The Moment Bob Lazar Knew He Was Dealing with Something Alien | Joe Rogan

  • Published on Jun 21, 2019
  • Taken from JRE #1315 w/Bob Lazar:

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  • John D
    John D 47 minutes ago

    He played ps4 for the first time on dmt.

  • Foo Fighter
    Foo Fighter 7 hours ago

    It's electro magnetic not gravitational, duh.

  • Ian Duke
    Ian Duke 20 hours ago

    joe negligent did not check the clear LIES of this SCUM LIAR?

    So this alien conspiracy nut LIES! AMAZING
    "Lazar was never employed at Nellis Air Force Base and does not hold degrees from MIT or Caltech"

    for the idiots who could not work out on their own!

  • stephencarlsbad
    stephencarlsbad Day ago

    No doubt the British and Russians have more of these ships...

  • Anoobis the Legend
    Anoobis the Legend 2 days ago +1

    Hold on, is this actually real? Like...this is insane

  • mkinvincible
    mkinvincible 2 days ago

    Where is Barry?

  • Eric Allen
    Eric Allen 2 days ago

    I've watched this episode about 5 times, but after watching the podcast with the Naval pilot (tic-tac), it mad more sense that the aircraft doesn't have a propulsion system. Fascinating to say the least.

  • Master Lee
    Master Lee 2 days ago

    Why hasn't bob bin killed yet?

  • Master Lee
    Master Lee 2 days ago

    Seems that Bob was part of a group of workers collecting data on only specific projects and was not to know anything else that the facility might contain.

  • BakoAztek92 Cheech
    BakoAztek92 Cheech 2 days ago

    What if Bob Lazar is a escaped alien

  • Aidan Doyle
    Aidan Doyle 2 days ago

    He's such full of shit. As soon as he's pushed on detail he can't answer because of a migraine. An amazing liar, but a liar nonetheless.

  • Mike c
    Mike c 2 days ago +1

    Please I hope this is true 😄. I always wanted to be capt. Kurk. Warp speed ahead.i know he's full of crap but one can dream.

  • Mikeyp0131
    Mikeyp0131 3 days ago +1

    His voice gets "scared" when he talks about the reactor

  • Edwards James
    Edwards James 3 days ago

    NETFLIX should do a 10 part series on BOBs life during that time period and fast forward to now! (Like USA channel did for 2pac & Biggie series)
    Jeremy should hook this up!

  • Jim Persson Mölsä
    Jim Persson Mölsä 4 days ago

    Absolutly Amazing.!

  • Simon Farre
    Simon Farre 4 days ago

    Joe asks him when he knew something was weird with the project, and Lazar mentions the time when he tried to push against the magic sphere and couldn't get close to amazing magic gravity being produced, and then he says he need to back up because before that he read some things. Joe goes ahead and ask "what did you read?" and Lazar says "it was a project about reverse engineering alien technology". So wait, he didn't think ANYTHING was strange when he was reading specifications that talked about reverse engineering alien technology? Lmao this guy is an asshatted clown.

  • Steven Pleytez
    Steven Pleytez 4 days ago

    Is it just me or is someone else thinking ‘Man of Steel’

  • Omar Ali
    Omar Ali 5 days ago +1

    I want to believe this guy but the fact that he lied about going to MIT and Caltech keeps me from trusting him

