Elon Musk's Hyperloop Competition Set A New World Record

  • Published on Aug 1, 2018
  • Imagine getting from Los Angeles to San Francisco in just about 30 minutes. That kind of high-speed travel is the end-game of SpaceX's Hyperloop, and teams around the world are working hard to come up with the right pod for the job.
    Three such teams gathered at SpaceX headquarters in Hawthorne, California, last Sunday to compete in the third SpaceX Hyperloop Pod Competition. From a starting group of 20 teams, these three qualified to launch on SpaceX’s Hyperloop track.
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  • VICE News
    VICE News  10 months ago +223

    Elon Musk's Hyperloop has a better chance of success than MoviePass...
    Watch more on that here - bit.ly/2M6MsQ1

    • Omri Shavit
      Omri Shavit 10 months ago

      @Matt Luis I thought the same untill I watched some debunking videos. Yes vaccums do eliminate air resistance but the logistics of maintaining one for that purpose on that scale just doesn't add up. I was really excited by it and I am a huge fan of Elon's other work but I just don't see this one working out (in this day and age)

    • Niharika Gupta
      Niharika Gupta 10 months ago

      that's why he's the best

    • huntlywestside
      huntlywestside 10 months ago

      Andreas S. You asked to keep this simple.
      Did you know China is reforesting the desert I can assume following the trends,
      How is that possible?
      Workers committed to improving there surroundings for future generations.
      You have the money.
      Your choice is employ one person who's the most capable.
      1/ I'm qualified in fields of your interest and did my thesis major on the very subject you wanted.
      2/ Another worker and qualifed but unlike me qualified and majored in another field.
      Whom do you chose? your money your choice.
      You speak of a foundation of sand yet if forget you can add substances making cement and yes know what you mean, by its self its does nothing but adding material in right proportions can built countries so sand is a bad choice in my opinion
      Any material can be used to create a foundation if the specialist knows the correct ratios, the same person that did a thesis and majored on the subject.
      My point was someday maybe, but we don't know the day.
      We can't see future events when some believe they can, or the next greatest discovery but were apart of somebodies dreams giving what we already have.
      What's next that can happen?
      Giving a opinion a single opinion, where if more then one person is thinking on the same subject as we are now giving our own opinions, then a thousand opinions opens a thousand possibilities and one of them may hold one part of a simple equation then another and another until a complete picture is formed.
      That's science at it's best. No one person has the solution but everyone formed a opinion and if everyone can work together, the workload is shared across all walks of life.
      From the sweeper to the rocket scientist.
      I do agree with you that limitations are to be broken but money has to come from somewhere and as long as it's not from your pocket. don't worry be happy.
      MLK once said "I have a dream" and I saw this as it wasn't only to bring all people together but all walks of life walking together with heads held high towards a future to be discovered.
      Andreas S. don't be so negative and turn that frown upside down.

    • Sakai A
      Sakai A 10 months ago

      Ok let's keep it simple
      U keep saying the hyperloop is not a wast off money
      Fine to me..
      *That logic means if i were ro give u money that u are able to build a working X-wing for me*
      *Cause this is how life works u know*
      I love to dream but that ain't happen any time soon
      *It's good to have your head in the clouds, as u keep your feets on the ground*
      Or in other words
      Sciance is no wizzard-jizz that magicaly makes stuff possible as long as we beleve in it.
      Somday, yes maby.
      But if there is almost no foundation on how it should work it is like building a tower with dry sand
      *It will colapse in itselfe and leave u with a pile off dirt*
      *Real live is not a faritale*
      And yes, limits are ment to be broken
      But not like that
      That is just an innefficiant waste of money and time.

    • huntlywestside
      huntlywestside 10 months ago

      Andreas S.: Science created everything you see today.
      Someone somewhere came up with a idea and created it.
      Plastics, Steel, Copper Lead Tin the table of science was created by science.
      If wondering why I put in metals, it's because steel is a alloy, They all are based on content and percentage of material used.
      The car, train, computer, phone, TV and the list continues.
      If concerned about science become to much. become a Quaker, they believe in god and every job must be done by hand.
      You then can say I no longer need science but the humble horse drawn carriage Quakers use was invented, by not a scientist but a person wanting something better then walking and carry the load.
      Is a scientist a inventor or a inventor a scientist? a person has a idea, puts it into practice can be both.

  • Grant Harriman
    Grant Harriman 20 hours ago

    No major transportation innovation in 100 years? Maglev trains anyone? Seriously, it's one of the tecs you are trying to innovate on. Basic research.

