How to teach a horse to lay down naturally (without ropes) ~ Tutorial!

  • Published on Oct 15, 2013
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    For FAQs and extra tips see below!!
    My first tutorial! Hope you all like it! In this video, I teach my 6yo rescue gelding to lay down. I do this by teaching him to lower his head, then walk with his head down, rewarding pawing and signs that he is thinking about laying down until he decides to offer the behaviour so I can reward it! This method involves no force, only release and reward for correct behaviour.
    My horse will show all the signs but wont lie down… what do I do?
    Your horse may need some extra encouragement! Do this exercise after a ride/workout or after you have hosed him down. Many horses want to roll at this time, so use it to your advantage! Does your horse feel safe enough in its environment to lay down? Don’t set him up to fail by asking him when he is worried about something. Work on getting him to feel safe and relaxed first.
    What if you don’t have a sandy yard?
    Sand does help but if you don’t have sand this can still work. It helps to observe your horse in the paddock. Most horses have a particular place they like to lay down so doing this exercise in this area can encourage your horse. If your horse feels comfortable laying down in his stable or yard, you could try there too! Don’t try on rocky or hard ground, that’s just silly ☺
    What are you doing when you are ‘asking’ him?
    I say in the video that I keep ‘asking’ him. I do this by just standing still and maybe cluck if he looks to me for direction. This is not the ‘ask’ I will have in the future but for now, I am just doing what works.
    How do you get your horse to lie down on a particular cue?
    Continue this process a few more times. As your horse learns what it is you want, it will take less time for him to lay down. When he lays down almost straight away you will find that you already have some sort of cue. Whether its just standing still and ignoring him until he lays down or clucking to ask him to move his feet, this is still a sort of ‘cue’. Now that your horse lays down with this cue, you can start transforming it into whatever you want, like a voice command, whip/pressure cue or body language. If you want to use a voice command or body language, just repeat it while you are asking him to lay down, you can then use less of your old cue and more of your new cue. If you want to use a whip/pressure cue you would do the same but tap him lightly wherever you want the cue to be, once he lays down, release the pressure and reward. Of course, make sure your horse has no fear of the whip or any other equipment you are using!
    Extra tips:
    Don’t worry if your horse doesn’t lie down in the first session! Ace was at the stage of training where he was really searching for the right answers which made it easier. Be patient and don’t be afraid to spread it out over many short sessions!
    Always end on a good note! The best place to quit is when you and your horse are interested and want to keep trying. Make sure you quit before your horse gets bored or frustrated.
    Feel and timing is incredibly important! The better you are with the timing of your reward, the quicker your horse will learn.
    Don’t ask for too much too soon! Your horse may give up if it gets too hard.
    Don’t be too serious; it doesn’t have to be perfect. If you are stressed or too ‘strict’ I guarantee you, your horse will not lie down. Just relax and have fun!
    Just sit and be with your horse! Choose a quiet day when you are not stressed and just hang out. Don’t pat, talk or interact, just relax with him. Most of the time when I do this, the horse will stand close and hang out and, amazingly, they often decide to lay down! Hopefully I will get it on video one day! Of course, once they lie down, reward them or just allow them to snooze and build some trust!
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Comments • 197

  • Ultra Moody
    Ultra Moody 4 months ago

    At the end of the video where you were saying that you kept asking him, what signals did you use to ask?

  • ginger cox
    ginger cox 6 months ago

    I used my feet and mimic the horse pawing. It didn't take long before, down she went.

  • ginger cox
    ginger cox 6 months ago

    He's like, really? I get treats just by putting my head down.

  • Freja. Equestrian
    Freja. Equestrian 8 months ago

    I’m so late but, this is great! The way you get him to do it naturally and the exact way they do it in the paddock is mind-blowing 😍

  • RedStoneRanger
    RedStoneRanger 8 months ago

    Thank you for this impressing and inspiring tutorial. It shows perfectly how to stimulate the natural behavior to reach a certain goal.

  • Lacey Rollwitz
    Lacey Rollwitz 9 months ago

    So impressive! can’t wait to try this out!! Thankyou so much. Such an easy video to follow.

