7 Cool Ways to Open Beer - Tipsy Bartender


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  • DP
    DP 4 days ago

    Asian dude got his angles all off

  • LightHoneyGirl
    LightHoneyGirl 6 days ago

    Just smash the lid against the table and down the hatch this stuff goes.

  • Alberto Méndez
    Alberto Méndez 6 days ago

    I seriously hope that non of those Coronas were wasted. Cuz as mexican I’d be offended

  • Satyendra Baghel
    Satyendra Baghel 7 days ago

    Take a 10 rupee opner take always with u

  • Craig
    Craig 12 days ago

    the lighter is the cleanest quick n best way otherwise you lose half the beer wen it froths out speaking as a daily beer drinker

  • سيف ابراهيم
    سيف ابراهيم 13 days ago


  • 10TimesOver
    10TimesOver 13 days ago

    Wank pn q stock

  • Dharm Veer Rathore
    Dharm Veer Rathore 15 days ago

    Indian tricks are much then better of uh

  • Mike
    Mike 16 days ago

    Location is building is 664 S Vermont Ave
    Los Angeles, CA 90005
    United States

  • Fabrizio Dutto
    Fabrizio Dutto 17 days ago

    The girl is so cute and gorgeous, it didn't mean a thing if she cannot open the bottle using these methods, she's smart enough to open it with her belly bottom or by using the right tool for the job: teeth... :-)

  • hholaj12321 Aswd
    hholaj12321 Aswd 18 days ago

    Alcoholic guys?

  • Spotted You
    Spotted You 18 days ago

    I went India & I bet you try open it....Suit yourself than

  • AEplays
    AEplays 19 days ago

    In finland the 13yrs old open vodka bottles with destroying the top part with rocks

  • The Joker
    The Joker 21 day ago +1

    But i work with hammer

  • P Bala
    P Bala 23 days ago

    She got good puppies 🧐

  • Connor Paul
    Connor Paul 23 days ago

    That’s such a waste of good corona

  • Tony Snell
    Tony Snell 25 days ago

    Bro I have learned so much from your videos and never once did I give you credit when I impressed the coworkers, ladies or whoever. I'm just kidding I shout you out all the time. Wish I could meet you!

  • Christopher Scriven
    Christopher Scriven 25 days ago +1

    This man has the strongest G-Shock collection, they need to give him a collaboration

  • sorrowsuperstar10
    sorrowsuperstar10 26 days ago

    3:16 damn ! like a bosss !

  • Omar Flores
    Omar Flores 27 days ago

    in mexico we open beers with a bullet. Piss off Germans.

  • Bella Savone
    Bella Savone 28 days ago

    Can i be the one to drink all of these beers after

  • orestis88
    orestis88 28 days ago

    Waste of beer :(

    MARVIN JAY PARIS 29 days ago

    we open beer only with beer caps,bottle of beer without cap,spoons etc. and so easy not like that,,too familiar guys.

  • Karl H
    Karl H 29 days ago

    One great way to destroy teeth.

  • Adrian Derkacz
    Adrian Derkacz Month ago

    Why am I watching this I can’t even drink beer

  • TopWoTReplays
    TopWoTReplays Month ago

    idiot people doing idiot things

  • Doğukan
    Doğukan Month ago

    Girl? :D

  • fael
    fael Month ago

    This Guy look like kid bengala

  • Matthew Brooks
    Matthew Brooks Month ago

    How to spill half your beer and think you are cool...

  • Straight Edge
    Straight Edge Month ago

    That asian dude is a disgrace of a male

  • Albin Joy
    Albin Joy Month ago +1

    വന്ന് മലയാളികളോട് മുട്ടി നോക്കട മോട്ടെ...

  • Senfhuhn
    Senfhuhn Month ago +1

    Sauuuufen morgens mittags abends nurnoch...

