TEKKEN 7 - Leroy Smith DLC TWT Trailer | PS4, X1, PC

  • Published on Dec 8, 2019
  • Leroy Smith has returned to New York City as a Wing Chun master and he's ready for revenge.
    Unlock this martial artist with the TEKKEN 7 Season Pass 3: bandainam.co/Tekken7
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  • rumblenaunt gaming
    rumblenaunt gaming 18 hours ago

    When Morgan Freeman becomes a tekken fighter

  • Asıl Uzun
    Asıl Uzun 3 days ago

    Fight for my bilader

  • Short Parra
    Short Parra 4 days ago

    This song irritating

  • Lightning L. YT Channel

    Jin: I can parry better than you all!

    Leroy: Hold my dog

  • RAlphaEl
    RAlphaEl 10 days ago

    Cool vídeo, cool music, even cooler message! Thumbs up

  • Isaac Yeon
    Isaac Yeon 10 days ago

    Some gamers: Leroy Smith
    Other gamers: Ip Man

  • McFlufferTits
    McFlufferTits 12 days ago

    still no Kazuma Kiryu

  • Inferno Nick
    Inferno Nick 13 days ago

    Did he literally just one-inch punched Heihachi in his buffed, super form? Guess unflinching plot armor don't mean a damn thing to this guy.

  • Itsyaboi Scrafty
    Itsyaboi Scrafty 14 days ago

    Leroy Smith looks like T-Pain

  • Blue Thipsomboon
    Blue Thipsomboon 14 days ago

    A black old dude with braided and Wing Chun, has a bull dog and a pimp cane. How is this not the coolest character ever.

  • Terraqus
    Terraqus 14 days ago

    See i just want piss

    SHUBHAM KHARE 14 days ago +1


  • ShockVox
    ShockVox 15 days ago

    Why’s Anna gotta look so fine like that?

  • Mana Abdulla
    Mana Abdulla 16 days ago

    Imagine black dynamite in tekkan

  • RiZen 3310
    RiZen 3310 16 days ago +3

    Me: Gets the first A+ in an Test, in my entire life and jumping around cause i'm happy.
    My Teacher: *That type of pride ain't good for your health*
    My mind:

  • Darkim 303
    Darkim 303 17 days ago

    Worst ever wingtsun interpretation

  • Dragon Lex
    Dragon Lex 17 days ago +1

    Leroy Smith looks like the teacher that usually the anime mc get

  • LordDeraj
    LordDeraj 17 days ago

    I didn’t know Woolie was in Tekken

  • プラモです趣味は


  • hoylangskii
    hoylangskii 18 days ago

    Stand in my way
    That's where you'll lay

    *proceed to beat Lei*

  • Glacier Ange1
    Glacier Ange1 18 days ago

    Uhhhh.... I'ma need this on spotify real quick lol

  • Majed
    Majed 19 days ago

    كوكومبا البزر
    دسلايك على وجهك

  • Ayub Dg
    Ayub Dg 19 days ago

    Why Leory smith??Ip man better?? i hope new DLC ip man

  • Khornelius Patrick
    Khornelius Patrick 19 days ago

    Wing chun leroy

  • Straight.Weird
    Straight.Weird 20 days ago

    Keep in mind this is a black version of Ip man.

  • Lans Torres
    Lans Torres 20 days ago

    WING CHUN MASTER the only one Master IP-- NO, LEROY

  • Daniel Mak
    Daniel Mak 21 day ago

    Did he demand to fight 10 at once?

  • Alex Arias
    Alex Arias 21 day ago +1

    I'm still curious on who voices Leroy. On Wikipedia or any other source says "Unknown" for the actor voicing Leroy

  • captain skimoc
    captain skimoc 22 days ago

    FINALY! they made a Wing Chung character and its even cooler than i thought 😃

  • King Leo 707
    King Leo 707 22 days ago

    You’re done

  • Renzo Cater
    Renzo Cater 22 days ago +1

    Name that sweet ass dope soundtrack?
    I need that

  • 李阿嘉
    李阿嘉 23 days ago +1

    very cooooooooooooooooool!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • DJ Cykes
    DJ Cykes 23 days ago

    me:welp...there goes my new favorite game. (throws away the broken WWE games in the trash)
    John Cena:want me to do the Attitude Adjustment to you?
    Leroy:let me.

  • King David Sama
    King David Sama 24 days ago

    Killer bee fused with Ip Man

  • Cent Philip Jumawan
    Cent Philip Jumawan 24 days ago

    The Wu-Tang Clan would be proud.

  • Chi chan
    Chi chan 25 days ago +7

    If Leroy Smith and Fahkumram formed an alliance, they can beat all Tekken Characters all together.
    Yes, just the two of them.

  • Francisco Chaipul Cotal

    is Ip man or Ipman

  • Littletrouble2k Molina
    Littletrouble2k Molina 25 days ago +1

    So now imma pick up Leroy since I'm a huge fan Wing chun

    KERS MaZeRS 25 days ago

    For a long time that im playing tekken, this character makes me alive again in the game!

  • Jacob Cash
    Jacob Cash 25 days ago +6

    Everyone: Man Leroy is so cool
    Me: ...I forgot how hot the Tekken girls are

  • Blackman Hulk
    Blackman Hulk 26 days ago +2

    He's gangsta on a high level I love this guy lol

    • OddworldFreak23
      OddworldFreak23 24 days ago +2

      Blackman Hulk haha me too he's straight up gangsta 😎👍😊👌👊

  • Gustavo Affonso
    Gustavo Affonso 26 days ago +7

    Ip man black guy.

  • Pyro Maximus
    Pyro Maximus 26 days ago +1

    Y’all got me I’m getting back on tekken and buying a new controller just for this add on!!!! Omfg wow

  • Ajax Rao
    Ajax Rao 26 days ago

    Tekken's Black IP Man

  • Ultra Man
    Ultra Man 26 days ago

    He's so damn cool 😎

  • Victor Hugo
    Victor Hugo 26 days ago

    Tekken 7 is basically randon characters cannot let old heihachi meditate

  • Miki Rude
    Miki Rude 26 days ago +1

    leroy smith is like one a kind uncle i will follow him anywhere he go to teach me how to pimp n swag

  • Rhap Durano
    Rhap Durano 27 days ago

    a black dude who is a master of wing chun with a dog that attacks...wow

  • STJN
    STJN 27 days ago

    A cool black old dude with chinese kungfu? Thats dope man!

  • Michael McDowell
    Michael McDowell 27 days ago +31

    Yep.He passed his vibe check.

    • fml
      fml 10 days ago +1

      this dude is the vibe check

  • PatCatz Games
    PatCatz Games 27 days ago

    I winder whar character would beat this man based on coolness

  • waywardson
    waywardson 28 days ago

    IP Man- Am I a joke to you?

  • Zero Travia
    Zero Travia 28 days ago

    Ip man reference, i would like u bring ip man n Bruce Lee DLC

  • Josip Portner
    Josip Portner 28 days ago

    i want this on spotify ASAP

  • Trigger Ting
    Trigger Ting 28 days ago

    how can i find this song Hahaha

  • yubs
    yubs 29 days ago

    When your dog starts running around the floor trying to go out and you ask what’s wrong.
    Dog: 1:00 “...see, I just wanna piss”

  • Val
    Val Month ago +2

    0:41 happy to see IP man's signature punches

  • FruitPunch Samurai
    FruitPunch Samurai Month ago +194

    When Morgan Freeman and Donnie Yen do the fusion dance.

    • Alexzander King
      Alexzander King 5 days ago

      Tru dat

    • D-Mystery
      D-Mystery 17 days ago

      @FruitPunch Samurai Well my dude Yen don't even need a brain to lay a mans out, dude be looking blank faced asf when he beat your ass lol

    • FruitPunch Samurai
      FruitPunch Samurai 17 days ago

      @D-Mystery yes, because Morgan Freeman use more % of his brain than Donnie Yen.

    • D-Mystery
      D-Mystery 17 days ago

      @FruitPunch Samurai which as a result made him more powerful than you can imagine

    • FruitPunch Samurai
      FruitPunch Samurai 17 days ago

      @D-Mystery well yeah, except he fused with Morgan Freeman

  • Manimé
    Manimé Month ago +11

    Leroy: I'm a blackinesse that can do Wing Chun and I will hurt yoh ego!