  • Abby T
    Abby T 10 months ago

    Wow this is incredible

  • Charlotte D
    Charlotte D 11 months ago

    I absolutely love this!

  • skippy One
    skippy One 11 months ago

    my mare would be 800kgs if I rewarded her every time she dropped her head to grazing height.....funny enough she lays down and rolls everytime I turn her out without any training. perhaps I should just fool her into thinking she has been turned out?

  • hello person
    hello person Year ago

    What happens when your horse doesn't understand to lower it's head without the pressure??

  • Julie Margolis
    Julie Margolis Year ago

    Once you teach a horse then
    how do you prevent them for wanting that treat and trying to lay down at various times without asking

  • stinger flynn
    stinger flynn Year ago

    Amazing! Pretty good info. Thank you for this video. Keep that booty thiCC btw! 😉

  • carolineleiden
    carolineleiden Year ago

    I think you could even teach our cat to roll over and play dead. 😁 And cats are basically retarded mental patients. So kudos to you.

  • carolineleiden
    carolineleiden Year ago

    At 4.10 she's got it! "If I lower my head, I get a treat! I have trained my human! Look, she does it every time!" 😁

  • Amy Carter
    Amy Carter Year ago +1

    What an absolutely perfect example of BACK AND FORTH communication between you and your horse. That was far, far more than just "here this is what I want". He was looking to you and I saw you listening to him as much as he was listening to you. Definitely admirable horsemanship.

  • Skyrocketcoast
    Skyrocketcoast Year ago

    Will definitely try this. Did not like to try the bowing method. Thanks

  • Jenni Johanna Väyrynen

    Very good demonstration! love it :) what is the words you use for the horse same time so the horse knows what you want later as you ask different tricks?

  • clem miller
    clem miller Year ago

    The title should be; How to teach TAME, GENTLE horses how to lay down naturally.

  • Angii K.
    Angii K. Year ago +2

    And how is he asked to do it? I mean, how do you sighn him to do it, so he won't do it just random times? :"D :"D

  • Tarja T
    Tarja T Year ago

    I watched just before this a clip in which a horse was "made" to lie down with ropes. Lots of anxiety, lots of heavy breathing, wrangling and assertions by the "maker" as to how dangerous it is. You actually accomplish it much faster, and without any kind of anxiety or drama. Thanks for posting. Awesome!

  • djdestroyer
    djdestroyer Year ago

    this makes me want a horse -- he's smart but so chill!

  • NaturalNouska
    NaturalNouska 2 years ago

    This is really good! My horse knows that when she rolls she gets a treat, but she doesn't know a command, I'm going to try this method when I'm going to her again, I'll keep you updated on our progress!

  • Amber A.
    Amber A. 2 years ago

    You have a very beautiful horse! So sweet :)

    Nour ABOULMAKAREM 2 years ago

    Really helpful but didn't understand how do we get him to understand the command? and which command should I use? should I tell him the command before trying to get his head down?

  • pirulenta
    pirulenta 2 years ago

    amazing! I have a 2 months old foal and will try this with him. What treat did you give your horse? what do you recomend for my baby foal?

  • CuorediFlicka
    CuorediFlicka 2 years ago +1

    can you do a tutorial about How to start liberty work?😃

    • Shelby- Rose Harris
      Shelby- Rose Harris Year ago

      Silviaflicka I personally think liberty is easy all u need to do is move their hindquarters for quarters on both sides get them following u with the rope slack and start stopping suddenly so they r alert and watching and paying attention to u and the lady did a bit of liberty doing the lunging (circles) without a lead
      Hope it helped 💖🐴💖🐴💖🐴💖🐴

  • Lana Horton
    Lana Horton 2 years ago

    Did you use any sort of marker like a verbal or a clicker?

  • Krystal Marshall
    Krystal Marshall 2 years ago

    I have a 10 year old 11 hand mini named ace. he is very sensitive and spooky and I do believe this method will help a lot!!! thanks!

