What Happens When You Eat PURE CITRIC ACID? (The Sourest Food EVER)

  • Published on Jul 21, 2018
  • Watch Jon and Joey take on the Mberry versus sour candy challenge!
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    We drank Pepper-laced Lemonade and ate Lemon Drops, Sour Gummy Frogs, Sour Extreme Pop Rocks, a Sour Gummy Worm, Mega Sour Cotton Candy, and pure citric acid both BEFORE taking an Mberry Tablet and AFTER taking an Mberry Tablet. Will the miracle berry live up to its name? Watch to find out!
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  • karyme montealegre

    I don't have lots of money for the mberry. So I need to work hard in school

  • karyme montealegre

    I love poprocks

  • swirlingrainbows
    swirlingrainbows 4 hours ago

    Citric acid goes omae wa mou shindeiru!

  • EdwinPlayzYT
    EdwinPlayzYT 14 hours ago

    citric acid : Yeh i destroyed your tongues with my acid (its not sour its the acid)

  • Phoop Tarts
    Phoop Tarts 15 hours ago

    eating pure citric acid is very dangerous even with mberry its so sour it could make ur tongue hurt also bleed

  • birb gamer
    birb gamer 20 hours ago

    The pop ROCKS are more sour than warheads for me

  • Jorgen stoltz
    Jorgen stoltz 21 hour ago

    Hot instead of pop 1:29

  • Jorgen stoltz
    Jorgen stoltz 21 hour ago

    Bet19 0:03

  • cupcake Cats loves YouTube

    How long does the mberry last?

  • Lilyana Rivera
    Lilyana Rivera 22 hours ago

    Did anyone else cry besides me?

  • KalebIsHere
    KalebIsHere Day ago

    3:25 the way Jon acted 😂😂😂

  • APotatoGuy LikesDogs

    Citrus without sour? It must be an orange

  • Crasous
    Crasous Day ago

    Wait sum secs........wait wy duh fuc is citric acid is considered a food

  • gaming Ava Discua

    I felt a lil tingle in my tongue when I was watching this like if you also felt a lil tingle in your tongue

  • Patrick Powell
    Patrick Powell Day ago

    7:17 mberry has left the chat

  • Eros Souza
    Eros Souza Day ago

    5:22 if it took the spice out why are they looking at the drink shouldn’t they be looking at the M Berry Pack and see what it does to your Tongue

  • Kyle Kandare
    Kyle Kandare Day ago

    Don’t do a spoon full

  • Kyle Kandare
    Kyle Kandare Day ago

    I know from experience

  • Kyle Kandare
    Kyle Kandare Day ago

    Malic acid is worse

  • neon The legend
    neon The legend Day ago +1

    Jon and joey: *Tries citric acid*
    Mberry’s : I’m out of here boys!!!
    Jon and joey : WTF

  • MaxBarrettOfficial
    MaxBarrettOfficial Day ago +1

    That *mberry* looks delicious

  • Fam. Kirkegaard Jensen
    Fam. Kirkegaard Jensen 2 days ago +2

    Wanna hear a joke

    Me too ☺️

  • darkshadow 2580
    darkshadow 2580 2 days ago

    Did you guys mistake malic acid with citric acid

    • sour
      sour Day ago

      darkshadow 2580 jon’s tongue would’ve started bleeding if it was malic acid

  • Glumish -
    Glumish - 2 days ago

    *diabtetes entered the chat*

  • Marty Martinez
    Marty Martinez 2 days ago +1

    You guys are sooooo awesome

  • Matias Cora
    Matias Cora 2 days ago

    Tongue : * ANGRY AS FUK *

  • Marlaina
    Marlaina 2 days ago

    I was eating sower candy while watching you guys burn your tounge off

  • DamageControl
    DamageControl 3 days ago

    5:27 you can’t taste “spicy” it’s a chemical reaction in your mouth that makes you FEEL spice

  • xxspiderboy77 gamer
    xxspiderboy77 gamer 3 days ago +1

    At 3:36 jon sounds like yondu from gotg

  • Game Logic
    Game Logic 3 days ago

    I love sour stuff

  • Ellison Stricklin
    Ellison Stricklin 3 days ago

    It’s called malic acid

  • Cats and fries Before anything

    I can eat a hole lemon and it’s not sour to me at all

  • Nicholas Wood
    Nicholas Wood 3 days ago

    There tongues are gonna hurt after this video...

