Are Walmart Gaming PCs actually THAT bad?

  • Published on Dec 2, 2018
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    The new OverPowered line of gaming PC's from Walmart got slammed by other reviewers. While they do not sell these in Canada, we went down to US and got one to see for ourselves.
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Comments • 12 302

  • VancouverCanucksRock
    VancouverCanucksRock 19 hours ago

    Wow, they are trying to Dazzle the user with the crazy Lights...I wonder why that would be, hmmmmm?

  • K.Bobcat
    K.Bobcat 19 hours ago

    I know im just a beginner at pc components and their performance but i did not understand half the things this guy said

  • xD Rain
    xD Rain 19 hours ago

    2:52 turn captions on 😂

  • kermin
    kermin 19 hours ago

    12:50 - How else would they make profit?

  • MATRIX 305
    MATRIX 305 19 hours ago

    whattt you photo the video have 2 face xd

  • Daruyos Daruyos
    Daruyos Daruyos 19 hours ago

    *But can it run........*


  • Jerkimer James
    Jerkimer James 19 hours ago

    It's a Wallmart PC, for Wallmart shoppers. When I think Wallmart, I think the ignorant pennywise pound foolish. If you want a gaming pc as a gamer, just get a PlayStation. For technophobes get Apple. For tech geeks and nerds spec out your Gaming PC that is also your server, workstation, streamer, VPN gateway, web portal, virtual servers for AI neuro-net.

  • TrashPanda 365
    TrashPanda 365 19 hours ago

    I actually really like the look of that case. It kind of reminds me of my Thermaltake Suppressor F31 case, though mine is vastly superior in performance.

  • Display Name
    Display Name 19 hours ago

    The best gaming rigs are the ones you build yourself!

  • Rylan Anderson
    Rylan Anderson 19 hours ago

    "hard drive vs SSD doesn't effect game performance" come on now. Try Paragon on a HDD vs an SSD.

  • MikMizer
    MikMizer 20 hours ago

    I think you are overreacting a liil bit its not that bad of a setup for the money

  • Connor Kelley
    Connor Kelley 20 hours ago

    I didn’t understand a damn thing he said

  • BigRu
    BigRu 20 hours ago

    *Realizes Walmart PC's are still better than mine*

  • Willy Wonka
    Willy Wonka 20 hours ago

    Nice snap on screw driver

  • BigRu
    BigRu 20 hours ago

    ok listen i know you didnt like the pc Linus but if u dont want it i will gladly take it im over here with a shitty pc that struggles to run GTA a bit..

  • scott kaefer
    scott kaefer 20 hours ago

    If i spent 1400 on a gaming pc and found out it was shit i would literally blow the fuck up

  • ItzAxthonyTG
    ItzAxthonyTG 20 hours ago

    nine words: buy from hp or microsoft and no one else

  • Anony Mous
    Anony Mous 20 hours ago

    i have a gtx 670 4g sc on a msi z270 board with a corsair i3 7300 4.0ghz processor on an 850w gold modular and 8g ballistix ram with a 1tb intel 540s ssd and a 2tb seagate 7200 rpm hard drive with a rosewill case with the tempered glass slightly like this and rgb fans and ive paid about $150 personally on this build myself. just got my girlfriend a msi gtx 970 that has fan problems without afterburner running yet is 4g sc for $45 as well to add to the asus office pc with an evga 750 modular psu powering an i5 650 processor, 16g ripjaws ddr3 ram, and blue led fans front and back with a clear side i made out of plastic and velcroed all over so she has her own see through pc. lol (her pc was the old pc i used for about 7 years and shes had for 6 months now that can now run anything with the video card, i used to have an asus radeon 7770 2g card and i could run anything until 2016 on ultra with that pc. including skyrim with all 4k textures and render distance and about 230 mods. the processor at the time was choking it though she doesnt run heavy games, thats the only reason i took this pc)
    although this is something i would definitely love to be able to do. have a show where i can do tech stuff and speak opinions and actually teach things that people dont understand like the boost in performance for the processing power actually splitting the ram will do rather than running it in a single slot. And id love to be able to build and sell affordable pcs like mine, instead of seeing people get ripped off by pre built machines especially from companies like alienware acting like they actually do gaming.

  • Adil Chouqui
    Adil Chouqui 20 hours ago

    the most annoying review ever.

