Renovate with me! Home Renovation: Before & After! A Fresh New Start in My New Apartment!

  • Published on Jan 27, 2018
  • Hey guys! If you follow me on my other social media, you probably saw that I moved into a new apartment! And since so many of you guys were interested in a planning
    / renovating / organizing / decorating series, I decided to take you on a journey with me! A journey of a fresh new start! The creation of a happy place where I can work on becoming a better version of myself one day at a time. From self-care and love, decorating and organizing my home, to developing new healthy habits to stay motivated and inspired throughout the day. Everything will be covered! Let’s make our lives a masterpiece, because after all, we only get one canvas!
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  • makoccino
    makoccino  Year ago +126

    Hey guys!!! It's been for ages! But I can finally take you on a journey with me and I hope you enjoy it! What other types of videos would you like to see in this series and how should we call it? Comment down below!!

    • lauren laugh
      lauren laugh Year ago

      makoccino SHOW US EVERYTHING!!!

    • Eaint April Maung
      Eaint April Maung Year ago

      Makoccino,pls make a tutorial how to draw galaxy sky. Luv u! 😘

    • Nuha Rahman
      Nuha Rahman Year ago

      makoccino thank u for liking it

    • Namrata P
      Namrata P Year ago

      Interiors pls... I like the fact that you keep it simple and neat... That's how I want my place to be.

    • Nuha Rahman
      Nuha Rahman Year ago

      Makoccino could u do diy crafts or pencil cases with no sew

  • Heather Stearns
    Heather Stearns 6 months ago

    What white color did you settle on for your craft room walls?

    NATURE THE GIRL 10 months ago

    Sorry but your grandfather is still alive 😳😳

  • FarbCafé
    FarbCafé Year ago

    Lebst du in Deutschland? :o Das hätte ich jedenfalls nicht gedacht ^^

  • Vanda DIAZ
    Vanda DIAZ Year ago

    Will you post the place finished?

  • Vanda DIAZ
    Vanda DIAZ Year ago

    You are a cutie! From Miami Florida

  • 1zanglang
    1zanglang Year ago


  • Tine Bacos
    Tine Bacos Year ago

    just watched this vid this so cute!! hope to see more vids of your lovely home

  • Lê Sathie
    Lê Sathie Year ago

    Hi, I'm so happy ... I just realize that the color you choose it's exactly same a painted my room... love your vídeos! 💖

  • Kwok Fai Ho
    Kwok Fai Ho Year ago

    in hong kong, most people hire workers to do renovation of their homes, you renovate your home with your family, enjoy great satisfaction during the work and build a sense of belonging, i admire you.

  • Helmi Pynnönen
    Helmi Pynnönen Year ago

    It's so cute that your whole family came to help 💗

  • Karen CrookedFingersCraft

    Love that couch!

  • Skylar LacyBookworm

    Will you be doing a tour when you finish moving in/decorating?

  • Beautiful Disasters

    Sprachen Sie Deutsch?

  • Hibbah Fahim
    Hibbah Fahim Year ago

    i love your ideas can u please show us that how to paint a picture with one colour

  • EmilyPorterOfficial

    The plant could do with a cute side table under it!

  • M Grady
    M Grady Year ago

    I loved this video (I just discovered your channel, so I am watching a lot of things). You could call it the "Happy Home" series? I would like to see a video on hanging things on the walls: choosing what to hang, placement, color, etc.

  • Andromeda -
    Andromeda - Year ago

    Im so happy for you!! I remember in older vids you talked about one day you wanted a bigger apartment to work in and im very happy you got there and was able to make it exactly how you want it. I have been watching your videos for a few years and you have inspired me and motivated me to create more and more imagintive art:) i loved your thinking out loud videos the best ❤️❤️
    Thankyou for inspiring me i hope to be as great an artist as you one day ❤️

    • makoccino
      makoccino  Year ago

      Aww you are so sweet! Thank you so much for all your support!

  • Sasumiwo
    Sasumiwo Year ago

    I'd love to see your filming space and art station! Hoping for a home tour!

  • Annabel Lee
    Annabel Lee Year ago

    So happy for you, Mako!! Your place is off to a great start!
    Fun fact: Before I became Miss Keylara, my name was A Fresh New Start xDD

  • Lakshmi Sarvari
    Lakshmi Sarvari Year ago +1

    Omfg the first bird sketch was mine on@theartsyaddiction 😭😭♥️♥️

  • Vanessa Yakubu
    Vanessa Yakubu Year ago +2

    Your so positive about everything ilysm😭😍❤️

  • Yoselin G
    Yoselin G Year ago

    so beautiful! you make me wanna change the floor for my room.

  • Ahiran Sahu
    Ahiran Sahu Year ago

    Makoccino. This is my mom's account. So I can't subscribe. But in my account I have SUBSCRIBED. I request that please make a acrylic painting video in art journal Thursday

  • madan lal Jangeer

    What's on mako why aren't we getting regular videos from u..?🙁please be regular we wait for u☺️

  • kunal pal
    kunal pal Year ago

    Makkon plz tell me the use of agitator

  • Nikki Love
    Nikki Love Year ago

    Good luck in your new place, hope you have a very happy time there, and I'm sure you'll have loads of fun decorating it!