  • Snow
    Snow 3 days ago

    😐 This is Jim. He's tired of people asking for likes, so I won't ask for any.

  • Brianna Moscarell
    Brianna Moscarell 4 days ago

    I have the flu 😷 Can someone please like

  • Oxiphy
    Oxiphy 4 days ago

    You should try iba, it's a fruit and its sourness is painful as pure citric acid. I mean it

  • Trinh Tran
    Trinh Tran 4 days ago

    No mberry takes out spice sour or salty

  • Jonathan Schemmer
    Jonathan Schemmer 4 days ago

    Ok first I’m not a boy this is my dads account and warheads are not sour or the cotton candy also The spicy pepper thing it looks like water right now well if you go back and look more yellow but then you speed the vid not look like the spice drink

  • Mattias Veltheer
    Mattias Veltheer 5 days ago

    Idea: eat a spicy pepper with the mberry

  • random videos gamer
    random videos gamer 5 days ago

    Pop rocks?? Here in Ireland we call them popping candy!

  • Sofia Nurimanina
    Sofia Nurimanina 5 days ago +2

    *inhale air* taste sweet

  • noteryn
    noteryn 5 days ago +1


    KIWI HACKER Luna 5 days ago

    I like sour things and definitely sour patch kids sooooo good 🥰😍🥰😍🥰😍🥰😍🥰😍🥰

  • Colin Wrenn
    Colin Wrenn 5 days ago

    Mberry vs. Satan's toe

  • Hamid hosseini
    Hamid hosseini 5 days ago +2



  • CL Henry
    CL Henry 5 days ago +1

    Go to titanic museum

  • SMGMario
    SMGMario 6 days ago

    I tho you already ate the mberry at the beginning of the video ._.

  • Karon pad 2.0
    Karon pad 2.0 6 days ago +3

    Not as sour as my girlfriend. Hahahahahaha....


  • TTV.saija0n Monsterlol
    TTV.saija0n Monsterlol 6 days ago +1

    I would rather watch vat19 then go to school

  • Itsyourboy
    Itsyourboy 6 days ago

    This keeps getting on my trending page lol

  • Alfie Perry
    Alfie Perry 6 days ago

    3:36 he turns into a grandad

  • Thebabyvoice
    Thebabyvoice 6 days ago

    drink malic acid

  • Greggory Lee
    Greggory Lee 7 days ago

    why does my mouth water for sour foods?

  • VS Family Vlogs
    VS Family Vlogs 7 days ago

    Malic acid is the thing that you put in sour candies to make a sour

  • Banks 23
    Banks 23 7 days ago

    1:55 neck your self

  • Andy Silinskis
    Andy Silinskis 7 days ago

    Mberry+ 1 toxic waste then 5 tw, 10tw, 50tw

  • Ema Cirdei
    Ema Cirdei 7 days ago


  • GachaChan :3
    GachaChan :3 7 days ago

    all the dislikes are from dentists

  • Weird Sym
    Weird Sym 7 days ago

    how it happens?

  • puffer fish
    puffer fish 7 days ago

    Me: Id love to eat sweets and make money. Ninja: THE F*** YOU SAY TO ME LITTLE SH**. XD

  • Kippyer 231
    Kippyer 231 7 days ago

    all those dislikes are Citric acid.

  • Indira Samaroo
    Indira Samaroo 7 days ago

    Hello vat19

  • Reaper JM
    Reaper JM 7 days ago

    Does the mberry have a flavor to it?

  • Evan Hartley
    Evan Hartley 7 days ago +9

    Is it me or when watching is anyone’s mouth watering

  • Marla Moser
    Marla Moser 7 days ago +4

    “Numer 2 ingredient, citric acid.”

    Number 1 ingredient: SUGARRRRRRR

    CRANK IT UP 7 days ago

    Did you add a mberry every time you tasted one

  • Estonia 1994
    Estonia 1994 8 days ago

    one question. if you take that MBerry pill and eat sweet so does it turn sour?

