Miracle Berry vs Pure Citric Acid: Our SOUREST challenge yet!

  • Published on Jul 21, 2018
  • Watch Jon and Joey take on the Mberry versus sour candy challenge!
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    We drank Pepper-laced Lemonade and ate Lemon Drops, Sour Gummy Frogs, Sour Extreme Pop Rocks, a Sour Gummy Worm, Mega Sour Cotton Candy, and pure citric acid both BEFORE taking an Mberry Tablet and AFTER taking an Mberry Tablet. Will the miracle berry live up to its name? Watch to find out!
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  • Bulkierstorm 461
    Bulkierstorm 461 2 hours ago

    My friend snorted citric acid and his nose started bleeding

  • Snow Drop
    Snow Drop 9 hours ago

    3:36 his face 😂😂

  • Minnow Dude
    Minnow Dude 11 hours ago

    I can feel this in my mouth and it’s making me cringe

  • Hey Daniel !
    Hey Daniel ! 14 hours ago

    Tongue: Here we go

  • Aidan Schuh
    Aidan Schuh 16 hours ago +2

    I like it how they don’t get cavities but when we watch we get 6 cavities

  • Nexus YT
    Nexus YT 19 hours ago


  • K I I R A
    K I I R A 19 hours ago +1

    *Tongue has left the chat*

  • Rihards Luinis
    Rihards Luinis 20 hours ago

    Sicric acid isnt that souer

  • ShyMilaMilena Plays Roblox

    I dare u guys to do basically the same thing, but after citric acid u guys should try MALIC ACID!!

  • Miracle Robot
    Miracle Robot Day ago

    Pink is a flavor, and so is blue!

  • Nadya Resendiz
    Nadya Resendiz Day ago


  • Cinnamon Roll
    Cinnamon Roll Day ago

    How about Sour Marshmallow?

  • Kit Yu
    Kit Yu 2 days ago

    There are times when I wonder what you do with your Tongue

  • Martin Liu
    Martin Liu 2 days ago

    malic acid

  • OmarAbbasGamingRTV OmarAbbasGamingRTV


    Please like it took me 1hour!

  • jai pakingan
    jai pakingan 2 days ago


  • Alicia Mesley
    Alicia Mesley 2 days ago

    The boss will so mad at them

  • Leo T
    Leo T 2 days ago

    Way to ruin the moment man 5:25

  • jtagaming 9999
    jtagaming 9999 2 days ago

    That's not citric it's malick acid

  • Yafet Baderga
    Yafet Baderga 3 days ago

    Your tongue probably feels like sea floor spreading but way faster.

  • Levetator 2000
    Levetator 2000 3 days ago

    Its acid duh

  • Jason Kikel
    Jason Kikel 3 days ago

    Who’s mouth hurt while watching this 😂

  • XPencilsX
    XPencilsX 3 days ago

    Citric acid did burn your tongue but it did not take out the spice the m berry took the spice out cause it takes the sour and spice out check the box

  • That Airsoft Guy
    That Airsoft Guy 3 days ago

    1:40 asmr

  • crystalsunset pony
    crystalsunset pony 3 days ago

    How about a passion fruit?

  • Andrew Cruickshank
    Andrew Cruickshank 4 days ago

    It hurts it's an acid

  • Nintendo Boy
    Nintendo Boy 4 days ago

    The part with the giant gummy worm

    • _Dallas_daily_
      _Dallas_daily_ 4 days ago

      Nintendo Boy thank you and glad to give u your first reply btw do u play roblox or animaljam or fortnite?? i would love to friend u on one!!!

    • Nintendo Boy
      Nintendo Boy 4 days ago

      It was from a game

    • Nintendo Boy
      Nintendo Boy 4 days ago

      *the first time someone ever replied to me on my own comment*

    • _Dallas_daily_
      _Dallas_daily_ 4 days ago

      Nintendo Boy please tell me i flippin love vat19's music

  • James Bateman
    James Bateman 4 days ago +1

    This is me
    I want likes
    Plz like

  • yeet or get yeeted
    yeet or get yeeted 5 days ago

    when you try to promote your items without being so obvious

  • Fluffy Warrior
    Fluffy Warrior 5 days ago

    6:28 is the 1st ingredient rainbows or unicorn farts?

  • Kitty #secret
    Kitty #secret 5 days ago

    👩this is Molly
    👗she ate too many sour patch kids
    👢1 like = 1 less sours for Molly

  • LukeGQber
    LukeGQber 6 days ago

    So we just gonna ignore the fact that the pepper lemonade was water the 2nd time or...

  • Mega
    Mega 6 days ago

    85% of the comments are like
    ThIs Is StEvE

  • Listen This Time
    Listen This Time 6 days ago

    You guys are babies

  • NoFace
    NoFace 7 days ago

    This is honest Greg honest Greg wants likes that's it nothing else so pls like

  • NoFace
    NoFace 7 days ago

    3:37 he looked dead oml

  • Ducky ThePro_Gt
    Ducky ThePro_Gt 7 days ago

    You ever see a simple comment and think wow i wish i posted that

  • Dark playz
    Dark playz 7 days ago

    tastebuds:Wut is happening am i on drugs or something

  • Xx_Paelyn _xX
    Xx_Paelyn _xX 7 days ago

    Y’all should make an m berry to where it makes sweet things sour the more sweet the sour

  • bonnieloverz
    bonnieloverz 7 days ago

    😶 this is a random person.
    This person needs a pair of shoes.
    1 like=1 pair

  • quinton
    quinton 7 days ago

    tongue: excuse me what the fuck
    teeth: am i a joke to you

  • I͛m͛a͛ G͛a͛b͛r͛i͛e͛l͛

    5:19 the mberry also take away spicy things

    FORTNITE4REALZ 7 days ago +1

    Oh try malic acid way worse.

