Judiciary - Surface Noise 2019 (Full Album)

  • Hardcore from Texas, USA.
    "Surface Noise 2019"
    01. Social Crusade
    02. Karma's Knife
    03. Temple
    04. Stronger Than Thou
    05. Burden Of Truth
    06. Pure Fury
    07. 7.65mm
    08. Zero Hour
    09. War (Time Is Nigh)
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  • Significant Otter
    Significant Otter Year ago +38

    0:00 Social Crusade
    3:17 Karma's Knife
    5:50 Temple
    8:05 Stronger Than Thou
    11:00 Burden Of Truth
    14:44 Pure Fury
    18:37 7.65mm
    21:57 Zero Hour
    22:59 War (Time is Nigh)

  • lunadog21
    lunadog21 Month ago

    Great album. But too many goddamn commercials. Wtf!

  • Jack Carlson
    Jack Carlson 4 months ago

    The riff at 6:08 is TXHC gold. Gr8 record.

  • Víctor Babyak
    Víctor Babyak 5 months ago

    Great 2 steps thrash hardcore with great solos.

  • William Meakins
    William Meakins 5 months ago

    This channel is fucking b r i n g i n g it
    good work

  • Tru Reks
    Tru Reks 6 months ago

    Killin it

  • NotTelling MyName
    NotTelling MyName 7 months ago

    I'm usually a death metal fan, but this guys really click with me

    • mike wheeler
      mike wheeler 7 months ago

      same here. check out Powertrip. they have a similar sound.

  • NotTelling MyName
    NotTelling MyName 7 months ago

    best album of the band so far

  • DrKiKASs69 Gaming
    DrKiKASs69 Gaming 7 months ago

    saw them live last night......killer fuckin set

  • J A
    J A 9 months ago

    I hope this is on Vinyl man. Def. add to the collection.

  • Bloody517
    Bloody517 9 months ago

    Damn I didn't know this genre of music still existed. Last I knew first blood was the shit to all the kids and it sounded commercial as fuck

  • E T
    E T 10 months ago

    Ehh this is pretty fuckin boring

  • Jason Wiley
    Jason Wiley 10 months ago +5

    This is fuckin badass, it's cool to hear hardcore with thrashy solos

  • Sylvain TERRET
    Sylvain TERRET Year ago

    just got an eargasm

  • diablero76
    diablero76 Year ago +1

    Good dope

  • Chance Paladin
    Chance Paladin Year ago +1

    Spread the word, great album! Share it, play it, gogo!

  • chaoticfirearm
    chaoticfirearm Year ago +1

    Breakdown in Social Crusade is straight up Machine Head. Tight.

  • Armon Mcknight
    Armon Mcknight Year ago +4

    Just heard these guys for the first time on liquid metal devils dozen! So good!

  • Dalton De Buton
    Dalton De Buton Year ago


  • Efi Sardeli
    Efi Sardeli Year ago +1

    Awesome album....!!!!!!🖤🤘🖤🤘

  • Jos Veldhuis
    Jos Veldhuis Year ago

    Really awesome!

  • Ole Renfordt
    Ole Renfordt Year ago +4

    10:00 is that Brian from Knocked Loose?

  • sup
    sup Year ago

    Right on the money

  • Ciaran Clay
    Ciaran Clay Year ago

    WOW! Stop abusing all these glamxcore ratchord buryyourchemicalromaces!!! Que Shia empty theatre slow clap gif

  • Derek Waugh
    Derek Waugh Year ago +2

    So much good HC coming out lately. I never thought I'd be saying that again, honestly. Incendiary, Knocked Loose, Vein, these guys. Fuck, my wallet's gonna be feeling the pain again.

    • Derek Waugh
      Derek Waugh Year ago

      @Mikey Ceja It's a wonderful thing!

    • Mikey Ceja
      Mikey Ceja Year ago +1

      I know! That’s what I have been thinking to myself. I believe the next age of HardCore is coming .

    • Derek Waugh
      Derek Waugh Year ago

      @PassionEnergy I'll have to check 'em out!

    • PassionEnergy
      PassionEnergy Year ago

      Dont forget grove street families. Theyre killing it too imo.

