The Commuter - Movie Review

  • Published on Jan 12, 2018
  • Liam Neeson in another Liam Neeson-ish role. This time on a trail. Here's my review of THE COMMUTER!

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  • andrew russell
    andrew russell Month ago

    Jeremy said no one can play Liam neeson better than Liam neeson can play Liam neeson but I disagree. Denzel Washington can play Liam neeson better than Liam neeson can play Liam neeson.

    LIAM TeeVEEE Month ago

    This is such an underrated movie

  • Justin Bouffard
    Justin Bouffard 2 months ago

    I liked it

  • CBL 3000
    CBL 3000 2 months ago

    I actually really liked this movie..

  • Hunter Wilbanks
    Hunter Wilbanks 2 months ago

    This movie was so terrible.

  • Chinedu Opara
    Chinedu Opara 4 months ago

    I just got around to watching this film. I was entertained!

  • ARottenMuffin
    ARottenMuffin 5 months ago

    Spoiler: Not sure if it was supposed to be obvious this time around, but I was disappointed that it was actually so easy to figure out who the target was. They mention wherever they're going and it's somebody with a numbered ticket, and a short bit later it showed a girl change her ticket with the guy beside her. So it's probably her, it was her, and it took so long to even get to that reveal I was kind of disappointed there wasn't more of a twist.

  • gabriel ferreira
    gabriel ferreira 6 months ago

    This movie was awesomeeeeee

  • moredan justaman
    moredan justaman 6 months ago

    For a more accurate review, watch Chris Stuckman's. My wife and I watched this last night and we were pleasantly surprised. Well acted, good suspense and action plus a few twists and turns, but of course Jeremy is entitled to his opinion

  • Belal Tarakhel
    Belal Tarakhel 7 months ago

    Nonstop 2: Takin' The Train

  • Boogieman
    Boogieman 7 months ago

    Non-stop was so fucking boring
    The commuter is more fun,

  • Groundhog Day 1993 is AWESOME!

    Jeremy, what are your favorite movies???

  • Gilbert Ginegobis
    Gilbert Ginegobis 11 months ago

    ok i dont realy know where the creators of this movies get the idea that it will sell just because they have liam Neeson.

  • Paul Price
    Paul Price Year ago

    this guy gives the best movie reviews by far. Look at these other dipshits with 12 minute long reviews. I mean I could read the book by the time their review is over with!

  • vova47
    vova47 Year ago

    Liam Neeson is one of the few remaining authentic film stars and he carries this film with confidence and style.
    You could a lot worse that take a train ride with him and some mysterious strangers in this fun thriller.
    I enjoyed it thoroughly.

  • Max Marx
    Max Marx Year ago

    This movie was complete dogshit

  • Vookie
    Vookie Year ago +1

    YOU GUYS DONT KNOW POINT OF THE MOVIE. Movie starts with scenes where Michael get up every morning and first thing he do is listening the media. And media talk mostly about bad things. Also just before last scene we can see how much media had talked about that accident on train. Joanna and her group... they are not assassins, they don't work for rich people who try to hide evidence. THEY WORK FOR MEDIA. THEY WORK FOR SHADOW GOVERNMENT WHO OWNS MEDIA. Look today media, they talk only about mass murderers, terrorist attacks, wars, killers, Black Chronicle is more then 60% of news today. I dont know how bad news impact us "people" but they do. The point is MEDIA needed some big thing some big accident some big story so people have what to listen. Mass shootings in USA is example. All of those are set up. And that is the point of the movie. Media control people and media always need new stories so they sometimes must make false flags. Sorry for bad english.

  • Kaleb Wants a Friend

    Was anyone else just looking at his Bob Ross t-shirt or was that just me.

  • Yziashu
    Yziashu Year ago

    movie was too unrealistic for me..didnt even finish it

  • rahatul alam
    rahatul alam Year ago

    is liam Neeson the new Charles bronson action movie after action movie.

  • jon snipe
    jon snipe Year ago

    it's funny cuz he gets type cast but he still makes good movies...even a walk among the tombstone was pretty good

  • LunaOfTheDarkestNight

    It's nonstop but with trains

  • Marcel Rombouts
    Marcel Rombouts Year ago


  • Jobs mine
    Jobs mine Year ago

    Kings man was shit. I honestly didn’t like it

  • guy3480
    guy3480 Year ago +1

    This movie was a 5/5 what are you talking about?

  • Sahib Cheema
    Sahib Cheema Year ago +1

    I thought the movie was great..,

  • 1xoACEox1
    1xoACEox1 Year ago

    Can confirm some scenes in this movie are scrunch yourself up in your seat level stressful haha.

  • Yhe Yringe Yhannel
    Yhe Yringe Yhannel Year ago +1

    I disagree I was interested in the beginning to end😊

  • Aram Isaac
    Aram Isaac Year ago

    I liked this movie for what is was... i mean, it is not great, but it entertained me. I would say good time alcohol no required

  • Ace Breao
    Ace Breao Year ago +1

    Where's my Den of Thieves review?!?

