Doctors Reveal Worst Self-Diagnosis Stories (r/AskReddit Top Posts | Reddit Stories)

  • Published on Dec 1, 2019
  • ► Doctors Reveal Worst Self-Diagnosis Stories (r/AskReddit Top Posts | Reddit Stories)
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  • Storytime With Reddit
    Storytime With Reddit  Month ago +44

    Thanks for watching everyone!

  • Poorly Disguised Alien

    my dads mom had chronic migraines and thought she had just another migraine one day and goes to sleep it off but it was a brain aneurysm and she died in her sleep
    makes me very paranoid about also having chronic migraines and headaches haha...

  • VelociQueen
    VelociQueen 15 days ago

    Omg my last boyfriend has had TEN syndrome (toxic epidermal necrolysis syndrome) and your skin truly does peel off in sheets. Or for him it's more like it just falls off. He once told me he doesn't really remember what happened when it first happened and he lost 18% of the skin on his body except for laying in the ER in a daze because of the medication they gave him and he was looking down at the floor while the doctor and nurses were working on him with one arm hanging down over the edge of the bed when a large amount of skin just sloughed off his arm and fell on the floor. I will never forget him telling me it sounded like a wet sock hitting the floor.

  • cait grace
    cait grace 16 days ago

    im not the doctor, im the patient. they diagnosed me with nothing. i told them i was in serious pain, they thought i was drug seeking.
    i have type 3 ehlers-danlos syndrome, chronic regional pain syndrome (CRPS), postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome (POTS), and had plantar fasciitis that still occasionally flares. i had to figure this out on my own and convince my dr to refer me to a rheumatologist.

  • Sara S
    Sara S 17 days ago

    I know someone who went to urgent care and they told her she had a cold. A day later she went to the ER because she got so much worse. She had kidney failure.

  • Mermaid Makes
    Mermaid Makes 18 days ago

    I just want to add the PSA that, in the USA, there are only a few spiders that are potentially harmful to humans, that’s the hobo spider, black widow, brown widow, and brown recluse which most people know...
    Now, brown recluses only reside in the mid-southern section of the US:
    A lot of harmless brown house spiders get mistaken for it.
    The brown widows range is most of the south, and the hobo spider range is northwestern US. The black widows range is poorly documented because it is so reclusive, but it’s easily recognizable and you’ll most likely go your whole life without seeing one. I’ve only seen one once when I worked at a reptile breeding facility in Florida, and I did a lot of field work back then.
    So, folks, if you live in the US and see a big brown spider it is most likely NOT a recluse or hobo spider. Spiders are largely harmless!!! they just want to leave you alone and eat your pests. They are great to have around as they keep flys, cockroaches, and other annoying or harmful insects away!!! They’re also awesome garden buddies for those that garden, to keep pests away.
    So please PLEASE don’t kill spiders and there’s no need to be afraid of them! I know it’s hard to shake such a deep seeded fear, but I assure you they are your little exterminator buddies!

  • unstable Pineapple
    unstable Pineapple 18 days ago

    I went to the doctor with a UTI I didn't know but the Dr swore up and down I had a miscarriage since I was on my period. It was a UTI and a staph infection btw never been pregnant ever and didn't have a miscarriage

  • isabella Egan
    isabella Egan 18 days ago +2

    Honestly, I'm not suprised that patient with lupus was laughed at. It is a hilarious reoccuring joke in the best medical drama ever made.

  • Inconspicuous Charr
    Inconspicuous Charr 19 days ago

    I lost half of my youth to fibromyalgia because some shite doctor brushed off my chronic pain and fatigue as a shitty wive's tale

  • TheMattc999
    TheMattc999 20 days ago

    So the one case the patient is in excruciating pain because they have to shit so bad, which they found out immediately after giving them a bunch of drugs that make you not able to shit. I wonder how that worked out....🤔

  • Alyssa Sowell
    Alyssa Sowell 21 day ago +1

    I go into the ER thinking I have kidney stones. The pain and symptoms match and I've had reoccurring stones yearly since 2016.
    They run a test, and apparently I had a severe kidney infection lmao

