7 Cool Ways to Open Beer - Tipsy Bartender


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  • pietruch137
    pietruch137 3 hours ago

    Bruh, you’ve wasted so much beer 😭

  • Gang Boy
    Gang Boy 3 hours ago +1

    The clicbate for this is just stupid

  • Who cares Abc don't
    Who cares Abc don't 22 hours ago

    I’m German I’ve been able to open a beer with my pinky finger since I was six

  • Jacob Foster
    Jacob Foster Day ago

    I use my teeth but if you do it wrong you can break your teeth so be careful

  • Joshua Hähnel
    Joshua Hähnel Day ago

    Millions of Germans crying in Front of their pc. Ich auch bruder

  • edgar penaloza
    edgar penaloza 2 days ago

    As a Mexican who drinks beer regularly wtf is this

  • Feanor
    Feanor 2 days ago

    In Germany we opened with... wait? I am Turkish

    SPQR XXVI 2 days ago

    In Germany are the most ways the normal opener

  • Hans-Jürgen Schmitt

    Gefühlt auch nur Deutsche in den Kommentaren, die sich über so Deppen abfucken😂

  • Kay Cee
    Kay Cee 3 days ago


  • qolock mz
    qolock mz 4 days ago

    Now I got an idea how to get a girl number

  • argemy
    argemy 7 days ago

    who’s she? need a captain’s advice here

  • prithvi bumia
    prithvi bumia 7 days ago +1

    Don't think the beanie guy can even open it with a bottle opener

  • Darrell Roccaforte_rue

    I once new a girl who could open a bottle with her kitty cat 😂

  • GremLin
    GremLin 9 days ago

    Mans got that KSI laugh

  • jiwana abimanyu
    jiwana abimanyu 10 days ago

    can I do this to a soda bottle ?

  • Garces y Jaramillo
    Garces y Jaramillo 10 days ago

    One more way, open a beer with another beer put one beer upside down, the pull it up on the tap of the other one. Pres the tap of the one that upside down and you dont what to open. It's a Colombian way. My dad was an expert in this way.

  • Coco Casper
    Coco Casper 11 days ago

    Anyone else from Germany?

  • NixUniverse
    NixUniverse 11 days ago

    1:56 I found it cute how they dropped everything & focused on his cut

  • Pawan Rawat
    Pawan Rawat 11 days ago

    Suggest me best liquor for birthday party

  • DawsonEdiger
    DawsonEdiger 12 days ago

    Y’all should have had the Asian guy back more

  • Estiben
    Estiben 13 days ago

    In Mexico we can open 🍺 with the head of our dicks

  • Estiben
    Estiben 13 days ago

    Waste of beer. .I can open a beer with my teeth if nothing else near

  • Chrill Pacificar
    Chrill Pacificar 14 days ago

    he laughs like KSI lol

  • Amarildo988 Idrizai
    Amarildo988 Idrizai 14 days ago

    All the german guys in here feel useful cause they can open a beer.. FUTURE IS YOURS!!!

  • Michaël X
    Michaël X 15 days ago

    In Soviet Russia, beer opens you.

  • Daniel Dwiky
    Daniel Dwiky 16 days ago

    Everything has edge is ok tho
    I usually use spoon, or table's edge

  • Hkm Saharan
    Hkm Saharan 21 day ago +2

    I want her name!!! Someone please?

  • almost ruben
    almost ruben 21 day ago

    Y tf everyone on about germans..us Irish the real drinkers mufuckas

  • Arthur Cervantes
    Arthur Cervantes 22 days ago

    Headass ways to open beers*

  • Bunny 123
    Bunny 123 23 days ago

    Du sollst kein Bier verschütten

  • jake jakelia
    jake jakelia 24 days ago

    nothing cool about this

  • Vladimir Makarov
    Vladimir Makarov 24 days ago

    You're not a legend unless you've worn duct tape bandages.

  • marcos maidana
    marcos maidana 24 days ago +1

    Che negro, cuánta guita puso corona para que hagas este vídeo?