  • ShadowProductions24
    ShadowProductions24 2 years ago

    wow! I never thought of teaching my girls to lay down this way! I've already taught both my girls to lay down but I think I might give this method a try as well XD

  • ell- keep dreaming
    ell- keep dreaming 2 years ago +1

    Omg this is incredible and inspiringly am going to try this with my new horse and I think it will really help us bond!!!! I'm supper excited

  • West Taylor
    West Taylor 2 years ago

    Great communication with the horse!

  • tina manfredi
    tina manfredi 2 years ago

    grande classe

    LD VLOGS 2 years ago +1

    Thank you so much 😊 now it is so much easier for me to get on my mares

  • S Mehra
    S Mehra 2 years ago

    Thank you for demonstrating this wonderful method. 😊😊👍

  • Tracy Dunbar
    Tracy Dunbar 2 years ago

    Were you using a clicker?

  • nb equestrian
    nb equestrian 2 years ago

    I have the same type of horse as u (very nervous and sensitive) so in summer time I think this method will work excellent for me and my horse !!! thank you this is amazing !

  • shelley gow
    shelley gow 2 years ago

    great video thanks

  • Alison McCabe
    Alison McCabe 2 years ago +1

    So good! I would love to see more tutorials from you! Thanks so much for this.

  • Joshua Allred
    Joshua Allred 2 years ago

    I've seen a lot of methods for lying horses down, including my own which I actually don't particularly like(because it Ted's to panic my horse :/) but I love this method as it goes through the natural cues, cues I've taught myself to watch for and recognise. I don't usually use treats but it looks like an excellent way to teach tricks, while sticking to standard "release rewards when doing standard training.
    Thanks for sharing ur method, I look forward to testing it on my own horse :)

  • Ciro Martins
    Ciro Martins 2 years ago

    Hi! You had teaches this horse to lay down since the beginning in this video? I have so many doubts, can you help me? I got a 3 years-old quarter mile horse from my uncle, can I teach him to lay down? How many times by day I need try teach him and for how long?

  • Tash McMahon
    Tash McMahon 2 years ago

    You should make HEAPS more! Please please please

  • Tash McMahon
    Tash McMahon 2 years ago

    Thank you so much I got mine to go in ten min! This method is awesome!!!! Thankyou so much -

  • Abby Westman
    Abby Westman 2 years ago

    Will this encourage my horse to lie down to get out of work? (While I'm riding him)

    • Night Lizard
      Night Lizard 2 years ago

      Abby Westman if your horse was going to lay down to get out of work, it would've already done it. Horses already know how to lay down, teaching them to do it on command won't make them suddenly lazy

  • Joanne Peek
    Joanne Peek 2 years ago +1

    Thank you so much for this! I think this will help me so much with teaching laying down.

  • Katie T
    Katie T 2 years ago +4

    how do you stop them rolling when they're down?

  • Jozef Ivanov
    Jozef Ivanov 2 years ago

    You oughtta ask a vet about that epiphora if you haven't already...

  • Cowtastic Mayberry
    Cowtastic Mayberry 3 years ago +17

    Thank you for making this. I have a cow who I train tricks and things for fun and to show people cows are not daft plus it helps bond with her even more though I am not sure how much more I can do... She calls for me when I leave to go home. Anyway! They are in fact smart and it's proven they remember things much longer then Horses. I love horses don't get me wrong though! I have to modify it slightly and I'm combining it with another video but it seems to be working wonders. I don't believe in using ropes and forcing an animal to do something like that if they don't want to do it. Laying down for them makes them Vulnerable and they should never be forced to do something like that... it's just mean. Anyway thank you for making this!

    • Jasmine Murfin
      Jasmine Murfin Year ago

      Cowtastic Mayberry I know it's late, but that is so sweet!

  • Anne Harwood
    Anne Harwood 3 years ago

    Very nice! I hurt my back and can't ride for awhile. I thought it would be fun to teach him to lie down, but I've only seen I done by picking up a front leg. This looks a lot safer. I've done clicker training, and I'm thinking my challenge is going to be keeping my horse out on the line. But I'll figure it out.

