A Walk on the Beach

  • Published on Apr 3, 2017
  • A Rock Hunt in Lake Huron
    The two main rocks I collect in this video are Petoskey stones and puddingstones. Both rocks are found mainly in Michigan, although a few may be found in some of the surrounding states.
    The Petoskey stone (Hexagonaria percarinata) is an approximately 400 million old fossilized coral. It is the state stone of Michigan. Petoskey stones are calcite which is very soft, approximately 3 on the Mohs scale. Since they are so soft, they can be polished by hand. See this video for polishing instructions: tvclip.biz/video/sjImNrwR9As/video.html
    Puddingstones are a conglomerate stones comprised of red jasper and chert in a quartzite matrix. They are found in larger numbers on Drummond Island and St. Joseph Island in Canada but also across much of the lower peninsula of Michigan. They were called puddingstones by British settlers who thought they looked like a boiled suet pudding with berries. Here's a video showing polished puddingstones: tvclip.biz/video/LqkzUt7SRn8/video.html
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  • Rebecca Goldberg
    Rebecca Goldberg 2 days ago

    I just have to ask, what did you do with that last, magnificent pudding? I’ve never seen its equal.

    • Michigan Rocks
      Michigan Rocks  2 days ago

      I've been afraid to do anything with it. Right now, it's in my house being appreciated in its natural form. Someday I might polish it.

  • Traveling exotics
    Traveling exotics 3 days ago

    wow, fossils? 5:24

    • Traveling exotics
      Traveling exotics 3 days ago


    • Michigan Rocks
      Michigan Rocks  3 days ago +1

      Traveling exotics yep, coral of some kind. A lot of people call it “cladopora”, but I’m not sure that’s actually correct.

  • eshorner
    eshorner 5 days ago

    I found a pudding stone in northern indiana. Appx 20 pounds and almost a perfect oval shape!. Interested?

    • eshorner
      eshorner 2 days ago

      @Rebecca Goldberg

    • Michigan Rocks
      Michigan Rocks  2 days ago

      @eshorner I'd love to see a picture! Where do I go to see one?

    • Rebecca Goldberg
      Rebecca Goldberg 2 days ago

      eshorner show a picture! I love seeing other people’s finds!

    • eshorner
      eshorner 5 days ago

      @Michigan Rocks lol. Sorry, just a picture is all.

  • Jen jen
    Jen jen 6 days ago

    Omg I wanna go there and treasure hunt.

  • Cindy Jones
    Cindy Jones 6 days ago

    I love rock hunting!

  • 수석 탐석TV
    수석 탐석TV 7 days ago

    Excellent 👍 👍

  • Lynn Hamps
    Lynn Hamps 12 days ago

    In the UK Removing stones from public beaches is illegal under The Coastal Protection Act 1949, visitors who are found to be doing it could face a fine of up to £1,000 for leaving the area exposed to erosion.

    • Lynn Hamps
      Lynn Hamps 12 days ago

      @Michigan Rocks No apologiy required :D If you imagine how small our little island is compared to the huge expanse of your country then that may be why we are a tad more 'anal' about stuff..lol

    • Michigan Rocks
      Michigan Rocks  12 days ago +1

      Lynn Hamps wild flowers are protected here too. I’m not against protecting the environment at all. There are limits to how many rocks you can collect here. Sorry if my earlier comment came across wrong, but I really am thankful that I can pick up some rocks here.

    • Lynn Hamps
      Lynn Hamps 12 days ago

      @Michigan Rocks To be fair, I do think it's only rarely enforced, more there to discourage folk scooping up huge quantities..having said that we are pretty protective of a lot of our environment, you can't pick wildflowers for instance and many species are protected...not a bad thing.

    • Michigan Rocks
      Michigan Rocks  12 days ago

      Lynn Hamps that’s a bummer. I’m glad I live in the USA.