  • Ariang X
    Ariang X Day ago

    idont get it.. the shinkansen can do that with no vacuum pot! why not just make and improvement on that? the point here is to prove that hyperloop vacuum pot is working or not right?

  • Alexander Nagi ak Yershu'r

    Btw, all achieveable when energy usage is much more and longer distnce if it is less thn total weight, Jesus Christ teaching, and He is at Cyprus Island since 1857

  • Alexander Nagi ak Yershu'r

    High charge at startter and on the way, then ngtv at next destination

  • Jayesh V
    Jayesh V 7 days ago +1

    Bhenchod kisne chutiya banaya tha kii india ki team hai isme..
    OK this year Indian IIT madars will be there..

  • umesh t k
    umesh t k 9 days ago

    Indian IIT team is coming wait for it

  • Kiki Studios
    Kiki Studios 19 days ago


  • Itz Titan
    Itz Titan 23 days ago

    People are excited for the future! Thank you Elon Musk!

  • kai usernameisbetter

    Thunderf00t has left the chat

  • Ahmad Fauzan
    Ahmad Fauzan 2 months ago

    Ok I saw Tony Stark 2.0

  • William Pennington
    William Pennington 2 months ago

    I just realized that I don't want to be stuck in a damn tube.

  • BlueLeaf Academy
    BlueLeaf Academy 2 months ago

    Did Elon Musk just host a meme review?

  • creeper playz mucha
    creeper playz mucha 2 months ago

    why elton why ?

  • Rohit Eligeti
    Rohit Eligeti 3 months ago +1

    Hyperloop is very bad project because....
    High speed of capsule (almost at speed of sound) may cause dizziness to the passengers travelling due to vibration and jostling.
    Initial cost of investment to have the system in place is very high. The long vacuum chamber manufacturing requires more technical skills. Moreover this is costly and also risky to maintain.
    Land use rights will be concern for deployment of the project.
    It has very high risk to life when something wrong happens to the system.
    It has limited space in the train and hence people can not move freely.
    As hyperloop uses steel for track, it expands and changes shape when outside temperature is changed. This may destroy the track of hyperloop technology. This needs to be considered while designing the system based on environment of the location where it is being deployed.
    The installation requires cutting of large number of trees. This leads to environment loss.

    • max Maxie
      max Maxie 3 months ago

      Rohit Eligeti Thats why those talented people are there and you are here commenting about difficulties.

  • Elisha Robin
    Elisha Robin 3 months ago

    they should really clean that tube I'm pretty sure dust also adds some friction and not a true vacuum

  • Heydere
    Heydere 3 months ago

    This man is doing more than NASA and I bet he hasn't hurt the tax payer as much as they have.

    • Zach B
      Zach B 2 months ago

      1 has gone to space
      1 hasn’t

    • Zach B
      Zach B 2 months ago

      NASA is doing a lot more than Elon. Please do your research.

  • Faceofthesun
    Faceofthesun 4 months ago

    For a hyperloop tunnel, you could build a massive aluminum extrusion machine that would extrude sections of the tunnel in possibly one hundred meter lengths or more. Mabe the public would donate their empty soda cans towards the project.

  • Faceofthesun
    Faceofthesun 4 months ago

    For a hyperloop, all you would need to do is get Japanese bullet trains and have them specially built with maglev equipment to replace the current undercarriage wheels that they have.

  • Kevin Saari
    Kevin Saari 5 months ago

    Thumbs up!

  • Mr. Gandalf __ [ aka: The Stream Killer ]

    They will never overcome the noise problem!

  • ZdrytchX -{Reference
    ZdrytchX -{Reference 5 months ago

    The test doesn't really mean that much, there's only so much acceleration you can put on civilians before it becomes a major health hazard and lawsuits will happen. The concept of hyperloop is fine for travel in places like australia going between cities but the longer you make the track the higher chance of the tunnel collapsing on itself at a random weak point with the vacuum. The project won't be financially sustainable imo.

  • The MN railfan 1003
    The MN railfan 1003 5 months ago

    Don’t support this, it is going to be much too expensive and not as nice as you seem it will be

  • Dashanti Scavella
    Dashanti Scavella 6 months ago

    I subed

  • Michael Awonusi
    Michael Awonusi 6 months ago

    Every time we had something travelling as fast as 700mph commercially someone gets hurt. I hope this one will have a happy-ever-after.

