A SIMPLE FAVOR Official Trailer # 2 (NEW 2018) Anna Kendrick, Blake Lively Movie HD

  • Published on May 24, 2018
  • A SIMPLE FAVOR Official Trailer (2018) Anna Kendrick, Blake Lively Movie HD
    2018 - LG
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Comments • 363

  • Qin Jamil
    Qin Jamil 7 months ago

    Music for this trailer anyone?

  • Safa Saihia
    Safa Saihia 7 months ago

    What ils hpened to Emily pleas

  • Little Potato
    Little Potato 7 months ago


  • Hay Lee
    Hay Lee 7 months ago

    Sociopath 😮

  • Poppy Grace
    Poppy Grace 7 months ago

    What age rating is this?

  • oostudies
    oostudies 8 months ago

    this movie is crazy as shit

  • SilverSoul
    SilverSoul 8 months ago

    Gossip Gone Girl

  • Josemaria Fuentes
    Josemaria Fuentes 8 months ago

    a cross between gone girl and bad moms

  • Azuur Lyua
    Azuur Lyua 8 months ago

    It is Cœur De Pirate ?
    This trailer is beautiful

  • Bushra Ali
    Bushra Ali 9 months ago

    يا قللي آنا تبكي الي عربي يفهمني القصه

  • Drew Wood
    Drew Wood 9 months ago

    I'm going to take a wild guess and say Anna Kendrick is crazy and killed her

  • Yam Akire
    Yam Akire 9 months ago

    Cant wait to watch this!

  • LeighAnn Byrne
    LeighAnn Byrne 9 months ago

    Does anyone know when this will be released?!

  • Katiesus Gamer
    Katiesus Gamer 9 months ago


  • Tsuku Yaroman
    Tsuku Yaroman 9 months ago

    This trailer makes my head so dizzy

  • Marie-Sophie Aubé
    Marie-Sophie Aubé 9 months ago +1

    Wowowowow I've heard this song! Its "crier tout bas" (yep it's in french) from "coeur de pirate" (yep again that is french)
    She's from Quebec and really good ! Go listen to her songs !!

  • Pandemonium
    Pandemonium 10 months ago

    Anna Kendrick❤

  • Leslie Perez
    Leslie Perez 10 months ago +1

    I read the book since people kept on saying that it was nothing like Gone Girl.
    And then yep, the plot structure is basically the same. And I hated all the characters, Stephanie especially.

  • Keven Pray
    Keven Pray 10 months ago

    Emily kills her because she becomes obsessed with her. It’s a remake.

  • Yane Gonzalez
    Yane Gonzalez 10 months ago

    Hola uruguya

  • Katrina Garcia
    Katrina Garcia 10 months ago

    Best trailer ever

  • Joy Nice
    Joy Nice 10 months ago +1

    Blake is looking better than ever!!!!

  • Karissa Mikaelson
    Karissa Mikaelson 10 months ago


  • Marina Dias
    Marina Dias 10 months ago

    Spotted: Serena Van Der Woodsen getting in trouble AGAIN

  • an mon
    an mon 10 months ago

    I'm confused

  • 오세륜
    오세륜 10 months ago

    it seems like anna has crush on blake or opposite hahaa 😂😉

  • 오세륜
    오세륜 10 months ago

    Beautiful girls esp blake lively 😉😬

  • And It Gets Worse
    And It Gets Worse 10 months ago

    Bad trailer

  • Paulina Garcia
    Paulina Garcia 10 months ago


  • whatslifeanyway
    whatslifeanyway 10 months ago +6

    Why does this look like a lyric video to "look what you made me do"?