  • Haylie’s Bored
    Haylie’s Bored 23 days ago

    Yeah yeah- not a doctor. But when I was 13 (in 2016) I had been constantly thirsty, constantly hungry, nauseous, getting skinnier- etc. Well, kids started making fun of me for starting to get extremely skinny, and me, being a self conscious little teenage girl, felt so crappy about that that I googled what was wrong with me. I looked and found lots of diagrams showing that, I was showing all the symptoms. So while I eating with my mother and father and little sister, I brought it up and showed them the diagram. They burst out in laughter. “You’re fine, don’t trust all that Web Md crap.” A month later, I go on vacation with my aunt and grandma and cousin to Universal Studios, and bought a refillable cup with one of the chips that allowed you to refill it every ten minutes. I was at the drink machine every ten minutes getting a coke, I was so thirsty, I had to constantly stop at the snack vans to get icecream or a snack because I was so hungry. I had to sit out of most the rides because I felt dizzy and sick. My grandma and aunt obviously noted my signs and ordered my Mother to take me to a doctor. So we go- turned out I’d been a Type 1 Diabetic for MONTHS- I’d gotten down to 65 pounds- and no one knew about it. My sugar was almost 700 upon admission, an EXTREMELY dangerous number. I got treatment, needless to say my parents were heartbroken and felt like idiots and apologized to me countless times. Fun times. I’m 17 now and I’m thankful my grandmother and aunt were worried enough to help me seek out treatment. And my diabetes is great, I’m on a pump now and it is literally a breeze.

  • Jörunn von Westernhagen

    The very first one, something similar happened to me, though I didn't go to the doctor.
    Had bought new jeans, really nice blue ones, and the colour "rubbed off?" got on my hands from laying my hands in my lap and stuff. It really did look like my hands were turning blue. After a moment of confusion, I did guess it were the jeans, and could easily wash it off. My legs looked funny as well. xD
    If you buy blue jeans, especially with cheaper ones, throw them in the washer more than once. Even after the 4th wash colour still came off.

  • Jose Medrano
    Jose Medrano 29 days ago

    I did a self diagnosis and I confirmed that I suffer from horny attack's cus I never had a girlfriend....

  • LittleAngie009
    LittleAngie009 Month ago

    I was in the middle of English class when my chest starting hurting really bad. It was really hard to breathe but I have bad anxiety and we were playing a game, so I thought it was just that. Then it started to hurt more and more. Next class, I set my stuff down and went straight to the nurse, who told me it was probably muscular because my breathing sounded fine and so did my heart. Thing is, I wasn’t doing any activity that would cause it to hurt so suddenly and so badly like it did. I took some medicine for it and went on my merry way. This was Friday
    The following Sunday I performed in a choir concert and I was having such a hard time breathing that I could barely sing. Apparently I looked miserable too because I couldn’t breathe properly-it really hurt to take in a deep breath.The next day, I still was feeling terrible. My mom took me to the doctor, fearing it was pneumonia. Nope. It was a pneumothorax-a collapsed lung.
    The funny part? When I got these pains in English class, I got really paranoid and thought to myself "oh my god my lung is collapsing😫!” Because I had watched Greys Anatomy the day prior.

  • Beeba K Smith
    Beeba K Smith Month ago +1

    The one where the guy thought he was dead - if it wasn't drugs, my immediate thought would have been Cotard's, aka walking corpse syndrome. I'm not a doctor or anything though, so 🤷‍♂️

  • Heck
    Heck Month ago

    "trapped wind" is incredibly fucking painful in the right spots

  • Ryan H.
    Ryan H. Month ago +3

    "Obligatory 'not a doctor', and it wasn't a self-diagnosis."

    So it's totally unrelated to the topic at hand...?

    • K1naku5ana3R1ka
      K1naku5ana3R1ka 23 days ago

      It's still about someone making a dumb diagnosis, so it still fits.

  • Christine McKinney
    Christine McKinney Month ago

    Am I the only one who hates the music added in the background??? Makes it way harder to pay attention to the stories...

