

  • David D
    David D Month ago

    Ruffalo vs Norton as Hulk... who did you like better? Aaaaand GO!

  • Eddie Rice
    Eddie Rice Month ago

    lol fucker you cut him off saying lets steal some shit

  • rezaoktovian
    rezaoktovian 2 months ago +1

    20:27 is that hela?

  • LilComeinClutch
    LilComeinClutch 2 months ago

    “Think you’re the only superhero in the world?”
    2008 niggas: :o

    ARCADER RAPPER 2 months ago

    2019 after Credit???

  • conorF
    conorF 2 months ago

    Gotg post credit....was that rlly the music for when baby groot was dancing?

  • GoryTarrafa
    GoryTarrafa 2 months ago

    22:12 Vaas Montenegro :)

  • Steven Jamolin
    Steven Jamolin 2 months ago

    Was that Hela at Guardians of the Galaxy vol. 2?

  • Multako
    Multako 2 months ago

    McFury been here in all Marvel Movies, damn.

  • Mockingjay USA
    Mockingjay USA 2 months ago

    He did have many more stories to tell....