  • 100 subscribers With videos

    Do you mean malic acid citric acid is toxic

  • The Reaper
    The Reaper 8 days ago

    Tongue took the L

  • thick nugget
    thick nugget 8 days ago

    Can u make mberry cotton candy!!!!

  • Brooks Davis
    Brooks Davis 8 days ago +51

    I got mberry’s and some sour stuff...

    I ate a whole lemon that night.

  • Mason M
    Mason M 8 days ago

    👇🏽. 👇🏽

  • carly diamond
    carly diamond 8 days ago

    19 you're so stupid you are the most stupidest channel you fake everything you are the dumbest channel you are so freaking dumb that I just feel like I can't watch you that you more you better think that Valley I said is most hours thing that Collins key Fast his taste bites

  • Sad Boi
    Sad Boi 8 days ago +37

    I doubt Pure Citric Acid Is Considered A Food.

  • chlo8760 chlo8760
    chlo8760 chlo8760 8 days ago


  • Ewan Kirby
    Ewan Kirby 9 days ago +1

    Technically spiciness is a chemical reaction so even people who can't taste anything can still experience spice

    • BoxedPeaches
      BoxedPeaches 8 days ago

      Ewan Kirby Good point💁🏻‍♂️

  • Cashman123
    Cashman123 9 days ago

    spice is a feeling not a taste

  • MayaTeGamer12
    MayaTeGamer12 9 days ago

    Pause at: 3:37 , 3:30 and 3:29. pure beauty.

  • Alan Zaragoza
    Alan Zaragoza 9 days ago

    7:38 butt sex

  • Laaibah Baig
    Laaibah Baig 10 days ago

    It’s malic acid not citrus acid

    • Person Man
      Person Man 7 days ago

      There is such thing as citric acid, it's what makes lemons and limes sour.

  • John B og Odd Olav Taftø

    In the 10th riddle go out of the way u come in 👌

  • William Thomas
    William Thomas 10 days ago +1

    Sour Sour
    Sour Sour
    Sour Sour
    Sour Sour
    Sour Sour
    Sour Sour
    Sour Sour
    Sour Sour
    Sour Sour
    Sour Sour

  • AyanoAishi Chan
    AyanoAishi Chan 10 days ago +2

    When I saw the spoon fill, I was saying NOOOO DON'T WHY DID YOU DO THAT

  • Ally Isaac
    Ally Isaac 10 days ago

    I ate strawberries while watching this video... okay that’s different

  • evymdac
    evymdac 11 days ago

    Do a worlds largest sour gummy bear

  • Kuba Habet
    Kuba Habet 11 days ago

    U mean malic acid

  • B3nt turtle
    B3nt turtle 12 days ago


  • ιиfιиιтєPOTATO
    ιиfιиιтєPOTATO 12 days ago

    I remebered I ate a spoon full OF citric acid and I loved The taste *sorry im in filipins i dont know English well ;-;

  • Benjamin Little
    Benjamin Little 12 days ago +2

    John: *eats citric acid*
    Joey: OMG DONT DO THAT!!! *proceeds to do what John just did*
    Me: 😑

  • Deanne Rodriguez
    Deanne Rodriguez 12 days ago


  • Qshep 01
    Qshep 01 12 days ago

    3:43 The moment when you eat something gross

    • Qshep 01
      Qshep 01 12 days ago

      Sorry wrong one 3:34

  • Levi Ross
    Levi Ross 12 days ago

    If you eat citric acid and then dring water right after it tastes good

  • Isabella Holmes
    Isabella Holmes 12 days ago

    👅+🍚= 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • Beepy Sheep
    Beepy Sheep 13 days ago

    My favourite colour is chocolate

  • kawaiikiwi22 kullu
    kawaiikiwi22 kullu 13 days ago +18

    when they got to the acid

    mberry: yea about that....

    *mberry has left the chat*


  • Emily Deats
    Emily Deats 13 days ago

    so how many mberrys did they eat just one of like one before each candy???

  • ItsZombieGamerZ
    ItsZombieGamerZ 13 days ago

    3:34 is great

  • Run Awae
    Run Awae 13 days ago +1

    Isn’t that thing kind of dangerous
    Like, if you taste something that hurts, that’s your body saying you shouldn’t eat that. So... yeah not a good idea

  • Lisa H
    Lisa H 13 days ago +1

    I got some of your products four🎄