  • Madison Gutierrez
    Madison Gutierrez Month ago

    thinks i have cancer: nah you just have to shit
    thinks i just have to shit: nah bitch you got cancer

  • Donde_lieta
    Donde_lieta Month ago +1

    I had stage 4 cancer and I was having these weird episodes that had similar symptoms to a stroke, I went to a walk in place and they said it was all probably because I was on my period. Yeah. Months later I found out I had a 16 cm tumor in my lung and other tumors all over my body and inside my bones. Fuck that nurse. Lol

  • 10,000 Subs With Out Any Vids Before Febuary

    "Dude My Head Hurts I Have A Headache"
    My Searches It Up On Google
    Google:You Have Cancer Sir

  • No Freespeech
    No Freespeech Month ago +2

    Self diagnoses: Dead

  • Spookiito
    Spookiito Month ago +5

    Six years ago my mom had this persistent cough that we just attributed to like a cold or something. Well, the cold went away but the cough didnt. Had her checked out turns out it was genetic lung cancer. So, yeah go and get yourself checked out if something doesnt feel *right* even if its small
    (Moms still here btw. Prayers are always appreciated)

  • Emily Geier
    Emily Geier Month ago

    Man I have had months at a time without periods from my birth control and I’ve had migraines with vomiting. I’m not sexually active, but if I was and the birth control don’t work as needed, it would be 3 or 4 months before I even realized something was off

  • mc
    mc Month ago

    6:46 my brother ghostwrote that. He doesn't use reddit but just about that exact situation happened to him. Somehow I was the only one convinced from the start it was severe constipation...

  • ronakino
    ronakino Month ago

    My grandma went in for gallstones. She was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. Only lived for 12 more days.

  • maivaiva
    maivaiva Month ago

    okay, but how does a personality disorder prevent you from going to jail anyway?

    • Finn Taro
      Finn Taro Month ago

      maivaiva you can plead that you weren’t in “the right state of mind.”

  • Dante Alighieri
    Dante Alighieri Month ago

    Chiropractors are not doctors. Do not take medical advice from chiropractors. Chiropracty is not a science. It is not evidence based. There are some possible benefits for minor pain as well as placebo, but it is not an effective medical treatment.

    • Cara Garcia
      Cara Garcia Month ago

      The chiropractor help me with two slipped disks. I went to a DO and podiatrist for foot pain and just got worse and worse. I couldn't even feel the gas pedal some times. Neither ever looked at my back or suggest I have it looked at. A lady in an exercise class suggested I see a chiropractor and they caught it right away. They had to wait till the next day to start treatment because they could not start until after the X-ray came in. A co-worker's husband had a calcified valve in his heart and the chiropractor is the one who initially thought something was wrong with his heart. He went to his primary caregiver and was sent to a specialist then to the hospital in an ambulance. If he didn't have back pain he might not of had a full recovery. He knew he had a murmur but didn't notice any symptoms. Of course the chiropractor didn't diagnose it and may have been unaware how serious it was, but he did start the process.

    • QuantumNightmare
      QuantumNightmare Month ago

      It puts people with certain health conditions at risk of strokes! It’s mad that people take them seriously

  • Dante Alighieri
    Dante Alighieri Month ago

    TBF I've had epididymitis twice and the first thing they did was an ultrasound. The second time I went to an urgent care center and was told to get the fuck to the hospital so they can do an ultrasound and make sure it wasn't a torsion. That's literally medical malpractice.

  • Maddy Is sad
    Maddy Is sad Month ago

    I've went to the ER for severe cramps that made it hard to walk (I have a history of gallbladder problems) and I was just severely constipated Lol
    The doctor showed my mom the x ray and my intestines had like no room left lol

  • Maddy Is sad
    Maddy Is sad Month ago

    *"nine hundred and eleven"*

  • Sassy Karen
    Sassy Karen Month ago

    When my son was about a year old his skin was orange and my mom and I were freaking out! We got him to his pediatrician the same day and she asked us if he had eaten a lot of orange vegetables. We told her that he liked carrots and sweet potatoes mixed in with his meats baby food. She said he was orange from the carotene in the vegetables. She said to keep him off of them for a few days and he would be fine. And he was!!

  • Princess Luna
    Princess Luna Month ago

    This happened to me last weekend. I was visiting my mother for Thanksgiving when I noticed that I had very dark, almost black stool while going to the bathroom. I remember from one of these videos that black stool is a cause for concern. I figured if it continued, I would go see the doctor when I got home.