  • Malte Saß
    Malte Saß 24 days ago

    Open a Beer with a firelighter or use edges is in Germany usual way

  • OJSeph
    OJSeph 25 days ago

    Did they use duct tape instead of plasters?

  • Teddy P. Gray
    Teddy P. Gray 25 days ago

    I've always hated the lighter trick. Handrail is my go to.

  • Fabrorblo
    Fabrorblo 26 days ago

    In Sweden we always open beers with Axes.

  • Sarosh Khan
    Sarosh Khan 26 days ago

    Why's there a sissy boy in this cool-ass video?

  • Ate Mee
    Ate Mee 26 days ago

    1:39 in slowmo if you know what i mean

  • Mr Lee
    Mr Lee 26 days ago

    damn, who's the girl?

  • ericx2151
    ericx2151 27 days ago

    Black people

  • peterjoker2
    peterjoker2 27 days ago +1

    Is KSI voice-overing this guy?

  • I selled my wife for interned connecton

    That girl is incredibly beautiful!

  • Akash Sel
    Akash Sel 28 days ago

    Ho ho

  • Pizza Rikolina
    Pizza Rikolina 28 days ago

    Yo abro las chelas con mi tula

  • Dry Bone
    Dry Bone 28 days ago

    Typisch amis kenna ned amoi a bier gscheid aufmocha 😳😂

  • Marshallboy
    Marshallboy 29 days ago

    Where is the part that you will use your teeth to do it?....Because I open beers bottle with my teeth and I don't need tools to do it...almost can open any beers bottle with just using my teeth. I bet some you can do that too...it's not dangerous if you know exactly how to do it😊

  • Circle 25
    Circle 25 29 days ago

    the quickest and easiest way for me is obviously my teeth. i don't need shit but my teeth. doesn't harm them like people think either.

  • Juliana Aldaco
    Juliana Aldaco 29 days ago

    I knew he hurt himself😂 poor thing is bleeding and keeps quiet

  • Obi-wan Kenobi
    Obi-wan Kenobi Month ago

    In Germany we open beers with meat

  • Pyroteam Drenthe
    Pyroteam Drenthe Month ago

    4:18 for this, you deserve a dislike.. I'm sorry..

  • Irish Reaper YT
    Irish Reaper YT Month ago

    It's not cool to open a bottle with ya teeth don't listen to this, it snaps a tooth the more you do it

  • Niels Pfeiffer
    Niels Pfeiffer Month ago


  • AkhmenHotep
    AkhmenHotep Month ago

    I did the last 2 with a bread knife because I couldn't find a bottle opener hahaha

  • Carlos Chapa
    Carlos Chapa Month ago

    The real question who’s goin to drink all that beer ?

  • Rasta Faraj
    Rasta Faraj Month ago

    Thats not how you open beer with machete or axe. You can see he clearly broke the bottle both times.. You’re not supposed to slide the blade against the bottle but to slightly touch the cap just enough to pop it. Its not easy to do, takes some practice:) and yeah i knew these when I was like 14, common knowledge in my country:)

  • Toxic Haze
    Toxic Haze Month ago

    nothing new...boring kid stuff.

  • Ashish Sharma
    Ashish Sharma Month ago

    Germans can open a beer with a cumshot

  • Rahul Deva
    Rahul Deva Month ago

    I use a spoon when an opener isn't available

  • Griever Lionheart
    Griever Lionheart Month ago

    come one, where is the pop when you open it up with a lighter?

  • Harald Daniels
    Harald Daniels Month ago

    as a Finnish person i am deeply offended that you only open beer and not anything stronger

  • leecooper9911
    leecooper9911 Month ago

    u can also use coin to open a beer

  • Skintel N.Keychain
    Skintel N.Keychain Month ago


  • DatSwag
    DatSwag Month ago

    The handrail and the lighter is pretty normal 90% can it in England and it’s the standard but the high heel and shit no normal😂

  • Danzel Helinger
    Danzel Helinger Month ago

    My friend tell me once he open the bottle of beer on her neighborhood vagina.

