Demi Lovato, Unfiltered: A Pop Star Removes Her Makeup | Vogue


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  • lukus black
    lukus black 12 hours ago

    The application and removal seems like a horrible waste of time for someone with a face like hers. It's like gluing glitter to a rose.

  • Sophie Lumley
    Sophie Lumley 13 hours ago


  • Naomi Andrew
    Naomi Andrew Day ago

    She is so cute

  • Nishank Mishra
    Nishank Mishra 2 days ago

    Can anyone tell me name of the music played in background

  • Saraswathy Nanjundaswamy


  • tamzid azad
    tamzid azad 2 days ago

    She is still so beautiful without makeup. I like it so much!!💝💝

  • Riah Lacson
    Riah Lacson 2 days ago

    She is sooo beautiful with or without make up. She doesn't need filter. I love her so much! 😘

  • Maria Claudia Quintana Estrada

    Demi is that kind of woman that without makeup she still looking gorgeous

  • library
    library 3 days ago

    She don’t even need a make up

  • Sin kami
    Sin kami 3 days ago

    She looks ugly with make up but very beautiful without it.

  • I am ME
    I am ME 3 days ago

    She still looks good

  • ajay singh
    ajay singh 3 days ago

    wow she is still same

  • Hastee Sak
    Hastee Sak 4 days ago

    Her freckles are so cute!😊

  • mrs crowley
    mrs crowley 4 days ago

    that's about how many makeup wipes i use 😂

  • Bad Gurlll
    Bad Gurlll 4 days ago

    no difference

  • Arundhati Ashok
    Arundhati Ashok 4 days ago

    Demi u look so much more pretty without makeup
    Pls make a vid without any once , it's a request 😍😍😍

  • Irdyna Safia Irman
    Irdyna Safia Irman 4 days ago

    Still Pretty 😁

  • jasmine idir
    jasmine idir 4 days ago +1

    She looks amazing

  • tenzin Choezin
    tenzin Choezin 4 days ago

    Oh god I love her💕

  • Ashiq Ashraf
    Ashiq Ashraf 4 days ago

    She's even cute without a makeup❣️

  • mimie nuanchi manda sangma


  • Hanah S.
    Hanah S. 5 days ago

    Her freckles are so cuuuuuute 😍

  • Vivinu Vivien Toso
    Vivinu Vivien Toso 6 days ago

    She's still so beautiful ❤ I envy😥👑

  • Ab l
    Ab l 6 days ago

    I'm so in love with her oh god it's incredible

  • Ali Saeed
    Ali Saeed 6 days ago

    Her natural beauty looks better than me wearing makeup

  • Aryn Nel
    Aryn Nel 6 days ago


  • Amineh Zakarneh
    Amineh Zakarneh 6 days ago

    She looks great without makeup!

  • J P
    J P 7 days ago

    She's beautiful with or without makeup....I love her😍😘😘😘😘

  • Keya Upreti
    Keya Upreti 7 days ago

    I would be too lazy to remove makeup lol ;)

  • Adele Therese
    Adele Therese 7 days ago

    how does she waste so many wipes? It's terrible.

  • chandani Aryan
    chandani Aryan 9 days ago

    she looks amazing even without makeup

  • Jack Moreno
    Jack Moreno 9 days ago

    With or without make up she is always going to be perfect and beautiful

  • sanjana verma
    sanjana verma 9 days ago

    You look much gorgeous without makeup

  • Saanvi Ghatak
    Saanvi Ghatak 9 days ago

    She looks prettier without makeup...❤️

  • Kezia Pemerena
    Kezia Pemerena 9 days ago

    she's very gorgeous

  • iranna s
    iranna s 9 days ago


  • Khushi Govind
    Khushi Govind 9 days ago

    She's far better without makeup

  • Shreyashi Yadav
    Shreyashi Yadav 10 days ago

    She looks more better without that makeup put up.....

  • Prakriti Gaur
    Prakriti Gaur 11 days ago

    She's beautiful anyways.

  • maryam alnuiami
    maryam alnuiami 11 days ago


  • Glamalicious
    Glamalicious 11 days ago

    She doesn't need makeup!! SONNY ❤️

  • Concetta Gerardi
    Concetta Gerardi 11 days ago

    Without make uo she’s so pretty😍

  • adelene okwuosa
    adelene okwuosa 12 days ago

    She still looks beautiful

  • Tracy mac
    Tracy mac 12 days ago

    i legit see no difference just less oil and dark lines on face ( foundation oil and conture) lighter lashes

  • Mickey chemjong
    Mickey chemjong 12 days ago

    can anyone tell me what is the message of this commercial video???

