The Moment Bob Lazar Knew He Was Dealing with Something Alien | Joe Rogan

  • Published on Jun 21, 2019
  • Taken from JRE #1315 w/Bob Lazar:

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  • Noob Fury
    Noob Fury 3 hours ago +1

    It's kinda scary that at 13:58 Bob mentions that the alien planet might have came from the Zeta reticuli star system according to those papers because in 1961 two people claimed to have been abducted by aliens and taken to that exact place:

  • Hibbity Hoopla
    Hibbity Hoopla 6 hours ago

    12:00 Bob: The power levels.... ARE OVER 9000!

  • Day 1 drill
    Day 1 drill 7 hours ago

    I’ve always been a supporter of bob until he just said in this I walked past and brushed the military aircraft. This is total lies and it’s false for anyone who has ever worked in the aerospace industry you’ll know about F.O.D or forgein objects debris you can’t touch or rub your hands over things it’s basic rule number one you risk damaging the integrity of the system the materials everything if you had the back ground which bob claims to of had you’d never rub your hand along side an air craft you wouldn’t do it working on a f-15 let alone on a black ops top secret flying saucer so sorry but this is where my research into bob stops sorry guys

    • Day 1 drill
      Day 1 drill 7 hours ago

      And for anyone asking my back ground I work for a defence aerospace company a major one also, and most of my work is around propulsion which sounds like a complex work buts it’s effectively suck squeeze bang blow, in an engine you suck air in you squeeze it through the compressor you cause it to combust via the combustion chamber which throws the bang out the back which pushes an object forward this is the most basic understanding of an example of propulsion. There are new more advanced ways to propolute which are mostly more electrical and electronic but I do not feel this mans story anymore

  • Voldy356
    Voldy356 12 hours ago

    Is Lazar commimg to raid area 51 with us?

  • Mike Mchugh
    Mike Mchugh 14 hours ago

    Joe is asking questions to try to get more detailed info from Bob but Bob keeps giving very vague answers

  • Owen Marble
    Owen Marble 15 hours ago

    Sooooo if you can’t get close enough to pull the hemisphere off, how did they ever turn it off? Kinda a hole in the story there

  • The Missing Link
    The Missing Link 23 hours ago

    Guy is lying....
    Zeta Reticuli is the area Betty Hill, famous for her and her Husband's (Barney) story about being abducted in 1961, is the binary star system SHE identified as the place the aliens she claimed abducted her came from.
    The intriguing thing about her case was that she was able to draw a map (from memory under hypnosis) from the perspective of someone looking from said region toward earth/our solar system as she claimed she was shown a 3D map ( of which she described to be like a hologram despite never using the term as it was like glass but not tangeable) by her abductors from said perspective since she asked where they came from. Scientific investigation showed that Betty's map was actually pretty accurate albeit some discrepancies.
    However a reworked mapped by Marjorie Fish based off the direct testimony of Betty Hill found there to be an extremely high correlation between the constructed model and the actual shape of the star constellation viewed from said angel if one could.
    The best part is that Betty Hill would have had no way of knowing any of this information in 1961 as Zeta Reticuli can only be seen from the southern hemisphere. AND no detailed maps of said region were even avaible for the wider public until 1969, 5 years AFTER the map was drawn by Betty and 8 years after her abuduction when she first mentioned it.....
    My point for this long comment is to point out that guy is a liar. Zeta Reticuli is actually pretty damn famous. 15 seconds on google lead me to an Astronomy Magazine article that discusses all of these thing in detail because they published the story about this and almost ruined themselves back in the 70s and wrote an article talking about it decades later:
    I don't believe for 2 seconds guy doesn't know a damn thing about the Barney and Betty Hill incident if he said he looked up Zeta Reticuli..... Especially if he believes in aliens. Everyone has heard this story even if they didn't know of all the details.
    This fact ruins his credibility....

  • Nelson Varela
    Nelson Varela Day ago +5

    It's Breaking Bad! not Bromine and Barium! where the hell did you get that Bob?

    • ZM82098
      ZM82098 2 hours ago

      LMFAO, exactly my question as well.

  • jphvm_ '
    jphvm_ ' Day ago

    Migraine? Or failure to make shit up on the spot ?

  • SpaceBear
    SpaceBear Day ago

    Zeta Reticuli is famous for alien abduction stories

  • Alexander Jørgensen

    I Call bullshit

  • HeyNowLookHere
    HeyNowLookHere 2 days ago

    Legit, that's all I can say

  • Electricshadowstar 111

    i happen to believe Bobs story 100 percent

  • Jon Cocks
    Jon Cocks 2 days ago

    The more I listen to Bob the more I think he's telling "A" truth

  • Matt Burns
    Matt Burns 2 days ago

    And the earth is flat too... People will buy anything.

  • Matt Burns
    Matt Burns 2 days ago

    If it looks like bullshit, if it smells like bullshit, it MUST BE BULLSHIT.

