• Published on Mar 8, 2018
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Comments • 3 166

  • Cyro Playz
    Cyro Playz Day ago

    Ma boi just said Splatoon 1 remake

  • Henry Myers
    Henry Myers 5 days ago

    he just died at the start and end

  • Jack Harvey
    Jack Harvey 8 days ago


  • Eliza scp 118
    Eliza scp 118 9 days ago

    I have okami hd and its awesome

  • Juan Pablo
    Juan Pablo 16 days ago

    why he hate pink gold peach but no metal mario

  • ThaBunnyBun
    ThaBunnyBun 20 days ago

    somebody count how many times he said no way

  • Toko Aoi the beyblader
    Toko Aoi the beyblader 24 days ago +1

    9:56 *when you win the lottery*

  • Nick Durkin
    Nick Durkin 24 days ago

    How did he know that it was going to be called ultimate

  • Mr krabs the memer Moar Gamer

    2019 its 666k views?!?!?!

  • herdjati pravito
    herdjati pravito Month ago

    Some African-American guy screams uncontrollably and throws headphone off

  • Erica Wirth
    Erica Wirth Month ago

    oh my god, they’re adding mega man!

  • Waffleman424
    Waffleman424 Month ago


  • dawn blackjack
    dawn blackjack Month ago


  • Tiffini Gothard
    Tiffini Gothard Month ago

    Smash smash smash

  • Super Sonic 64 Gamer
    Super Sonic 64 Gamer Month ago +2

    If you Try to dunk with it your gonna have a bad time

  • RandomPhantom - XD47
    RandomPhantom - XD47 Month ago +1

    what about pink gold rosalina

  • Nin10do React
    Nin10do React Month ago +2

    Wait.. how do you knew the name SSBU on that time? (My english is not the best.. I'm German)

  • Kingdidadee Games
    Kingdidadee Games Month ago +1

    It is on swish but number 3

  • Bogdan Radosavljevic

    nb: not smash

    10 seconds later

  • Josebit3000
    Josebit3000 Month ago

    Just watch Nintendo add a pink gold peach skin for peach in smash 😂

  • CrazySupermario
    CrazySupermario Month ago

    1:00 You'll...?

    DEFAULTY BOI YT Month ago

    Jeez the undertale teaser scared me

  • Robot Fox
    Robot Fox Month ago +1

    Hey look it's the guy who predicted the smash bros. ultimate in the smash bros for 3ds triggered video.

  • Josh TheVlogger
    Josh TheVlogger Month ago

    He is excited for warioware gold

  • Marisa Ackermann
    Marisa Ackermann 2 months ago

    1 Like = A Switch

  • Panda 10million
    Panda 10million 2 months ago +1

    5:30 best indie game of all time

  • Pengy 05
    Pengy 05 2 months ago

    1:34 never getting a sequel huh? There’s been one for years!

  • Swag Man
    Swag Man 2 months ago +1

    Damm the time has passed fast

  • Bunnybunbunny8 the gamer


  • Banana 06
    Banana 06 2 months ago

    Also there is a detective pikachu movie like that’s cool I guess

  • Banana 06
    Banana 06 2 months ago

    0:20 I’m asking the same question

  • CappyPlayz Weekly Videos!

    Where the 9 month journey began...

  • The Root Bird
    The Root Bird 2 months ago +1

    Now it’s out it’s been a long wait

  • LAR 82
    LAR 82 2 months ago

    Little did we know the reason why they didn’t put the Luigi’s Mansion remake on the switch is because they were making the third game for it

  • PlasmaYT
    PlasmaYT 3 months ago +1


  • slagar the cruel 85
    slagar the cruel 85 3 months ago

    They already made a sequel to Okami it was call okamidin on the 3ds !it was made like what middle 2013 2012: a long time ago.

  • natelikesfun
    natelikesfun 3 months ago

    One week before release, and that Smash trailer still gets me shook.

  • kvasquez0728
    kvasquez0728 3 months ago

    So much hype😱

  • Christian Ayala
    Christian Ayala 3 months ago

    When I saw the inkling trailer for smash bros, my neighbors told me to be quiet because I was yelling over the hype about it

  • Mariette Walters
    Mariette Walters 3 months ago

    Eye bows um go back to school

  • Cløne
    Cløne 3 months ago

    3:31 eyebows?

  • cazzyboy•360
    cazzyboy•360 4 months ago

    20 days till smash

  • David D.
    David D. 4 months ago

    Major spoilers, the future playable characters in Aces are:

    Diddy Kong
    Koopa Paratroopa
    Petey Piranha
    Shy Guy
    Boom Boom
    Dry Bones
    Dry Bowser

  • Sinner's_Slumber.13
    Sinner's_Slumber.13 4 months ago

    did you mean to say eyebrows?

  • jj05
    jj05 4 months ago

    Not everything has to be on switch....

  • Ethan Bishop
    Ethan Bishop 4 months ago


  • ZLAuroraSwiper
    ZLAuroraSwiper 4 months ago

    *WHY* does he *hate* the 3DS so much?

  • D0G30 Channel
    D0G30 Channel 4 months ago

    Who’s watching when this is already out

  • Domiesworld **
    Domiesworld ** 4 months ago

    How did you know that the title of the new smash game was super smash Bros ultimate this video was posted before the e3 direct

  • Eli 579
    Eli 579 4 months ago +1

    9:35 my dream has come true!!!!

  • Terios Draws
    Terios Draws 4 months ago

    Lets not forget.....luigis Package shiped in 2 days OR LESS OR YOUR MONEY BAAAAAAAACCCCCCCCCK

  • Rebecca Bowler
    Rebecca Bowler 4 months ago

    At least fishy boopkins is in

  • Toast
    Toast 4 months ago +1


  • Gil Rosen
    Gil Rosen 5 months ago

    1:31 It sounded like he said "a commie".

