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A Love Letter To Candice

  • Published on Feb 14, 2018
  • dear candice, i really really like you.

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    GENIUS EMINEM 6 days ago

    Candice looks like celine dion

  • Scottishroad35 Pinoy

    Sent this to my husband!! 22 years! This is so nice Casey!!

  • Jessica ZED
    Jessica ZED 9 days ago

    This made me realize no one loves me

    • da grizzla
      da grizzla 9 days ago

      Oh please stop. You and I both know that's far from true. The time will come.

  • Bella Aime
    Bella Aime 18 days ago

    I’m literally crying in class.. I can’t this the custest thing ever 😭❤️

  • Lianna Flores
    Lianna Flores 18 days ago


  • Brad Coret
    Brad Coret 18 days ago +1

    2019 anyone

  • ImNicks
    ImNicks 23 days ago

    Class act

  • Alexander Forrest
    Alexander Forrest 23 days ago

    i cried

  • Megan Lee
    Megan Lee 24 days ago

    This is fucking adorable

  • Alicia cyriac
    Alicia cyriac 24 days ago

    Dammit Casey why you gotta be so romantic

  • bean
    bean 25 days ago +8

    Dear Candice Haters: Let the man love his wife. God, this is so sweet.

  • glo Salazar official vlog

    im speechless Casey

  • J Siegrist
    J Siegrist 27 days ago

    This is a adorable.

  • Tina Hasel
    Tina Hasel 29 days ago

    This is the cutest ❣

  • Aavin Kodein
    Aavin Kodein 29 days ago

    Man you featured two songs in this video.
    Did you get any copyright notice ? Can anybody tell ?
    How to feature copyrighted songs and still monetize your videos
    It would be a great help

  • Linus Madsen
    Linus Madsen Month ago

    Casey you are the man

  • Potato
    Potato Month ago

    4:43 Casey is fuckin ripped wth

  • sithlordsoup
    sithlordsoup Month ago

    Lmao this randomly popped up on recommended

  • louise chang
    louise chang Month ago

    does anyone know where to look up the last song? that particular version? thanks in advance !

  • Rscape Ricci
    Rscape Ricci Month ago +2

    I love the kind of music you used

  • Roger Barraud
    Roger Barraud Month ago

    Soooo freakin' Sappy, Dude!11!

    ...I love it :-)

  • Eeshdeep Singh
    Eeshdeep Singh Month ago

    This gave me such a beautiful idea of how to propose to my future gf.... but when will i find her😭😭

  • Zachary White
    Zachary White Month ago

    the life of an artist

  • Avi Franklin-Casseres

    "I just nutted" 2:09

  • S B
    S B Month ago

    gotta love this guy!

  • maki mako
    maki mako Month ago

    so cute

  • David Galindo
    David Galindo Month ago

    The best film maker in the entire world Casey Neistat, somehow you can touch everyones feelings with this type on videos

  • Ada Angulo
    Ada Angulo Month ago

    This is so cuteeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!

  • Noslo
    Noslo Month ago

    I wanna die

  • Mythical Warrior
    Mythical Warrior Month ago

    Why like and not love

  • Soldier of Life
    Soldier of Life Month ago

    Beautiful story!

  • Elizabeth Lunsford
    Elizabeth Lunsford 2 months ago

    Loved this! (I know this is an old video. Missing the podcast, had to get a Candice & Casey fix.)

  • ASHTON phillips
    ASHTON phillips 2 months ago

    This is very beautiful video very special

  • Mark Emerson
    Mark Emerson 2 months ago

    can we see a letter from Candice to you

  • Gabriela Garcia
    Gabriela Garcia 2 months ago

    candice is so pretty 😭

  • PPare34
    PPare34 2 months ago

    This is just like Dwight and Angela's relationship from the office 😂

  • K8 Gibson
    K8 Gibson 2 months ago

    I aspire to be Candice. Just sayin

  • KJ Richard
    KJ Richard 2 months ago

    wow so he basically loves her for having nothing in common with him lol

  • Samantha Cray
    Samantha Cray 2 months ago

    okay this is the cutest thing

  • Bryan William
    Bryan William 2 months ago

    I love you have every life story footage

  • Cimot Cimot
    Cimot Cimot 2 months ago

    2019*? why not, i love it.

  • Petra Berkley
    Petra Berkley 2 months ago +1

    This is just sweet!

  • Harry Han
    Harry Han 3 months ago

    Candice this dick fit in your mouth.

  • Laura Albanese
    Laura Albanese 3 months ago

    Soooooo late to the Casey Neistat party. First video I’ve watched of Casey’s. To the end. I am a sucker for sap and romance. And yeah I know. Theyre not all like this but ... I picked a good day. Thanks Casey!!

  • Jason Henrriquez
    Jason Henrriquez 3 months ago

    After one year, here I am again watching this amazing video :)

  • Matthew cassidy
    Matthew cassidy 3 months ago

    3:03 Candice getting piped by the ghost of Jim Morrison.

  • nophers2101
    nophers2101 3 months ago

    This is amazing every single video you make is so touching and amazingly inspiring I hope to be like you one day you’re absolutely incredible. Candice is one of a kind and beautiful beyond belief, I know women who automatically stun you like this and she is one of them, you are lucky! Thankyou for inspiring meeeee

  • Jomarie De Miracle
    Jomarie De Miracle 3 months ago

    Who is still watching this video right now , Valentine's Day 2019?

  • Kay Tse
    Kay Tse 3 months ago

    really really a beautiful love story, love you both, and wish all the best to you two.