  • World 25
    World 25 7 days ago

    isnt the sour frog sour apple and lemon? 0:42

  • kraftues
    kraftues 7 days ago

    M Berry vs toe of satan

  • aj labue
    aj labue 7 days ago +1

    😃 this is Larry
    👕 He's an amputee

    No seriously, that's it.

  • Acey *
    Acey * 8 days ago


  • Lycan Porter
    Lycan Porter 8 days ago

    You could say this video seems to be extremely POP-ULAR

  • SuperE06
    SuperE06 8 days ago

    🎅🏻 This is a weird santa looking thing who is really unoriginal and doing this thing
    👔 don’t like this I frickin hate this emoji thing

  • Katie .J
    Katie .J 8 days ago

    This is Billy, however many likes there is, thats how old he is.

  • Linda Nguyen
    Linda Nguyen 8 days ago

    Do another sour challenge but eat a hole lemon


    Jon almost died but I find it hilarious

  • Manicguy 17
    Manicguy 17 8 days ago

    Pain salt.

  • Can we get 100,000 subscribers With no videos?

    You should try eat an onion

  • Ninja Wolf003
    Ninja Wolf003 8 days ago

    You’ve done at least 4 mberry taste test

  • Evan Blenkinsopp
    Evan Blenkinsopp 8 days ago

    Of course pure Citric Acid would hurt. You’re literally just shoving an acid into your mouth! It’s a weak acid, yes, but can still cause your tongue to bleed if you have it concentrated enough for too long. Just look at all of those “WARHEAD CHALLENGE [CAUTION: BLOOD]” videos on TVclip.

  • Deborah Ong
    Deborah Ong 8 days ago

    How do they get something as sour as citric acid, from... corn.

  • Jayden Wilkinson-Barrows

    I like my own comment because no won elsewhere would mberry with world's largest pizza

  • Raven Harris
    Raven Harris 9 days ago

    I thought it was malic acid?

  • Logan Quach
    Logan Quach 9 days ago

    7:15. Jon’s face tho. 😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Bryan Sproat
    Bryan Sproat 9 days ago +1


  • Jason Lee
    Jason Lee 9 days ago

    2:07 What music did you use for that part? I want to use it as well

  • Justmitchell PlayzYT
    Justmitchell PlayzYT 10 days ago

    Forget citric acid how about MALIC acid? Wimps

  • slimmerslime - Gameplay

    This comment section is aids it’s just people saying like and 1 like is a age

  • Asian Kid 69
    Asian Kid 69 12 days ago

    Bet you’ve seen me somewhere

  • Hanzo Main
    Hanzo Main 13 days ago

    They are literally bad mouthing their own products. Jon was like "the pops were sour" and everyone on set like wanted to punch him 😂

  • Tyanna101
    Tyanna101 13 days ago

    Can you please make cotton candy out of citric acid! :)

  • Yuna Kim
    Yuna Kim 14 days ago

    Miracle berries are supposed to get rid of spice too

  • Antonio Manzella
    Antonio Manzella 14 days ago

    😑 This is an emoji, I'm begging for likes. Give me attention

  • Carla Gayraud
    Carla Gayraud 14 days ago

    Hello diabetes

  • Dom
    Dom 14 days ago

    why u bully me

  • Dot
    Dot 15 days ago

    I tried citric acid and it's not bad

  • Nabil KZ
    Nabil KZ 15 days ago

    Is that drug

  • Content Deleted
    Content Deleted 16 days ago +2

    🥴 this is Cletus and he is angry at people disrespecting the vets 1 like = 1 respect for the vets

  • Hey sis.
    Hey sis. 16 days ago +2

    If you answer this correctly you are VERY smart....so....
    What word becomes SHORTER when you add 2 letters??

  • BumbleBee Ness
    BumbleBee Ness 17 days ago

    1:55 got'em

  • sherea lu
    sherea lu 17 days ago

    Who else laughed when Joey did a very high pitch "Hooo"

  • MiguelReTrO
    MiguelReTrO 18 days ago

    Tongue: *exists*
    Sour stuff: it's free real estate.

  • Mariam Ahmed
    Mariam Ahmed 18 days ago

    Nothing. Is sour

  • Carter Duffie
    Carter Duffie 18 days ago


  • brutally friendzoned
    brutally friendzoned 18 days ago

    When life gives u sourness make it a video

  • Maebh Linden
    Maebh Linden 18 days ago

    You two and kara are my fav sorry everyone else!

  • tamics show
    tamics show 18 days ago

    ●~● this is tod he is about to die one dislike is minus one year

  • thegrowlingwolf
    thegrowlingwolf 18 days ago

    Just watching this makes my teeth hurt

  • Kayla Magill
    Kayla Magill 18 days ago

    Love the citric acid reactions

  • Connor Thomson
    Connor Thomson 19 days ago

    Yo what was that guitar song for the citric acid

  • