The dark web | Alan Pearce | TEDxBrighton

  • Published on Dec 24, 2014
  • This talk was given at a local TEDx event, produced independently of the TED Conferences. Alan talks about the dark web and how it can be used for worthwhile purposes.
    Alan Pearce is a journalist, broadcaster and author specialising in the Deep Web. He teaches cyber-security and counter-surveillance to journalists and is author of Deep Web for Journalists: Comms, Counter-Surveillance, Search and others.
    About TEDx, x = independently organized event In the spirit of ideas worth spreading, TEDx is a program of local, self-organized events that bring people together to share a TED-like experience. At a TEDx event, TEDTalks video and live speakers combine to spark deep discussion and connection in a small group. These local, self-organized events are branded TEDx, where x = independently organized TED event. The TED Conference provides general guidance for the TEDx program, but individual TEDx events are self-organized.* (*Subject to certain rules and regulations)

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  • Costas haralambaki
    Costas haralambaki 20 hours ago

    Focuses talk on forced advertising and invasion of privacy and then promotes the platform the criminals use which would make them stronger 🤔 makes sense.

  • SKGleba X
    SKGleba X 4 days ago

    Hes so breathtaking

  • Draconian Soldier
    Draconian Soldier 5 days ago

    his guy just seems really disappointed with himself

  • Grizz
    Grizz 6 days ago

    This didnt age well lol

  • Genki G
    Genki G 12 days ago

    i have to say its good to have duckduckgo, atleast now i can check out the christchurch manifesto and video. cant do that with google

  • Zakarie Wahlie
    Zakarie Wahlie 16 days ago

    is it me or does the lecturer have his eyes closed for most of the lecture

  • Uhhh
    Uhhh 19 days ago

    Just because you make it on a Ted Talk does not mean you necessarily have any idea what you are talking about.
    Because people crazy enough to commit these crimes are so intelligent right? They don't suffer from mental or emotional disorders, and their judgement is completely sound. They don't often telegraph their intentions on their FB page, activist web sites, threatening phone calls, or prior behavior, from miles away All The Time.
    Being discredited on even this one critical point which was his big opener is probably about as far as I need to go. Thank you and good night.

  • Lisa Harrison
    Lisa Harrison 20 days ago

    This guy really knows nothing.

  • blareiam blareiam
    blareiam blareiam 22 days ago

    Is this a Nord VPN ad

  • Premium 06
    Premium 06 23 days ago +1

    I doubt that a professional hacker uses Comic Sans..

  • Jon Doe
    Jon Doe 24 days ago

    oh the days when you could buy over one and a half bitcoin for 500 euros

  • TheJcmills
    TheJcmills 28 days ago

    Who's watching this 4 years later thinking he's completely right

    KRAKEN Month ago +1

    Anyone got 500 bucks?? Got a co worker I don't like😂😂

  • Amren The Demon
    Amren The Demon Month ago

    Obama is going to get a bomb for his birthday on Thursday, delivered at 4:00

  • Matt Man Productions
    Matt Man Productions Month ago +1

    I wished a huge EMP would blast the world and disable all devices and wished we was back in the days we didn't have technology all it is doing is making it easy for the government to spy on everyone, but yet like right now the USA is mad at china phone companies for spying on government officials, but yet it is ok to spy on its citizens😒

  • 8 of 11 assimilted
    8 of 11 assimilted Month ago

    "the streets are safe today" what world does he live in? The protected world of gated communities and body guards? I just love ivory towered indiviuals protected in their gilded cages

  • L F
    L F Month ago +1

    *this is the kind of a guy I avoid talking to at a party*

  • Hunter Knight
    Hunter Knight Month ago

    He breathes like he just ran up 10 flights of stairs

  • Eighteenth
    Eighteenth Month ago

    More about NSA-type spying than the dark web. :(

  • Shuffler703
    Shuffler703 Month ago

    I could not watch this. Poor speaker.......................

  • Juicedgaming
    Juicedgaming Month ago

    Can you go incognito on hand held devices or is it just computers ?

  • sweiland75
    sweiland75 Month ago

    He isn't doing a very good job of distinguishing the dark web from the deep web.

  • Dev die Delta
    Dev die Delta Month ago

    This guy breathes so weird when he talks

  • init3
    init3 Month ago +1

    One of the worst Ted Talks I’ve ever seen

  • Phuque2
    Phuque2 Month ago

    Obama's da bomb. He kills me.


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  • Bubbles Butterfly
    Bubbles Butterfly Month ago

    I know that a lot of people are making wisecracks about this guy breathing so hard but he could have heart trouble. Or he could be really nervous.

  • Raghav Gakhar
    Raghav Gakhar Month ago

    There have been terrorists who mailed how to make a bomb with to south eastern countries. The guy wanted to blast new york subway but was caught finally.

  • Kirstine Termansen
    Kirstine Termansen 2 months ago

    Around here, .... Netstalking

    Then Einterteinmemt, make it look as dep net nolonger hacked
    But hacked, new account, new equipment, new cpr, jr, Scholls

  • Kirstine Termansen
    Kirstine Termansen 2 months ago

    No it's, computer built hackers,,,, it's iligal
    It's not parallel
    It's no part
    It's not in
    It's outside. Attsck, example denmark
    It's crimminel
    No it's no, political, activist, news6
    It's nsa, no. Asange was. Misguided as most spy are

  • Asen asenov
    Asen asenov 2 months ago

    We not think bad things for them, but they should respond to our problems!
    If not is simply common sense just tell us OK I am done I can't respond to everyone that is it!
    So we can try different options try getting better and help people!
    I am not negative person at all!
    And do really want to crak down what is going on in the back ground!?
    Cuz base on my observation on peoples life and my life status.
    Things are very disturbing!
    And emagen I put only common sense, so I can see only 1% of everything.
    Emagen what is really going on!

  • Shreya Upadhyaya
    Shreya Upadhyaya 2 months ago

    This should've been titled the deep web instead of the dark web. But other than that, a great talk!

  • Audrey Flemming
    Audrey Flemming 2 months ago

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  • Daniel Smith
    Daniel Smith 2 months ago

    Pink_Pony2000 I have placed the carrots under the hay

  • American Woman
    American Woman 2 months ago

    His breathing sounds are freaking me out.

  • Jay Allen
    Jay Allen 2 months ago

    just be careful if you actually go to the deepest you can go, if you're looking for trouble you can easily find it and that can lead to viruses really fast

  • Los tit
    Los tit 2 months ago

    The main problem with maintaining security of communications on the internet internet was that 'searches' and communications were/are text based. I think this issue will largely disappear over the next few years with further development of applications like Face Time and Skype, where conversations will be securely encrypted at each end. Just thirty two characters form the basis of ASCII code and governments have become experts at decrypting 'secret' text messages since the early days of WWII. Decoding digitally scrambled sound and video messages will be a whole different ball-game. The introduction of holographic communications will create data overheads so large it will be impossible to efficiently and usefully decrypted for information gathering and covert monitoring.

  • nugs562
    nugs562 2 months ago

    Do ppl think that there looked at as an intelligent person by pausing to smack their lips & doing certain gestures haha lamee

  • Sam Smith
    Sam Smith 2 months ago

    This title is misleading. He is talking about the deep web, not the dark web.

  • YtheTie
    YtheTie 3 months ago

    Yeah...nice messege but badly delivered. Saying you should Project yourself on the Internet is just Common sence nowadays.
    Saying that everyone is Out to get you is the wrong way to deliver that Idea.

  • Ni Ni
    Ni Ni 3 months ago

    The creepiest thing ever: I was just looking at nice pictures of venice, für the background of my phone, when he mentioned about us beeing monitored and bombarded with adverts 😂 as in he knew i was just googling venice and wanted to make me living proof 😱😂

  • AVold
    AVold 3 months ago

    Well there, terrorists... I hope you learn something today :D

  • Myst Productions
    Myst Productions 3 months ago

    Anyone else get the impression this guy has like 6 gunmen pointing their guns at him being scripted

  • patrick robinson
    patrick robinson 3 months ago

    This TedTalk was terrible. Guy seems nervous, unfocused, out of breath, etc.

  • Jimi Barker
    Jimi Barker 3 months ago

    two lies about the deep web u are hidden and u arnt wanting child exploitation videos

  • Weebiest Katarina
    Weebiest Katarina 3 months ago

    "The streets are safe today because..."
    Was this filmed on another planet?

  • WTF TV
    WTF TV 4 months ago


  • Brennan John
    Brennan John 4 months ago

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  • vico mico
    vico mico 4 months ago

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  • DTheHAge
    DTheHAge 4 months ago

    If you hold a speak about something, please read the wikipedia article. The deep web is everything that's not listed in f.e. Google. That includes private social media profile, where only your followers can see your content. There is no anonymity just because of the deep web. The anonymity comes from services that offer a deep web function. The rest he is talking about is also with way too few knowledge (like watching conversations) to hold a speak. He was out of breath because he was out of knowledge.

  • Masti king
    Masti king 5 months ago

    Sir Please Talk in Hindi..

  • Gary Rose
    Gary Rose 5 months ago

    i would watch obama being hanged but that's about it...

  • Gary Rose
    Gary Rose 5 months ago

    the dark web is a small part of the deep web...

  • Mohammad Farhaan Khan
    Mohammad Farhaan Khan 5 months ago

    I really love this video

  • john goti
    john goti 6 months ago

    Nothing we dont know!! Maybe u so old

  • madblade
    madblade 6 months ago

    I was just waiting for the guy to have a heart attack

  • bert havermout
    bert havermout 6 months ago

    If you want incognito, don't go on internet :-)
    You will survive.

