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  • Published on Nov 6, 2019
  • Sharpen your knives and come to attention because class is in session! Join chef Frank Proto from the Institute of Culinary Education as he shares a comprehensive look at slicing fruits both large and small, from the tough to the exceedingly tender. Watch Frank peel, dice, hammer, and chop his way across the produce aisle and learn the skills you need to slice any fruit your sweet tooth desires.

    Grapes 0:40
    Strawberry 1:01
    Fig 1:30
    Plum 1:57
    Lime 2:27
    Lemon 2:46
    Kiwi Berry 3:18
    Longan 3:38
    Gooseberry 4:07
    Prickly Pear 4:26
    Star Fruit 4:52
    Rambutan 5:12
    Passion Fruit 5:44
    Mandarin Orange 6:01
    Persimmon 6:16
    Pepino Melon 6:45
    Quince 7:15
    Cherimoya 8:01
    Apple 8:23
    Dragonfruit 8:46
    Avocado 9:23
    Peach 10:32
    Pomegranate 11:11
    Orange 11:46
    Yellow Plantain 12:18
    Green Plantain 13:03
    Mango 13:51
    Grapefruit 15:12
    Durian 15:55
    Papaya 16:48
    Pineapple 17:41
    Cantaloupe 19:12
    Pomelo 20:00
    Pumpkin 20:46
    Honeydew 21:21
    Watermelon 22:03
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    How To Slice Every Fruit | Epicurious
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Comments • 13 016

  • Fadillah Putri
    Fadillah Putri 7 hours ago

    Why did you slice a rambutan 😭

  • Jae Cotton
    Jae Cotton 7 hours ago

    So basically cut the tops off and peel it

  • Super Xhaiden
    Super Xhaiden 8 hours ago

    Me: **sees a so called ‘Yellow Plantain’**

    You mean ‘Banana’?

  • Sub to me or ill steal your dog

    Plantain? It looks like a banana for me

  • Lissie Lamb
    Lissie Lamb 8 hours ago

    The recorded "audience" soundbit and the random hammer smashing was really demeaning tbh, feels like something aimed towards small children. How Young do you think your audience is? 🙄

  • Sub to me or ill steal your dog

    My way of eating drgaon fruit is cut it in half, then spoons it then eat. Its like eating in an ice cream bowl

    DO WHAT YOU WANT. 8 hours ago +1

    We already know that.

  • Bill Oddy
    Bill Oddy 8 hours ago

    Hate to say it but there is better ways for half of them

  • Suryokai
    Suryokai 8 hours ago

    So i think you should cut the durian according to the pattern

  • Ching chong Ping pong
    Ching chong Ping pong 8 hours ago

    Pomelo looks like boiled orange slices

  • i couldnt think of a name

    But the pomegranate one was wrong tho

  • strawberryshortcake
    strawberryshortcake 8 hours ago

    chef guy: This is a yellow plantain
    me: Banana???

  • Santosh Hegde
    Santosh Hegde 8 hours ago

    Why am i watching this??

  • Geeky Scribbles
    Geeky Scribbles 8 hours ago

    Aren't yellow plantains bananas?
    Also you can just peel it

  • Ralph M Pacheco III
    Ralph M Pacheco III 8 hours ago

    hey what about the yuzu

  • Red Alert
    Red Alert 9 hours ago

    Sound clips are bad what you think?

  • Alden Zenko
    Alden Zenko 9 hours ago

    12:57 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • Kaitlynn Elaine Chaffee
    Kaitlynn Elaine Chaffee 9 hours ago +1

    The dude: What’s the worse that can happen?

  • Anthony Pierre Jr.
    Anthony Pierre Jr. 9 hours ago

    “Take the little stem off, right in your mouth” lol

  • The Third Best Hufflepuff

    i have had chances to eat blood orange and rambutan at school cause we had a sample tasting thing but the rambutan looked weird so i didnt want to.....blood orange eh didnt try either i forget why....

  • Cassandra Buchanan
    Cassandra Buchanan 9 hours ago

    Good you will continue in some form, thank you.
    Atlanta Georgia USA

  • JustAmit
    JustAmit 9 hours ago

    There are so much fruits I don't know

  • Chloe Martin
    Chloe Martin 9 hours ago

    Where is the Durian?

  • Zachary Riggs
    Zachary Riggs 9 hours ago

    Why is this oddly satisfying?

  • Maya Rose
    Maya Rose 9 hours ago +1

    12:19 that looks exactly like a banana!!