  • Karen Rogers
    Karen Rogers 12 days ago

    Wow! What are are those little colored pieces in the pudding stone? Awesome rocks you found!

    • Michigan Rocks
      Michigan Rocks  12 days ago

      The red pieces are jasper. Check them out polished: tvclip.biz/video/LqkzUt7SRn8/video.html

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  • Patrick Lanclos
    Patrick Lanclos 14 days ago

    Dude .... Don't throw those Petoskey Stones out into the water! We get it, you're picky, but what may be trash to you, may be something worthwhile to someone else. There are kids who walk the beaches and would love to have those you've thrown back. Your "If I don't want it, then nobody else can have it" attitude is awfully selfish, IMO. You get a "thumbs down" from me!

    • Michigan Rocks
      Michigan Rocks  14 days ago

      As I’ve said in reply to other comments like yours, it wasn’t my intention to keep the rocks from anyone else. I’ve stopped throwing them into the lake. The reason I didn’t even think it was a problem is that A) there are thousands of Petoskeys on that beach, B) I’ve never seen another person looking for rocks on that beach, especially when it’s really cold, C) the rocks wash in/out every time there’s a storm or it gets windy. There is no public access to that beach, so it’s really hard to get to unless you have permission from a home owner in the area. Thanks for your comment though. As I said, I don’t throw rocks into the lake anymore so I don’t upset anyone.

  • Mark Held
    Mark Held 14 days ago

    Omar though her in the lake.

  • Sarah Strong
    Sarah Strong 18 days ago

    Thankyou for sharing your hunt. What beautifully clear water. I love looking for rocks at the beach.

    • Michigan Rocks
      Michigan Rocks  18 days ago

      Sarah Strong thanks for coming along. Beach hunts are my favorite.

  • Tanya Broeckx
    Tanya Broeckx 20 days ago

    Put it on your patio!!

    • Michigan Rocks
      Michigan Rocks  20 days ago +1

      That big puddingstone was good enough that it is allowed in the house.

  • Curt Nicholson
    Curt Nicholson 21 day ago

    What causes the spotted rocks and what kind are they? I take it your a person that then polishes them later on? The multi colored ones surrounded by they grey material looks like Gods creation of concrete!

    • Michigan Rocks
      Michigan Rocks  20 days ago +1

      Curt Nicholson, I love tumbling rocks. For me, it’s more about the process than the finished product. If you buy another tumbler, I’d recommend the Lortone 33b as a really nice starter tumbler. The QT66 is even better but more expensive. If you really get into it, the Lot-O is a nice addition to do the last stages. It’s not good for the first stage, but after that, it uses very little grit and only takes an additional week instead of about four more weeks in a rotary tumbler. The Rock Shed (therockshed.com) has very good prices. If you want to see every little detail of how I tumble, check out this video: Tumbling Crazy Lace Agate - A Tutorial tvclip.biz/video/ksrmpPZrAuU/video.html Another great resource is the forum at forum.rocktumblinghobby.com

    • Curt Nicholson
      Curt Nicholson 21 day ago

      @Michigan Rocks thank you for your quick response and I will check out your other videos to see them. I gave up on it after trying to polish some for my kids when one of them received one of those kids stone polishing kits for a present. Well we did it like they said and not even close, so a couple more months, a little better but more to go. After about 7 months of running 24/7 we got them out and some weren't too bad but others needed more and I told my kids and my wife that I had enough of it running all the time. We had it in our basement stairway to make it quieter. I figured I could buy them a polished rock for what the electricity cost. But it was fun to do with them and see that sparkle in their eyes with anticipation every time we checked.
      I told you this whole thing as I figured you could use a good laugh this morning. Thank you again for your good information and your great video. PS I'll bet that water was cold!