  • Sergejs Mahrpvskis
    Sergejs Mahrpvskis 6 months ago

    Innotrans 2018 Skyway Berlin. 500 км.час.

  • ihate nicknames
    ihate nicknames 6 months ago

    you just have to make the tube "suck" the hyperloop bullet.
    like a slipstream on the autobahn. a big FAT ventilator at the end of the track

  • Sath Pichvorak
    Sath Pichvorak 6 months ago

    China invests on barbarian road and belt initiative infrastructure project for today while America invests on new technological infrastructure for the future

  • raiden z
    raiden z 6 months ago

    A hyper fail

  • Henrique
    Henrique 6 months ago

    use metric

  • Klara Kathleen
    Klara Kathleen 6 months ago

    love hyperloops ;)

  • Dipesh Bhandari
    Dipesh Bhandari 7 months ago

    I always have to google to change miles in kilometre 🙄

  • XXxlightmarex
    XXxlightmarex 7 months ago

    The technical challenge of building a "hyperloop" isn't the actual pod, that part is easy.

    The technical challenge comes from building the vacuum tube, that's what they should be focusing on.

  • Fanjin Zeng
    Fanjin Zeng 7 months ago

    284 mph maximum speed isn't anything significant at all for prototypes w/o passengers capacity runs only in a vacuum mile-long track. Chinese high speed trains have ran 217 mph in 14,000 miles high way networks for years. Have to admit, Mr. Musk is a great PR man, but not so much as an engineer.

  • Dark-EyedTraveler
    Dark-EyedTraveler 7 months ago

    What a nice con-job, Musk is a genius at this.

  • Lyn Hoffmann
    Lyn Hoffmann 8 months ago

    No thanks, this will be a disaster....waiting to happen.
    There is a MUCH better, cheaper and safer environmentally friendly option coming... how do I know. Oh...because I do! :)

  • Grailer Grailer
    Grailer Grailer 8 months ago

    This is impossible. The expansion joints needed would make it dangerous alone

  • Grailer Grailer
    Grailer Grailer 8 months ago

    Just build an underground vacuum tunnel. Use flexible plastic or rubber hose . People travelling will lie down in the tube.
    Put them in an accelerator loop before firing them like a bullet down the tube at 1200mps

  • Grailer Grailer
    Grailer Grailer 8 months ago

    Wormholes are the next step in transportation not this bullshit

  • Thunder Pie
    Thunder Pie 8 months ago

    Hyperloop is bullshit. It will never work or be build

  • [̲̅K̲̅]
    [̲̅K̲̅] 8 months ago

    The future looks greener with Elon leading the way.

  • ww ww
    ww ww 8 months ago

    I have no idea of nothing but Elon Musk is a really bright guy, why the Simpsons would claim it otherwise?

  • SouthCalifas619
    SouthCalifas619 8 months ago

    Wonder why Elon Musk abandoned this idea and concept

  • ww ww
    ww ww 9 months ago

    not everything works and is successful just because the iPhone was, get over it

  • Zeb Alford
    Zeb Alford 9 months ago

    Put Young Thug in that pipe and let him queef he will reach warp tweeker buck blast speed

  • Boss Okanagan
    Boss Okanagan 9 months ago

    Garbage technology - if you can't see through it, you shouldn't be reporting on it.

  • Igor Komar
    Igor Komar 9 months ago

    just watched video where japanese train moves 500kmh. A train, with passengers, a huge train - 500kmh. But you are happy that hyperloop moves with 470kmh, without passengers, wtf?!

    • Henrique Rothbard
      Henrique Rothbard 9 months ago

      Actually, I think they're trying to get a right pod, and then make it bigger size with higher speed.

  • Raj Xen
    Raj Xen 9 months ago

    that great

  • steven G
    steven G 9 months ago

    lol what a complete waste of time

    • steven G
      steven G 8 months ago

      there are plenty of competitions for universities !! all of which have genuine motives!! my uni was in multiple electric car ones. there are plenty of private owned companies that worked on monorails too. they all got coned and caught up in hype too or should i say their investors did! which this is all about. Because like you they lack common sense and get caught up in the hype.

    • steven G
      steven G 8 months ago

      lol what complete bollocks. so the reason why concord supersonic flight failed was because the people invovled didnt have the right mindset? you think if people just have the right mindset they can turn lead to gold do you lol. most ideas dont work not becuase of the mindset or lack of will , they fail because are simply not viable!! its simple cost and math. i live right opposite an empty monorail station in sydney which was closed after 20 years and wasted millions of tax dollars because it was not viable! Not even Musk is stupid to waste much of his companies resources on this project, why do you think he letting universitys do the R&D?? All this is for Musk is free publicity for is other projects.

