The New Mid-Engine C8 Corvette is nearly SOLD OUT! *UNBELIEVABLE*

  • Published on Jul 29, 2019
  • GM Design Chief Michael Simcoe has said that he thinks the orders have already hit the first year production numbers! He then elaborates on how this new 2020 Mid-Engine C8 Corvette will be SOLD OUT!
    This is the 495HP FIRST EVER Mid-Engine Chevrolet Corvette! With a new 6.2L LT2, producing 470 lb-ft of torque, this Corvette will hit 0-60mph in less than 3 seconds! The pricing will start under $60,000!
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Comments • 382

  • SuperUber1101
    SuperUber1101 27 days ago

    I ordered a c8 instead of a 2015 650s McLaren spyder. The c8 is cheaper and has a factory warranty. I would hav e to buy a warranty
    For 5k if I purchased the 650. As far as 60k cor the c8? Mine specced out at 100k.

  • Vigilance247
    Vigilance247 Month ago

    Another great video!

  • Tyler Haknuman
    Tyler Haknuman Month ago +1

    Chevy lies about their sold out. 😂

  • דניאל אלון

    dear friends !!! you have bought a car from GENERAL MOTORS you will get a
    car with lots of mechanical problems and customer service??? A sad joke
    does not exist at all. And the GM management? They don't care at all.
    You should understand that your money went into the trash. It is very
    dangerous today to buy from GENERAL MOTORS!!!!!! 👎👎👎😬👎👎😬👎

  • Mr K
    Mr K Month ago

    I placed my order for the C8 today. Im number 8 out of only 10 cars being delivered to my Corvette dealer. I cant wait for it to arrive now

  • cmscms123456
    cmscms123456 Month ago

    The 2020 Corvette IS NOT SOLD OUT.... GM HYPE. By Dec 2020 they will be sitting on the lots around the country.

  • cuteo vila
    cuteo vila Month ago


  • Jeff Lynn
    Jeff Lynn Month ago

    Total 2018 corvette production was 9,686. The quote from the plant manager in Bowling Green said that they were hiring a second shift for increased production. So, even if they double production, we are looking at 18,000 to 20,000 max.

    • Vince Phan
      Vince Phan Month ago

      When i buy a C8 i want to ask that i not get one built by the graveyard shift guys.

  • Mark's Snakepit
    Mark's Snakepit Month ago

    Lies! It's not sold out!!!

  • Web Grep
    Web Grep Month ago

    I want one in " Australia" please >..

  • john ross martens
    john ross martens Month ago

    The only chev that is actually nice every other vehicle they make is garage witch leads me to believe it may look sweet but will still be garage

  • Elo Janis
    Elo Janis Month ago

    I was able to get mine ordered for 2020....but it took a day's search as allocations went quick. I ended up in NJ with a very friendly and accommodating dealership.
    What I loved about the process is the purchase is not based on your past record with Chevrolet as it was with Ford and their GT. Wasn't it pretty much invitation only to get on their list? The whole experience was done over two days.....eight hours total but it went quick.
    The closer one is to a major metro area, the better their chance of finding a dealer who has one or two spots available. Some color combos were so popular early so limits were placed on those. I got the Gold shade with black/gold leather interior. It was what I had in mind and not many had been ordered in that combo so it was approved.
    Pricing is NOT close to $60k. That goes unsaid. Put another $30k on that and you got your hands full.

    • cmscms123456
      cmscms123456 Month ago

      "Allocations" are a joke.. meaningless. With 2019 C7's languishing on their lots... ask a deal what his 'allocation' is for C7... hahaha... By Dec 2019, C8's will be coming in regular.

  • Just Mat
    Just Mat Month ago

    If its true even if 3/4 of them pre sell that is got to be an embarrassing thing for other manufacturers considering this is basically a "base model".

  • bxrdy
    bxrdy Month ago

    It's not gonna get sold out

  • Mauricio Mendez
    Mauricio Mendez Month ago

    It's a game changer! I'm trying to convince the wife that we need one... 😂

  • Chris Scanlon
    Chris Scanlon Month ago +2

    Auto manufacturers should make dealer markups illegal!

