Trump Is Coming For Your National Monuments

  • Published on Dec 6, 2017
  • Donald Trump didn't even have to break out his favorite racial slur to anger Native Americans this time.
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Comments • 607

  • UltraGoldCoin
    UltraGoldCoin Year ago

    Is there anything we can do? This is ridiculous, I don't want to watch while this happening.

  • Marlon Mudzudzu
    Marlon Mudzudzu Year ago

    Loving the endings

  • Cindi Keane
    Cindi Keane Year ago

    I LOVE Colbert!

  • BWood63
    BWood63 Year ago

    The outro’s are great he just shouldn’t change them so fast.

  • Chico Dust-E
    Chico Dust-E Year ago

    Did he get new dentures because dude has the sickest lisp ever now

  • Hassan Khalid
    Hassan Khalid Year ago

    Like how zionists stole Palestinians lands

  • Dark
    Dark Year ago


  • Ja Moon
    Ja Moon Year ago

    I live in Kanab, UT and am totally agains the downsizing of the Monuments! I also volunteer in the BLM Paleo Lab and we have found new species of dinosaurs that are getting worldwide attention. This will be an economic disaster for the rual towns around the Monuments. Check out for more on how to help. Please stand up for the Monuments as he will be able to take any Public Land all across the U.S. Call your Rep and Senators to stop this! Thanks to Steve Colbert for bringing this to the nation's attention.

  • deepblue64
    deepblue64 Year ago

    What a silly democracy, when an idiot can do almost anything by signing an order....

  • Renate Tekook
    Renate Tekook Year ago

    Downsizing. My Movie.

  • Angela
    Angela Year ago

    Democrats care about people and Republicans care about profit. That's the difference.

  • Jack Weinrauch
    Jack Weinrauch Year ago

    I'm from Utah, born and raised in salt lake. Trump took our shit

  • Kuroda Cursus
    Kuroda Cursus Year ago

    All the next president needs to do to be the best president is to reverse everything the orange did.

  • Elaine S
    Elaine S Year ago

    This is disturbing. His impeachment can't come quick enough.

  • Han Yolo
    Han Yolo Year ago

    So the statues of Lincoln & Christopher ColumbusTrump was referring to in the tweet Colbert was referencing were confederate, hmm... well we live in the year 2017 lets not overthink it.. hez ahh waaayyyysssiiissstuuuuhh, colbert and cnn sed sooooowwaaahhh

  • Paula Torres Cuarental

    "escalante" is not a word in doesnt mean anything xD

  • gypsism
    gypsism Year ago

    Stop that stupid Outros!

  • gypsism
    gypsism Year ago

    You are making a fool out of yourself with those stupid endings!

  • TheLadyluna2
    TheLadyluna2 Year ago

    Next move. Mount Rushmore.

  • Sharon Klinkenberg

    Ps stop the subscribe bs

  • Anony Mouse
    Anony Mouse Year ago

    kudos to Stephen for straight-facing the native americans wont trust the government joke.

  • D Nana UnChained
    D Nana UnChained Year ago

    This is SOOOO Wrong & on SOOOO Many Levels! And Not Sure WHY this is NOT Talked about MORE - w/ Colbert and the Gang of nitetime hosts!
    The Indian/Native Americans along with the Animals/Land continue to be Screwed Over.
    Natives and their 200 yr old Treaty [or treaties] with the US Government it seems, have been discarded.
    And yet again - the deal to keep this land for themselves, land no one wanted [ the deserts of this country ]
    .... until now?!?
    Now that something else can be Stripped from the soil, leaving the land useless and dangerous to the environment [minerals are needed in the ground] So that a Few can Profit from (and I'm sure trump gets his pockets filled too :(
    *** Please, can you help them out and donate a minimum of $5.00 [which is not much, right!] like I did [wishing it could be more], But every bit will help them to fight this......
    and try to remember they need our Voices Too!
    xxoo to them, D~

