Demi Lovato, Unfiltered: A Pop Star Removes Her Makeup | Vogue


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  • Esther Petit Frere
    Esther Petit Frere 5 minutes ago

    She is adorable with or without makeup she is even prettier than me

  • Inspired By Marla
    Inspired By Marla 26 minutes ago

    You’re so beautiful with and without I wish I was that beautiful 😫😫

  • Bizzelcgn *.*
    Bizzelcgn *.* Hour ago +1

    Still gorgeous....

  • Kaavya Salian
    Kaavya Salian 3 hours ago

    Yaassss my Queen slay🖤🖤🖤

  • RachelStewartVEVO
    RachelStewartVEVO 4 hours ago +1

    I thought she has naturally long hair....

  • Rose Kauffmann
    Rose Kauffmann 4 hours ago

    much more beautiful without make-up !!!!!

  • Ciro Miele
    Ciro Miele 9 hours ago

    i thought she was Kim Kardashian

  • Alifiya Ramna
    Alifiya Ramna 9 hours ago

    She looks the same!!! GORGEOUS

  • Maggie Rose
    Maggie Rose 12 hours ago

    She’s beautiful

  • Nikki- Lamm
    Nikki- Lamm 13 hours ago

    Shes absolutely stunning 💖

  • Cameron Hocking
    Cameron Hocking 15 hours ago

    love this

  • Erika Delacruz
    Erika Delacruz 16 hours ago

    Wow ii was very entertained

  • Ashlyn L
    Ashlyn L 18 hours ago

    She doesn't even need makeup

  • Noemi Nagy
    Noemi Nagy 20 hours ago

    Her made up look is so tacky

  • Yue Ling
    Yue Ling 21 hour ago

    mds ela ta muito gorda

  • Binyamin Javaid
    Binyamin Javaid 22 hours ago

    she looks the same but with longer hair with make up

  • anonimo anonimo
    anonimo anonimo Day ago

    She is always beautiful

  • felix kjellberg
    felix kjellberg Day ago

    1:14 she looks so beautiful

  • loannie gonzales

    Demi looks very beautiful with or without makeup 😘

  • ZH 55
    ZH 55 Day ago


  • Melissa Rondon
    Melissa Rondon Day ago

    She still having makeup in her face

  • Rdeklie B.March
    Rdeklie B.March Day ago

    Omg shes adorable in love

  • Naz
    Naz Day ago

    rip for wet towels

  • just videos
    just videos Day ago

    She is BEAUTIFUL💖💖

  • Kety. Kety
    Kety. Kety Day ago


  • Wt Ff
    Wt Ff 2 days ago

    Now she’s fat

  • simply d
    simply d 2 days ago

    Minimal makeup? Probably. No makeup? Doubt it. She looks like she has some neutral colored lip gloss, and it looks like her eyebrows are done as well. Fuzz filter smooths the pores and soft lighting help too. I'm not saying she isn't naturally beautiful, but Vogue is still using some tricks to raise the beauty bar.

  • Xime mtz
    Xime mtz 2 days ago

    Beautiful ❤❤😍

  • Nicolle
    Nicolle 2 days ago

    She is beautiful with and without makeup.

  • Moonlight Js
    Moonlight Js 2 days ago


  • Asen Jmir
    Asen Jmir 2 days ago

    Gorgeous... 💓💓💕💕💕😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😘😘😘😘💕💕💕 demi

  • Asen Jmir
    Asen Jmir 2 days ago

    I love demi's skin

  • Asen Jmir
    Asen Jmir 2 days ago

    OMG I love it

  • Afzal Aminjonov
    Afzal Aminjonov 2 days ago

    What is the background song name?

  • Learleana Trimmer
    Learleana Trimmer 2 days ago

    They Should Call This *Get Unready With Demi Lovato*

  • Keona Slade
    Keona Slade 2 days ago

    She doesn't even need makeup

  • Eliz kya
    Eliz kya 2 days ago

    Wow. Speechless. She’s beautiful both ways!

  • SPKPS Afridi
    SPKPS Afridi 2 days ago

    U r beautiful

  • Violle Skurk
    Violle Skurk 2 days ago

    Demi looks so cute without makeup😍😍💚💚

  • monkey brains
    monkey brains 3 days ago

    She looks better without makeup

  • Krystal pz
    Krystal pz 3 days ago

    Tiene una piel perfecta

  • Berli Tyas
    Berli Tyas 3 days ago

    She..... Looks the same...

  • Kenny John
    Kenny John 3 days ago

    Wow she's pretty

  • sonofaangelea
    sonofaangelea 3 days ago +1

    when she popped off the nails i SCREAMED!!! queen!!

  • Lenzuolo Bianco
    Lenzuolo Bianco 3 days ago

    Is it me or the last 4 or 5 vogue’s videos are filmed in a better quality and even the contenute is something more interesting?

  • Dina Winther
    Dina Winther 3 days ago

    You look much better without make up💕

  • senne Franssen
    senne Franssen 3 days ago

    she really don't need makeup!!