  • bert havermout
    bert havermout 6 months ago

    Yes we have to be careful but... Ads, whatever, I cannot and don't need to buy that stuff? Let them send, don't buy! Criminals: I don't have much money to steal. Stalkers.. mm, again just be careful who you trust.
    I don't see too much problems.
    If you want incognito, don't go on internet :-)

  • Nic Sanchez
    Nic Sanchez 6 months ago

    Here in 2019, net neutrality is dead and there's ads covering 50% or more of each webpage I visit without an ad blocker.

  • kokokoren
    kokokoren 7 months ago

    I got a Firefox ad lol

  • Arnav Sharma
    Arnav Sharma 7 months ago

    Why is he out of breath for the entire length of the video

  • Wayne Mortimer
    Wayne Mortimer 7 months ago


  • Unkwon Malaysian Guy
    Unkwon Malaysian Guy 7 months ago

    Software name for this tool at 8:32 plz

  • Dying DNS
    Dying DNS 7 months ago

    I love tor

  • Cent
    Cent 8 months ago


  • Luke The Light Bringer
    Luke The Light Bringer 8 months ago

    its the unconscious represnetaion of ht ehuman mind.

  • Just Me
    Just Me 8 months ago +1

    I can't figure out if this guy is a better presenter than the other one, or if he's just British.

  • TKVisme
    TKVisme 8 months ago

    Aiden Pearce???

  • marko lucic
    marko lucic 8 months ago

    i restarted the video several times and since every time there is an add, it is interesting that most adds are from google, the company dedicated to the destruction of privacy and anonymity.

  • Odette Moronez
    Odette Moronez 8 months ago

    This information shared in this 13min. Clip is pricless! I'm saving this clip 2download an app or 2.
    Thanks So very much!🤐💓🙏🛠💓😆

  • Nicholas Daw
    Nicholas Daw 8 months ago

    The deep net

  • Dendran Gardner
    Dendran Gardner 9 months ago

    Well, AJ isn't the one to lie that quick...
    Celestia, you better be careful!

  • get yoted
    get yoted 9 months ago

    we’re in 48 seconds and mike from breaking bad has started his own asmr. get some water my man

    NOTHING 9 months ago

    He got either tired or nervous more at the end

  • JohnC CVA
    JohnC CVA 9 months ago

    Or just use Brave browser for a add free experience.

  • Dawson Wright
    Dawson Wright 9 months ago

    Warning- this video has literally nothing to do with the dark web

  • Thicky
    Thicky 9 months ago

    Now they're collecting data on all of us watching this video

  • Bill Thew
    Bill Thew 9 months ago

    This guy is paranoid af.
    I like his idea of videogames being secure.. except every next person knows who you are after they fckd your mum last night.

    I dont think this guy has played WoW

  • oh mait
    oh mait 9 months ago

    Barack Obama is the bomb he's killing it

  • RayNow
    RayNow 9 months ago +1

    I never realised Mike from Breaking Bad was so passionate about his privacy on the internet.

  • Jesse Daniel
    Jesse Daniel 9 months ago

    “The deep web is a state of mind” gahahagajahah x)

  • Josh G
    Josh G 9 months ago

    if you're not paying you're the product..... now you can download tor it's free... hahahaha

  • Ashy Larry
    Ashy Larry 9 months ago

    Geez, COPD is a beast! He needs to lay off the Marlboros...

  • Steven yang
    Steven yang 9 months ago

    I'm Bio Weapon Maker

  • Abdirahman Abdullahi
    Abdirahman Abdullahi 9 months ago


  • Sole Survivor
    Sole Survivor 9 months ago

    You don't think the Power Elite can penetrate the dark web if they want to? In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if they already have.

  • VVill
    VVill 9 months ago +1

    Pro tip: watch at 2x speed

  • venkat
    venkat 9 months ago

    Sometimes I see ads a TVclip suggestion of thing that I'm talking to someone. Phone will be ideal. When I start using it, I see ads related to it. The first time I was shocked and convinced myself that it's just coincidence. But it happened like 5 or 6 time after that..

  • Hauxie
    Hauxie 9 months ago

    I thought the guys name was Aiden Pearce. Almost a watch dogs reference 😂

  • nixon james
    nixon james 9 months ago

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  • Nytelife26
    Nytelife26 9 months ago

    Would rather have had this talk from Aiden Pearce instead but oh well

  • 7oRRo 7oRRo
    7oRRo 7oRRo 9 months ago

    I want you to get mad

  • 10 Billion Subs - 1 Sh*t video

    If you have nothing to hide, you have everything to fear.

  • That Indian Ukulelist
    That Indian Ukulelist 9 months ago

    Yup i always used to think Clash of Clans can be used...

  • Anna Zierlinger
    Anna Zierlinger 9 months ago

    Now we can't even post memes anymore

  • MrYutbe57
    MrYutbe57 10 months ago

    Oh I'm aware that I don't want to make enemies in the Digital World.

  • Steven Ashton Baker
    Steven Ashton Baker 10 months ago

    "They" aren't after terrorists, they're after the people

  • maont
    maont 10 months ago

    This looks this guy from Breaking bad

    DERP FASE 10 months ago