  • BeautifulDay1389
    BeautifulDay1389 3 years ago

    After just getting done watching a video of a professional training a horse to lie down using a hobble and moving it around the round pen .... I have to say I'm so very glad to see there are alternative method videos out there! Both get the same result but one is based out of forced obedience or "breaking" and fear. The other is based out of trust and asking. If they horse isn't ready to lay down its just not going to. It's telling you something is missing in its training or its relationship with you or it could possibly be in pain. People argue that horses started "naturally" more like this are disrespectful and need "leadership". I argue your horse sees you as another being worth working rather than fearing and feeling trapped by. Besides, wouldn't you rather have a fair and kind master over a dictator ? Anyway, just my opinion. Keep up the good work!

  • Sandra W
    Sandra W 3 years ago

    I tried on my horse today and it worked! it took about 15 -20 minutes. 😀

  • Isabel Sammes
    Isabel Sammes 3 years ago

    This is awesome Thankyou! I'm going to try this soon!

  • Katy Winchester
    Katy Winchester 3 years ago

    Hi Nadine :)
    I like your methode very much, it sounds very comfortable. But I've got one question; my horse is a little bit jounger and isn't able to concentrate that much, so I'm wooried that he would just step away if I take off the rope. Can you help me? (Excuse my bad english, I'm only 13 And from Germany)
    Greetings, Cathy

    • Katy Winchester
      Katy Winchester 3 years ago

      +Sydney Eitelgeorge Thanks! The thing is, he is following me already, but when he is tired of this 'awful stuff' I'm doing with him, he just walks away. Even if I am only working with him for two minutes :D but I already figured out how he stays with me - lots of treats :D I'm also training for only 10-15 minutes so he doesn't get bored that fast. How I've said befor, excuse my awful english and thank you for the help :)

  • Charlotte Gibbons
    Charlotte Gibbons 3 years ago

    my pony is very reliant on me, and I don't think he'd lay down next to me, because he doesn't want to harm me... what should I do because I would really prefer to do this and not a more 'forceful' way.
    any advice would be helpful thanks.
    (9yr old connemara)

  • CantioHorse
    CantioHorse 3 years ago

    I taught my horse to lie down with your method! Thanks so much for inspiring me! Here is the video s://

  • Laura R Bjørlig
    Laura R Bjørlig 3 years ago

    Thank you so much! It works!😍

  • Matilyn Fletcher
    Matilyn Fletcher 3 years ago +2

    What kinds of treats do you use? I want to teach my 11yo gelding to lay down, bow, and all that but I'm worried about the ingredients in my treats and that they say not to feed more than 5 a day.

    • Annie Houston
      Annie Houston Year ago +3

      Honestly, I just cut large carrots into bite sized pieces and don’t even have horse treats. Much healthier and a lot cheaper

    • Cloes Equestrian life
      Cloes Equestrian life 3 years ago

      If you go to my channel you can see my horse bowing! A lot of treats say that it's not a bad thing! They say that because it's like a serving size you feed them to a horse to reward not for a meal you see what I'm saying??? Teaching a horse to bow is a very easy trick! He also knows hug and follow! There also easy! I hope I helped! -horse trainer and owner

  • Grace Falcone
    Grace Falcone 3 years ago +2

    Is there a way to train a horse to lie down, have you mount, and the horse stand back up? I realize this would require lots of trust but I think it would be a fun exercise and haven't seen any tutorial videos of this.

    • Shea
      Shea 2 years ago +1

      This action would cause unneeded stress on the joints of the horse. There is a reason most responsible horse owners wouldn't consider doing this. how about you lay down and i throw 20-30% of your body weight on your back and then you get up for every time you ask your horse to do it. teaching them to lay down is all well and good and can build allot of trust, but asking them to lay down so you can be lazy or show off.... don't be lazy and just build the partnership properly

  • Hel Ca
    Hel Ca 3 years ago

    Beautiful tutorial!