    • Michigan Rocks
      Michigan Rocks  21 day ago +1

      Curt Nicholson both of the main rocks I picked up could be called spotted. The totally gray ones are Petoskey stones, which are a fossilized coral. The ones that look like concrete (I agree with that) are formed like concrete. They are a sedimentary rock called puddingstone. I’m not sure of the exact process, but the red and dark spots were separate rocks that somehow fell into the gray part and then became one rock. Check out my other videos to see them polished.

  • Erol Mehmedov
    Erol Mehmedov 21 day ago


  • syariful alam
    syariful alam 24 days ago

    good, From Makassar

  • Randy Hawkins
    Randy Hawkins 26 days ago +3

    What an array of beautiful stones, and in such multitudes! Great video, it kept my attention exceptionally well throughout. Keep up the good work.

    • Michigan Rocks
      Michigan Rocks  26 days ago

      Oops, wrong video. I was probably only out for about four or five hours this day. No camp to set up. I was talking about the video I just posted yesterday. You'd probably like that one too. tvclip.biz/video/sJid0SyHXMs/video.html

    • Michigan Rocks
      Michigan Rocks  26 days ago

      That beach kept my attention for about six hours. It would have been longer, but I had to set up camp.

  • Barbara Downie
    Barbara Downie 27 days ago


  • Lori Waldren
    Lori Waldren Month ago

    Used to be a Michigander and miss it terribly, absolutely beautiful state! Thank you so very much for sharing this incredible video. While up there I found some pretty awesome stones on the beaches as well, always loved collecting rocks since being a kid. I still have them and since seeing you're video, I hope I am lucky enough to find I picked up a couple of those beauties!

    • Michigan Rocks
      Michigan Rocks  27 days ago

      @Lori Waldren I'm uploading one right now.

    • Lori Waldren
      Lori Waldren 27 days ago

      @Michigan Rocks Absolutely gorgeous! Autumn in Michigan, the beauty is indescribable. Excited to see more videos, in heart I'll be walkin' those beaches with ya!

    • Michigan Rocks
      Michigan Rocks  28 days ago +1

      Lori Waldren it is beautiful, isn’t it? I just got back from three days of picking rocks on Lake Superior. The weather wasn’t terribly cooperative, so I didn’t find anything spectacular, but expect more videos soon.

  • Benia Odessckiy
    Benia Odessckiy Month ago +1

    Эх бэ с этих камешков да ролы бетонные залить,да полирнуть,во красота.

  • Luke Brown
    Luke Brown Month ago

    i would love to know where i can go find those kind of rocks legally. please share with me...

    • Luke Brown
      Luke Brown Month ago

      that sounds great...so cool.👍

    • Luke Brown
      Luke Brown Month ago

      have you hit the petosky stones with a black light or a u.v. light...if not you should try that. it may open your eyes to a whole new world.
      if you go along the U.P. you will find some rocks that are rich in sodalite. it responds a fire orange with u.v. light a pale orange with black light.
      yes u.v. is black light, but it is at the higher end...very close to short wave.

    • Michigan Rocks
      Michigan Rocks  Month ago +1

      I know where there’s one as nice as that, but about a yard across. I’m planning to go make a video about that later this summer. It’s about a three hour kayak ride to get to it. It’s also under water. I found a giant gowganda tillite the other day too. Fun, fun, fun!

    • Luke Brown
      Luke Brown Month ago

      are there any other clips you have made, so i can watch them?

    • Luke Brown
      Luke Brown Month ago

      i have a few pudding stones...but they are small samples. that big one you found was amazing

  • Myrna Lemke
    Myrna Lemke Month ago +1

    ☆☆☆ Tell us what your looking for, and why? What do you use a pudding stone for? If your doing a video to inform us......than do it!