    • steven G
      steven G 8 months ago

      People been talking about this for over 100 years dude. its simply not viable. Just like monorail and concord...

  • gitanjali Karki
    gitanjali Karki 9 months ago

    can nuematic elevators be designed to travel ......horizontally along the ground, over large distances to transport cargo......????

  • UNiCoRn PeGaSuS
    UNiCoRn PeGaSuS 9 months ago

    She says nazi team at 3:57?

    USB PLUG 10 months ago

    Has no one realized Elon is essentially Tony Stark

  • parth bhardwaj
    parth bhardwaj 10 months ago

    Das auto

  • Odin Ponzi
    Odin Ponzi 10 months ago

    Earthwormies gave Elon Must the idea to travel like them.

  • Xados -
    Xados - 10 months ago

    I would certainly not put my money on this thing ever existing in the real world.
    But I would still love for Elon to prove me wrong, I really, really hope he proves us all wrong.

  • Appeli Sauice Stroke
    Appeli Sauice Stroke 10 months ago

    FAKE here. Stupid lies here.

  • 4x 4
    4x 4 10 months ago

    Türkiye de böyle bir ortam olmadığı sürece içimizden kimse bi APPLE yada SAMSUNG çıkar diye beklemesin TRİLYON DOLARLIK BI SIRKET IÇIN AR-GE ve en Önemlisi INSANA verilen değerin TÜRKIYE de EN ÜSTTE OLMASI VE GELISIME AÇIK OLMASI LAZIM

  • KznPctrs
    KznPctrs 10 months ago

    Ich bin stolz auf euch jungs :)

  • Carter Johnson
    Carter Johnson 10 months ago

    Vibranium FTW

  • Carter Johnson
    Carter Johnson 10 months ago

    The need Gas in these things..... So much faster

  • Killian King
    Killian King 10 months ago

    Wtf didn't most innovations in almost every field, including transportation, occur in the last 100 years?

  • Steven
    Steven 10 months ago

    And there isn't any single black people.
    Because of low IQ?

  • BrodashMx
    BrodashMx 10 months ago +1

    the only hyperloop transportation thats works is the green one in Mario Bros.

  • Tony Smith
    Tony Smith 10 months ago +1

    No tests at all for the one thing that makes the Hyperloop IMPRACTICAL , the opening and closing of a section and creating another vacuum. And no test at all for a possible FAILURE of the vacuum, which would easily kill people in the tube with the incoming air shock wave ! Why aren't these tested ? But 300MPH TRAINs already exist and work great ! The US can't even make a new train but can't make a much more difficult vacuum tube travel, that is PRONE TO RUST on the INSIDE since they filled it with concrete !
    p.s. A TRAIN or maglev train is a much BETTER and CHEAPER and PRACTICAL IDEA !
    They also fail to mention that NOBODY even finished the short tube distance ! Not even 1 mile let alone the thousand to millions of miles that trains and maglev trains have done at 300MPH !

  • Michael Sargent
    Michael Sargent 10 months ago

    "pure joy"

  • syarizan sulaiman
    syarizan sulaiman 10 months ago

    To Elon Musk can you made Ironman suit and sell it

  • Tyler Jourdan
    Tyler Jourdan 10 months ago

    Did they push them by other means of propulsion like last time?

  • Prince Negi
    Prince Negi 10 months ago

    I wish I had completed my college

  • Young Yun
    Young Yun 10 months ago +1

    Elon is a genius!!!

  • 9dcom
    9dcom 10 months ago

    Musk is a lying piece of shit................................

  • Adam Beller
    Adam Beller 10 months ago

    I congratulate the winners of this high school science fair competition, but how is 284 mph an accomplishment for the multi million dollar hyperloop project? We already have working maglev trains that can travel well over 300 mph. These people are excited about a tiny scale model that is not big enough for even one person, much less mass transit, and it goes nowhere near the speed of existing transportation systems. To top it off, it is the tube of the hyperloop that presents the greatest engineering challenges, not that train. I think it would be more efficient to power old steam locomotives with burning cash.

    • cherryq91
      cherryq91 10 months ago +1

      haha. said someone who cant even imagine what work is behind making that "train". High school project? haha you are funny guy.