  • Marko Muzevic
    Marko Muzevic Month ago

    I am a 12 year old and i can do it better

  • Mensura Kerkez
    Mensura Kerkez Month ago

    What is the name od this girl

  • say wut
    say wut Month ago

    Bartender: shall I open this for you?
    Me: nahh I got a machete..

  • SexyGold
    SexyGold Month ago

    In czech republic 12 year old kids open bear faster

  • John Peterson
    John Peterson Month ago

    Check out the song Just Me and My Beer on You Tube. It's a really funny and creative song. I think it could be a big hit.

  • Sunspot
    Sunspot Month ago

    Girl is so cute, i need her Instagram

    • Sunspot
      Sunspot Month ago

      Found it, it's @cheemart

  • pieter keuppens
    pieter keuppens Month ago

    Waste of beer.. Oh wait, it’s corona 😅 Belgian beers are the best 😜

  • Benedek Farkas
    Benedek Farkas Month ago


  • crazY storM
    crazY storM Month ago

    Corona is not beer...

    KG TRUTH Month ago

    Open beer with my sister's nipple hair

  • James Parsons
    James Parsons Month ago

    gosh she's purdy

  • Arda Çelik
    Arda Çelik Month ago

    Bende isterim corona içmek ama 12.50 tl burda ki en sevdiğim 2. Biradır

  • عبدالرحمن الغامدي

    Try opening it with the help of the table
    Make the lid on the edge of the table or any staircase up
    And then hit it down it 's an easy way to open the bottle😂😊
    Click on the like of this method has helped you
    Greetings to you from Saudi Arabia 🇸🇦

  • Josh Romanik
    Josh Romanik Month ago

    Why was the forearm twist not included with all the twist off bottles out?
    P.S. 1 try for all of these except the heels, because hell no.

  • Takanome 07
    Takanome 07 Month ago

    laki nye kea bencong anjing buka kea gituan aja gk bisa

  • Gargamel
    Gargamel Month ago

    Come to Bosnia my friend and see how to open a beer like a boss.

  • john smith
    john smith Month ago

    90% of these comments are complains from Germans

  • Umm Okay?
    Umm Okay? Month ago +2

    I use my teeth 🤑

  • dee soltero
    dee soltero Month ago

    They better not have waisted that

  • yvette fbby
    yvette fbby Month ago

    I hope yall drink all those open beers 🍻🍺😎

  • Felix GW
    Felix GW Month ago +1

    3:02 am Kasten schon mit 4 gelernt

  • LuckYoNe
    LuckYoNe Month ago

    you open the wrong one :))))))

  • Knjaz Milos
    Knjaz Milos Month ago

    Ee bem vas suntava, dodji u Srbiju da vidis kako moja baba Radojka otvara pivo s mlitavom sisom, to ti je znanje bajo moj, a ne ovo

  • Cameron MacKenzie
    Cameron MacKenzie Month ago

    My dad says that he can open beers with a Hockey Stick 🏒 either But or Blade of the sticks take that

  • 死んだ内部Alex

    here in romania we use bike pedals or doors, tables))

  • Dustin Arroyo
    Dustin Arroyo Month ago +2

    In Germany we add a bit of beer to a baby’s sippy cup, so that by age 5 they can easily do all this

    SAM KEY Month ago

    This guy laugh like ksi

  • mi Re
    mi Re Month ago

    Japanese use KATNA. Do not use machete.

  • emmanuel relucio
    emmanuel relucio Month ago

    How about. Open a beer using beer cap.😃👌👍

    CTSSTC Month ago

    2:40 can someone please make this an unnecessary explosion please! x'D lol
    I guess I'll just post it to reddit in hopes someone does it :' )

    CTSSTC Month ago

    How to bleed and fix it with duct tape while opening a beer x'D

  • Kranplatz Ronny
    Kranplatz Ronny Month ago

    I open my beer sometimes with (news)paper

  • Kranplatz Ronny
    Kranplatz Ronny Month ago


  • Sean Joshua
    Sean Joshua Month ago

    I know the lighter trick the cement or any surface i use the end of the fork or spoon and two bottles but we do the two closed bottles we used the other one cap still on the bottle as bottle opener we tilt it 100 degrees idk and us it like the lighter theres no smashing but that method works oh im 14