  • Giulia Sohm
    Giulia Sohm 10 months ago +5

    These 2 girls like who cares about the plot its the 2 queeeeeens

  • Unicorn Magic
    Unicorn Magic 10 months ago


  • Ginger Rogers
    Ginger Rogers 10 months ago +3

    That music completely did my noggin in 😳😳

  • coedshowers
    coedshowers 10 months ago +1

    since they both slept with Ryan Reynolds I wonder if he could pull a 3some in the set trailer :x

  • UrbanExplorer1000
    UrbanExplorer1000 10 months ago

    pretentious BS

  • inutzzzzza
    inutzzzzza 10 months ago

    This sends a 'Ingrid goes west' vibe

  • Anzhelika Shtanko
    Anzhelika Shtanko 10 months ago

    On 13 second Emily's shoes with red bottom from Christian Laboutin.

  • Ashley Nieto
    Ashley Nieto 10 months ago

    Meh, not a huge fan of anything Feig has ever touched. This looks more like it should be a Netflix movie than a theater release. Maybe it's the way the trailer is cut, but this doesn't look that interesting.

  • emilsky2001
    emilsky2001 10 months ago +1

    Has a Film Noir Vibe about it...kinda reminded me of that movie of Rita Hayworth and Orson Welles without the romance hahhaah...Shanghai Town was it not sure...
    Kinda nice to see a female centered movie, that has a guessing game feel. Intimidating and mysterious

  • Lseed87
    Lseed87 10 months ago

    Anyone else get Pretty Little Liars vibes?

  • Hannahbanana007 X
    Hannahbanana007 X 10 months ago

    I don't want to spoil it for anyone, but since I liked this trailer so much, I decided to buy the book. I was left highly dissapointed. I think even Nicci French novels have way better plot twists than this. 12 euro's down the drain.

    XP GAMING 11 months ago

    Kinda gave me a female 50 shades type of vibe😂

  • camren life
    camren life 11 months ago

    What is this all about?

  • S. G.
    S. G. 11 months ago

    This was a well done trailer. Looking forward to seeing this.

  • I-React PiEZ
    I-React PiEZ 11 months ago +1

    Aaaaay Anna Kendrick :D :D

  • GDeliuta
    GDeliuta 11 months ago

    I'm so excited to watch this on Lifetime!

  • Ryder Benson
    Ryder Benson 11 months ago +5

    Beca Mitchell meets Serena van der Woodsen !!!

  • candy void
    candy void 11 months ago

    What's up with that pink umbrella at 00:21 ?

  • Lena Martin
    Lena Martin 11 months ago

    I love Ana Kendrick and Blake lively. But the book had the worst ending ever!!
    Let's see if the movie changes that for us.....

  • Takashi San
    Takashi San 11 months ago +8

    "Gone Girl - The Prequel: before Nick Dunne, there was Stephanie"

  • ᴊ. ɢ
    ᴊ. ɢ 11 months ago

    The trailer itself is art. Never seen anything like it

  • Unipha
    Unipha 11 months ago +3

    Anna ❤❤

  • Cheyenne Lockhart
    Cheyenne Lockhart 11 months ago +9

    Seriously every tv actor is an ugly crier. But Anna Kendrick? She makes it look flawless as hell like wtf ?!? 😂 Who is still that pretty when they cry??

  • Chem Hung
    Chem Hung 11 months ago

    Red is the coolest colour

  • N M
    N M 11 months ago

    Wow a nice trailer, hope the movie is this good as well.

  • JT
    JT 11 months ago

    Omfg excited!!

  • vcr wheels
    vcr wheels 11 months ago

    Blake lively in a suit yeah looks gay

    • vcr wheels
      vcr wheels 11 months ago

      even tho ik it's not I'm still gonna watch it lmao

  • Anita Blunt
    Anita Blunt 11 months ago

    black lively is such a boss

    A SAVANT1 11 months ago

    Knowing that Paul Feig directed this film. I definitely know that this film will be shit.

  • mary jane
    mary jane 11 months ago


  • roxy lib
    roxy lib 11 months ago

    One of the best trailers I've seen

  • Cam
    Cam 11 months ago

    Those animation transitions, though.... -_-

  • Sashagale Mcfarlane
    Sashagale Mcfarlane 11 months ago +1

    I think Anna has a lady crush on Blake and wanted to work for her but she already had a personal assistant, Emily, so she killed Emily to become Blake's personal assistant.