  • Ace Breao
    Ace Breao Year ago +1

    It's Non Stop 2, don't sugar coat it. But that's ok cuz I loved Non Stop

  • Morgan Morris
    Morgan Morris Year ago

    The film wasnt edited weird and jarring, it was something new and inviting to the action genre

  • Dennis Logan
    Dennis Logan Year ago

    Actually I give it a 4.5 stars.

  • Jonathan Cloutier

    Thumbs up for the t-shirt

  • ZambieZan2
    ZambieZan2 Year ago

    LoL Not-Non Stop

  • Jack MacLean
    Jack MacLean Year ago

    Review the movie king jack

  • Al An
    Al An Year ago

    It was a fun movie. It was an ok movie. Not very memorable or mindblowing but one of the better January releases nonetheless

  • Rawk4Life
    Rawk4Life Year ago

    Liam Neeson is like Jason Statham. It doesn't matter if the plot is well crafted and original, or whether or not the acting is top notch. Millions will find it enjoyable because it stars one of them, even if they only decide to see it once.

  • WatchWithGregg
    WatchWithGregg Year ago

    Hey buddy, typo in the title, it says "TRAIL", but I believe it should say "TRAIN". I admire your success. hope to make a little myself. :)

  • greato80
    greato80 Year ago

    You know its a bad review when someone spends actual time talking about another movie!. Movie was boring..walking back n forth on a frickin train for three fourths of the film. Big train wreck then back to nothing going on in train car.

  • what
    what Year ago

    liam neeson
    liam neeson's knees, son
    liams nesson's knees on his niece on E's on a Nissan

  • Shiva Sundar
    Shiva Sundar Year ago

    How the fck he down on his luck when his wife driving a bmw???

  • Kevin Young
    Kevin Young Year ago

    What does this remind me of? A guy who's forced to do shit on a train or people die. its bugging me.

  • Joe Higgins
    Joe Higgins Year ago

    Take a shot each time he says Liam Nesson.

  • nclanceman
    nclanceman Year ago

    The real question is: is this movie as good as Source Code? Because Source Code was fucking awesome.

  • Freddy Jongue
    Freddy Jongue Year ago


  • Eli Samuels
    Eli Samuels Year ago

    Non Stop meets Source Code. That’s it.

  • Blue Collar Men Productions

    I disagree on this video, this movie was awesome, and was different from non-stop but yes somewhat similar. I loved this movie

  • Ken Burke
    Ken Burke Year ago

    Three cheers to The Commuter. It was as suspenseful and action packed as a movie can get!!!

  • UndeadSlayer5
    UndeadSlayer5 Year ago

    They didn't use green screen how would u know?

  • UndeadSlayer5
    UndeadSlayer5 Year ago

    No it isn't it's not boring it was a good!!!!!

  • Wesley B.
    Wesley B. Year ago

    I thought this movie was surprisingly fun and suspenseful. It’s a cool mix of Hitchcockian elements and shaky cam fight scenes. I don’t know if I’ll wanna watch it over and over, but it was a good time in the theater

  • Groot! Why did you go!?

    Can’t wait to see Liam Neeson on a cruise ship next, imagine a badass one man army Captain Phillip.

  • Bassam ٰ
    Bassam ٰ Year ago

    Okay am I the only one that actually liked this movie, I liked non stop and I loved this one, one of the best movies I've ever seen period. I also put a period in case you don't know what a period is, that was not a period this is. Also this can be a period I couldn't find the bloody syringe emoji so yeah here's a basic bitch emoji 👱‍♀️ enjoy.

  • Fabian Donaldson
    Fabian Donaldson Year ago

    Damn I guess this movie 🍿 is weak so am staying away!! Thank you for the review

  • kristian perez
    kristian perez Year ago

    Review shot caller!

  • Black Conservative Patriot

    Saw it last night for date night. 10 PM showing with the wife.. I love Taken (the original), so I now give all Liam movies a spin on the big screen. I expected it to be okay and it was a bit better than that. I figured it out early without much effort and that annoyed me. A decent flick but a one time viewing experience in my opinion.

  • The android with sick coin tricks

    It's basically Nonstop 2 but on a train lol

  • Matt C
    Matt C Year ago

    Thought it was a very entertaining hour and a half of my time. I'll remember it

  • BossMasterPangs
    BossMasterPangs Year ago

    Wheres pitch.perfect3?

  • skyhime
    skyhime Year ago

    . . . T - one day. yep. already forgot it. that's why I have notes!

  • Charlene Denton
    Charlene Denton Year ago

    omg I LOVE YOUR SHIRT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND great review as usual!

  • Tyler Mercado
    Tyler Mercado Year ago

    Lol I never saw Non-Stop. I saw one trailer for it and completely dismissed it. When I saw the trailer for this I genuinely thought it was the same movie with a long ass ad campaign.