  • Timothy Murphy
    Timothy Murphy 20 hours ago

    for what its worth..this is Wally Woirld's first attempt at a gaming PC.. (not that I didn't try to get them to get into the low end gaming PC when I worked there the better part of 20 years ago or anything..:P)
    now just imagine if they used the $100 difference between their system and the Omen you used for comparison on:
    * a case with USB3 front ports
    * switched to 2 8GB sticks of ram
    * used a closer to full ATX mobo
    * and just used basic RGB lighting (instead of that set with more light configs than any gamer would likely ever consider thinking about)
    for kicks, you should try swapping that single 16 stick for 2 8's and retry the benchmarks

  • Big Facts
    Big Facts 20 hours ago

    I still have no idea wtf he said not trying to be funny in irl im just shaking my head like i know whats hes talking about

  • DngnRdr
    DngnRdr 20 hours ago

    At least you got the system you ordered - GN got ripped off.

  • Milton Waddams
    Milton Waddams 20 hours ago

    might be possible that instead of charging a little more they used hardware from 5+ years ago or longer ...well Wal-Mart I guess

  • Doktor Slump
    Doktor Slump 21 hour ago +1

    Tbh... You sound biased af like walmart hurt your feelings or some shit

  • Jake Vilha
    Jake Vilha 21 hour ago

    2.7k people disliked the video haha probably salty because they bought this junky Walmart computer.

  • JB Gameplay
    JB Gameplay 21 hour ago

    6:10 My Cpu stesstest was a 1532 with a Ryzen 1700X
    My fan only has one color and thats blue.. btw the wallmart looks beter at 9:30.... ?

  • Astralius
    Astralius 21 hour ago

    2.7k people partition their harddrives.

  • Lazerous
    Lazerous 21 hour ago

    I need help building the best possible $400 pc, it should be built before christmas (within 1 week) so hopefully you can respond to me as soon as possible.

  • Patrick
    Patrick 21 hour ago

    OP wins this one

  • bryan joiner
    bryan joiner 21 hour ago

    great wall makes corsair psu's

  • looneyburgmusic
    looneyburgmusic 21 hour ago

    There really is no reason for any video outputs on a desktop motherboard... It serves zero purpose.

  • Michael Contario
    Michael Contario 21 hour ago

    GamerNexas already did this...

  • Noscopes Allowed
    Noscopes Allowed 21 hour ago

    Oh man imagine all the poor guys getting this for Christmas...

    • Noscopes Allowed
      Noscopes Allowed 21 hour ago

      +bryan joiner I mean yeah, but I was making a joke

    • bryan joiner
      bryan joiner 21 hour ago

      yeah poor guy gets a gtx 1070 and an 8700. poor, poor guy.

  • REALSlutHunter
    REALSlutHunter 21 hour ago

    Noob ! Maybe you need 26 years of pc & coding expierence like me.
    If you (or something different) fuck up windows, and the fucking repair function dont work, so that you must install windows again (so that Windows will format C:) you lose all your important data when it's just on C !
    Important Data: Porn, Iso Files, Games+Cracks, Music, Photos, Work stuff, Family Videos, Family Photos ...........anything that you cant get back easily !
    Important Data should never ever stored on fucking C: ! Just noobs use the Document & Settings Folder
    You can look your self out from your Files, when you place stuff in Document & Settings\User\ and you reinstall Windows.
    Fucking Windows always do some indexing and other shit in the background from C.
    Accessing from D is faster !
    And placing the swap file to another partition is faster too.
    Why 4 Partitions ?
    Partition 1
    Important Data
    Swap File
    Stock Backup from Partition 1

  • Henry Bowring-McDonough

    I watch this video to feel stupid

  • LaMott Jackson
    LaMott Jackson 21 hour ago

    Is anyone really that surprised that this system would suck?, I'm not.

  • JD Green Gaming
    JD Green Gaming 21 hour ago

    Op is shit

  • iHaveOneArm
    iHaveOneArm 21 hour ago

    Fun fact every review of these computers I've seen all share the "graphics card isn't plugged in" deal

  • Stewart Smith
    Stewart Smith 21 hour ago

    Wonder why they don't sell them in Canada?

  • ECDT1089
    ECDT1089 21 hour ago

    Walmart makes gaming PCs?? Ahhh ha ha ha ha ha!!

  • Team Panda
    Team Panda 22 hours ago

    Wait he lives in Canada.

  • bahorized
    bahorized 22 hours ago

    What the hell is walmart?

  • zoink
    zoink 22 hours ago


  • Stuart Black
    Stuart Black 22 hours ago

    You went into it expecting the worst and looking for problems.