    • Michigan Rocks
      Michigan Rocks  Month ago

      Myrna Lemke I’m looking for Petoskey stones and puddingstones. In the description of the video, I have explained what each of those are. At the end of the video are links to other videos showing what I do with them.
      Tumbled Puddingstones tvclip.biz/video/LqkzUt7SRn8/video.html.
      How to Make a Michigan Magnet from Petoskey Stone tvclip.biz/video/nQscrpCc3rc/video.html
      How to Hand Polish a Petoskey Stone tvclip.biz/video/sjImNrwR9As/video.html

  • Lurdes Perosa
    Lurdes Perosa Month ago

    Moço eu quero I aí pra eu consegui ouro

  • Zzzz oop
    Zzzz oop Month ago +3

    I love this, but couldn't do it... I love every stone... I can imagine it takes some time before you can just cast aside the stones you do... LOL I'd have kept them all.
    In kind a hint for you: put a bit of sponge or an old sock (or a pro device) in front of the microphone on your camera, if you do use sponge or a fluffy old sock you can use a rubber band to hold it in place. There is too much wind noise in your audio that makes the video... sort of unwatchable.

    • Michigan Rocks
      Michigan Rocks  Month ago +1

      Zzzz oop I used to keep them all, but after wasting a lot of time polishing rocks that were never going to look good, I learned to be more selective. Thanks for the wind noise tip. I made this a couple years ago using an old iPad because it was the best video camera I had at the time. It was sort of scary holding it over the water. Now I have a GoPro with an external microphone and a fluffy wind thing on it. Future videos should sound better.

  • C CC
    C CC Month ago

    Very interesting. I just came across your video. Cool. i learned something new. Thanks. :)

  • Gerson FM
    Gerson FM Month ago

    I want one only please

  • TheDunzweiler
    TheDunzweiler Month ago +1

    What kind of rocks are those?
    Interesting shapes and formation, never seen those before....

  • Maxemos Adonia
    Maxemos Adonia Month ago

    HI there... Did they have any value.? I mean these stones... Keep on

    • Maxemos Adonia
      Maxemos Adonia Month ago

      @Michigan Rocks thanks

    • Michigan Rocks
      Michigan Rocks  Month ago +1

      Maxemos Adonia yes, both puddingstones and Petoskey Stones are popular stones to collect or to make jewelry from.

  • Mr. Khan
    Mr. Khan Month ago +3

    Getting so mad at him throwing the rocks away in the lake!

  • Martin Szoke
    Martin Szoke Month ago


  • Rigr AULT
    Rigr AULT Month ago +1

    Stop throwing the rocks out so far, some kid would love to find your rejected specimens...
    Thanks for sharing the video. Keep Hounding.

    • Rigr AULT
      Rigr AULT Month ago

      @Michigan Rocks , awesome... Keep up the good work.

    • Michigan Rocks
      Michigan Rocks  Month ago +2

      Thanks for not calling me names for throwing the rocks into the lake like so many others did. I'll stop throwing them. But honestly, they'll just get washed back in and the ones on the beach will get washed out whenever there's a strong wind. The rocks get majorly rearranged during storms. Take a look at this video ( tvclip.biz/video/XRJBk3Ue7uY/video.html ) at about the 19 minute mark to see how much the rocks get moved around. Also, this beach is not easily accessible by the public, and I've never seen another person collecting rocks there. Thanks for watching, and I won't throw rocks into the lake from now on.

  • Amr Olwan
    Amr Olwan Month ago

    Why are you collecting those ugly rocks?

    • Michigan Rocks
      Michigan Rocks  Month ago

      I think I'm being trolled here, but I'll bite. I'm not sure which ones you think are ugly, but both Petoskey stones and puddingstones are collected by a lot of Michiganders. The Petoskey stone is our state stone. I polish them up and make things out of them, like jewelry and refrigerator magnets shaped like the state of Michigan. I've made jewelry out of puddingstones and I just polish some whole too. My wife loves the pendant I made her.

