A Really Sick Dog

  • Published on Nov 7, 2019
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Comments • 13 985

  • Beni S
    Beni S 28 days ago +50961

    This cat is a hero.

  • Brazen Brunette
    Brazen Brunette 9 hours ago

    God Bless

  • Aêsthetic Bûnny
    Aêsthetic Bûnny 13 hours ago

    2:09 *"aww so cute"*


  • Dimenvionz
    Dimenvionz 15 hours ago

    Is nobody gonna talk about how the cameras survived in the tornado?

  • Marcell Puskás
    Marcell Puskás Day ago

    1:04 that is one dirty room.

  • Ivo T
    Ivo T Day ago

    That's why I love cats!

  • Mr Epic Banana
    Mr Epic Banana 2 days ago

    Can scientists make that lazer one into the lazer gun from starwars

  • Caspher AA
    Caspher AA 2 days ago

    That Cat Is Probably The Mom

  • Primer Time’s dayz

    0:36 me in gta 5 be like

  • Landon Tritsch
    Landon Tritsch 2 days ago

    I hope the doggo gets well soon 😊

  • King GD :}
    King GD :} 2 days ago

    I can relate I have aslma

  • Kieran 3112
    Kieran 3112 2 days ago

    This man was playing GTA 5 lol

  • inox1ck
    inox1ck 2 days ago

    Poor doggy

  • marko 11
    marko 11 2 days ago

    The dog is huuuuuuuuge

  • Angry Monk
    Angry Monk 3 days ago

    Everyone is talking about the cat but is no one gonna talk about the house that kid was in?

  • Creative the meme man


  • Sai KriSaiki
    Sai KriSaiki 3 days ago

    Now Daily dose of internet is now the official channel of r/mildlyinteresting

  • N slayer
    N slayer 3 days ago

    a really sick dog is a dog with parvo because it usally always dies

  • Isaiah Tero
    Isaiah Tero 4 days ago

    If u like the dog will stop being sick

  • Evan Fitzsimmons
    Evan Fitzsimmons 4 days ago

    0:31 GTA V?

  • Evan Fitzsimmons
    Evan Fitzsimmons 4 days ago

    Poor doggo :(

  • Mia Kamradt
    Mia Kamradt 4 days ago

    that laser is just some light that's strong enough to pop balloons. imagine what it would do to a person's eyeball

  • TallTail Studio
    TallTail Studio 4 days ago

    You sure that wasnt me on gta?

  • Courtney Werkheiser
    Courtney Werkheiser 4 days ago

    Poor dog I hope he is okay still to today.

  • MeganThe_ Cat
    MeganThe_ Cat 4 days ago

    That dog is fricking enormous

  • Soons Flamingo Mango

    everyone that this cat a hero but i just saw it almost choke a baby but then again it made it not go down some flipping stairs -_-

  • Jonas
    Jonas 4 days ago +1

    >this man created a laser that can pop balloons
    * balloon animal has left the chat *

  • Lil’ Wolfie
    Lil’ Wolfie 4 days ago

    Watching this cuz I’m sick asf

  • Liams Clan
    Liams Clan 4 days ago

    I thought it was snot coming out of its nose and I was like AH SHIT

  • Danish Bread
    Danish Bread 5 days ago

    Yeah I'm watching this at 5:50 in the morning

  • Drip FN
    Drip FN 5 days ago +2

    Plot twist: The Cat was hiding its babies down there

  • Lochlan O’Connor
    Lochlan O’Connor 5 days ago

    That’s one sick Doggo

  • El Yeetoe 69
    El Yeetoe 69 5 days ago

    That dog is like me I have one of those i have to take it to be able breath every 2 hours

  • chill in
    chill in 5 days ago

    the baby has terrible parents

  • GamesGamesGames
    GamesGamesGames 5 days ago

    Didn't you already put the dog scared of the escalator clip in a video?

  • Legend Games
    Legend Games 5 days ago +1

    The real question is who made the dog sick?

  • unknown user
    unknown user 5 days ago

    There feet can get stuck at the top

  • just me
    just me 6 days ago +1

    Kid: *creates laser gun*
    FBI would like to know your location

  • Je Vader
    Je Vader 6 days ago

    0:44 me in playing GTA5

  • Shawn Mendas
    Shawn Mendas 6 days ago

    Why did they leave the baby alone there in the first place

  • Harrison Lucas
    Harrison Lucas 6 days ago

    Imagine a hydro-electric motor powered surfboard.
    Now imagine falling off of it.

  • Peezy Green [ピージーグリーン]

    I just enjoy how this channel shows destruction and puts calm music over it.

  • Mr Ghost ghost
    Mr Ghost ghost 6 days ago

    Poor doggy

  • Eaglefeather21 #saveyoutube

    Actually, you should pick up your dogs in escalators. Their paws can get stuck.

  • Apple Sink
    Apple Sink 6 days ago +1

    "Nobody was hurt in the process, not even the driver,"
    I bet his wallet was.

  • Max Schillinger
    Max Schillinger 6 days ago

    The dog is so cut

  • Dratix Gaming
    Dratix Gaming 6 days ago +1

    2:17 nah that's finn mcmissile from cars 2 with a human on him.

  • Give me your Oreos or ELSE hehe :3

    Pour pour doggo god bless the doggo plz🙏😭🥰💔

  • XIX 5 Gamers XIX
    XIX 5 Gamers XIX 7 days ago

    Awww poor dog

  • Tito Ambin's Vlog
    Tito Ambin's Vlog 7 days ago

    nice vlog, new friend here, sending love and hugs. more power to our channels!!!

  • GhostRider12
    GhostRider12 8 days ago +1

    I hope that doggo is okay

  • Tuck Gaming42
    Tuck Gaming42 8 days ago

    Does dog have asthma .

  • Nondas Vlahakis
    Nondas Vlahakis 8 days ago


  • Ethan Lawrence
    Ethan Lawrence 8 days ago

    Guy makes this laser me give my gantz gun I'm a smoke some monsters get a he'll of a lot of points

  • Mei owoめい
    Mei owoめい 9 days ago

    1:59 big boi👌

  • All Seasons Biking
    All Seasons Biking 9 days ago

    your not supposed to wear flip flops on an escalator

  • Red Luigi
    Red Luigi 9 days ago

    2:16 this dude is floating not surfing

  • Eukel
    Eukel 9 days ago

    I think more people need to talk about those living conditions for that baby

  • Cole Battell
    Cole Battell 9 days ago

    0:53 why is that baby living in such a shithole

  • Vibezz K
    Vibezz K 9 days ago

    1 like so the dog can feel better