  • thenextbigrapstar92

    NO NEVER !

  • Dezmond
    Dezmond Year ago

    Watched the trailer for this movie and it made me want to watch this

  • Mal van London
    Mal van London Year ago

    Waiting for the review of Paddington 2.

  • Golden Gray
    Golden Gray Year ago

    JEREMY HAVE YOU SEEN THE GREATEST SHOWMAN he should review the greatest showman, I need his opinion

  • Samuel Lim
    Samuel Lim Year ago

    Wow you're hell-bent on not reviewing Greatest Showman.

  • Dominic Mallano
    Dominic Mallano Year ago

    Review Captain Underpants

  • Felix Esquivel
    Felix Esquivel Year ago


  • J Rosenberg
    J Rosenberg Year ago

    You should review The Post

  • gangwhite15
    gangwhite15 Year ago

    Review downsizing

  • mace portier
    mace portier Year ago

    I don't find this review very usefull, he does not explain what he states

  • NolanCho
    NolanCho Year ago

    So much better than Chris suckmann.

  • Chief
    Chief Year ago

    Review Manhunt: Unabomber

  • AriesMale88
    AriesMale88 Year ago

    Jeremy can you review Nacho Libre!?

  • Marko Nikolic
    Marko Nikolic Year ago

    Tried but can't watch your videos. So many cuts, it's so annoying!

  • silmaril199
    silmaril199 Year ago

    Hi Jeremy, I hope you are fine, I have a question, what happens with the review of The greatest Showman?? I was waiting for you review, please make one please see, regards from Mexico

  • Bilal Q
    Bilal Q Year ago

    Would you be reviewing Den of Thieves

  • mrclueuin
    mrclueuin Year ago


  • joltster109
    joltster109 Year ago

    *waiting patiently for The Punisher review*

  • Alec Monterastelli

    This movie was the worst! just another Over the top Liam Neeson movie

  • Mr DraCulå
    Mr DraCulå Year ago

    i don't have any subscribers 😢 someone subscribe me please 😐

  • BrazoFuerteProd
    BrazoFuerteProd Year ago

    I was distracted by Patrick Wilson's character being named Alex Murphy. That's RoboCop's name.

  • Derek Fisher
    Derek Fisher Year ago

    Liam Neeson has that title now, until Jason Statham reach 60

  • Ur Dad
    Ur Dad Year ago

    Jeremy jahns you are my hero if we ever grew up in the same schools or whatever i know you would be one of my bros. And i know they been coming out with some real fckd up weird movies but be cool man you are damn awesome thats all i can say ill always been tuned into your channell bro..think i spelled that wrong..

  • jdzencelowcz
    jdzencelowcz Year ago

    I really liked it.

  • James MinardKing
    James MinardKing Year ago

    I know u have a lot of requests but can u please review lucky number sleven. I want to hear your opinion about it.

  • Luke Cage
    Luke Cage Year ago

    As much as I like old bad ass Liam Neeson, these knock off Taken movies are getting old.

  • mrknowitalllt1
    mrknowitalllt1 Year ago


  • la_rën
    la_rën Year ago

    Is there any movie you genuinely like?

  • zane
    zane Year ago

    This is basically non-stop but on a train ... whats next he's on a boat? minibus ???

  • H Morty
    H Morty Year ago

    Could you review netflix's The End of The F***ing world? I would like to know your opinion on it.

  • dirk diggler
    dirk diggler Year ago

    Who wants to see jeremy butt naked fukin hot n sweaty on top of another jew? A boy or a girl...doesn't matter

  • Ian Rice
    Ian Rice Year ago

    I had to dislike. I think the storyline and the mystery was outstanding. You noted that the suspense had you on the edge and it did for me the whole film. There were so many twists in finding out who was who. And a great, satisfying end to it all. Even in the end you almost feel it was fake and played out in his head when he sees her on train again, but nope, he was like... LOOK AT MY BADGE BITCH

  • Dapper Enderman
    Dapper Enderman Year ago

    You should do a review of Train to Busan if you get the time, fantastic film!

  • Colt R
    Colt R Year ago

    I think Jeremy takes this movie too seriously......I really enjoyed this movie. It's just a fun action thriller.
    Not all movies need to blow your mind or be epic.
    His reviews has gotten very cliche. Some that are worth watching he gives bad reviews. It's just a movie, man.

  • Rodd Thunderheart

    I liked it! I thought it was perfectly good Liam Neeson movie. Seeing on the phone all I could hear was his "Taken" speech at some point! 😂😂😂 I thought it was definitely better than Non Stop though.
    Dude you HAVE to see 3 Billboards in Ebbing Missouri...

  • Jay Wolin
    Jay Wolin Year ago

    loved this movie a lot. A great popcorn flick for the casual movie fan

  • alton wisdom
    alton wisdom Year ago

    Liam neeson on a train