  • simone job
    simone job Month ago

    U could get gold and money 💱💱💱💱💱💱 💱💱💱 🏆🏆🏆🏅💲💱💲🏅⛧⛦⛦⛥⛥⛥⛦⛥⛤⛥⛥✡⛥⛦⛤⛦

  • simone job
    simone job Month ago

    Omg so much !!!!!!!!!!!😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮

  • Skip Rocker
    Skip Rocker Month ago +1

    Bring a sprayer with you to wet the stones on the beach

    • Michigan Rocks
      Michigan Rocks  Month ago

      Skip Rocker I’ve done that before, but it takes too much time. I’d rather just walk longer in the water. There are a bunch more rocks to be found on dry land that way though. Good tip.

  • Kelly Marsh
    Kelly Marsh Month ago

    was hoping to see a rock lobster

  • David q
    David q Month ago

    Someone else might want them!

  • Chad Klaren
    Chad Klaren Month ago

    I've lived in Michigan for around 20 years and love collecting stones, fossils. I've only ever found 1 Petoskey stone and that was on accident. But I make up for it down here in Florida finding sharks teeth, silver and gold.

    • Michigan Rocks
      Michigan Rocks  Month ago

      Do you mean natural silver and gold or lost jewelry? I have panned the black sand on Lake Superior beaches and found very, very fine gold, but no silver yet.

  • Martin Gebauer
    Martin Gebauer Month ago

    Any value in it?

    • Michigan Rocks
      Michigan Rocks  Month ago

      Martin Gebauer Yes, people collect both puddingstones and Petoskey Stones.


    I like this activities

  • Raquel Alves de Melo Bispo

    Eu amo pedras

  • Em Dee
    Em Dee Month ago

    Can you share how you made your homemade rock scoop?

    • Michigan Rocks
      Michigan Rocks  Month ago

      Yep. Just get a piece of PVC pipe and cut it to wherever length is comfortable. Then buy a slotted spoon, preferably from a garage sale or thrift store. Then you need to cut the handle off the spoon. Sometimes there is plastic or wood on either side of the metal that can be pried off. You may need to grind down the width of the spoon too to fit in the PVC pipe. Then insert the spoon into the pipe and drill hole for screws to hold it in place. I also cut wooden pieces to fill the gaps in front and back of the spoon handle. I put some silicone in the holes and wedged everything in and then put the screws in. It was really just something I figured out as I went. I made another one from a piece of bamboo that was used as a stake for a small tree I bought. They both work well and are light weight.

  • 커피candy
    커피candy Month ago

    beautiful beach

  • Zannatul Naym
    Zannatul Naym Month ago

    U r so lucky

  • Ben Barocas
    Ben Barocas Month ago

    Siiick man glad you made the decision that no one else would have liked to find those

  • mamabravo100
    mamabravo100 Month ago +2

    Right at the end of our road....love it! The colours of rocks are pretty cool

  • Matthew Chastain
    Matthew Chastain Month ago

    that's some beautiful clear water. what kind of rocks are those? I'm a fan of rocks with white specks and what I call speckled rocks. id like to know the proper terminology.

    • Michigan Rocks
      Michigan Rocks  Month ago

      Check the description for info on the rocks. They’re mostly puddingstones and Petoskey Stones. I have videos about polishing both that you might like.

  • checkmate
    checkmate Month ago

    That wind noise is incredibly annoying.

    • Michigan Rocks
      Michigan Rocks  Month ago

      checkmate sorry about that, I recorded this on an old iPad. I’ve since upgraded to a GoPro with an external microphone with one of those fuzzy wind protectors. It tends to be windy on the beach though, so I hope my new setup works better.

  • Leonila Lapena
    Leonila Lapena Month ago +1

    Wowwww i love beautiful stone i wish i have that in my dreams

  • Bsagar Babu
    Bsagar Babu Month ago

    Where is this location?

  • Freddie Hankins
    Freddie Hankins Month ago

    I pray that you're not a flat earth theorist?

  • Daddy Death
    Daddy Death 2 months ago +6

    Hi There, we are planning a trip can you help with this location!!!!!!!!! Please geodehunter77@yahoo.com
    Thank You!!!!!