  • michil75
    michil75 10 months ago

    I wonder why the differences in speed are so huge

  • Stanislav Didenko
    Stanislav Didenko 10 months ago

    Only European teams. no surprise

  • Alexander Lovellette
    Alexander Lovellette 10 months ago +1

    Now this is pod racing!

  • Dreadlockyx
    Dreadlockyx 10 months ago

    00:46 #EPFL

  • M G
    M G 10 months ago

    who owns the IP of this? is spaceX just taking it all?

  • Albores Niurulu
    Albores Niurulu 10 months ago

    Dayuum, he seemed quite confident in this video without stuttering. He's such a bada$$😎

  • Date Mike
    Date Mike 10 months ago


  • Random Wrenches
    Random Wrenches 10 months ago +2

    Say what you want about elon musk but the man cares about progress and creation over sheer profit and that is something beyond rare these days. He understands some level of profit is necessary to continue and to have investors on board but often takes from his own fortune to advance projects and tech. Can't help but to admire the man.

  • AngloSaxophone
    AngloSaxophone 10 months ago

    Why do Americans say miles An hour instead of Per hour?

  • Ferriss
    Ferriss 10 months ago

    Melon musk finally learning to speak english xD

  • Munir Amerr
    Munir Amerr 10 months ago

    OMG I love Elon's Musk

  • BIG easy
    BIG easy 10 months ago

    now this is pod racing

  • Jeansen Co
    Jeansen Co 10 months ago

    Elon will make America Great Again if Americans will heed his call.

  • Ian Austin
    Ian Austin 10 months ago +1

    This competition is awesome! Competition seems to always pushes technology forward and at a faster rate. Hopefully these competitions lead to Hyperloop being a real possibility within the next 20 years.
    My biggest fear with Hyperloop though is Earthquakes. What happens to the tube if it shakes apart? What happens to the hyperloop cart thing if the Tube breaks? The people inside? These are questions I know Musk and all the Engineers involved are already looking into, but it is going to be everyone biggest fear when it's opened to the public.

    • Ian Austin
      Ian Austin 8 months ago

      @Lyn Hoffmann what?

    • Lyn Hoffmann
      Lyn Hoffmann 8 months ago

      They would ALL DIE! There is a safer, better, cheaper and more environmentally friendly transport system coming...
      Can go over ALL terrain in any weather AND with enough speed. How do I know this? Cos I do....

  • Ian Austin
    Ian Austin 10 months ago

    "There hasn't been a major innovation in transport in over 100 years." Yes there has. From cars becoming affordable for almost anyone to major, Major air travel improvements. Is she living in a bubble or do these not count as major innovations?

    NONE NOPE 10 months ago

    It just takes on lunatic to ram their car or shoot the tube and it will kill everyone inside and many around it .

  • Aapeli Hakala
    Aapeli Hakala 10 months ago

    What a useless video

  • Flyguy 123
    Flyguy 123 10 months ago

    So if it's going to be a perfect vacuum if its actually made, why make the cart aerodynamic? Isn't there no air resistance in a vacuum so it could be brick shaped, right?

  • golden86
    golden86 10 months ago

    *Monorail! Monorail!! MONORAIL!!!*

  • golden86
    golden86 10 months ago


  • DapperDan
    DapperDan 10 months ago

    Why does the pod leave trail of smoke/dust or whatever? It seems clean in there...

  • J Biafra
    J Biafra 10 months ago

    I dont get it, where do you put the coal in ?

  • Cynic
    Cynic 10 months ago +1

    Suck on that Thunderf00t.

  • James Love
    James Love 10 months ago

    "there hasn't been any major innovation in the transportation industry in over 100 years", that is just a complete lie. Which is probably why she said "major", so she can define what exactly "major" means by her own opinions. The transportation industry has drastically changed, to say otherwise is just stupid.

  • alexblue1989
    alexblue1989 10 months ago

    My only question may be an ignorant question; how do we get oxygen in the hyper loop?

  • Dean Duffy
    Dean Duffy 10 months ago

    Now this is pod racing

  • Owen Jenkins
    Owen Jenkins 10 months ago

    This project has been proven by many scientist to fail, not only will it endanger human life, cost wise it is not practical, but as a science project on who can make the fastest is a cool way to use the hyperloop.

  • CHomab Cjabeb
    CHomab Cjabeb 10 months ago

    An intercity hyperloop track will sadly not be ready for a while, but I bet it is within my lifetime at least

  • Gray
    Gray 10 months ago

    Finally non propaganda and just a cool video