  • Nuha Saleh
    Nuha Saleh 3 days ago +1

    Name of music 🎶

  • Nuha Saleh
    Nuha Saleh 3 days ago +1

    Name of music Please

  • Luna Digioia
    Luna Digioia 3 days ago

    Without make up she looks younger and adorable😍😍

  • Cookie :3
    Cookie :3 3 days ago

    She's so pretty , now I want to remove my makeup and cry

  • P Daniels
    P Daniels 3 days ago

    God she's gorgeous without makeup. You ROCK those freckles, girl

  • dark gyspy
    dark gyspy 3 days ago

    she is gorgeous without and with makeup

  • Briana Porras
    Briana Porras 3 days ago

    She’s so beautiful

  • Amalie præst
    Amalie præst 3 days ago

    Soooo... beautiful whit out makeup

  • Nadine Bass
    Nadine Bass 4 days ago

    demi you beautiful girl!

  • Stefano Dcb
    Stefano Dcb 4 days ago

    Is she that chubby?

  • Lexi Corner
    Lexi Corner 4 days ago

    Still beautiful

  • Korisniknovi
    Korisniknovi 4 days ago

    She's looking way better without make-up?!

  • Tide Pods
    Tide Pods 4 days ago

    She is still super pretty with makeup on

  • mimangsha yonzon
    mimangsha yonzon 4 days ago

    How does people look beautiful without makeup?😍😘

  • Levan
    Levan 4 days ago

    With or without make up Demi is beautiful all around!!! LOVE YOU DEMI 💕

  • Ellie Ebner
    Ellie Ebner 4 days ago

    She honestly looks the same without her makup 😍

  • Aly Kat
    Aly Kat 4 days ago

    Demi is the CUTEST without makeup 😍

  • Faeez Hendricks
    Faeez Hendricks 4 days ago

    Simply gorgeous without Makeup

  • Pug Ren
    Pug Ren 4 days ago

    make up is stupid, stop telling people you cant be proud of who you really are

  • Dayra Michelle
    Dayra Michelle 4 days ago

    She is naturally beautiful!

  • anonymousandcool
    anonymousandcool 4 days ago

    She looks SO. MUCH. Better with the adorable short hair and no makeup. I think her freckles make her face come alive and her real eye and lashes are so much prettier than that morbid clown pallet

  • Malibu
    Malibu 4 days ago


  • Elliyah Lovely
    Elliyah Lovely 4 days ago

    nah shes so beautiful

  • yaharia vlogs
    yaharia vlogs 4 days ago

    She still have that baby face without makeup

  • moonlightbae G
    moonlightbae G 4 days ago

    she is absolutely gorgeous

  • Girls From Academics

    She looks so much better without it but she is beautiful in each way

  • Oppa!! Sarange!!
    Oppa!! Sarange!! 4 days ago

    So beautiful naturaly with and without makeup

  • Kavika Maharaj
    Kavika Maharaj 4 days ago


  • The Polish Panda
    The Polish Panda 4 days ago

    Wow she looks exactly the same, WHAT a surprise honestly

  • yoshi iha
    yoshi iha 5 days ago

    wow!! Demi!! love you sweetie😉💕

  • RoseNatural
    RoseNatural 5 days ago

    She's so beautiful with and without. Also those freckles doe 😍

  • karen texeira
    karen texeira 5 days ago

    Why you so perfectttt? Omg really beautiful.. Natural beauty ❤😍

  • Isabelle de Hond
    Isabelle de Hond 5 days ago

    This is one of the many reasons why I love her 💖💖💖😘

  • Amy Rxxks4u
    Amy Rxxks4u 5 days ago

    I just love natural demi

  • Bakov Beatrice
    Bakov Beatrice 5 days ago

    So beautiful.Gorgeous with and without makeup.Oh Demi I love you so much.!

  • Monika Sienkiewicz
    Monika Sienkiewicz 5 days ago

    Beautiful women and amazing singer 😘

  • *GRAHAM* -
    *GRAHAM* - 5 days ago +1

    She actually no need to wear makeup

  • Anna VT
    Anna VT 5 days ago

    All that paper waste...

  • afine al maghribiyate hania

    her real face 1.14 ! when she puts make up she acts like a different person ..her alter ago

  • afine al maghribiyate hania

    unreconizable !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! .. before i marry i will ask my wife to remove completly her make up

  • Rudy Marquez
    Rudy Marquez 5 days ago +1

    She already looked different without them earings

  • Mary Catherine Gallagher

    OMG, love this video, so pretty!

  • Andres Gomez
    Andres Gomez 6 days ago +1


  • JudyElf
    JudyElf 6 days ago +1

    OMG! She look a little bit like Cardi B :D

  • rbsoccer2517
    rbsoccer2517 6 days ago

    jesus christ she is gorgeous without the makeup

  • __Yuki__
    __Yuki__ 6 days ago

    Why do I feel like she looks much better without makeup..

  • Ritrina Wilson
    Ritrina Wilson 6 days ago

    Omg flawless even without makeup😍😍😘

  • Metta Y.
    Metta Y. 6 days ago

    sooooo prettyy

  • Aleyna Çiftçi
    Aleyna Çiftçi 6 days ago


  • Sehaj K Maini
    Sehaj K Maini 6 days ago

    She looks SO much better without the make up. Lol.

  • Joseph Tafur
    Joseph Tafur 6 days ago

    Beautiful with or without makeup, even going as far as tearing of those hair extensions, makes me love demi even more and respect her even more.

  • zinowor
    zinowor 6 days ago

    she looks better without the make-up
    i dont like make-up because it makes every woman look the same, embrace your diversity ladies!

  • Christina Livingstone

    You're beautiful