Why I Don't Have a "Face Reveal"

  • Published on Apr 6, 2017
  • so please stop asking
    (some flashing colors warning)

    * I am doing better. Some rough patches and back tracking here and there but hey difficult things aren't a straight up walk in the park to overcome right? Takes time and patience. If you're having a really hard time (maybe my story is similar to yours, maybe you have even more things to fight..) I really hope to hear you're working on breaking through it. If you're wanting me to fight, I'm wanting you to fight back just the same. Thanks, dude.
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  • Yee Haw
    Yee Haw 12 minutes ago +2

    Man, this makes my problems seem like nothing. Great job sticking through, Jaiden.

  • star_ fire
    star_ fire 14 minutes ago

    This video made me almost cry😢 and it doesn't matter if someone's pretty or not,so just be you're self💜💜💜💜

  • Avian Guerra
    Avian Guerra 16 minutes ago

    Welcome to my life

  • jelly 21
    jelly 21 17 minutes ago

    Jaiden your face is amazing why so shy nobody will hate that pritty face please show your face more often keep up the good work

  • Martha Robb
    Martha Robb 34 minutes ago +1

    Jaiden don't think your the only one who is going through this i have and I support you being in this situation is really painfull just know we all understand...and don't be expected to do things you really did not need to shpw up cuz we all understand and won't be ever disapounted in you. You feel like your in a shell that is super brutal and painfull but Jaiden you are amazing and we all are and your loved ones are a big hand to pick you back up. You are not weak you are strong and definetlly not awfull we all love you Jaiden just know we wre here for you.

  • Martha Robb
    Martha Robb 43 minutes ago +1

    Jaiden ur making me sooo sad, you are incredible no all thoughs haters are jealous of you... You are incredibpe and no one can take that away you are my hero Jaiden and we all support you and love you Jaiden. You are incredible and, you are the best.

  • metalhead gaming
    metalhead gaming Hour ago

    I don't know what this,but I like it.

  • Irwin Chu
    Irwin Chu Hour ago +1

    That's why we have best friend and family you dumbass
    Than why did you make videos

  • Magic nugget126
    Magic nugget126 2 hours ago

    My brain has stopped

  • • D A I V I •
    • D A I V I • 2 hours ago

    I hate logan paul

  • Jenni Carper
    Jenni Carper 2 hours ago

    i have the same problem...help.

  • Descendant to Duck
    Descendant to Duck 2 hours ago

    Hey jaiden I just started watching your videos, and I love them, they're so funny and down to earth and I just wanted you to know I'm proud of you

  • Adrian Garcia
    Adrian Garcia 3 hours ago

    3 things
    1. I started watching Jaiden's vids like 1 week ago and watching this vid made me care more for her, hell i even cried a bit.
    2. I'm the exact same way, always doubting myself, always thinking I'm not good enough and etc.
    3. I'm not gonna lie she look cute

    CAPTIAN _M_ 3 hours ago


  • - Callum -
    - Callum - 3 hours ago

    Those people who disliked should go die

  • Dirk Schmitz
    Dirk Schmitz 3 hours ago

    You'd be surprised how many ppl have the same story to tell. You should stop feeling so alone and helpless. You are not.

  • Khaira Whiting
    Khaira Whiting 3 hours ago

    Remember that you beautiful the way you are ❤😘😘

  • Sam Baldwin
    Sam Baldwin 3 hours ago

    Jaiden, I have had depression before. But you can handle it. Don’t let the bad comments creep up on you. Keep up the good work! And I doesn’t matter if you don’t look good. It’s how you are inside. It’s how kind you are.

  • Joshua v. pascasio
    Joshua v. pascasio 3 hours ago

    You're beautiful

  • Ana Franklin
    Ana Franklin 3 hours ago

    Look, you shouldn't worry about These things. I mean look how many subs you have! And, dont let anyone doubt you. You can just ignore them.
    No-one is ugly.
    No-one is pretty.
    No one can doubt .
    No one cant.
    Your pretty no matter what.😊

  • TheCrypticalGuy
    TheCrypticalGuy 3 hours ago

    Sorry but we saw your face in mr beast Royale

    KING REAPER 4 hours ago

    Dont let your demons bring you down, Jesus can bring you confidence.

  • Malak Amgad
    Malak Amgad 4 hours ago

    That was so inspiring 😍

  • Logan Schuetz
    Logan Schuetz 4 hours ago

    We all love you. We send you our empathy and happiness. You being hurt doesn’t hurt me. You are good enough. Your standards need to be smaller. You are more Than enough for our community. Just let the rules go. But you are good enough. I understand what you mean. I had this problem throughout my high school years. No one knew anything. This lead up until last week.
    Edit: I didn’t hint anyone what was happening. The way I felt was worse than ever. Then, my friends realized something was wrong. I was close to a suicidal state, and they comforted me. They didn’t see me as an embarrassment. I’m still recovering from it. This channel has helped me as well.
    And thanks for that.

  • Gd Domestic
    Gd Domestic 5 hours ago

    I had the same problem

  • BaconHare
    BaconHare 5 hours ago

    Wow this is DEEP

  • Rout
    Rout 5 hours ago

    13:26 she is so beauty😍

  • moonlight potato
    moonlight potato 5 hours ago

    I'm 5 pounds under Weight gains 3 pounds a year

    6 years ago

  • Gacha Dream
    Gacha Dream 5 hours ago

    I’m 2 years late, but I wanted to say that I got some broblems like that too.. and It’s hard, but I try to help myself.. and my friend who has broblems too but they are ”little bit” diffrend..

  • Gijs Verschuuren
    Gijs Verschuuren 5 hours ago

    Dear jaiden i love this video of yours cause i have a version of mpd and chronic depression and i never asked for help and i probably never will but this video made me feel better

    NOOB PLAYER 6 hours ago


  • sans of anirchy 2.0
    sans of anirchy 2.0 6 hours ago

    Idk how late I am now but I just want to say that we love u and we dont want u to think that way ya know and tbh with ya..the past I haven't ate anything for days and it wanted to keep going and going and going so I can feel only pain I'm shy and I quite person as well and I didnt like involving my friends bc I feel like my trust will run out.. so I almost die if I have to say it easy to way...and with ppl the disliked..how dare u..u heartless soulless ppl how this beautiful woman almost did things that we didnt want her to do...but we love u and ur videos made me happy bc ur so funny at videos and we support you no matter what u look like and ppl that wanna comment mean or soulless then I wish I will go up to him/her and yell at them and ask him/her y just y say thos things to her...but I'm only 17 and I have been thor alot lately and at some older age..I was about to give up and just stop doing the things i care about...but u made me think and u made me keep going...this video hit my soul and hurt and I cried a lil but it was so touching..so we love u and we support you

  • krystal.moon0w0 yt
    krystal.moon0w0 yt 7 hours ago

    Yeah;) I understand , cause sometimes I feel that like you said I feel like everyone hates me inside and I'm terrible but I'm okay ^^ so I hope your okay too and I hope you know that we are here for you❤️

    ROB ELLIS UK 7 hours ago

    You look so good not bad breakinv news jaiden ani mations has become new model (im being serious)

  • Tammy Hoeflinger
    Tammy Hoeflinger 8 hours ago

    You look beautiful and you should be so proud of your self ps I love you’re videos

  • leo sprikuts
    leo sprikuts 8 hours ago

    Everything is gona be good

  • Honey bunches
    Honey bunches 8 hours ago

    I cried 😩❤️✌️

  • gacha playz blasts
    gacha playz blasts 9 hours ago

    jaiden just think about you're friends family subscriber's and they'l support you and no matter what happens think of them we're here for you by the way I like you're vid's and you're a great person don't let that out of you're head.

    keep on going.

  • Matois Lecrox
    Matois Lecrox 9 hours ago

    i ate a cat

  • Tajdid Nur
    Tajdid Nur 9 hours ago

    i almost cry, your word and voice show how bad is it, hope you for the best

  • Lincoln Playz :P
    Lincoln Playz :P 9 hours ago

    You have met greater than my expectations

  • SandybeachesAG
    SandybeachesAG 9 hours ago

    We love you, ik you have probably heard that 1000 times by now but that makes it true. we have all been through something, maybe its not the same, but we are all fighting battles and with each others help we will all win. i rly admire you for having the strength to d this, many ppl (myself included) are scared to tell ppl about there problems, you doing it tells us that we are not alone and we will be found. thx. we will get through this.

    ps. ur rly pretty

  • Nich Gawat
    Nich Gawat 9 hours ago

    its ok :)

  • Aryana Conde
    Aryana Conde 10 hours ago +1

    In my mind it's your so fat be skinny nobody cares about you your worthless go die nobody would care and I agree for some reason I don't know why I do but it happens and its scary but I pick myself back up but get push even farther down and it hurts it makes me want to die even though people would care like my parents friends siblings but my dad is the main reason I want to stay alive he understands me he lets me act like me I feel welcomed to the world when I'm around him and at the end of the day I start to love myself even more than in the start and I'll feel safe around my family and I know I could make anything happen in this world but the voice just keeps coming back at times and it doesn't help that I'm just now healing and alll the progress of the confidence is gone and I'm back to point one and I hope somebody cares about you maiden like somebody did for me
    Signed, Aryana

  • Maria with the moon
    Maria with the moon 10 hours ago

    You look beautiful the way you are

  • Delta Sans
    Delta Sans 10 hours ago +1

    The outside doesn't matter the inside does the heart

  • lmf aesthetic
    lmf aesthetic 10 hours ago +1

    Thank you for being the one who saved me from anorexia. For that I'll forever be in your debt

  • corn master
    corn master 10 hours ago


  • gatcha arts By chris
    gatcha arts By chris 11 hours ago

    I realize

  • Logan V
    Logan V 11 hours ago +1

    I know I'm late but I'm so sorry

  • bnb1975
    bnb1975 11 hours ago

    I feel so bad for you and I mean this in you biggest fan😘😘😘

  • cute dog with a weird owner

    i love you so much.

  • Potato Fox
    Potato Fox 11 hours ago

    Can i get a f in chat

  • BTS IS LIFE Y'ALL i feel like a proud mom of them

    "It went through one ear, out the other"
    Same Jaiden, same

  • Guy that doesn't talk
    Guy that doesn't talk 11 hours ago


  • Rarity Diamond
    Rarity Diamond 11 hours ago


  • josemy barroso
    josemy barroso 12 hours ago

    It's okay

  • Ken John
    Ken John 12 hours ago

    I'm so sorry for you I love your video so much you help me though hard time

    VOLTRON LOVER Klance 12 hours ago

    And I listen to it and I do what it tells me

    VOLTRON LOVER Klance 12 hours ago

    Everything ur saying that’s what I hear in my head

  • Daisyjs8
    Daisyjs8 12 hours ago

    I think you are very pretty!

  • Ken John
    Ken John 12 hours ago

    I'm so sorry for you I love your video so much you help me though hard times

  • Willow Caldwell
    Willow Caldwell 12 hours ago


  • Ashyr0cks 140
    Ashyr0cks 140 12 hours ago

    You are so flipping gorgeous

  • Jaime.pro2008
    Jaime.pro2008 13 hours ago

    Okey soy la única persona en español con subtitulo mmm.. Hola soy german

  • Brimlin
    Brimlin 13 hours ago

    I know im late but...when I saw your face at the end, I almost cried. For a good reason! You are so Beautiful Jaiden and you’re such a good person. I hope you continue to succeed in life with your channel.

  • Gacha _Gamer101
    Gacha _Gamer101 13 hours ago

    Poor Jay! Just rember we ALL LOVE YOU JAYDEN!! 💜💙💜💙💜💙

  • Mastyllie
    Mastyllie 13 hours ago +1

    Wow... I can relate so much.... I don't eat much now...I've been eating less and less... But your words motivate me, you're amazing... tysm

  • AlexNotWassabi
    AlexNotWassabi 13 hours ago

    You have been diagnosed with depression

    • Mastyllie
      Mastyllie 13 hours ago

      We all have depression

      -Well maybe not everyone...- but I do.....

  • Yesenia Jurado
    Yesenia Jurado 13 hours ago


  • XXBluemistX96
    XXBluemistX96 13 hours ago +2

    This is literally me

  • Katrina Beach
    Katrina Beach 13 hours ago +1

    I'm a fucking ghost to everyone

  • The unicorn girl Ladybug
    The unicorn girl Ladybug 13 hours ago +2

    Jaiden I don’t care what u look like your amazing I love your vids : - )

  • Claire Craig
    Claire Craig 13 hours ago +1


  • Serena Gent
    Serena Gent 14 hours ago

    Hey,Jaiden,it’s OK 👍🏻 U just need to believe in your self and follow your heart and dreams and that’s what you did and look what you became an AWSOME TVclipr and that’s just AMAZING👇🏻💪🏻😊 you’re the BEST!