  • Mr. Blueboy
    Mr. Blueboy 22 hours ago

    This is sketchy... yikes. I am sticking to other brands that are better.

  • Jeff Schatz
    Jeff Schatz 22 hours ago

    Walmart isn't known for their computers in the past ended up with a Celeron E-Machines by today's standards this PC is a Walmart failure as was the one I had about 10 or 15 years ago or so.

  • Sam W
    Sam W 22 hours ago

    Oh man, this is no Buenos for Walmart.... Could've done a lot better. Good review.

  • Steffi
    Steffi 22 hours ago

    at least the lights are cool

  • Wardude3000
    Wardude3000 22 hours ago +1

    Can someone explain to me the difference between USB 2 and USB 3?

  • Mr. K
    Mr. K 22 hours ago

    it runs the same apps at about the same speed, at a lower cost,... whats the problem?
    if you dont spend an arm and a leg you don't feel too bad upgrading in a few years to the newest and fastest.

  • Mr. K
    Mr. K 23 hours ago

    Boy have you voided your warranty

  • Bcgden
    Bcgden 23 hours ago

    Lmao I love how Walmart is making money off of this pc just because of reviewers

  • Koruvax
    Koruvax 23 hours ago

    Why is OpenBSD's Blowfish on the box?

  • LxcalDog
    LxcalDog 23 hours ago

    Is it OKAY or GOOD for fortnite.

  • Matt Bros
    Matt Bros 23 hours ago

    Whos this Linus Retard ?

  • İlker Ozturk
    İlker Ozturk 23 hours ago

    They must sell the fans and fan controls. That can shot big. :D

  • Eire Finn
    Eire Finn 23 hours ago

    Oh there Canadian, so they just say sorry to Walmart

  • Chaos Cocoa
    Chaos Cocoa 23 hours ago

    "This latest ripoff will bring in big cash. But only if people don't know it's a ripoff. How do we stop LinusTechTips from reviewing it?"
    "That's a problem. Don't sell it in Canada?"
    "Excellent! He'll never get his hands on it if we don't sell it in Canada!"

  • ARoscoe360
    ARoscoe360 23 hours ago

    2:55 "OH PENIS" (sniffs fingers)

  • Thomas Mueller
    Thomas Mueller 23 hours ago

    you guys are nitpicking the shit out of this thing when my 2000$ ibuypower is exactly the same lol

  • Just a Friend
    Just a Friend 23 hours ago

    Linus. Turn off the goddamn computer you fiend when you open it. You are a tech man

  • astfDRONE
    astfDRONE 23 hours ago

    Lienus can you do a scrap yard war in England it will be interesting because you won’t know any of the companies

  • Barrett Lewis
    Barrett Lewis 23 hours ago

    Consider that when one of us builds a computer, it's one persons vision and labor. The mismatch of priorities here is due to the design-by-committee approach to this being produced. Someone spec'ed it from requirements (like "xtreme aesthetics", "modern games are playable") someone contracted procurement of parts probably direct from manufacturers, then someone else managed (or contracted out) assembly. The cable management was probably not even done in the same factory as
    the usb 3 cable (probably the same people who forgot the pcie plug). "They're only charging $60 for assembly" is wrong, the price of parts to you is with retail markup on every part whereas walmart is buying them wholesale, giving them $300+ extra to play with, even *if* they were buying the same hardware. In product design, over-engineering is bad engineering. Every cent saved on parts while meeting "xtreme aesthetics"/"modern games are playable" makes the product more viable. So the PSU is chintzy. And that crazy motherboard: they needed something that could seat that processor and video card, and to do that as cheap as possible... and found some unknown Chinese OED to deliver something for dirt cheap. But, oh no! It's got sketchtown USB3 support!?! Oh well. Most people who'd buy a gaming pc at walmart (think parents buying 15 year old timmy an xmas present) would probably never notice transfers speeds over USB if they ever even do that. Just saying it's not that weird, it's just not as coherent as when one guy specs and builds a pc.

  • Roberto Segura Arciga
    Roberto Segura Arciga 23 hours ago

    Regálamela si no te gusta :v

  • Hard Truth
    Hard Truth 23 hours ago

    Three things that are certain:
    If it is too good to be true, it is...
    You get what you pay for....