  • monkelmann
    monkelmann 2 days ago

    Iy you put the pieces together you realise that It could be very very true that we were visited by Aliens a dozens of time. Look for Ariel Phenomenon, UFO Turkey sighting 2008 or the Rendlesham Forrest incident. The truth is out there

  • Paul Childers
    Paul Childers 2 days ago

    Ok, so you put the half a basketball on the thing, it turns on and you can't touch it due to anti-gravity. So, how do you get it back off? Smells like bullshit to me.

  • stormz media
    stormz media 2 days ago

    watch the netflix special on Bob Lazar. good shit

  • John Young Ph.D.
    John Young Ph.D. 3 days ago

    Bob is correct. We've come along way since he appeared in the 80's.

  • jbot91
    jbot91 3 days ago +11

    At what point did you guys realize that Joe rogans forehead buffer wasn't from this world?

  • MrBearloc1
    MrBearloc1 3 days ago +3

    I'm storming area 51

  • zeb doz
    zeb doz 3 days ago +1

    proof, that is what we need, not just someone saying ti si there, i can go around telling everyone i got a throbbing 10 incher 24/7 but does anyone know that for fact? no not till they see it any way

  • James Hyler
    James Hyler 3 days ago

    Obviously talking about area 51

  • Jack Barrett
    Jack Barrett 3 days ago +1

    To all the ppl saying how Lazar passed polygraphs; remember Sirhan Sirhan passed a polygraph swearing he didnt shoot RFK when he did so in a room full of witnesses. Two of which pulled the smoking gun out of his hand. Sociopathic ppl do not need reasons to lie, and can believe what theyre saying. Whether Lazar is full of it or not, Idk, but Id be cautious to cite that as evidentiary.

  • Fergal Shannon
    Fergal Shannon 3 days ago

    Bull shit, he keeps retracing, my memory doesn't serve me correctly, who the fuck is Barry?

  • WhyScales23
    WhyScales23 4 days ago +1

    If he was telling the truth he’d be dead

  • worb radar
    worb radar 4 days ago

    Fuck this cunt is so full of shit👎🏼

  • EyeDee
    EyeDee 4 days ago +2

    I believe every word this man says.
    Usually the mask of the attention/money cravers slip pretty early and are found out eventually.
    This man is pretty sincere.

  • stratgibson
    stratgibson 5 days ago

    Joe,get Robert Bigelow on ur show

  • Dabz Anonymous
    Dabz Anonymous 5 days ago

    Mr Rogan, you must watch Bruce sees all, you tube channel...totally eye opening..

  • Shakz Boom
    Shakz Boom 5 days ago +3

    Right now the Alien craft has been vandalised with MAGA stickers on it

  • emir bask
    emir bask 6 days ago +1

    Does the technology run off DMT?

  • Yin Yang Domain
    Yin Yang Domain 6 days ago +2

    The government has been supressing technology since the 1960's.

    • Marathon Flow
      Marathon Flow 4 days ago

      And then their tech fell in the hands of the US government

    • Marathon Flow
      Marathon Flow 4 days ago

      The Roswell crash was aliens running away from a catastrophe, because there's no other reason why they'd crash

  • monte poteet
    monte poteet 6 days ago

    100% guinea pigs

  • Never give up
    Never give up 6 days ago

    When did things get weird...😂😂😂😂

  • Alfy Senpai Reviews
    Alfy Senpai Reviews 6 days ago +13

    They keep saying out of this planet...what if it was dug up? Made in Egyptian if god knows when! And that technology destroyed humanity once? Pretty cool lol

    • Mánuel Kiatoko
      Mánuel Kiatoko Day ago

      He did say apparently one was dug up in an archeological dig.

  • Joseph Hamilton
    Joseph Hamilton 6 days ago

    I wonder if the aliens have different brands of space ship. Like oh yeah i just got this ford space ship and then another one is a chevy fan boy. and gets into a bullshitting match over which one is better

  • Deshan Jacob
    Deshan Jacob 6 days ago +1

    How is this guy allowed to talk about all this classified shit?

  • Alex Chainey
    Alex Chainey 6 days ago

    Bob is the man!

  • Melvin King
    Melvin King 6 days ago

    It’s the fruit of eden Joe!

  • Mitko Penev
    Mitko Penev 7 days ago

    This is masive bullshit. Dude is getting stuck up in his made up storries and blames it on a migrane lol

  • Kenneth Herring
    Kenneth Herring 7 days ago +3

    Don’t think this guy is making this stuff up

  • AXioS TraLLö
    AXioS TraLLö 8 days ago

    That Breaking Bad shirt though... FYRE

  • ForgottenSpartan
    ForgottenSpartan 8 days ago +4

    Aliens are real but theyre also a distraction. Psyop to keep us from finding the ((((real)))) secrets.

  • NemeanLion
    NemeanLion 8 days ago +46

    I feel bad for his predecessor, but who the f’ing hell gave that guy a green light to cut into an alien reactor with a plasma cutter?