  • Peace Ecaep
    Peace Ecaep Year ago

    WTF you mean we conquered multiple countries and an entire continent when whites take land something called science happens. Innovation happens. When Muslim or Africans or something take over land it becomes a hellhole with legalized slavery rampant misogyny and widespread violence. If we would've conquered the middle east there would be a happy and healthy middle east there wouldn't be brutal genocidal Warfare. We don't fight genocidal wars. Look at the native Americans genocide was never considered or it would've been done marching people across deserts and restricting the food supply isn't how you kill. If we wanted them or the jews or the Africans dead we would've shot or stabbed them all at once instead the least effective methods of killing were always employed. What if America conquered Iran and Syria? Slavery would end and we'd punish criminals and we'd build a functional society instead the locals live under slaver, violence,poverty and fear. We need to take over and throw these dictators and theocracies out of power in order to bring peace. If we rule them it would be better then them being ruled by slavers and murderous religious fanatics!

  • Peace Ecaep
    Peace Ecaep Year ago

    Fucking establishment trash, Colbert is a government puppet

  • Fabian Jaeger
    Fabian Jaeger Year ago

    My stance on the topic of civil war that the statues shouldnt be removed not because I like the South or some bullshit like that but they shouldnt be removed because they remind us of the crimes and of the situation back in the day.

  • Suzanne
    Suzanne Year ago

    You are a DECEIVER who, truth be told, CANNOT TOLERATE being in proximity of a REAL MAN of NORMAL MIND who is guided by FUNDAMENTAL PRINCIPLES. Concepts you have an ALLERGIC REACTION to apparently. on the topic of 'taking monuments' though - I HOPE THAT HE DOES REMOVE THE "BAPHOMET" - one of your personal favorites I hear!

  • SuperXrunner
    SuperXrunner Year ago +4

    He's such and awful person

  • Alfredo Carbajal
    Alfredo Carbajal Year ago

    For fuck sake, can there be one thing he doesn't fuck up?!

  • 1750MHz
    1750MHz Year ago +1

    Peeing in the ball pit? Is that a dashcon joke?

  • NezihBouali
    NezihBouali Year ago

    Stop shaming your audience when they applaud a joke,

  • Never Too Old Gaming

    Utah Voted For This. Party over country. Now its Party over State too. Goodjob Utah! Enjoy the fracking, and drilling, and strip mining, and pipelines, and...

  • Never Too Old Gaming

    Utah voted for Trump. #NoSympathy #HowdoesthatMAGAtastenow? I hope they absolutely obliterate all of that land. Oh well!

  • David Woods
    David Woods Year ago +2

    Who is Trumps buddy that wants the resources in those National Monuments?

  • Silvia X
    Silvia X Year ago

    In a parallel universe, cows are feasting on human baby meat and Native Americans are deporting white people.

  • Tax Payer
    Tax Payer Year ago

    It's to undo obamas massive federal land grab.

  • BigBewtieHoles
    BigBewtieHoles Year ago

    is trump qeer? i hope not! SHIT ON ALL QEERS JUGALO FOR LIFE

  • Evan Johnson
    Evan Johnson Year ago +1

    Trump is a fucking cunt

  • Jessica Whitmore
    Jessica Whitmore Year ago +2

    Illegal pipe line, illegal territory theft, illegal action after illegal action. Like, this is literally happening right in front of our eyes and yet people stll claim he's not a criminal. THIS IS ILLEGAL. ILLLEGAL. How can anyone still not understand these actions are violations of the law?

  • Adri Rizo
    Adri Rizo Year ago

    They’ll stop trusting...! Hahahaha

    • Adri Rizo
      Adri Rizo Year ago

      Olga Pawlik Obviously not. Genocide is not funny, but sarcasm is.

  • Isaac Missi
    Isaac Missi Year ago

    Save Bears Ears!

  • J Brown
    J Brown Year ago

    Liberals are so fucking stupid . this is a states rights vs. federal government issue. Trump transferred the land back to the state of Utah. The Antiquities Act was never intended to be used to seize millions of acres of land from the States.

  • Ted Sava
    Ted Sava Year ago

    "give it up for the confederacy"

  • Masteraster
    Masteraster Year ago

    wow, that land belongs to every American and your president is selling(!!) it to some crony of his to rip up and rape. Do you envision those post apocalyptic movies as your inevitable future in America? Cuz it sure seems like ya do! Holy crap.