  • Ayush Anand
    Ayush Anand 12 days ago

    Remove the heroine too

  • bace cells
    bace cells 12 days ago

    She's still pretty and very good looking even with unpainted face

  • Sejal Rai
    Sejal Rai 12 days ago

    She look gorgeous without makeup

  • Loveforlife
    Loveforlife 12 days ago

    Beautiful without make up

  • Shafna Fahick
    Shafna Fahick 13 days ago

    Demi is beautiful with or without makeup ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  • khushi darnal
    khushi darnal 13 days ago

    She looks much younger without makeup, she's beautiful 😃

  • Aditi Kotwal
    Aditi Kotwal 13 days ago

    Demi you are so gorgeous! ❤

  • Amiya Santosh
    Amiya Santosh 13 days ago

    She looks friendly without makeup

  • Amiya Santosh
    Amiya Santosh 13 days ago

    Why does everyone have more eyelashes than me

  • Emelie Drawns
    Emelie Drawns 13 days ago

    shes still gorgeous and has the most perfect teeth

  • call me KlKl ADAMS
    call me KlKl ADAMS 13 days ago

    Her frekals though she is so cute

    VANYA TIWARI 13 days ago

    Wow! She's super pretty

  • UMA koshy
    UMA koshy 13 days ago


  • Dandoona :3
    Dandoona :3 13 days ago

    Tell me why I thought this was a make up remover ad😂😂

  • R Medha
    R Medha 13 days ago

    She looks younger without make up

  • Sofiet V
    Sofiet V 13 days ago

    I tot that Demi outgrew mitchi in camp Rock no more bangs n all n I was like she grew up😥 but then after she removed her makeup n smiled it was like she's mitchi again😍 my heart literally danced😍😍

  • سلمان جردان
    سلمان جردان 13 days ago

    You look so much better without any makeup

  • Ruhana Tahreen
    Ruhana Tahreen 13 days ago

    I love her hair natural, as it is and can I just say that her natural eyelashes are also beyond amazing

  • Aira Mae Guyab
    Aira Mae Guyab 13 days ago

    Beautiful Demi

  • Tara Djekic
    Tara Djekic 14 days ago

    Soo sweet❤

  • Kayla Williams
    Kayla Williams 14 days ago

    Demi looks pretty and beautiful without makeup she amazing person

  • Nelize Van Aswegen
    Nelize Van Aswegen 14 days ago

    She's gorgeous

  • CookiePleb Jordan! /FireFox Studios

    She looks good without makeup...

  • Guinnevere’s Chronicles

    I don’t thank she needs makeup. She looks like an absolute goddess without it

  • Medha Gupta
    Medha Gupta 14 days ago

    Whatta beauty this one !

  • Ayesha Namirah
    Ayesha Namirah 14 days ago

    She looks naturally more beautiful nd her smile 😻😻😻😻😻😻

  • Miette Nelson
    Miette Nelson 14 days ago

    She so pretty without her makeup!!

  • Audrey Burton
    Audrey Burton 15 days ago

    she's even more gorgeous without makeup! wowowwowow!!!!!!

  • Marym Sabry
    Marym Sabry 15 days ago

    My DD😍😘

  • Celeste Aberle
    Celeste Aberle 15 days ago

    Omg those freckles!!

  • Miriam Mbo
    Miriam Mbo 15 days ago

    She's sooooo pretty ,she don't even need make up

  • byeout
    byeout 15 days ago

    this video is highly satisfying . i oddly love the Beethoven music too 🤪💀

  • lovetolose
    lovetolose 15 days ago

    How is she so pretty?
    I turn out like: 🦄->🐴

  • Margot S
    Margot S 15 days ago

    She's beautiful even without makeup

  • Dywaniczkayt 1500
    Dywaniczkayt 1500 16 days ago

    Demi is my baby💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕

  • afranin sesi
    afranin sesi 16 days ago


  • Rebecca Lepcha
    Rebecca Lepcha 16 days ago +1

    DEMI LOVATO have a beautiful face , heart with loyalty, and brain with full of talent. ❤❤❤❤❤❤

  • Anjali Jalwan
    Anjali Jalwan 16 days ago

    She's so dang beautiful

  • Harsha Tambake
    Harsha Tambake 16 days ago

    without make-up she is so beautiful!!!... natural beauty!!

  • Ashley Britney Slone
    Ashley Britney Slone 17 days ago

    My baby

  • Béatrice Mabanza
    Béatrice Mabanza 17 days ago


  • Swag Girl
    Swag Girl 17 days ago

    So relaxing

  • Unicorn ariana grande
    Unicorn ariana grande 18 days ago

    Her freckles are the cutest
    Why hide them?

  • sonal pancholi
    sonal pancholi 18 days ago

    She still looks good

  • Avantika Sankhe
    Avantika Sankhe 18 days ago

    This is probably the tenth time I'm watching this and such beautiful eyes ❤️

  • ranjana dutta
    ranjana dutta 18 days ago

    She looks prettier and younger without make-up...

  • Anjali Mahesh
    Anjali Mahesh 18 days ago +1


  • Emma Dya
    Emma Dya 18 days ago

    She's still gorgeous, even without makeup 😍😍😍

  • Ahsan Ash
    Ahsan Ash 19 days ago

    I Swear She Looks More Beautiful Without Makeup

  • Parmis .A
    Parmis .A 20 days ago

    U still look so good even better without make up

  • Ashley Kristine
    Ashley Kristine 20 days ago

    She looks even more better with no makeup 👎🙅💄💋👑

  • Aischa Banna
    Aischa Banna 21 day ago

    A Queen. She saved my life. I love her so so much

  • Priya Hothi
    Priya Hothi 21 day ago

    Oh she’s still so gorgeous

  • Ameerah Cassamally
    Ameerah Cassamally 21 day ago

    She looks better without makeup

  • Anushka Roy
    Anushka Roy 21 day ago

    She looks totally awesome without makeup...
    She looks like the young version of herself while h she was in cap'n rock...