  • Susan A. Lennon
    Susan A. Lennon 3 years ago

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!! I've done a lot of work with my horse but when it came to "shaping" him to lie down, I made the same mistake that you mentioned that you made which was rushing toward him. When my horse was younger he would come up to me and roll to show his pleasure but that still didn't mean that I could walk up to him when he was lying down.
    Anyway, this was perfect. It is how I like to train, but I needed help. I've had too many suggestions from people with horses that aren't like mine. This will work great.

  • Lea maria
    Lea maria 3 years ago

    Hey nadine :)
    So I'm a big fan about yohr work with your horses. So I tried to teach my horse to lay down this way. But he just stands there and grabs the ground and then we're stuck. When I want him to go, he does nothing. And if he stands he just grabs the ground, i have the feeling that he just wants the treats and isn't interested what I think. I also did it after riding, easier for him and we tried it seperate times, I'm frustradet😟

  • Robyn Pershouse
    Robyn Pershouse 3 years ago

    this is so awesome that you did not use ropes a lot more kind way for asking to lay down☺☺😊😊😀😁😀😃😄

  • Hannahloves Hens
    Hannahloves Hens 3 years ago +7

    I can't give my horse treats as she barges into me once she knows I have them, so I'm trying to get her out or that x

  • Myrthe De Groot
    Myrthe De Groot 3 years ago

    Oh wauw! following you on ig, and I love your work! It's so inspiring! Today is gonna be a day to watch lots of your video's, to learn things for later. I love the natural way you do with your horses! thank you😊❤

  • Mahlia Smith Macpherson
    Mahlia Smith Macpherson 3 years ago +1

    I'm very exited to teach my horse to lay down using this method and i really think it will work well for us, thank you so much for sharing your technique!
    i just wanted to ask what cue you introduced once he was doing it comfortably?

  • Steph R
    Steph R 3 years ago

    Hi Nadine, may I ask how Ace is coming along with the progress of this training?

  • Abby Dedman
    Abby Dedman 4 years ago

    This is amazing! I'm thinking of doing this with my mare, but she will forget right after I give her a reward(if that makes sense), she is also very spooky

  • Rachel Bourgois
    Rachel Bourgois 4 years ago

    I wanted to try this but my pony bites alot ( He's a 4 years old and i have him for 6 months , the old owners didn't teach him anything )
    He made a lot of progress since he's here but he still bites . I tried a few methods to teach him to stop but nothing has worked . Do you know a way to make him stop doing it ? I stops me from learning him more then he knows now .....

    • Biowf P
      Biowf P 3 years ago +2

      +Rachel Bourgois
      Hello, We had a Percheron gelding who loved to try to bite us. We were still kinda new to horses so had not really addressed the issue when a friend (who "knows" horses) punched him when he tried to bite her. Well he got much worse after that. We did a little research and found the "cure" Keep a simple plastic grocery bag in your pocket (out of sight), when a horse goes to bite you, grab that bag out real quick and flap it in his face for just a moment. He stopped trying to bite pretty quick. Mind you, he was not afraid of plastic bags - it was not fear that stopped him. Horses just do not like being surprised like that.

      Anyway, just a tip to help if you like.

    • AngelPie
      AngelPie 3 years ago

      He needs to be shown that you are the boss. My mare used to bite and try oush me around. I showed her that I am the boss and she no longer bites

    • AngelPie
      AngelPie 3 years ago

      He needs to be shown that you are the boss

    • Rachel Bourgois
      Rachel Bourgois 4 years ago

      yeah he is

    • The Happy Appys
      The Happy Appys 4 years ago

      Is your horse a stallion

  • Alisha Sweet
    Alisha Sweet 4 years ago

    Dose he go down on a command now?

  • tania grubb
    tania grubb 4 years ago

    hi =)
    i tried this with my girl today, she would paw at the ground with both feet, but did not lay down, i tried for a few hours, giving her a break in between, do i keep going at it , or need to try another way

    • tania grubb
      tania grubb 4 years ago

      i have also tried after a bath and a ride, she just paws at the ground

    • Nadine Lindblom
      Nadine Lindblom  4 years ago +1

      +tania grubb Have a look at the FAQ in the description :)

  • spooky
    spooky 4 years ago


  • Adopcje zwierzaków
    Adopcje zwierzaków 4 years ago +21

    That method is amazing! It's just perfect for me and my horse. I taught him to lay down peacefully in three days (ten minutes each day). THANK YOU!!!