  • Aqua knight
    Aqua knight 5 months ago

    Hi this feels old

  • Ruthzie Virtudazo
    Ruthzie Virtudazo 5 months ago

    Nathaniel, it's not Eye-Ball, it's Eye-Melee!

  • Moonlight Greninja
    Moonlight Greninja 5 months ago

    The remake of piranha pit on Splatoon 2 really sucks. I enjoyed the Splatoon 1 piranha pit way more.

  • What’s My Name?
    What’s My Name? 6 months ago

    The reason why warioware isnt on the switch is because it’s taking over and he handheld have not really been getting attention these days

  • Connor Luke
    Connor Luke 6 months ago

    Stop saying no way

  • MLG try hard
    MLG try hard 6 months ago

    Why do people hate the 3ds getting new games

    • Aqua knight
      Aqua knight 5 months ago

      Whaen you look at it the switch has very few nintendo games so switch games are in higher demand than the 3ds and its many games

    KING GIL 6 months ago

    wtf you have a switch over ps4 lmao thats bad lol

    • KING GIL
      KING GIL 5 months ago

      +Aqua knight nintendnerd cant handle the facts

    • Aqua knight
      Aqua knight 5 months ago


  • Jakob LNG
    Jakob LNG 6 months ago

    3:31 eyebows?

  • Jason So
    Jason So 6 months ago

    9:56 top 10 anime screams

  • Fantastic Coder
    Fantastic Coder 6 months ago

    He so dum you have to complete the expansion to be an octoling

  • Fantastic Coder
    Fantastic Coder 6 months ago

    The captain toad theme song is stuck in my head

  • Sawyer Ique
    Sawyer Ique 7 months ago

    I Really Want WarioWare Gold But If It Is On The Switch.

  • SFMAUB !!!?
    SFMAUB !!!? 7 months ago

    It's been 5 months since this... Man time flies

    GKHALOFAN HYPER 7 months ago


    GKHALOFAN HYPER 7 months ago


  • qUAcK dUcK777777
    qUAcK dUcK777777 7 months ago +1

    Did u predict the smash name in the title?

  • James Lenane
    James Lenane 7 months ago

    I want spring man in smash

  • Knuckles Chucklez
    Knuckles Chucklez 7 months ago

    Why u complain about pink gold peach?

  • Mr Coolrunner
    Mr Coolrunner 7 months ago

    Uh okami did get a sequel its called okami den

  • Luuk van Heugten
    Luuk van Heugten 7 months ago

    Let's shortend the NB stream:
    "OH. MY. GOD."
    "They're doing it!"
    "I cannot believe this!"
    the last one was from a different timeline

  • The ZombieGG
    The ZombieGG 7 months ago

    It's kinda annoying when people call it before it's confirmed

  • Mobili Ludos- English
    Mobili Ludos- English 7 months ago

    This just makes me depressed about not having a switch

  • magic Apple sauce
    magic Apple sauce 7 months ago

    Whenever I saw this I got the chills and then I saw it was Super Smash Bros 5

  • Elijah Huffstutler
    Elijah Huffstutler 7 months ago

    I was so happy when they said that Captain Toad would be on 3ds. A lot of people question it, but they never think about the fact that some people can’t afford the Switch.

  • Nivram Sajor
    Nivram Sajor 7 months ago

    How did he know it was super smash bros untimate?

    • Nivram Sajor
      Nivram Sajor 5 months ago

      +Beefy Legs thanks that got me confused

    • Beefy Legs
      Beefy Legs 5 months ago

      I’m a month late but he changed the title after it was revealed

  • I am Ian
    I am Ian 7 months ago

    too much squid

  • Hoi I'm here
    Hoi I'm here 7 months ago

    Inklings for smash!!!

  • Wyatt Serben
    Wyatt Serben 7 months ago

    Man I can't get spallatoon two case I don't have online 😢

  • Mason
    Mason 7 months ago

    I only just now realized this but you can hear the new smash theme shown at the E3 ultimate reveal in this inkling to smash reveal in the background.

  • Swadian Knight
    Swadian Knight 7 months ago

    9:56 play at 0.25 speed please and thank you in advance

  • Swadian Knight
    Swadian Knight 7 months ago

    *NO WAY*

  • Sawyer Tangeman
    Sawyer Tangeman 7 months ago

    when it said your racket will break i thought it said your back it will break

  • Blizzy64
    Blizzy64 7 months ago

    Lunchs Mansion: Dank Moon

  • BendyTheDevil 5000
    BendyTheDevil 5000 7 months ago

    What is name of the game with animals that has mii faces

  • Dappur Dudz
    Dappur Dudz 8 months ago

    Captain toad treasure tracker came out yesterday for me cuz i’m watching this on July 14

  • Michael Quinn
    Michael Quinn 8 months ago

    I hope cuphead comes

  • idk idk
    idk idk 8 months ago

    Dude chill just bc pgp was in mk8 does not mean she has to be everwhere

  • Leo The Octo
    Leo The Octo 8 months ago

    7:21 A clash blaster with burst bombs. That’s gonna go well

  • khaledking1019k2
    khaledking1019k2 8 months ago

    I just realized: NB's wearing Joycon Boyz.

  • Korbz
    Korbz 8 months ago

    eye bals

  • Stario 123
    Stario 123 8 months ago

    • •

  • Lolz Master
    Lolz Master 8 months ago

    I freaked out when I heard undertale was coming to nintendo switch XD

  • TheMiiArmyPlayz
    TheMiiArmyPlayz 8 months ago

    So they're still making games on the 3DS but not the Wii U What!!!!!!!!!! I love Wii U Nintendo Should Still support it