7 Cool Ways to Open Beer - Tipsy Bartender

  • Published on Aug 20, 2015
  • The coolest ways to open a beer!
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  • Alfonzo Soto González
    Alfonzo Soto González 16 hours ago

    Coronas? I see ur people of culture

  • Sabri emirhan Kirman
    Sabri emirhan Kirman 22 hours ago

    In Turkey we do first and fifth one 🇹🇷

  • ule zarre
    ule zarre Day ago

    The Asian dude is high af

  • Agosto Ceilings
    Agosto Ceilings 3 days ago

    1:10 👎🏼video off...

  • Jose Gz
    Jose Gz 3 days ago

    Omg so surprised that purple lighter didn't explode if you kinda struggle opening with a lighter like the first i once threw those hard on the ground near my old friends ankle and it exploded

  • pablo flores
    pablo flores 4 days ago

    I would hope they drank that beer!!

  • Zander Escoto
    Zander Escoto 6 days ago

    Open this beer with my nails.. Gadam it

  • finno-uralic finland

    I use a ruler and just hit it up omto the cap

  • Arthur Walkley
    Arthur Walkley 8 days ago

    Or use a bottle opener

  • Krytt like innit
    Krytt like innit 8 days ago

    You had a like off me for the view over L.A

  • G Willams
    G Willams 9 days ago

    Put the lighter flat not sideways..wtf

  • Ariana Spahi
    Ariana Spahi 10 days ago

    How i get here??😀

  • KuroSeijin
    KuroSeijin 16 days ago

    Hard to watch

  • Mrs. Beast Mr. Beauty
    Mrs. Beast Mr. Beauty 18 days ago

    Omg that Corona bottle looks so damn good!!!!

  • Mrs. Beast Mr. Beauty
    Mrs. Beast Mr. Beauty 18 days ago

    I’m married to a BORACHO! He knows every single trick.

    Even using a seat Belt hook.

  • Mike Kazz
    Mike Kazz 18 days ago +1

    I was expecting to see Miles all scared up like he came from a war by the end of this.
    Random guy: woah how'd you get those scars?
    Miles: battle of Coronas.

  • Mc Benji
    Mc Benji 19 days ago


  • DarkaYoddha
    DarkaYoddha 21 day ago

    I just use a bottle opener, but ok.

  • WEED
    WEED 21 day ago

    Just open it with the crate wtf

  • duke der luce
    duke der luce 27 days ago

    Ich kann mein bier mit allem aufmachen 😂, selbst mit meinem Gürtel

  • b b
    b b 28 days ago

    It's not cool if you cant make it pop with the lighter

  • Xaro
    Xaro 28 days ago

    In Poland you open beer with anything you have in few secs.

  • Mehboob km
    Mehboob km 29 days ago

    After reading the comments I decided to ask, when I meet a German next time, "Are you a German.?" "Yes!" "Can you open this bottle for me?" Well that works!

  • Simon The train guy
    Simon The train guy 29 days ago

    Does my mom get away with me watching watching this channel at the age of 14

  • Unknown Demon
    Unknown Demon Month ago

    Wait what

  • Jobanga
    Jobanga Month ago

    3:34 who tf has machete in his house

  • Stupid Smile
    Stupid Smile Month ago

    i was hoping to learn how to the butt to open it

  • Return Stroke
    Return Stroke Month ago

    Cool for a dentist!

  • IvanMarkiert
    IvanMarkiert Month ago

    Schaut mal bei mir vorbei ich mach es wie ein Profi hahaha

  • INB
    INB Month ago

    Germans be like: BLOP BLOP BLOP BLOP

  • Algerian Hitler
    Algerian Hitler Month ago

    Hot girl there

  • KittyFooFo0
    KittyFooFo0 Month ago

    "Drinks all around! Intern ... too young to drink!"

  • Patrick Pin
    Patrick Pin Month ago

    Don’t every open a beer bottle with an axe or machete ..waste of beer and it impresses no one

  • Gravega
    Gravega Month ago

    Manlets...when will they learn?

  • Rob Jacob
    Rob Jacob Month ago

    Step one: be black

  • HolzBrettNakose
    HolzBrettNakose Month ago

    In austria we learn the first trick when we are about 7 years old

  • David Starzinger
    David Starzinger Month ago

    when i walk around with my friends and we all have beers i just go to a random street sign and pop away the top.
    And yes, as an Austrian this video hurt to watch

  • MVideo
    MVideo Month ago

    Yeaaa boi ??

  • Gordon Ramsay
    Gordon Ramsay Month ago

    Who is she ?
    she is thick as fk

  • Benjamin Schmid Ties

    of course this dude not gonna be able to open a beer on a rail if he holdin it in a 70 degree angle, hold it a little bit mor vertical and there you go


    Tipsy bartender:-7 cool ways to open beer
    Germans:-Hold my beers
    Also germans:-well nevermind give it back you third world countrizens.

  • Dulce. Azurine
    Dulce. Azurine Month ago

    My dad just opened it with his wedding ring. He's a cool dad

  • ozayevable
    ozayevable 2 months ago

    That asian girl is cute

  • Lukas Rovnenko
    Lukas Rovnenko 2 months ago

    I open the bottles with my teeth

  • Ivan B
    Ivan B 2 months ago

    who else likes their mouth full of beer, glass and blood? me too :P

  • Trey Miller
    Trey Miller 2 months ago

    why is everyone german in here

  • assodi picche
    assodi picche 2 months ago

    Your laugh is so similar at ksi

  • statik güçyapı denetim

    2.05 not true :))))

  • Tom Leon Franke
    Tom Leon Franke 2 months ago +2

    You are not a men if you can't open a beer
    Grüße ausm Schwabenländle

  • DontLack
    DontLack 2 months ago

    that asian dude has no balls

  • Mister Chicken Master
    Mister Chicken Master 2 months ago

    I cut my hand while I was trying to open my dad's beer with a axe

  • Pelesalie Meyase
    Pelesalie Meyase 2 months ago

    7 cool ways to cut your hand with a beer bottle.

  • hetspook666
    hetspook666 2 months ago

    Ok, now open a beer with a ripe banana!

  • Grondunn BloodBone
    Grondunn BloodBone 2 months ago

    So using random shit like bottle openers?

  • Aleksandar Jelaca
    Aleksandar Jelaca 2 months ago

    Come to Serbia, I will teach you how to open beer with a condom

  • Kakape Chuukrean
    Kakape Chuukrean 2 months ago

    That asian guy is a big ass puss

  • TheRicin
    TheRicin 2 months ago

    German Pussies... Us Norwegians break the bottle neck and drink out of the broken bottle.

  • LIL J
    LIL J 2 months ago

    In Texas we use a knife

  • Иван Иванов
    Иван Иванов 2 months ago

    In Russian we can open beer with eye.

  • Kęstz D
    Kęstz D 2 months ago

    In my country everyone can open a bottel like this, nothing extraordinary in this. Except the one with the sword.