    • Travis Palmer
      Travis Palmer Year ago

      In the early part of last century this EXTREMELY successful and renowned master horse trainer created a phenomenon when he released his comprehensive 8 volume, fully illustrated, horse training course. If you want a complete and proven system that is tried and true and from a time when horsemen REALLY knew horses, then this is it!

    • Bar T Horsemanship
      Bar T Horsemanship Year ago

      Adopcje zwierzaków ż

    • Nadine Lindblom
      Nadine Lindblom  4 years ago

      +Adopcje zwierzaków You're welcome! Im glad you like it! :)

  • sara vanmechelen
    sara vanmechelen 4 years ago

    it didn't work with my pony... do you have any other tips that could work with her?
    cause she doen't want to lay down when i'm around. And i have no idea how i could change that.

    • liazmx
      liazmx Year ago

      sara vanmechelen Maby you can make her/him wet with water, cause a lot of horses are going to roll or lay down when they are wet. And then give her/him a reward when she is going to roll/lay before she/he rolls over you give a reward

  • Lacey Devillier
    Lacey Devillier 4 years ago


  • Alina Zogel
    Alina Zogel 4 years ago

    Thats such an easy and stressless way to teach a horse laying down! Wonderfull! :) I think its a good way for me and my horse too! Thank you :) Does every horse lay down at the first time oft training it? Sorry for my bad english...

    • Nadine Lindblom
      Nadine Lindblom  4 years ago

      +Alina Donau I never expect a horse to lay down the first time doing this, but yes, some do. Others take a few more sessions :)

  • Georgina Eardley
    Georgina Eardley 4 years ago +1

    If I try this would he try and role or lie down when I ride him do you think? I don't want him trying it when I'm on his back haha!

    • Equestrian_Taylor210
      Equestrian_Taylor210 Year ago

      My horse did that to me all the time a while back but I finally got her out of it.

    • Nadine Lindblom
      Nadine Lindblom  4 years ago +1

      +Georgina Eardley Possibly. You just have to teach him that its not what you want him to do by asking him to go forward if you feel he may want to lay down. They are always looking for the release of pressure, so if there is no release, he will not do it.

  • vegan beach bumm
    vegan beach bumm 4 years ago

    great video! I'm just wondering do you only use the treats during training? I'm worried about using treats with my horse incase he starts expecting them all the time and if I don't have any on me at any point in time he won't do what i ask

    • vegan beach bumm
      vegan beach bumm 4 years ago

      Awesome! thank you, can't wait to give this a go with my horse :)

    • Nadine Lindblom
      Nadine Lindblom  4 years ago

      +Sarah Jane You dont have to use treats doing this, you can just work of the pressure and release. So instead of giving him a treat, you just give him release of pressure and maybe a scratch if he enjoys that. Using treats in training is just a motivation tool, not a bribe. I expect all my horses to do as I ask even if I dont have treats, and they all do :)

  • KD Huff
    KD Huff 4 years ago +7

    This was really inspiring to see a horse lie down in 13 minutes with no force. I taught my horse to lie down some time ago with the assistance of a leg rope and she will go down now on command, but haven't been able to get her to stay down. After watching this and another one of your videos, I am excited to try some more.

    • Justine Jenness
      Justine Jenness 3 years ago

      +KD Huff I also taught my filly to lay down the same way. It took belly high snow for me to finally figure out the command for teaching her to lay without a leg rope.. Felt so bad, I was only trying to turn her around, haha.. Eventually we got to where now it's that cue whenever wherever.

    • Nadine Lindblom
      Nadine Lindblom  4 years ago

      +KD Huff Im glad you like it! :)

  • Libby Booth
    Libby Booth 4 years ago

    when you say "im gonna ask him again" (meaning ask him to lie down again)
    what is your cue for laying down? :)

    • Nadine Lindblom
      Nadine Lindblom  4 years ago

      At this stage it's asking him to walk by clicking and standing waiting. When he started laying down more regularly I could but an actual cue on it :)

  • jadechopz 78 xD
    jadechopz 78 xD 4 years ago

    Would it be a good idea to use a clicker for this sort of training? So you click as soon as he lays down, ?

