Childish Gambino - This Is America (Official Video)

  • Published on May 6, 2018
  • “This is America” by Childish Gambino
    Director: Hiro Murai
    Producer: Jason Cole of Doomsday with Ibra Ake and Fam Rothstein of Wolf + Rothstein
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  • DIOGO Fernando Cardoso
    DIOGO Fernando Cardoso 11 hours ago

    T3ddy alguém veio

  • Mr.M8 Kinda
    Mr.M8 Kinda 11 hours ago +1

    Guns don’t kill people people kill people

  • Dario Aballay
    Dario Aballay 12 hours ago

    No entiendo mucho el video y la letra
    Pero me re copa el estilo, es muy pegadizo🔥

  • Grupo Dos CraftTM
    Grupo Dos CraftTM 12 hours ago

    2 0 1 9

  • EDITvine tmj
    EDITvine tmj 12 hours ago +1


    • AIRYYY
      AIRYYY 11 hours ago


  • Prashanth Prashanth
    Prashanth Prashanth 12 hours ago

    why laughing at Him

  • Raccoon 343
    Raccoon 343 12 hours ago

    Literally nobody
    Chicago : yes

  • Cosmosis Glaxx
    Cosmosis Glaxx 12 hours ago

    "They gonna find you like blocka" (Blaow (gun sound)) *He makes the gun sign and everybody runs away*

  • Keyon R
    Keyon R 12 hours ago +1

    So no one is going to talk about how good he danced @3:13 ?

  • Really Really cool yes
    Really Really cool yes 13 hours ago

    yeah you suck

  • Modzi-modzi
    Modzi-modzi 13 hours ago

    I'm afraid of this video...this is so horrible ! I'm french and I decided to boycott this country until there is a change. *First, Why the hell are there so many guns in this country ?*

  • anon sandifer
    anon sandifer 13 hours ago

    A true master piece of our generation.

  • インドのおっちゃん


  • MartinX 21
    MartinX 21 13 hours ago

    Oooooooooh, Jim Crow...

  • Gaspar Feroglio
    Gaspar Feroglio 14 hours ago

    gagagagaga gogogog away

  • Saraliz Vega
    Saraliz Vega 14 hours ago

    H dull fulfill gunmen p pump goop

  • The WABH
    The WABH 14 hours ago

    Amerikamı? Burası Türkiye .

  • My Pet Cheetah Jason
    My Pet Cheetah Jason 14 hours ago

    Ngl as soon as I saw the choir singin I got chills because I knew what they were talking about

  • Shiiinay V
    Shiiinay V 14 hours ago

    3019 : what you talking about this is robot America

  • ZIROX11
    ZIROX11 15 hours ago


  • ivanferguson7500
    ivanferguson7500 15 hours ago

    I need a separate song from the first 55 seconds, please, Childish Gambino!

  • Josh Adm
    Josh Adm 15 hours ago


  • Kiray Ainusil
    Kiray Ainusil 15 hours ago

    Поздравляю, ты нашёл русский комент

  • Chris
    Chris 15 hours ago +1

    It doesn't have to be this way. Democrats ALL, if you want to disarm America, be the first turn in your guns without having a LAW to make you, and you will lead us ALL INTO PEACE.

    • BenjoBanjoo
      BenjoBanjoo 14 hours ago

      Lol peace. That would literally turn the country to shit. More government control, only criminals armed and running the streets doing what they want, all the firepower in the hands of only criminals and the elite political class, no one able to protect their own life or their families life.
      Sounds like hell.

  • Ouerghemi Amira
    Ouerghemi Amira 15 hours ago

    What'this 😝

    GINA POALERO 15 hours ago +1

    Sick and Twisted. This was Never America.

  • Somphis Heawphet
    Somphis Heawphet 16 hours ago

    เปนญาติกับบนายฮ้อย ซาล่าป่ะ555

    LUIZ HENRIQUE 16 hours ago

    Tem🇧🇷 aqui?