  • Lps Lorelei
    Lps Lorelei 14 hours ago +1

    I cried at the end, oooooof

  • Warrior x
    Warrior x 14 hours ago

    I have heard about you from other animators but then I saw this video so I decided to watch the video and I liked and I subscribed and...
    Keep going :)

  • kate remke
    kate remke 14 hours ago


  • ¿Is_Misfit_Alone?
    ¿Is_Misfit_Alone? 14 hours ago

    This was help fill your re helping people like me because I have not starved myself but I have had thoughts like that and your so amazing you pushed through it...🙂

  • pandaboitv
    pandaboitv 14 hours ago

    Animus ...

  • Gaming with da Grumpy bros

    I feel like an emotional support animal could've helped

  • Nate son goku
    Nate son goku 14 hours ago

    I feel bad I did not get to the end but I did not want to am so sorry for you or am so. NVM am just sorry and don't hate you're self I don't know if am right at spelling

  • Undead Rakdos
    Undead Rakdos 14 hours ago

    Dear Jaiden. I’m just another ordinary person. I speak for most of us when I say this. You are cherished in more ways than imaginable. Your videos make us laugh, and that is hard to come by in this world. You have inspired me to start a career in animating, and I swear to god this isn’t like-bait. I just want to say thank you for being a great person, a great animator, and an overall pretty, funny, charismatic person who isn’t afraid to tell their story.
    Thanks, Evan

  • TV_ Plays
    TV_ Plays 15 hours ago

    2 years late but... Youre perfect who you are

  • NinjaKeenan6
    NinjaKeenan6 15 hours ago

    Stop comforting jaiden

    I can only like so many comments

  • Corgi Games
    Corgi Games 15 hours ago +2

    2019? No? Just me?...k

  • Oscar D Rdz
    Oscar D Rdz 15 hours ago

    Ive gone thru the sane and thinking the same we have much in common exept for the eating thing

  • John Doe
    John Doe 15 hours ago

    Mental illness is a bitch. My grandma had depression but struggled through life and did the best she could. Before she was 25 she lost the love of her life and 2 kids. One at child birth and another to a accident before the age of 6. After she went through 2 more bad marriages and had 4 more kids. While struggling with drinking. But everyday she would smile and take time out for us grand kids to bake or go for walks in the park and just be their for the rest of us. She is probably a year or so from passing on the doctor's say. and while im sad I hope she can finally find peace and reconnect with her kids in the after life she lost so long ago.

  • david wargel
    david wargel 15 hours ago

    ok i dont care of how people look on the outside all that madders is whats inside that makes you you so remember "dont judge a book by its cover" everyone

  • Rinjos
    Rinjos 15 hours ago

    If you don’t want to show your face that is something private to you

  • Gabriela G Servin
    Gabriela G Servin 15 hours ago

    Fell bad

  • lillian gan
    lillian gan 15 hours ago +4

    hey i know everyone came for the face reveal lol just go to 0:00

  • Dr Chandy Samuel
    Dr Chandy Samuel 15 hours ago

    It doesn’t matter how you look 👀 even if it’s bad It matters what is on the inside

  • Unituber YT
    Unituber YT 16 hours ago

    Omg! Your so pretty!

  • Karla Crous
    Karla Crous 16 hours ago

    I've watched this video multiple times now... And I'm not sure whether you'd say you had bulemia or anorexia... I'd say bulemia. Either way, that's not important.
    The reason I watch this video so often is because this eating disorder... Is so relatable to people with other mental disorders. Especially the part where you explain about the waves crashing down and not knowing why you're continuing.
    I really wish more people would listen to your story. It means so much to me to hear it, and know it can be overcome. And as a teacher, if I don't teach my learners anything else, I would love for them to realise that they are not alone, that asking for help does not make them weak, and that they can help others in situations like this. I can't express to you how much I just wish everyone could see this and realise these things

  • Jay Le Roux
    Jay Le Roux 16 hours ago +1

    I feel your pain it's really hard to believe like your fine but your really not so ya...👍😉😊

  • Finn Ziegler
    Finn Ziegler 16 hours ago

    The only good "emotional" video out there

    Clickbait people >:(

  • Friday the 13th Jason
    Friday the 13th Jason 16 hours ago

    I look like a fat marshmello but i don't care and I REALLY hope your ok and be yourself

  • Gamingwith cookie
    Gamingwith cookie 16 hours ago

    Girl ur so pretty

  • mais m
    mais m 16 hours ago