  • Island Chief
    Island Chief Month ago

    This shit is not impressive at all. Wth

  • Paul BoostedPaul
    Paul BoostedPaul Month ago

    Thumb gunning a beer is the best & coolest way

  • Edwin Novilla
    Edwin Novilla Month ago

    Stop saying badword

  • Rey lo
    Rey lo Month ago

    That girl is annoying yellinh and shit tf

  • max salz
    max salz Month ago

    im 13 and can do this lmao

  • Long Long Man
    Long Long Man Month ago

    That asian is underage.

  • 3L3M3NT4LP4ND4
    3L3M3NT4LP4ND4 Month ago

    All these Germans bragging about how easily they open beer bottles.
    Well here's my two pence.
    Over in England we don't drink beer because we have standards...

  • ThirdOption
    ThirdOption Month ago

    This asia boy is gay

  • Niklas Almaas
    Niklas Almaas Month ago

    In norway we open our beers with folded paper lol

  • Karl Hanks
    Karl Hanks Month ago

    Just here to laugh at all the Germans sucking their own dicks about how they were opening beer bottles with their micro-penises at the age of 3

  • Ben Wolf
    Ben Wolf Month ago

    i break the bottle

  • كلاشنكوف الجنوب

    خيلت على البنت

  • Nahuel Arbiter
    Nahuel Arbiter Month ago

    that lady is crazy as hell

  • Rio Maldini Burhan Nibras

    He’s fuckin asian gay

  • pqɐ ʇʇʇ
    pqɐ ʇʇʇ Month ago

    Like i didn't know this man im a professional at alcohol


    As a kid i dont know how i can do it but I can and a adult can't lol

  • i love black woman meytikha


  • Abraham Dominguez
    Abraham Dominguez 2 months ago +1

    So watcha gonna do woth the left overa mind if i just grab the whole box of opened beers thanks

  • ᖻᗩᕲᗩᐺ ᐺᗩᓰᗷᕼᗩᐺ

    He is looking like GTA 5 character

  • Scott J
    Scott J 2 months ago

    Clearly they have never done any street drinking in Australia

  • Jay Is cool
    Jay Is cool 2 months ago

    She’s so fine

  • Ronnie C
    Ronnie C 2 months ago

    Bottle opening video tip: make sure everyone else is substantially weaker than you so you look strong.

  • Emiii coco
    Emiii coco 2 months ago

    1:44 that white bubble

  • Rawa Productions
    Rawa Productions 2 months ago

    I learned all these before watching the video

  • Mr_XDgamingNoob Fe2 Gaming

    After I open 7 ways to open my beer and drink it you come up with this 0:03

  • Zayne Marks
    Zayne Marks 2 months ago

    Lighter is a New Zealand classic

  • Zebaj Phantom ace
    Zebaj Phantom ace 2 months ago

    Bao clearly had skillz with knifes lmao, serial killer alert

  • joshua josh
    joshua josh 2 months ago

    Is he franklin from GTA 5 ? Shit . Halla at me y'all

  • Simon Simon
    Simon Simon 2 months ago


  • As Cervejadas
    As Cervejadas 2 months ago

    Hey Tipsy Bartender,
    Parabéns pelo Vídeo!!
    Aguardamos sua visita e inscrição para podermos trocar informações
    Gostei ! !

  • Dooe Drt
    Dooe Drt 2 months ago

    Have to devote to the water and beer life. Fuvk soda yeah rite lol

  • mike cee
    mike cee 2 months ago

    Never use that type of lighter. It can bust.

  • Journeyman
    Journeyman 2 months ago

    Motherfuvker I just my teeth to open the beer. Everytime since I was 20 years old.

  • Lorin Van Belle
    Lorin Van Belle 2 months ago