  • Deb's Channel
    Deb's Channel 2 months ago +1

    Great videos to watch after watching political videos. Calms the soul.

  • stateniland
    stateniland 2 months ago

    those stones would look soo nice in my aquarium..

  • Crystal energy
    Crystal energy 2 months ago +3

    If you don’t throw the rocks so far out,other people can find them 😊💕

  • dragontek 000
    dragontek 000 2 months ago

    sembrano antichi coralli fossili levigati dall acqua

  • gibsondrummer
    gibsondrummer 2 months ago

    There are places here in the east where towns had to stop people from taking stones because they actually deplete the beach

    • Michigan Rocks
      Michigan Rocks  2 months ago

      Wow, that must have been a lot of people taking a lot of rocks. There are a lot of rocks on this beach and not many people picking them up, so I think this beach will be ok for a while.

  • knotty1966
    knotty1966 2 months ago

    North West Ontario, Canada has tons of Pudding Stone, a dime a dozen. Sault Ste Marie Ontario, all along the banks of the St. Mary's River US AND CANADA and all across northern Ontario in the larger lake bodies or rivers. Love the stuff. My bro used to own land on St. Joseph's Island in the St. Mary River between the US and CAnada and there was beaches full of pudding stone more than anything else.

  • Uniquelyyours1
    Uniquelyyours1 2 months ago

    I was born in Petoskey so this video made me smile:)

  • Yo H
    Yo H 2 months ago +1

    Nice going, It took hundreds of years for that rock to get to shore and you just threw it back

  • امين احسنت الله يوفقك يارب امين

    انه احب الاحجار التوجد بقرب النهر

  • Alex Barry
    Alex Barry 2 months ago

    Gorgeous stones. And really enjoyed your video. I'm a lover of stone fossicking and here in New Zealand we have some lovely stones. Are the pudding stones a conglomerate with the red being Jarper?

    • Sam Jimenez
      Sam Jimenez 8 days ago

      American coins

    • Michigan Rocks
      Michigan Rocks  2 months ago +1

      Yep, that’s exactly what they are. The matrix is quartzite.
      I’d love to visit New Zealand some day. You have a beautiful country.

  • Melovel 85
    Melovel 85 2 months ago

    Stop throwing the bad ones out farther in the water some people might actually want those!

  • Jeffrey Lindsey
    Jeffrey Lindsey 2 months ago

    A good diversity of colors, fossils n stones. Not a bad way to spend part of your day! Thanks for the video.

    • Jeffrey Lindsey
      Jeffrey Lindsey 2 months ago

      @Michigan Rocks Cool! Could think of lots worse things to do myself. LOL

    • Michigan Rocks
      Michigan Rocks  2 months ago +1

      Not bad at all. It’s one of my favorite things to do.

  • Casey Johnston
    Casey Johnston 2 months ago +1

    Keep doinf it your way haters gona hat looks like thay are in plentifull suply for thise who just want the first one thay sea

  • Pamela Garner
    Pamela Garner 2 months ago +1

    Please leave the rocks on the beach for others.....beauty is in the eye of the beholder. 🌺

  • big rich texas
    big rich texas 2 months ago

    i collected a load of stones in my area,none really special,i did find one in bulgaria that i have yet to examine fully,it seems to resemble a piece of concrete,that lake is a treasure trove....

  • Marion Wheatland
    Marion Wheatland 2 months ago

    What do you do with them?

    • Michigan Rocks
      Michigan Rocks  2 months ago

      Marion Wheatland check the video description. I polish them and make things like Michigan shaped magnets. I should be posting a video soon of some tumbled puddingstones. tvclip.biz/video/nQscrpCc3rc/video.html

  • Danny Hamlai
    Danny Hamlai 2 months ago

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  • Danny Hamlai
    Danny Hamlai 2 months ago

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