    Fortunately, it stopped and I came to the second conclusion for what happened. I went to see 'It's a Beautiful Neighborhood' with my mother and step-father and during that showing, I had gotten a black cherry Icee. I assume that the icee was the reason why my stool was black. It's currently normal colors now.

  • franceska o.
    franceska o. Month ago

    They once thought I had strep throat... turns out I had mono.

  • leafmealone
    leafmealone Month ago

    *n i n e h u n d r e d a n d e l e v e n*

  • PrincessLuLu
    PrincessLuLu Month ago +1

    This video gives me terrible anxiety because I have chronic back pain and other issues which makes my hypochondria worse.

  • PrincessLuLu
    PrincessLuLu Month ago +2

    2:11 As someone with PCOS and has always had a sensitive GI this is the freaking worst. Because my periods have always been irregular (I usually only get them every few months and sometimes even longer; I sometimes have to take a 10 day dose of artificial progesterone to induce a period so my lining doesn’t get too thick putting me at risk of other issues) I always have to worry about this if I’ve had sex recently. It’s so annoying and stressful and it sucks because until you explain you have pcos hence irregular periods doctors always assume you must be pregnant or you are overreacting.

  • Kevin J
    Kevin J Month ago

    Some of these weird things like this going to kill me. I have had weird pains and such over the last 15 years. Sudden new weird pain in a new part of my body will crop up randomly one day, hurt for a few days and then go away eventually only for some new sharp stabbing pain from different area to pop up somewhere else. Always have the normal join pains from 6 different joints I have to live with pain from for decades now, and some other more long term aches and pains. But the random one while very painful at the moment I have learned to mosely ignore when it's not stabbing me hard. So the chance of me actually going to a doctor for some new pain is likely zero, one of these cancers will kill me and I will likely never get diagnosed.

  • DylanKing1999
    DylanKing1999 Month ago +2

    If Reddit has thought me anything it is that both the doctors and the patients are idiots.

  • evelyn forever
    evelyn forever Month ago +8

    Self diagnosed: death

  • Veechan Otaku
    Veechan Otaku Month ago +4

    The patient that self diagnose as dead was funny 😂

    • Ian moseley
      Ian moseley Month ago +3

      Veechan Otaku high functioning zombie

  • Celina K
    Celina K Month ago +1

    Some of these are definitely mental illnesses
    6:57 legumes, grains, seeds, soy and beans are important for vegans and good for you. Don't forget to take a vitamin/mineral pill or a B12 pill

    DPWFG Month ago

    I was at work and had my left ear *pop*, got dizzy and lost my balance. Went to the walk-in to check if I had an ear infection. My left ear is prone to ear infections. Walk in doctor said I was fine. Ear started to hurt really bad, so the following week I went to my family doctor. Turns out I had an ear infection so bad it had actually blown out my ear drum.

  • Tiana Lai Meng
    Tiana Lai Meng Month ago +1

    I am currently taking a health care class at school and this just reminded me of something my teacher said : “There are always exceptions to the rules.” The symptoms given to diseases are often generic and provide an average stage where we need to start getting worried, but not everybody presents the exact same symptoms. Which is why we need to treat every case like an exception. Like my teacher said : “ Healthcare is like the French language. We’ll drill rules into your heads but there will always be exceptions.”

  • Derpman Average Gamer
    Derpman Average Gamer Month ago +1

    should have gone straight to Dr. House. he would have said lupus the second you sat down.

  • mary canary
    mary canary Month ago

    sure missing a ball sucks but... you dont strictly NEED both of them

  • That sensitive psychopath

    Not even sexually active and I freak when I miss a period how can you bloat and experience all the pregnancy without knowing it is *baffling*

  • That sensitive psychopath

    Not even sexually active and I freak when I miss a period how can you bloat and experience all the pregnancy without knowing it is *baffling*

  • Josh Clover
    Josh Clover Month ago

    "if you have blood in your stool, especially dark coloured, don't ignore it" Oof. I've had that for years

    • Josh Clover
      Josh Clover Month ago

      @tessunrise I mean, I was scheduled for colonoscopy, but something major happened that required me to move and cancel, I might, it's just become pretty normal and since it's been so long I don't wanna waste any money on something that could possibly be no big deal ya feel

    • tessunrise
      tessunrise Month ago

      Alex Clover Call your doctor’s office or just any local hospital TODAY. It might be a really simple fix that just needs a few pills, or it might be something that is serious, but there’s no way to tell without having a doctor take a look.