  • Barb Makes Photos
    Barb Makes Photos 3 months ago

    I'm here becouse it's almost one year and I wish to recieve letter like that one day.

  • Ivan Emma
    Ivan Emma 3 months ago

    I can not be more happy for someone that found the perfect human being for his life. That is such an unique accomplishment.

  • hagxu0wbdmnxjah1xwi gusbxw11nxkaxmiw

    Oh my its gonna be another Valentines day in a few days and im still single but i think im in love now by just watching this over and over

  • Hermit the Log
    Hermit the Log 3 months ago

    Super cute. :)

  • Madelien N
    Madelien N 3 months ago

    casey you’re so cute what the heck

  • Olive Green
    Olive Green 3 months ago

    Why am I crying like a baby at 2:14 in the morning and this is the valentines vlog and I relate to Candice so much cause she’s me 🤧

  • Imdad Jeshin
    Imdad Jeshin 3 months ago +1

    Feb 14 2019 is coming soon.
    another love letter video?

  • Anastasia Film
    Anastasia Film 3 months ago


  • Mr Watto
    Mr Watto 3 months ago +2

    This is so nice.
    I have been given terms before by "the one"
    We split up.

  • Banana Bread
    Banana Bread 3 months ago

    A year later, and I’m still crying

  • Duc Minh Tran
    Duc Minh Tran 3 months ago

    so much feels ❤️

  • razvan radu
    razvan radu 3 months ago

    4:42 nice abs dude ;)

  • Henry Blasi
    Henry Blasi 3 months ago

    White people and their raisins smh

  • jillian
    jillian 3 months ago

    Man among men

  • Mubeen
    Mubeen 4 months ago +2

    Bees do it,even fleas do it. Let's do it

    Let's smash against a window and die

  • aditya kittur
    aditya kittur 4 months ago

    Wowwwwww..... I feel ashamed of myself.. altho thanks! Coz valentines day is just round the corner! :)

  • Zach Butler
    Zach Butler 4 months ago

    What didn’t go to plan in the hospital?

  • DandieWarhol Moneau
    DandieWarhol Moneau 4 months ago

    Wth man! I can't even describe how beautiful this is! You're both lucky for having one another.

  • Sam Hammond
    Sam Hammond 4 months ago

    I just started watching your videos again after a few years. And what the hell happened to your hair?!?!?!

  • Kayla Castelino
    Kayla Castelino 4 months ago

    one of my favorite videos on youtube

  • ПLneu Ц
    ПLneu Ц 4 months ago

    Is she pregnant?

  • Cristian Farcas
    Cristian Farcas 4 months ago

    That's the best vlog on your channel. You 2 are great!

  • rachel wilper
    rachel wilper 4 months ago

    i need a candice in my life.

  • Jasmine HZ
    Jasmine HZ 4 months ago

    I love you for loving her this much.

  • Margherita Bino
    Margherita Bino 5 months ago

    Absolutely loved the video😍

  • Emily Hope
    Emily Hope 5 months ago

    i’m crying this is so cute

  • Thicc_Meat BOII
    Thicc_Meat BOII 5 months ago

    Guys like Casey are extinct...

  • Marie B
    Marie B 5 months ago

    Never leave your raisins near Casey.

  • Stephanie Hosley
    Stephanie Hosley 5 months ago

    Dude! I just might’ve cried through this entire letter! I think this is my favorite video

  • Alisa Nasyrova
    Alisa Nasyrova 5 months ago

    Such an unattractive and repulsive man

  • Mayank Patel
    Mayank Patel 5 months ago

    Those damn onions!

  • Loreley Zambrano
    Loreley Zambrano 6 months ago

    Welp. Should have known better than to watch this while cutting onions. Im not crying, you are.

  • Trang Pham
    Trang Pham 6 months ago

    she married you after knowing you for 3 weeks? haha am I the only one who noticed this?

  • Dennise Mtz
    Dennise Mtz 6 months ago

    This is probably my favorite video

  • Kayla D
    Kayla D 6 months ago

    Aw I just fell in love with you two!!!! I got to show my boyfriend this!!!!

  • Nancy Mesek
    Nancy Mesek 6 months ago

    Now THAT ‘s what I call a love letter.

  • Acekevin 21234
    Acekevin 21234 6 months ago +1

    November anyone

  • Gregg wells
    Gregg wells 6 months ago

    what kind of camera do you use? Great videos!!

  • sarah hessian
    sarah hessian 6 months ago

    Shes a bombshell

  • Vick Dsignz
    Vick Dsignz 6 months ago

    anyone else crying or is just me..

  • Dean Moore
    Dean Moore 6 months ago

    good shit

  • Jaroslav Koritenský
    Jaroslav Koritenský 6 months ago

    3:03 *Twerk*

  • Simon Campos
    Simon Campos 7 months ago

    Where the F does he put the mic????
    I can see the lights and camera but no mic and everything sounds super crisp.

  • Marifer Alcon
    Marifer Alcon 7 months ago

    Such a man

  • sarah s.
    sarah s. 7 months ago

    HOLY SHIT....PEOPLE why the hell are you so fucking sensitive!??

    I am sorry... xD
    but this was too much romance X)))

    ROACH 7 months ago

    This is some cute ass shit

  • Keeshia Amella
    Keeshia Amella 7 months ago


  • Nannerl Channel
    Nannerl Channel 7 months ago


  • Beauty Xpression
    Beauty Xpression 7 months ago

    I love, your love story 🖤

  • It’sOnlyAbbie
    It’sOnlyAbbie 7 months ago

    I was eating raisins while watching this...

  • Fortuna Jimenez
    Fortuna Jimenez 7 months ago

    Aw this is cute