  • Joe Muscenti
    Joe Muscenti Year ago


  • Jakub Salamon
    Jakub Salamon Year ago

    Sooooooo fuckin great riffs we have here

  • Nick Anderson
    Nick Anderson Year ago +5

    I dig, I’m gonna have to buy this on cd, and actually support the artist

  • Walks with Reed
    Walks with Reed Year ago +1

    So refreshing.

    LUCA SBRASBEZ Year ago


  • H3C70RG
    H3C70RG Year ago

    Stronger than thou... Bryan from KL guest vocals???

  • Lucas Lima
    Lucas Lima Year ago


  • Steven Hodgson
    Steven Hodgson Year ago

    Ruthlessly ruthless

  • Leroy Gonzales
    Leroy Gonzales Year ago


  • Andy Toxic
    Andy Toxic Year ago +4

    Power Trip-light :D

    • moko9hoko
      moko9hoko 6 months ago

      If anything its power trip on steroids since Judiciary actually use double bass

    • Walks with Reed
      Walks with Reed Year ago

      @Total Desaster no i do. But i also hear more hardcore influence and less straight up thrash influence like with power trip which have a lot more thrash influence

    • Total Desaster
      Total Desaster Year ago

      @Walks with Reed You don't hear metal here? Weird.

    • Total Desaster
      Total Desaster Year ago

      @Andy Toxic Yeah that really doesn't make sense. This band seems to be more inspired by the old school metalcore of the likes of Integrity and Ringworm. Which is a great thing and not really anything "lighter" in any way.

    • Dhieen
      Dhieen Year ago

      Reed Arroyo what ? I love hardcore , and I love power trip , and judiciary is very cool but not as good as power trip IMO

  • ChaliceChugger
    ChaliceChugger Year ago

    Who is doing the vocals at 17:49 ?? so dope

  • ChaliceChugger
    ChaliceChugger Year ago +14

    I'm getting some old school death vibes in this first song. Love it.
    Edit: Obviously it's hardcore, but some of the riffs are pretty Death-ish IMO.

    • moko9hoko
      moko9hoko 2 months ago

      That end breakdown was pure machine head

    • Víctor Babyak
      Víctor Babyak 5 months ago

      Great 2 steps thrash hardcore with great solos.

    • Darby Carroll
      Darby Carroll 5 months ago

      It's almost like Deathcore shouldn't be a dirty word in the lexicon. RIP Myspace.

    • smelly poops
      smelly poops 11 months ago +2

      Kind of reminds me of ripping corpse vocally.

    • Dhieen
      Dhieen Year ago

      More thrash than death

  • Patrick Bateman
    Patrick Bateman Year ago +2

    Absolute banger

  • Vgz dude
    Vgz dude Year ago


  • Rémi Gauthier
    Rémi Gauthier Year ago +1

    this slaps hard

    • morbidlust666
      morbidlust666 5 months ago

      Rémi Gauthier that’s a bayarea term slap

  • Gareth Bailey
    Gareth Bailey Year ago +2

    AOTY Contender

  • Dhieen
    Dhieen Year ago +1

    Nice charlie chaplin quote

  • Lou Fulford
    Lou Fulford Year ago

    Time code please !

  • Ryan B
    Ryan B Year ago


  • Mel Alvarez
    Mel Alvarez Year ago

    Sounds so fucking good thanks for the upload

  • shadow smith
    shadow smith Year ago

    These guys tear it the fuck up! Well done!

  • DespisedDumbass
    DespisedDumbass Year ago +20

    Not even a month in and we already got AOTY.

    • DespisedDumbass
      DespisedDumbass 10 months ago

      Well I've been proven wrong I guess lmao. Magnitude and Fury blow this out of the water.

    • DespisedDumbass
      DespisedDumbass Year ago

      @Andy Toxic Pretty good but it's just generic thrash. Not really anything special.

    • Quesartillana
      Quesartillana Year ago +1

      sounds like a stretch but ok

    • Andy Toxic
      Andy Toxic Year ago

      And it's this one :D tvclip.biz/video/1jaNvtU5KKo/video.html