  • Stephanie Nunes
    Stephanie Nunes Year ago

    Makoccino I'm excited for the new video! Where is it!?😄😆😆😆

  • Andrea Yu
    Andrea Yu Year ago


  • pas ananya
    pas ananya Year ago

    Hi I really liked this video
    I want my room a makeover I need an inspiration

  • Deepak L
    Deepak L Year ago

    Can you show room decorating items and easy wall hangings

  • Chelsea Till I Die

    Your amazing and beautiful

  • Anjali Snyder
    Anjali Snyder Year ago

    Just as a random video idea/challenge could you do a full picture using only pink and pastel blue/turquoise? Those are some of my favorite colors and they look really cool together. This is just a request, but you don't have to if you don't want to.🙂

  • Wadhwa Education
    Wadhwa Education Year ago

    Hello mako... I wish you all the luck in the world for your new spectacular beginning....l know you are probably busy these days with the renovation and all........but since you are like a really good friend l'd like to share my thoughts with see that there is an art prodigy 'Autumn de Forest' and really feel that she doesn't deserve the fame she gets through her artworks and l know l should not be boasting but l feel that though l am younger than her but my artworks are better. I wish to express my talent. What should l do?
    Please do see and judge my artwork. You can find it on Pinterest by the name 'Discovering Myself'.
    Yours truly,

  • Alexandra Pavel
    Alexandra Pavel Year ago

    Can you do a canvas painting tutorial? Please, i need it a lot! Btw, i looove your videos!

  • Sierra Trevizo
    Sierra Trevizo Year ago

    Can u do another watercolor painting with sunsets

  • allitha
    allitha Year ago

    i always love your video! it's inspiring. mako can you show me some ideas to decorate my room. sometimes i got a nice one but, i don know how to make it happen

  • YouCanMake Anything

    I recently started a art channel I'm just watching 100's of vids learning you should check me out im looking for tips to improve and better my content it would mean alot

  • ero s
    ero s Year ago

    Yay we are almost 1,000,000 we caan do this guys! Go Mako!
    I love the Room!!

  • Nakshathra Nandana Nakshathra Nandana

    Upload ur next video about ur new apartment

  • A nime
    A nime Year ago


  • Mike Schwarz
    Mike Schwarz Year ago

    Wow great 😀 ❤ but you bougt in a german store? ? It looks so beautiful ☺hugs Ellen from germany

  • Lena
    Lena Year ago

    Loved the paint colors you picked! Nice floors too!

  • Anjana B
    Anjana B Year ago

    Diy wallpaper!..

  • Khaula Maryam
    Khaula Maryam Year ago

    Best Artist ❤(^^)

  • Wendy Marvell
    Wendy Marvell Year ago

    Yo mako
    When you posting drawings or watercolours

  • Jake Frost
    Jake Frost Year ago

    Make a video on your tools you use or prefer please

  • Aimee Hulme
    Aimee Hulme Year ago

    Hey! Love the apartment, we've finally finished decorating and it feel a just like home now. I'm wondering if you have any hints and tips for drawing/painting on black paper. I just got a new sketchbook and I'm stuck! Thanks

  • Riffat Zulfiqar
    Riffat Zulfiqar Year ago

    Could you please do video on notebook usage?Loved the video though.


    Try to make slime and please use materials that are avable in India😊

  • Roseline Lata
    Roseline Lata Year ago

    Makoccino you make me so happy in really sad momments

  • Nimtheriel
    Nimtheriel Year ago

    Mako have you ever tried sewing? You could make some cute decorative pillows for your new couch! I love picking out fabrics ^-^

  • Nina Bunn
    Nina Bunn Year ago

    room decor!

  • Leia M
    Leia M Year ago

    Loved that color you painted that one wall. Looks great!

  • Holly of all trades

    My bed looks so comfortable! Ha ha! Can't wait to come and visit and to pinterest the hell out of your place!!!! Not long now! Woo hoooooo!

  • Acid Amber
    Acid Amber Year ago

    I wish we were allowed to paint our apartment. I dislike the cream and white thats throughout all of the rooms :/ The paint scuffs so easily and doesnt seem to be very high quality so I have a feeling there will be a lot of touch ups required if we ever move.

  • a a
    a a Year ago

    Heyyy, i found you channel just yesterday, and i want to ask you something.. Where are you from? Idk why but i'm really curious :x

  • Vinita K
    Vinita K Year ago

    Plzz do a room decor videos and we love u mako!!

  • Kaiya Jones
    Kaiya Jones Year ago

    She's so adorable and talented I can't handle it

  • Phoebe Carpenter
    Phoebe Carpenter Year ago

    Can you do DIY coasters, maybe, a flower vase? I'm not sure. But I love this! I would love to see more of this!