  • TheRavyShow
    TheRavyShow 9 hours ago

    Aud sound effects are annoying. Otherwise it's good

  • Andrew Kennedy
    Andrew Kennedy 9 hours ago

    The sound effects were definitely unnecessary. They sound like someone took a video editing course on Brilliant/Skillshare and then was handed access to an audio clip-art library. I've come to expect much better from Epicurious.

  • I like Spaghetti
    I like Spaghetti 10 hours ago +1

    *i have a sudden urge to play fruit ninja*

  • JerryTheEgg
    JerryTheEgg 10 hours ago

    Now Do Veges

  • Darryl Wayne
    Darryl Wayne 10 hours ago

    Stop this editing. Stop the laugh track

  • Everyone Hates Supercard Right Now

    Where is the jackfruit

  • LD Slimes
    LD Slimes 10 hours ago

    What about the jack fruit?

  • Ching chong Ping pong
    Ching chong Ping pong 10 hours ago


  • Joshua Pak
    Joshua Pak 10 hours ago

    I haven’t heard of like 80% or these fruits I jus tend my apples and bananas

  • IZ
    IZ 10 hours ago

    This man should’ve done the surgery on the grape

  • Natalie Myers Orr
    Natalie Myers Orr 10 hours ago +1

    Ngl this gets boring

  • The Dark Angel
    The Dark Angel 10 hours ago

    Hmmmm, that yellow plantain looked oddly like a banana, hmmmm

  • Clean Water Nasenyi Uganda

    Passion fruit Juice is everywhere in Uganda.
    I can't drink it straight, i need to put. 1/3 passion and 2 thirds Lemon Soda or Sprite

  • Do Do
    Do Do 11 hours ago

    ...A lot of the examples are related to alcohol.

  • AG
    AG 11 hours ago +1

    That grapes won't forgive you.

  • Alex Barajas
    Alex Barajas 11 hours ago

    The way I peel a mango is stabbing it with a knife in order for it not to slip and then once it’s peeled I leave it and use the knife as a sticky. This is the proper way to cut/eat a mango 😎💅🏼

  • La Lesta
    La Lesta 11 hours ago

    Ok, who the hell wanna slices langon and rambutan? Also, that's not how u open durian. u just have to stab the bottom with a knife and then twist ur knife and it'll open easily. thanks

  • Alexander Thegreatest
    Alexander Thegreatest 11 hours ago

    It was a really interesting decision to make the tone of the video that of a bad trip. It made me look at my steamroller and question if I had started hallucinating from a shatter laced bowl for a brief moment. You got me, I was not expecting you to go all Adult Swim on me, Epicurious.

  • Jahseh Onfroy
    Jahseh Onfroy 11 hours ago

    Why am I watching this at 2 am

  • Mr Stanley
    Mr Stanley 11 hours ago

    The of garden wasn't real...

  • sb studio99
    sb studio99 11 hours ago

    I love apple

  • Invisible Person
    Invisible Person 11 hours ago

    R.I.P annoying orange 2010-2019

  • JuliasJingles
    JuliasJingles 11 hours ago

    Idk y people are hating... I kinda like this dude lol 😂

  • Autumn Rose
    Autumn Rose 11 hours ago

    *Staring at fruit vaginas for 20 minutes straight*

  • Shivam
    Shivam 11 hours ago

    The Real Fruit Ninja !!

  • Milkyz
    Milkyz 11 hours ago

    when i was a kid i used to put hollow pomello skin on my head and run around like an idiot

  • Kortney Carmouche
    Kortney Carmouche 11 hours ago

    Ok but why did he only show 1 way how to cut the pomegranate? THE LIES

  • LpsHarleykinz
    LpsHarleykinz 11 hours ago

    He looks like my science teacher

  • Nhina Chau
    Nhina Chau 11 hours ago

    These white ppl don’t know how to say Logan and rambutan

  • scut
    scut 11 hours ago


  • Pinkhavanabay Pup
    Pinkhavanabay Pup 11 hours ago

    Half the things on this list I think they just named randomly. Like seriously yellow plantain??? B A N A N A

  • j
    j 11 hours ago

    Not taking anymore recommendations of this channel. That audio, editing and I'm sorry but... That Pomegranate was agonizing to watch. The spoon method is often painful to watch. Why skip showing the other method?

  • Pinkhavanabay Pup
    Pinkhavanabay Pup 12 hours ago

    Yellow Plantain..... it’s a goddamn banana!!! Just peel it like a normal person

  • The Bourben
    The Bourben 12 hours ago

    its 10:51, im bored so im watching this..

  • cold ramen
    cold ramen 12 hours ago +1

    Im pretty sure we could put any fruit in a salad and the chef would approve