    • Nadine Lindblom
      Nadine Lindblom  4 years ago

      +jadechopz 78 xD Definitely! If your horse has been trained with the clicker previously it would be very handy!

  • Natalie Ridgway
    Natalie Ridgway 4 years ago

    wow awesome and amazing teaching and horse! Well done :)

  • Rebecca O'Flynn
    Rebecca O'Flynn 4 years ago

    Amazing!!!! Thanks for sharing ❤️

  • Lisa de Kramer
    Lisa de Kramer 4 years ago

    Great video. I have always wanted to teach my horse to lie down but I never liked using the rope method. I know Alexander Nevzorov gets his horses to lay down and I can bet he uses no ropes on the legs. The man is amazing. You are using the natural tenancies of the horse to lay down on his own. You can also do this in the saddle. Train the horse to drop his head at the walk and keep it down and he will lay down on you. I will have to play with this. Thank you

  • Alma Ecuestre
    Alma Ecuestre 4 years ago

    Hi Nadine, I am having some problems with my horse. I teached him to lay down adding a cue while he was laying down and it worked for a while. But now he no longer wants to do it despite he knows the aid. I don´t over do it and he is confident and the terrain is ok. He just doesn´t want to do it. Putting more pressure doesn´t work and being kind and just waiting neither. So I think maybe this is not the best way to teach a horse to lay down as he is not enough motivated. My question is, in you experience what is the best method to teach a horse to lay down? How do you usually teach your horses to lay down and which way do you find the more effective one? Thak you very much!!! ;)

    • Alma Ecuestre
      Alma Ecuestre 4 years ago

      +Nadine Lindblom Hi Nadine. Thank you so much for your response. I dont know why he doesn´t want to do it. He likes to do it as long as is his idea and then he doesn´t mind if I ask him, but if I ask him and he doesn´t want to do it, he doesn´t. No bad experiences, I tought him tapping the ground once he was about to lie down. I think he doesn´t find enough motivation. That´s all. Thank you very much ;)

    • Nadine Lindblom
      Nadine Lindblom  4 years ago

      +María Durán Sorry for the late reply :P I teach all my horses this way if I need to actually teach them. Some tend to just lie down and I reward it. My little mare, Nina, used to lie down when I sat down in the sand, so thats how I taught her. Then I added a pressure cue- tapping behind the forelegs. There are many ways to teach a horse but I like this way as it does not stress them and its more 'fun' for them to try to figure out what to do to get their reward. I would try going through the same process you used to teach him in the first place. If he no longer wants to do it, he either does not see a point to it or it has been an uncomfortable experience. Start from the beginning and dont expect too much :)

  • geta life
    geta life 4 years ago

    you have a rope in your hand///fail///

    • Take Ass
      Take Ass 4 years ago

      Haha yes that is what i mean but i'm dutch so my english is not very good😁😁

    • Nadine Lindblom
      Nadine Lindblom  4 years ago

      Haha too true! But I mean as opposed to traditional methods where they tie the horses legs up with ropes :)

    • Take Ass
      Take Ass 4 years ago

      Wino rope she meens that she is not diong a rope to the horse his leg or feet or someting. That is also a way but not a very natural way...

    • Take Ass
      Take Ass 4 years ago

      Wino rope she meens that she is not diong a rope to the horse his leg or feet or someting. That is also a way but not a very natural way...

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  • NewEarthWellness
    NewEarthWellness 4 years ago

    We had an Appy that needed lessons on how to remain standing. She learned (before we got her) that she could get out of being ridden by laying down after she was saddled. The seller said that she "was raised with kids" and I think that was how she got her bad habits. She was sweet but apparently over worked at some point. A real drama queen. :)

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    Emily Fritz 4 years ago

    Thankyou so much for this video. I am going to try this with my mare. How do u get the horse to lay down on cue?

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