  • Stressy Porkrind
    Stressy Porkrind Year ago

    Stephen Colbert is an idiot fakes film clips of trump it makes it look like Trump said something different when he did not. I would like to see a debate between Stephen Colbert and Donald Trump then we'll see who the real idiot is

  • Samwise the Brave

    The audience literally started clapping right after Colbert said "give it up to the confederacy!" Shows how fucking brain dead Colbert viewers are. They just start clapping when he says something and pauses. It's hard to believe that some people actually get their news from this show. No wonder so many Americans are fucking retarded.

  • Samwise the Brave

    Oh boy Colbert just does not get it... National monuments are not ours, they are owned by the government. By reducing national monuments, more land is going back to the people. Having the government own so much land is unconstitutional! Anyone that gets their political beliefs from Colbert will end up being an intellectual dumbass.

  • Steven Kelty
    Steven Kelty Year ago

    As if things couldn't get worse here in Utah, boy was I wrong.

  • ACIDesignsUY
    ACIDesignsUY Year ago

    Wow Republicans must be very happy with this!!!

  • Matt Johnston
    Matt Johnston Year ago

    Ok, his subscribe please are probably the best yet.

  • thatMimosaGrove
    thatMimosaGrove Year ago +2

    Wake up, people. The US government owns 90% of the land in some US states and continues to grab more. How much is enough? The land belongs to the people, not the government. Trump is giving it back to the people to be used productively. He's not stealing it.

    • thatMimosaGrove
      thatMimosaGrove Year ago

      EcchiDragon 80
      I'll cut to the chase, Ecchi. *The US FEDERAL GOVERNMENT ALREADY OWNS 65% OF ALL THE LAND IN THE STATE OF UTAH!* How much more would you like for them to own?

    • EcchiDragon 80
      EcchiDragon 80 Year ago

      +thatMimosaGrove Ah yes... "Not accessible to general public"
      because the the hiking trails, *camping grounds* , hotels and lodging they've got in the _national park/monument_ positively _screams_ "You're not wanted here!"
      And "Private citizens do a better job"? Are you fucking kidding me!? You truly are ignorant. It's been proven _time and again_ that any service run by "private citizens* i.e. companies deliver a subpar service and quality in anything from hospitals to museums to nature areas. Which is a natural consequence of "profit uber alles". And for your uninformed self, the State of Utah was _already_ running it.
      And to cap this off - What kind of private citizens do you imagine running this thing?... If you say anything else but "companies" you're either lying, or you're unbelievebly naive. And once it's in the hands of these Profit Machines (which is what companies are. Mechanisms for profit that care for _nothing_ else) what do you imagine is going to happen? If it's for example, a mining company, do you imagine that it will be acessible to the general public?
      As for United Nations that you so obviously despise, their goals of preserving unique and beautiful places so that future generations can enjoy it and protect nature... To create something _sustainable_ *isn't* in in the interest of everybody? You'd rather have a few more dollars in you pocket than more beautiful nature around you?
      Are you even capable of thinking long term!?
      Lastly. If this is so good for the Native Americans, then why are _The 5 tribes_ planning to collectively *sue* the ones doing this?

    • thatMimosaGrove
      thatMimosaGrove Year ago

      EcchiDragon 80 Yes, "locked down," as in not accessible to the general public. And the natural resources can't be touched either although they could be extracted without harming the environment. Furthermore, when the land is owned by the federal government, the cost of maintaining it is a great federal expense, straining an already stretched thin budget. By contrast, when it's owned by Utah or private citizens, THEY foot the bill and do a much better job of it in addition to allowing the public access... which once again, benefits the native Americans in the area who can hunt, fish, gather firewood in their RVs, etc. The US federal government has been gobbling up land at an alarming rate over the last few decades in accordance with the United Nations' Agenda 21 goals. I assure you this is not in the best interest of the people.

    • EcchiDragon 80
      EcchiDragon 80 Year ago

      +thatMimosaGrove Locked down?
      What the fuck are you talking about? Do you even know anything about those areas, or are you just just regurgitating rethoric from one of your "Gevurmint bad! Dere takin' ur jebs!"-buddies?
      Educate yourself about these place before you open your mouth you ignorant fuck.