  • AnaIRPiteira
    AnaIRPiteira 11 months ago

    Hated the book.

  • japanese heartbeats
    japanese heartbeats 11 months ago

    looks like a Lifetime movie, not gonna lie...

  • Des Nutz
    Des Nutz 11 months ago

    Paul Feig. sounds familiar. this looks good

  • Des Nutz
    Des Nutz 11 months ago

    Anna Kendrick has th3 most amazing body

  • DUBS
    DUBS 11 months ago


  • Gil Terrero
    Gil Terrero 11 months ago

    Anna is so little

  • Nomad Lord
    Nomad Lord 11 months ago

    Well damn, this looks good

  • EtchedInStone
    EtchedInStone 11 months ago

    Spooky film

  • Luko Radulic
    Luko Radulic 11 months ago

    name of the song?

  • Elcid Abiera
    Elcid Abiera 11 months ago

    looks gay.

  • five LiLi
    five LiLi 11 months ago

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  • jayceefam3
    jayceefam3 11 months ago

    These are some of the worst trailers cuz I know nothing lol but I'm so watching this cuz I love these two actresses

  • scope flash
    scope flash 11 months ago

    If they do some lesbian action, ill definitely watch it. Like Black Swan.

  • wickedly4
    wickedly4 11 months ago

    wait what

  • Billy Holmes
    Billy Holmes 11 months ago

    This trailer is sucking the testosterone right out of my body

  • Lysias Official
    Lysias Official 11 months ago


  • pacequi2
    pacequi2 11 months ago

    The female version of the accountant.

  • Vivian Xu
    Vivian Xu 11 months ago

    i just finished the book and hate all the characters sm that i don’t even wanna see the movie anymore😩😩

  • connie su
    connie su 11 months ago

    what song is this?

  • Nelson
    Nelson 11 months ago

    This movie is like catnip for white women

  • Jerry VanNuys
    Jerry VanNuys 11 months ago

    And why is this being listed as a comedy/kid movie in my feed?

  • Harleena Kang
    Harleena Kang 11 months ago +11

    i feel like anna kendriks character either had a crush on emily or may have killed her because she hated how perfect she was

    ILLICIT CREACH 11 months ago

    blake lively! mmmmhmmm! shes to yummy!

  • Killua Zoldyck
    Killua Zoldyck 11 months ago

    Despacito 2 when

  • Glitz4Ever
    Glitz4Ever 11 months ago

    Where the fuck is Emily?

  • monna73
    monna73 11 months ago

    The book is suck. Hope the movie could be better.

  • daemmerung19
    daemmerung19 11 months ago

    Such an annoying trailer...

  • Junior lesego Ragontse
    Junior lesego Ragontse 11 months ago

    And that's how you do a trailer Dc take notes

  • Laverne Blaszczyk
    Laverne Blaszczyk 11 months ago +1

    She ate her didn't she

  • R3b3lxo
    R3b3lxo 11 months ago +2

    great trailer with amazing music from beatrice martin aka cour-de-pirate.

  • The Aries69
    The Aries69 11 months ago

    Emily: i wanna know ur secret

    SEEZEE 11 months ago

    Depends how much I get paid for the favor

  • Raptor Cawk
    Raptor Cawk 11 months ago


  • crushing love
    crushing love 11 months ago

    what an awful fucktard of a trailer

  • South Sea
    South Sea 11 months ago

    Blake - ' I need a simple favour '
    Anna - ' Anything '

    Blake - ' Pls stop with them shit singing movies '

  • Kyle Campbell
    Kyle Campbell 11 months ago

    From the guy that ruined Ghostbusters?

  • Lynnlee Johnson
    Lynnlee Johnson 11 months ago

    The first girl (Anna) killed the second one.