  • Σιωπηλακης
    Σιωπηλακης 16 hours ago

    boys locker rooms

  • 5conMe0 DuMinhTu
    5conMe0 DuMinhTu 16 hours ago

  • Cutie mark Chan
    Cutie mark Chan 16 hours ago

    Are you gay

  • Nandu Biju
    Nandu Biju 17 hours ago

    tis is the dam purge

  • 이호준
    이호준 17 hours ago

    What happened at NASA's employee??!??!!??!

  • OfficialBanana
    OfficialBanana 17 hours ago

    i this is a jojo refrence

  • vin 950
    vin 950 17 hours ago

    wow that has to be the crappiest song ever... interesting video though. Or is it not a song?

  • Cool Videos
    Cool Videos 18 hours ago

    Thank you Donald, but I bet that most of American gunshops will not give up on selling guns to everyone, neither the media or government will stop from doing nothing and start taking serious actions against this phenomenon before unstable people do the next massacre to remind it. They are ok with their conscience when just showing publicly how they feel sorry, so people feel they have to better defend themselves since they are alone and buying more guns.

  • Bilel Harki
    Bilel Harki 18 hours ago

    Wakanda for ever

  • Last DaVinci
    Last DaVinci 18 hours ago +1

    this is suri

  • ユーエン、元ヒロレッド


  • Gabe Hannon
    Gabe Hannon 19 hours ago


  • Love Life
    Love Life 19 hours ago

    He need a shirt on

  • Sujal Vanjari
    Sujal Vanjari 19 hours ago

    Legends say that he is still living t-shirtless

  • Abram Plays Science
    Abram Plays Science 19 hours ago +1

    This is surprisingly accurate.

  • lolita manukian
    lolita manukian 20 hours ago

    I'm guessing the people that disliked this video were all rich white guys.. the NRA!

  • Itz Gab
    Itz Gab 20 hours ago

    1:55 lol imagine being a pro like this in fortnite

  • Wambo Wambo
    Wambo Wambo 20 hours ago

    This is diabetes is the same title like america

  • Mariaalej
    Mariaalej 20 hours ago

    yea yea yea ye ayea yea ye ayea googooaway

  • Luka Geljić
    Luka Geljić 20 hours ago +1

    Yo we just witnessed a murder on camera at 0:50 and 1:55 but nobody is doing anything whats wrong with this society

  • _Loksli_
    _Loksli_ 22 hours ago +1

    Спорем тут не будет не 1 лайка?

  • Eastern Wings
    Eastern Wings 22 hours ago

    from Syria Fuck You Trump :)

    • BenjoBanjoo
      BenjoBanjoo 14 hours ago

      Lol fuck Syria shithole country. Why disrespect the president? Why not put your time into your shithole country? You wish you had a leader like Trump and you would be doing better.

  • Zeke Tronic
    Zeke Tronic 23 hours ago


  • The King Of Kings
    The King Of Kings 23 hours ago

    9 9 9

  • alexiioo
    alexiioo 23 hours ago

    This is America

  • [DB]fliyen phoenix
    [DB]fliyen phoenix Day ago +1

    this song speaks to the duality of man. upbeat tone and rythym, and horrifying visuals and subtext. and the video is a master piece of having dueling narratives. its so underrated, and a lot of people entirely miss the meaning.

  • Leonardo Mariano

    America or US?

  • eien no hi
    eien no hi Day ago

    américa se construyo con balas como muchos países mas

  • Jay Networks
    Jay Networks Day ago +1

    Come here 1000th time from pewdiepie video.....

  • Bertrand Lyn
    Bertrand Lyn Day ago

    10 Seconds after killing someone, authorities come and mag dump him.

  • Eric Woods
    Eric Woods Day ago +1

    Who calls themself "childish" and thinks it's cool? And why haven't I heard of this super bitch before? I would have killed him 5 years ago if I knew this nonhuman existed and had the potential to influence hordes of idiots like he has today. His music sucks and he has no talent to produce original tunes that the general population would approve of.

  • Kezia Crooks
    Kezia Crooks Day ago

    Do actually kill somebody