    • Sciurus
      Sciurus 2 days ago

      The defense industry has lots of ties to MIT and CalTech. They could have easily erased his records and intimidated witnesses into keeping quiet. The head of the science warfare Department in WW2 founded Raytheon and was a big wig at MIT. I wouldnt put it past some of those electrical engineering professors that they might have worked on similar classified technology and have a quid pro quo with the government to teach incorrect electrodynamics physics and only teach the real physics to their star US citizen students with better than Q clearances so that nations like China never catch up to us in Electrical Engineering! Or if they dont outright lie, they could certainly omit the facts about a lot of electrical phenomena. How many people have heard of Tesla's logintudinal magnetodielectricity? We know all about the transverse spectrum of electromagnetism but hardly anything about the longitudinal spectrum (and how it effects matter) that Tesla described back in the 1890s and people didnt believe in him then because they didnt realize he wasnt talking about AC or DC electricity but a whole new form of impulse currents!
      Check out Eric Dollard's History of Electricity if youre interested in learning more about it.
      Then there's William Lyne's books and interview on TVclip and the book by one of Von Braun's American assistants working on classified UFO programs called Ether Technology: A Rational Approach to Gravity Control.
      Maybe rabidly promoting Relativity was post world war 1 attempt to disguise the electrical engineering secrets discovered by Tesla and Ernst Alexanderson and guys like Thomas Henry Moray so America's adversaries could never get one up on us. All the great electrical engineers from the turn of the 19th to 20th century were almost all US Citizens (or German or British, and look who had all the best tech in WW2).
      If Tesla's Dynamic theory of Gravity is a big beyond top secret national secret, it would make sense why things are the way they are and no one flies the Jetson cars we were supposed to have by now. The government probably thinks we are all in pain in the ass enough to keep under control without being able to fly across borders at the snap of a finger, so why make the tech public for our adversaries to use against us?
      Then there's all the money the billionaires make off embedded energy interests, and if you had a reactor like Bob describes, you could start a giant factory without ever having to pay for electricity! Imagine all the weed you could grow indoors or underground on the down low with one of those powering your farm and no one would be the wiser! You could power a city fo' free! The shareholders of the electric companies would not be pleased that you just put them out of business and sent the stock market into a crisis!
      There's 5500 secret patents and I have to wonder how many of them completely contradict the standard model of physics by the way they operate!
      And some people say Tesla caused the Tunguska event with his Wardenclyffe tower, and if that is true, it would make sense why all of this technology based around his impulse currents and standing waves are kept so secret, because then they would be more destructive than nuclear weapons, AND not require exotic materials like refined weapons grade Uranium-235 or Plutonium-239 or whatever isotope of Curium they use to manufacture suitcase nukes to hide in your favorite city's sewer drain under or next to some important Command and Control facility.
      Then again maybe Al Bialek was full of shit on his lecture about the Philadelphia experiment and Tesla just made everything up and Trump's uncle didnt conceal a bunch of important paradigm shifting schematics when raiding Tesla's hotel room and storage units and other belongings after his death in 1943 in the middle of the biggest war the world has ever seen! But too much anecdotal evidence leads me to believe otherwise. Otis T Carr said he learned everything he knew from Tesla as well. There's history as it's written, and then there's the actual history, and I wonder about all those juicy engineering secrets because I really want my own personal flying saucer to avoid traffic congestion and crazy drivers! Plus if theyre as fast as people claim, you could eat your breakfast in Tokyo (even tho its night time there) and have tea time brunch in London and then head back over to Shanghai for a traditional Chinese rub and tug before heading back to work in NYC before your lunch break is even over. The jet lag would be on a whole new level seeing day and night four times in under an hour! Lmao!

  • ronald mallette
    ronald mallette 6 days ago

    How do you get the sphere off the plate to turn it off? Explain that one!!!🤔🤔🤔

  • genevieve harper
    genevieve harper 6 days ago

    Wonder his views on religion? Does he believe in God? I believe him. I bet alot more people believe him and doesn't know it. I believe him .... This means alien are real . Wow crazy 🤪🤔🧐🤨🤯👽🛸📡

  • YG0Dz
    YG0Dz 6 days ago

    People who are saying that what he is saying is bullshit: If it's bullshit, why dafuq would the government care to erase his file from Area S-4? It seems weird if hes lying right?

  • cheddar bob
    cheddar bob 6 days ago

    Joe really is shameless lol entertaining this horse shit

  • Grvvy
    Grvvy 6 days ago

    He says he had no information on where they came from but has another video with joe Rogen saying that UFO’s are an archeological find... I don’t doubt this man tho, the balls it takes to turn your back on the government and he has no reason to lie

  • lena trackburn
    lena trackburn 6 days ago

    So many skeptics are listening to debunk what Bob is recounting, but it is undeniable he delineates this experience with such earnest candor and relatable narrative that he is a genius and is either telling the truth to the best of his ability or is a genius whose imaginations have dreamt up theorems in the way of anti gravitational propulsion( or whatever the f*ck its called.)

  • Jake M
    Jake M 7 days ago

    Project blue book was real. They are starting to let the information trickle outs

  • Per Gouras
    Per Gouras 7 days ago

    ''It's like gravity shifted 180 degrees.. it's uh, you know (shrugs)... anti-gravity''
    ''Sorry, the days all fuse together''
    ''... Migraine...''
    I'm not sure, but he gives off the vibe of a pathological liar. He's probably not even a bad person. In point and fact, aliens might very well exist, considering the vastness of space, etc... Just watched the episode with David Fravor, who in contrast comes across as very believable. This man, regrettably, does not.

  • Jimmy Ray
    Jimmy Ray 7 days ago +1

    You know, Tony Stark’s arch reactor was considered technology that didn’t exist when he made it in a cave, with a bunch of scraps...