  • Norriko
    Norriko Day ago

    Linus: Buys Pc from walmart
    Linus: Finds cheap parts
    Linus: *pikachu :O meme*

  • PapayaMan
    PapayaMan Day ago

    God this dude is a geek

  • Anthemkill
    Anthemkill Day ago

    What program is he running for the stress tests?

  • Rob van de burgt

    should we spend money on a decent motherboard, ram and psu? nha invest it into RGB

  • El Spaghet
    El Spaghet Day ago

    In the thumbnail if you look at the computer case the reflection of Linus’s face is different

  • Reginald Holt
    Reginald Holt Day ago

    The reason there are nuggets of quality is that they probably skimped on the budget for parts but hired competent people to put it together.

  • Guille Trovato
    Guille Trovato Day ago

    I would love to meet you dude.

  • eyang7
    eyang7 Day ago

    glad i built mine just watching how to video youtube lmao =-)

  • Rocket
    Rocket Day ago

    Seems nice for a prebuilt.

  • R E T R Oレトロ
    R E T R Oレトロ Day ago +1

    the Walmart gaming mouse isn't that bad actually

  • Zach Burton
    Zach Burton Day ago

    so is it good?

  • Mightymousy Shnikins

    I think the problem you are having is trying to apply big budget logic to small budget products. When all is said and done, the only thing that matters is does it perform. I would say it does. None of the discrepancies you brought up matter to someone looking for a budget gaming rig. They just want to play the games without lag or poor frame rates. Again, from what I can tell, it does just that.

  • Zach Gilbert
    Zach Gilbert Day ago

    never feel bad for shyting on walmart if they were held to any standard they would rule the world but nobody does they just put their hands up and say eh its walmart who cares about all the money i just spent . in the mean time i have to replace the psu, motherboard and re seat everything and upgrade the ram so this is basically a locked cpu with chassis and gpu for 1500 everything else they were just going to scrap so all the extras mean very little when they skimped so hard on the actual mobo and cpu and hd.ram and psu and again has anyone checked to see if these are legit gtx cards delid that gpu and wipe off the paste let us all know ltt.
    thanks for the review .


    do walmart vs microcenter vs best buy Gaming PCs

  • Puzzle
    Puzzle Day ago

    I don't like rgb lights there annoying af when your playing dark games and its a lights show next to you that's lighting up the entire room.

  • Drake Wolfgang
    Drake Wolfgang Day ago

    whats wrong with vga

  • Hafenloewe
    Hafenloewe Day ago

    Why are you video taping in Ikea?

  • Gurjeet Brar
    Gurjeet Brar Day ago

    drywall saw to open a package !!! lol

  • ibrahim iqbal
    ibrahim iqbal Day ago

    my laptop is a 300 british pound 381.93 dollars and has usb 3 and its 2016

  • cbmetalgod88
    cbmetalgod88 Day ago

    This is the second Walmart OverPowered PC where the gpu power source was disconnected. I'm curious if they're forcing people to open it up and void their warranty.

  • NO U
    NO U Day ago

    Well if u don't like it can u send it to me into central Europe cuz I'm playing games like csgo on radeon 6800 hd

  • Robert Reed
    Robert Reed Day ago

    you sound like trudoe.....

  • nik pik
    nik pik Day ago


  • Luke Magnar
    Luke Magnar Day ago

    This guy is annoying. Just give us the fucking review instead of your bitchy constipated rambling.

  • Vezeanu Mihai
    Vezeanu Mihai Day ago

    who istalls a pc in a kitchen

  • Lorenc Turku
    Lorenc Turku Day ago

    Lol look at the thumbnail the relfection and the face are not the same 😅

  • DarkShadowsX5
    DarkShadowsX5 Day ago

    im surprised TVcliprs are now reviewing Walmart gaming PCs.

  • jaime torres
    jaime torres Day ago

    Idk how I watched the whole video I didn’t understand a thing he said

  • Conner Pace
    Conner Pace Day ago

    Okay to be fair those fan patterns are pretty cool.

  • Spuddywesker
    Spuddywesker Day ago

    but its for gamers guys

  • Forgotten Noob
    Forgotten Noob Day ago

    Walmart gaming laptops are good. So I bought a gaming pc the shits a BEAST!

  • Sotem
    Sotem Day ago

    "There's these sprinklings of competance." LMAO

  • Gard Myhr
    Gard Myhr Day ago

    which pc do you reccomnd? or should i waint for next generation pc?


    ultimate virgin channel

  • piwypd0
    piwypd0 Day ago

    ohh linus got himself a new kick partner to make fun of