• Published on Nov 29, 2019
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Comments • 610

  • Jesse Palomares
    Jesse Palomares 5 days ago

    Feel my power JD😎

  • LovedBy You
    LovedBy You 14 days ago

    Looking happy and enjoying himself. I love to see it

  • Nyxie Baybe
    Nyxie Baybe 15 days ago

    Thanks for texting us I’m thankful for u u keep me happy and entertained

  • Nyxie Baybe
    Nyxie Baybe 15 days ago

    Yazz I watch ya ads lol

  • Yung Bop
    Yung Bop 21 day ago

    My dawg🖤

  • Jessica Ferrell
    Jessica Ferrell 23 days ago

    Y'all is actually cuteee together y'all should take it for real😍🤞🏽

  • Ebere Anadi
    Ebere Anadi 25 days ago

    😂😂she definitely like you , she be telling you she miss you bro

    KIKI KARTELL 2019 26 days ago

    shit i rap and tattoo and stay in the hood my life is veryyyy intresting hood fights that actally include me smh just beat up a bitch friday lol i wish all the drama got recorded ctfu but yeah i def would have content

    KIKI KARTELL 2019 26 days ago

    ima start me ayoutube channel today frfr

  • Ebere Anadi
    Ebere Anadi 26 days ago

    You should make more videos

  • Ebere Anadi
    Ebere Anadi 26 days ago

    Jay you funny af

  • Ebere Anadi
    Ebere Anadi 26 days ago

    “Have dem booty shorts on😂😂😂”

  • Fimecka Tenner
    Fimecka Tenner 27 days ago

    Why do you eat like that jay.

  • OkaySheree
    OkaySheree 28 days ago +2

    “If you ain’t put yo foot in it, I don’t want it” NO CAP 🧢
    Granny’s and moms knows best

  • jasmyne artis
    jasmyne artis Month ago

    Idk why but he looks like a lighter version of da baby to me .

  • Desnari Mutentami
    Desnari Mutentami Month ago

    So what's the theme song title

  • Kiyah Boo
    Kiyah Boo Month ago

    Love u bae 😘

  • Debra Warren
    Debra Warren Month ago

    Do you and Vicky go out because she posting other boys

  • B00fpack '
    B00fpack ' Month ago

    Mamma don’t play that shit

  • Anthony Hi
    Anthony Hi Month ago

    Ya Channel tuff bro💯

  • Shelly Ross
    Shelly Ross Month ago

    I don't watch yo ads 🤣

  • Atc_Reaper
    Atc_Reaper Month ago +1

    So stereo typical he drinking cool aid lmao

  • Baabyy Jordan
    Baabyy Jordan Month ago

    Ong I used to think this nigga was ugly💀😭 he really glowed up💞

  • Tavarreo Davis
    Tavarreo Davis Month ago +4

    Im not gone even lie , y'all actually cute together .

  • D'zo benfranklin
    D'zo benfranklin Month ago

    Go ahead carry on😂

  • B Garnet
    B Garnet Month ago

    "Buh-say-da salad"😂😂

  • Thonn Mcmillan
    Thonn Mcmillan Month ago

    Y'all both confusing each other

  • Jack Byram
    Jack Byram Month ago

    “Athletics Feet”

    JAYDEN RUEL Month ago

    what’s his phone number

  • Kirsten Janos
    Kirsten Janos Month ago

    Your too funny 🔥

  • Slimtina Marshall
    Slimtina Marshall Month ago


  • Cece
    Cece Month ago

    Yo video be to shot

  • Rissa Fulton
    Rissa Fulton Month ago

    He must like Vicky♥️

    EYE BULLY Month ago

    YBN Almighty Jay- To be continued

  • Loving Naeasija
    Loving Naeasija Month ago

    “Oh fuck “😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Jay Dog
    Jay Dog Month ago

    Boy u need to prank ddg good. Real good

  • Jay Dog
    Jay Dog Month ago

    My boy jay eating good 💪🏾

    TO ALL GLORY Month ago

    Lmao she said YOU LOOK GOOD RIGHT NOW 🗣

  • MagicalSYSTEMS vr
    MagicalSYSTEMS vr Month ago

    7:12 that laugh tho I’m done🤣🤣

  • Bouje Doll
    Bouje Doll Month ago

    that bitch jus wanna use you for your clout and money let her go papi .

    DEE MARQUIS23 Month ago

    I fw that nigga Jay 💯 he a natural with this TVclip shit 💫

  • LeanCerealIn k
    LeanCerealIn k Month ago

    Hit that mighty 😂💕💕

  • Laniece P
    Laniece P Month ago +2

    Just hope he doesn't lay his hands on her like he did Dreamdoll...praying that he's a better man for the next woman.

  • Jazmyn Hardrman
    Jazmyn Hardrman Month ago

    He related to DDG?

  • Keshia Danea
    Keshia Danea Month ago +6

    “ PASATA SALAD “ I Laughed So Hard I Peed 😂🤣😭😭

  • Hakim Mohammed
    Hakim Mohammed Month ago

    mans had blac chyna , but now what

  • Ga vin has come
    Ga vin has come Month ago

    You and dgg are like the same person in two different bodies on foe nem

    JAY FINESSE Month ago

    Wats The Song Of His Intro

  • True Alpha
    True Alpha Month ago

    I’m subscribing man this dude be having me rolling! 😂 just natural man #Salute!

  • Izzy Rojas
    Izzy Rojas Month ago

    It’s me txting y’all!!!!!!

  • Tracey Glover
    Tracey Glover Month ago

    The episode when you admitted you liked her had me crying😭😭😭😂😂. Now she like you. I just started watching these today. Now I’m addictive. I wonder if you could pull your own reality show. Any way I like this vlog

  • Erick Magnusson
    Erick Magnusson Month ago

    He says “idk... Ight... *then ends the vid*” I’m crying, this shit always hilarious

  • Duane Parker
    Duane Parker Month ago

    Lol why he keep downgrading lol

  • matthew bueno
    matthew bueno Month ago

    your an og broski fuck w u a young nigga just tryna get it out and honestly look up to yo hustle

  • Juwuan Donelson
    Juwuan Donelson Month ago

    I fuck with u heavy love bro

  • Kaitlin Sielski
    Kaitlin Sielski Month ago

    “go head carry on” i’m deadddd “posata salad” dyingggg. jay really funny as fuck

  • KK Cash
    KK Cash Month ago

    thankful for the inspiration i got from these youtubers/artists this year

  • Being Destiny
    Being Destiny Month ago

    Date !!!

  • Sizzal Speakin'
    Sizzal Speakin' Month ago

    I see u g on dis vloging ahit.. might fuck around and start one now ha get thoe hommie

  • Thereal_ Cockychic
    Thereal_ Cockychic Month ago

    If this really you texting back how come it's green and u showing us that you be using a iPhone so wassup wit that ?? I don't get it 🤷🏾‍♀️🤷🏾‍♀️