  • Illustrious Cabbage
    Illustrious Cabbage Month ago +38

    Reddit: Doctors of reddit...
    *Literally everyone: I'm not a doctor but...*

  • Dat Roy
    Dat Roy Month ago

    In middle school I thought I had a brain cancer, but it turned out to be a combination of anemia from an eating disorder I had started developing, ADHD, a bad memory, and a ear infection. I felt really out of it dizzy, ears ringing, sharp ear pains, forgetfulness, lethargic, unable to concentrate , fatigue, headaches, nausea,and confusion. Basically I just had a culusterfuck of issues that made me feel like shit, and I thought I had cancer cause I was delusional and 11.

  • Adilton Aranha
    Adilton Aranha Month ago

    0:41 no one:

    google translate: 𝙣𝙞𝙣𝙚𝙝𝙪𝙣𝙙𝙧𝙚𝙙 𝙖𝙣𝙙 𝙚𝙡𝙚𝙫𝙚𝙣

  • Wolf Noir *wolfissimo*

    I has a fever headache, muscle pain, and chills
    I looked it up
    I thought I had Ebola

  • crowleynotcrawley
    crowleynotcrawley Month ago +8

    There's actually a mental problem where people are convinced they're dead. Its wierd but true

    • Emily Geier
      Emily Geier Month ago

      Dandelionweekes it actually does fit under the umbrella term. It also has a specific name like pretty much everything else.

    • Dandelionweekes
      Dandelionweekes Month ago

      @Magma Ferret Well, yeah. Ik that every delusion cant fit under the umbrella term but at its core it is a delusional disorder

    • Magma Ferret
      Magma Ferret Month ago +3

      @Dandelionweekes It's actually a specific delusion. It's Cotard Delusion, also known as Cotard Syndrome, or "Walking Corpse" Syndrome.

    • Dandelionweekes
      Dandelionweekes Month ago

      That's called a delusion

  • Amy Louise
    Amy Louise Month ago +2

    yo these vids freak me out. i get blood sometimes when i wipe. got me thinking i have colon cancer or something

    • Sanaa I
      Sanaa I 18 days ago

      Lol you might need softer toilet paper

  • KingLouieGaming
    KingLouieGaming Month ago +2

    11:36 wtf why would you NOT sue in that situation. When the case would be so cut and dry on top of the fact you could sue for millions and millions of dollars

  • Lemonz1989
    Lemonz1989 Month ago +2

    My self-diagnoses are usually correct. Probably because biology is somewhat of a passion of mine, and I've had regular contact with doctors and hospitals since I was 14 (30 now). I have type 1 diabetes, hence the hospitals and doctors, and self-diagnosed my shingles, migraines, one UTI, mild gastroparesis and mild autonomic neuropathy.
    I don't force the issue, I just ask my doctor(s) politely if that could be the case, and if they agree they send me for more tests. They are nice like that, especially since they know me after all these years.

    SGT SPARKKY Month ago

    This entire video : NOT A DOCTOR BUT....

  • Carter J
    Carter J Month ago +2

    Straight up took my younger brother to the ER because he was in so much pain he couldn’t move and was near crying so we all assumed it was a burst appendix. So he gets rushed into a room and the doctor is feeling around and pushes into the area he has pain in and my brother whimpers and then looks kind of embarrassed. My brother let out the most disgusting fart I’ve ever smelt in my ENTIRE life and even the doctor gagged. He was fine after that and we went home.

    • Genevieve Martinez
      Genevieve Martinez Month ago +1

      Carter J this made me laugh out loud!!!! This happened to me when I was younger and i was having bad chest pains, went to er, couldn’t find anything wrong. They scheduled an ultrasound for the following morning, went in and had an unusual amount of gas bubbles. Doc asked me what i ate the night before- “an entire pint of ice cream” i say, “yeah,” he says “you’re lactose intolerant!”