    • HeyNowLookHere
      HeyNowLookHere 2 days ago

      Maybe Jesus??

    • John Cena
      John Cena 2 days ago

      NemeanLion they were desperate, they basically were letting all different types of scientists to look at

  • Vexitility
    Vexitility 8 days ago +2

    If this was true and he told this he would’ve been assassinated for sure

    • its nate
      its nate 7 days ago

      @NemeanLion when someone dies exposing things you dont want to get out it turns heads its way better just to smear them also he said he took something from them that prevented them from killing him.

    • NemeanLion
      NemeanLion 8 days ago

      I’ve wondered that myself. Why would they even bother erasing his education when they could just erase him.

  • 1kal
    1kal 8 days ago

    The American flag on it. Lol. Aliens be like one day you will find out. Your flag means *.

  • J-THR3
    J-THR3 8 days ago

    I think that what blows my mind about this is it feels entirely possible. If someone really wanted to keep this type of thing secret, all you have to do is make sure nobody in the public gets access to physical evidence. No amount of leaked info (no matter how true) would ever be enough to call proper attention to it. Especially if they're feeding people partial misinformation.

  • Madara Uchiha
    Madara Uchiha 8 days ago

    Bob ' briefings that i read' Lazar

  • A9476 278378
    A9476 278378 9 days ago

    I believe him

  • Henry Hill
    Henry Hill 9 days ago +1

    This guy is a fraud.

  • Daniel Sweppy
    Daniel Sweppy 9 days ago +2

    This guy is very clearly lying about almost everything he's saying.

  • Rich Adam Budgen
    Rich Adam Budgen 9 days ago

    He contradicts himself here. Having read the briefings why would he think the flying saucer was just an advanced fighter? I want to believe him though

  • mr. Jaquez
    mr. Jaquez 9 days ago

    I saw a flying saucer when I was younger n a witch

  • SoGiga
    SoGiga 10 days ago

    Barry?... Barry Allen?

  • Frank Ricard
    Frank Ricard 11 days ago

    Possible Roswell craft?

  • Chris Warren
    Chris Warren 11 days ago

    9 of them and all of them were different. How does that happen? I can't even collect a full set of McDonald monopoly game pieces and they got a full set of alien spacecraft with no repeats. Not saying a collection like that is impossible but to me anyway it gives rise to questions. How many alien spacecraft had to crash somehow and them also making the recovery in order to get 9 different spacecraft? Did the aliens somehow work out a deal with them and it included 9 different types of crafts? And if so were the aliens like, alright here ya go, 9 different types of spacecraft. Don't scratch the paint. What? You want us to show you how they work? Oh no. The Manuel and or classes cost extra. I mean 9 spacecraft collection with no repeats. How does that happen?

  • Glen Mcculley
    Glen Mcculley 11 days ago

    Something is wrong with this story. Like no objective. I've worked on secret gov. Projects they don't work like that. First you would of not seen all the prototypes no way and if they where in the same hanger they would of been cloaked plus NASA has run out of anyone including the janitor that don't want to look at this as an aircraft mechanic I call

  • M KKrupp
    M KKrupp 11 days ago

    The (recently deceased) longtime UFO investigator/believer and former nuclear physicist, Stanton Friedman studied Bob Lazar’s claims and did NOT find them credible. But I must say that, to the average person, he comes across as quite believable.

  • Hawk 185
    Hawk 185 11 days ago +1

    Who ever believes this guy is a retard

  • Hawk 185
    Hawk 185 11 days ago +1

    His real name is Bob Layar

  • Iti Thompson
    Iti Thompson 11 days ago +2

    check the westall ufo incident, lady claims the craft tipped up on its side before flying away at an incredible speed, bob claims the same actions happen when a craft aims to take off at unbelievable speeds. the betty and barney hill claim brings a little more light on the zeta reticuli system, all the evidence out there is amazing! i hope we are close to disclosure

  • Sebastian Rogers
    Sebastian Rogers 12 days ago

    yo Joe Rogan come up to cache creek here in BC or Chilliwack lake you wanna see some UFO's ill show you them

  • Laurent D'Hondt
    Laurent D'Hondt 12 days ago +2

    Y’all know Barry is a fictional character, right?

  • vnz
    vnz 12 days ago

    14:02 the sudden change of Joe's expression is borderline comical

  • Tim Strickland
    Tim Strickland 12 days ago

    If bob lazar is lying.
    Then there is no space.

  • NJD1991 21
    NJD1991 21 12 days ago

    Joe looks like that villain in the latest anime spiderman movie

  • Another Level
    Another Level 13 days ago +1

    Joes head was extra shiny in this one ✨

  • Rayzilla
    Rayzilla 13 days ago

    I think i am very good at catching ppl in lies and i cannot tell if bob is lying or not. He is very believable and seems authentic, but this story is so crazy. He is either telling the truth or he is the best liar ever.