    • thatMimosaGrove
      thatMimosaGrove Year ago

      Willowdove You're being ridiculous. Nothing that you're alarmed about is happening here. The land is not going to be harmed in any way. It is being opened up for people to enjoy. It belonged to the state of Utah before it was taken away just recently by the federal government and "locked down" so that almost no one, including native Americans, had access to it.

  • nukestrom
    nukestrom Year ago

    Its interesting to see that the president of the USA was crying on monuments of Confederate State of America while taking out US National monuments. This president must be a rebirth of Jefferson Davis. Can't think of any other explanation.

  • Dr Richard M
    Dr Richard M Year ago +1

    sorry Stephen but Escalante is no a Spanish word! so Tf he donny said ??

  • Donald Swamp
    Donald Swamp Year ago

    I hate tRump.

  • Liam
    Liam Year ago

    Colbert is a dickhole

  • Raoul Fleckman
    Raoul Fleckman Year ago

    Fucking, fucking, fucking Trump! Die already you worthless bag of scum.

  • Balsha 18
    Balsha 18 Year ago +2


  • drewpamon
    drewpamon Year ago

    Calling them monuments is a misnomer they're huge areas, bigger than many states that the federal government misappropriated.

  • Violets Inbloom
    Violets Inbloom Year ago +2

    Drain the swamp and build a cesspool. Trump the destroyer. Worst president in history.

  • Ben1265341
    Ben1265341 Year ago

    Trump better watch out. Leslie Knope from Parks & Rec is going to come for him

  • Fiendstein
    Fiendstein Year ago

    Trumps next move is to roll back Slavery laws. ...Watch!

  • D C Wilson
    D C Wilson Year ago +3

    We need to put up confederate statues in all of our national parks so Trump will protect them.

  • Silenus Sancte Oracle

    sweet, sweet salt

  • fsb2cool2care
    fsb2cool2care Year ago

    Don't forget to down vote until they remove the subscribe postscript shit

  • Beth Ann
    Beth Ann Year ago +2

    I feel like he's just screwing the country as much as possible before he gets kicked out.

  • Caleb Horwitz
    Caleb Horwitz Year ago

    Ummm first time speaking spanish? what about bad hombres?

  • Micah Goldberg
    Micah Goldberg Year ago


  • Optional Zero
    Optional Zero Year ago

    The Conman and Thief, our Current President.

  • Namrata Sampat
    Namrata Sampat Year ago

    What does subscribing do for the content creator? Are their earnings based on number of views or number of subscribers? I watch Stephen Colbert's monologues, but don't want to subscribe because I dislike notifications and don't want to be notified about non-monologue videos. Does it really affect their ad revenues?

  • Jo Bohan
    Jo Bohan Year ago

    i know this is off topic, but remember when Colbert did the video of Trump drinking that bottle of water......Check out the picture of Tim Gunn drinking champagne on the Project Runway FB I know where I've seen the move before!

  • kurikuraconkuritas

    holy shit. wtf was that

  • motorhome mike
    motorhome mike Year ago

    do you americans that voted for Trump not get it yet he is only out for big business and i'm sure he has dementia the normal person doesn't tweet at 3:00 a.m. and tweet world politics against his advisors the guy is a nutbar but then again this post is just fake news to trump

  • misty man
    misty man Year ago

    i remember a long time ago when the late show was funny and not a podium for the hosts political views

  • Snails
    Snails Year ago

    The USA has had bad presidents before. It's had crooked ones, liars, stupid ones. But never has it had someone so prepared to take high office so low. Lies on an industrial scale, incompetence and increasingly shameless bigotry, just to prove he can get away with it. He somehow combines the worst traits of all the worst presidents and then magnifies them exponentially. He has exposed, as with other classic demagogues, the fundamental human flaw of wanting to follow someone confident and who believes in themselves, no matter what they stand for.

  • Topaz Blahblah
    Topaz Blahblah Year ago


  • TheShadowKing1988
    TheShadowKing1988 Year ago +1

    1:18-1:23 Did Stephen just make a reference to DashCon?