    • Erek K
      Erek K 27 days ago

      @mister Vang Wrong, it is a free market. Supply and demand. If it is priced too high people will not buy it and sales will go down.

    • mister Vang
      mister Vang Month ago

      I agree. It's criminal activity.

  • coulton bishop
    coulton bishop Month ago

    The car is not limited Production let that sink in

  • Robert DiGiovanni
    Robert DiGiovanni Month ago

    I'm not surprised to hear that the new C8 is almost sold out for the first model year. I would certainly believe that. This car is a new benchmark especially considering the price. It's a tour de force in design and engineering. Better yet, no hybrid electric motors to which other manufacturers are resorting. Surely, GM will offer a Z06 or Grand Sport model in the near future. But this current model is all the automobile anyone could want, need or desire. Nice work GM!

  • julius ceasar
    julius ceasar Month ago

    show me a final invoice the says 60 grand, a bottom line no options corvette wont be built and if it is its only worth 60000

  • Oleander 77
    Oleander 77 Month ago

    Ih i didn't know you made such awesome videos. Your the best

  • Samuel Araiza
    Samuel Araiza Month ago

    No it’s not. Only first wave for the first three months is maxed out. Sold out implies that people could start selling their reservation voucher for profit. Anybody will be able to buy their Corvette within a few months after first phase.

  • TheCamaro5
    TheCamaro5 Month ago

    The dealership where i work is selling them at MSRP Only have two ordered for now. The builder and pricing is not out yet. GM will be starting up two shifts to make these cars. They will be hot for a while at that price.

  • I
    I Month ago

    Unbelievable it sold out or unbelievable they resurrected the FIERO!?

  • Eric Garcia
    Eric Garcia Month ago

    I would change out the hood and front bumper to get rid of that corvette look

  • Boom tendo
    Boom tendo Month ago

    this is old news, and they came out and said this isn’t accurate. it’s just that the first wave pre orders are near sold out. anyone can still order them

  • vendediesel
    vendediesel Month ago

    Can anyone name year Corvette that didn't sell????

  • Leon Chambers
    Leon Chambers Month ago

    The C8 is a good car, but the dodge new charger angel coming out and there Hellephant engine making 1000hbp, dodge can now make a super car that’s even cheaper and faster than the C8 and Surpra What do you guys think?

  • Michael Melling
    Michael Melling Month ago

    Something just occurred to me ... of all the many C8 videos I've watched, I have heard anyone mention where the spare tire is located or if it even has one.

    • Erek K
      Erek K 27 days ago

      They haven't had spare tires for a long time. They come with runflats.

  • Caribbean GTR
    Caribbean GTR Month ago

    Its not unexpected that it would have sold so well. Lets face it, there's nothing like it out there. The Toyota Supra is a total disappointment to all Toyota Enthusiasts because its' just a BMW and no one will convince me otherwise. It will sell to people who just want a reasonably priced sport car. This C8 is adequate until the Twin Turbo ZR1 arrive.

  • vvvvvvvvv
    vvvvvvvvv Month ago

    i dont understand why car manufactures don't do this more often. most people who dream to own a lambo don't even know how much horsepower it has. build an exotic looking car with subpar performance and people will still buy for the looks and uniqueness.

    TIM WARD Month ago

    lets have a right hand drive in the UK ???

  • 24 Frames/Sec
    24 Frames/Sec Month ago

    Can't wait until this car starts getting drive reviewed. Right now it's looks and price. Would be great to get a Chris Harris review although I don't know if he'd drive the C8.

  • Beyond_the_Infinite

    Made in USA. Chevrolet Corvette - America's sports car.

  • pootytang203
    pootytang203 Month ago

    But yet the economy is in the shithole and were in the middle of a recession but yet trump is saying the economy is great but the average family are living check to check struggling to stay above water my job cut back on overtime but obviously there are a bunch of rich assholes out there lining up to spend there money on a sports car with nothing else better to do with there money MUST BE NICE 👍🏽 life is great for them I guess.