  • Chris Bingham
    Chris Bingham 9 days ago

    13:44 he runs out of material and the lie is exposed

  • BCORBAN7884
    BCORBAN7884 11 days ago

    I think he's full of shit. This one guy comes out and claims all this stuff and you're gonna believe him? Not me. Where are all the other people who also had contact with this stuff? The armed guards, the other people like him tasked with exploring this stuff, the higher ups? So if we are to believe him, there are other intelligent life in the universe that can literally travel over distances that takes light millions and billions of years to travel but we have no astronomers, or planetary scientists, or astro physicists who have come out with claims of this intelligent life? Their job is to literally watch the sky. They will know if any meteor or other cosmic body flies through our solar system but they keep missing these flying saucers. Lol. I'll believe it when I see proof with my own eyes.

  • s staners
    s staners 12 days ago +2

    I believe him over that Annie Jacobsen lady.

  • Computer Scientist
    Computer Scientist 12 days ago

    Bob, I need to know where you hid that Element 115

  • Dan Edwards
    Dan Edwards 14 days ago

    Seth Rich get's "murdered" for leaking emails... This guy gets to go on youtube to disclose huge alien/government conspiracy.


    "Lazar's story has since been analyzed and rejected by skeptics and ufologists alike, including researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, who point out Lazar was never employed at Nellis Air Force Base and does not hold degrees from MIT or Caltech, as he claims"

  • EP114587
    EP114587 14 days ago

    Breaking bad was loosely based off Bob lazar. Instead of being prosecuted he made a deal to keep gov secrets, secret....

    XACTIC VALOR 14 days ago

    Just looked up Zeta Reticuli, it’s only 12 parsecs from earth. Chewy! Prep the Falcon. We gotta run to make

  • Alfaro Elenixo
    Alfaro Elenixo 15 days ago

    14:05 , zeta reticuli star system

  • FatherPaprika
    FatherPaprika 15 days ago

    This guy is fake

  • ner0
    ner0 15 days ago

    _I didn't... I just... you know... hmm... actually, let me back it up, because actually..._

  • the fighting irish
    the fighting irish 16 days ago

    Only low IQ American imbeciles believe in UFOs. You'll always be the most gullible and lowest common denominator country in the world

  • Andree
    Andree 17 days ago

    Typical schizo who forgot his meds

    REDUK 17 days ago +1

    Barry?...who the fck is Barry?...

  • MrSchlievert
    MrSchlievert 17 days ago

    How is this dude still alive??

  • P Bebnowski
    P Bebnowski 20 days ago +2

    I can understand this... no bearded guy

  • Connor Kahlke
    Connor Kahlke 20 days ago

    I don’t believe him at all

  • Colin R
    Colin R 21 day ago

    The government has Vegetas gravity training machine. That's what I got from this

  • daniel280456
    daniel280456 21 day ago +2

    All I want to know: what do alien look like, and is it anatomically possible to butter their biscuits ?

  • daniel280456
    daniel280456 21 day ago +3

    If he was for real, he would have already died of a ''heart attack''.

  • billie crouse
    billie crouse 24 days ago

    Some of them are good, some are evil beyond description and will not make a deal.

  • Austin Drumm
    Austin Drumm 24 days ago +5

    He’s talking about the “orb of confusion” from spongebob lol

  • Isaiah Robertson
    Isaiah Robertson 25 days ago

    I believe that I saw a ufo tonight I was walking my dog and I looked up and I saw this light I thought it was a plane at first but I didn’t see any flashing lights coming from it then I saw it stop then move backwards then forward again then it stoped then it Disappeared slowly that was craziest shit I ever seen in the 18 years I been alive

  • Nitesh Gohil
    Nitesh Gohil 25 days ago

    Is it crazy that a third planet from the sun again holds life

  • son nguyen
    son nguyen 26 days ago +1

    What Bob is saying is very generic .....nothing he has said is very specific for a guy who worked their quite a while. I think it's very fake.

  • Michael Lopez
    Michael Lopez 26 days ago

    How is this guy still alive?

  • VST Music Group
    VST Music Group 26 days ago

    Joe is the GOAT 🐐 of podcast interviews! Best guests ever! Thank you Joe!

  • Joseph Mpyana
    Joseph Mpyana 29 days ago +1

    If u can't touch it while it's on, how do u turn it off? 🤔

  • Trill Lee
    Trill Lee 29 days ago

    He cant keep up with his lies.

  • Trill Lee
    Trill Lee 29 days ago

    Bob is a lier I absolutely don't believe a word out of his mouth.

  • Trill Lee
    Trill Lee 29 days ago

    I do believe he's a professional lying.

  • Trill Lee
    Trill Lee 29 days ago

    Don't jump to believe this guy he could work for the CIA. Trained to feed us lies.

  • tek giday
    tek giday Month ago +3

    Theory, aliens left it to see if we could reversed engineer it

  • Ryan Murphy
    Ryan Murphy Month ago

    One of the best podcasts