  • Kush Kitty
    Kush Kitty Month ago

    Did the lighter opening wrong need a bic lighter

  • geran ong
    geran ong Month ago +1

    they need to learn more... hahaha

  • andrey rass
    andrey rass Month ago

    every schoolboy in Russia knows these methods

  • Veränderer
    Veränderer Month ago +2

    Me as a German can just say, that I don't need this Video

    • Veränderer
      Veränderer Month ago

      +Jenn Ferley bin fertig lmao, was Störts dich?

    • Jenn Ferley
      Jenn Ferley Month ago +1

      wie oft willst du noch dein dummen Senf dazugeben?

  • Veränderer
    Veränderer Month ago +4

    Ich als Deutscher frage mich earum die sich das mit den 2 Flaschen so schwer machen?

  • Veränderer
    Veränderer Month ago +2

    Ich als Deutscher fühle mich durch dieses video stark beleidigt

  • theonewhoknocks
    theonewhoknocks Month ago

    People complaining about those beeing basic ways
    *uses machete*


    Alright germans calm down

  • Créatíon HD
    Créatíon HD Month ago

    How ervery student opens a beer. but worse

  • akhil nayak chawhan

    I know all tricks

  • Jose A Glez
    Jose A Glez Month ago


  • shanu shagy
    shanu shagy Month ago

    Try opener😁😁😁😁

  • あなたを愛していますわたしは、

    open berr with a car car bumper

  • Улукбек Калиясов

    Something wrong with that Asian

  • Mátyás Gömböcz
    Mátyás Gömböcz Month ago

    who dafuk keeps a machete lol

  • Str8t Horsed Productionz

    Australians do it best aha

  • Hari K.C
    Hari K.C Month ago

    Nothing new I can do it easy
    With batter way

  • Mr Cookie
    Mr Cookie Month ago

    I love how a whole country is been triggered by this video

  • Laurent Pfeiffer
    Laurent Pfeiffer Month ago +1

    Als deutscher ist das echt fremdschämend so was zu sehen 🤦🏽‍♂️

    • JE Beats
      JE Beats Month ago

      Digga da hast du Recht😂

  • alex marin
    alex marin Month ago

    Yo le doy un tré

  • S
    S Month ago +2

    Some really dumb ways to open a beer...

  • Brus ko
    Brus ko Month ago


  • Hanne Pustjens
    Hanne Pustjens Month ago

    Using a lighter is quite easy the rail is for multiple things like a wall or the box I can open a bottle with a cowbell and opening beer with another bottle can be done in another way where I go drinking they even use poker chips or scissors because we don’t have a bottle opener

  • Si Robertson
    Si Robertson Month ago

    She is fine AF.

  • Peppe Sergio
    Peppe Sergio Month ago

    In italy we can open bottles with everything....even with pizza 😊😎

  • Raghav Duggal
    Raghav Duggal Month ago

    In Germany... 14 year old kids can open bottle caps using their pubic hair... Do they drink the beer afterwards..? Perhaps...

  • towhatend
    towhatend Month ago

    In Mexico you just look at a beer and it opens lol

    [NIGHTCORE] OCTANE Month ago

    as a japaneseits normal to break the tip of the battle we use samurais

  • Scriptci insan
    Scriptci insan Month ago

    All turkish people can all tip

  • Matthias Kögl
    Matthias Kögl Month ago

    ein deutscher würde verdursten wenn er diese "coolen" wege eine flasche auf zubekommen nicht wüsste

  • Otaku Weaboon
    Otaku Weaboon Month ago

    I'm Mexican and since I was 10 years old I knew how to open a beer with a Coca-Cola "reja " with a sit belt , a knife ,and with a table

  • E O
    E O Month ago

    Black dude is full of shit. Lol

  • Luca Filippi
    Luca Filippi Month ago

    Io le birre solitamente le apro con l' accendino con i denti con l'anello altrimenti trovo un punto di appoggio e giù una botta secca o seno anche con un pezzo di legno usate la stessa tecnica che usate con l' accendino altrimenti aprite le birre con il mazzo di chiavi chi è che esce di casa senza le chiavi altrimenti se siete a tavola usate le posate

  • yannic haass
    yannic haass Month ago

    In Bavaria every kid can open beer like this.