  • ChequeBoludo
    ChequeBoludo Month ago +1

    All it means is Chevy has learned a lesson with prior year production and now has under projected either quantity and or price. Either way as a consumer trying to buy a first-year car like the C8 you're gonna have to be in a strong position to buy one.

  • Michael Lamborghini Lover

    This car is gonna be the kit car platform of the future. Bye Fiero. I think that the Corvettes gonna be an awesome car. I’m impressed with what they’ve done I think everybody else is too. I’m not a Corvette person but if I was ever going to get one this is what It would be.

  • Lee Daniel
    Lee Daniel Month ago

    good to see GM is offering this car to the public for such price; it allows the poor people to drive a powerful car.

  • Sir
    Sir Month ago

    Your commentary sucks. This rumor only serves to mark up price.

  • Turkey Man
    Turkey Man Month ago

    It’s not sold out.

  • Habib Seyedi
    Habib Seyedi Month ago +1

    O boy, this car is going to do what Oneplus did to expensive cellphones value to performance wise, can't wait to see them in the UK, enjoying your videos by the way, cheers

  • Jim Thompson
    Jim Thompson Month ago

    That's like saying houses are sold out.

  • Chris Laswell
    Chris Laswell Month ago

    The market will quickly get saturated. Everyone ordering one now will lose their shirts in depreciation over the next couple of years. The more there are...the less value it has. Let's see where the pricing (w/options) actually ends up. Also...2021 with the new Z06 and new ZR1.

  • Chris Laswell
    Chris Laswell Month ago

    Take a drink every time he says "C8 Corvette". You'll be hammered by the end of this video.

  • Paul Mills
    Paul Mills Month ago

    Do you have plans on sending your gt500 to Shelby American for the super snake package or are they going to be doing that on the first year gt500?

  • Ian Segond
    Ian Segond Month ago

    How is this hard to believe??

  • Donny B
    Donny B Month ago

    If you spend $20,000 more than their asking you can’t lose money on the car if you keep it for 10 years it’s inpossible

  • Steve Claflin
    Steve Claflin Month ago

    I can see it, great value;!!!

  • Emilio Maldonado
    Emilio Maldonado Month ago

    The more they make the less they’ll be worth in the future

  • Emilio Maldonado
    Emilio Maldonado Month ago

    How can it be sold out if their not limited

  • ironcityblue
    ironcityblue Month ago

    Interesting since the plant already just added 500 workers and a second shift.

  • JC4
    JC4 Month ago +1

    $60k for a mid engine "ferrari looking" car, of course the sales will skyrocket

  • Tribute SS
    Tribute SS Month ago

    My dealer is only charging MSRP and everyday since the unveil we have taken mulitple deposits.....

  • Rick Ely
    Rick Ely Month ago

    I wonder if it’s man power or parts that is limiting the production I could see 2500000 cars made and sold and at that price they need numbers to make up cost of development

  • The Truth About Facts

    This is the reason Ford should have given the gt500 a stick shift, to stand out and be different. The only car over 700 hp that starts at a good price and comes with a manual that i can think of is the hellcat. Correct me if you know of anything else. The zr1 does but it's $120,000+ and is not being made anymore.

  • Horseman
    Horseman Month ago

    I can't wait to see how Ford and Dodge will respond. Gonna be great, we need another manufacturer war.

  • Donald Garver
    Donald Garver Month ago

    I had a '79 and an '80 for my Vette fix for life dont know why you would toss 60k + away on a whim thats down payment on a house and not to mention the immediate depreciation

  • Scott
    Scott Month ago

    I need this!!

  • BAWnd4spd
    BAWnd4spd Month ago

    Why even bother getting a gt500? I could understand if came in a manual tranny. I mean the bow ties got u covered on the automatic.

  • Alan G
    Alan G Month ago

    This car is just pure awesome & pretty much anyone who I know likes cars wants one myself included so it certainly doesn’t surprise me that they would be almost or are sold out. you figure in north america there are roughly 360 million canadians/americans easily enough potential buyers for the c8 being sold based on deposits

  • Ricky Flores
    Ricky Flores Month ago

    Holy fucking shit gosh dammit 😳😳😳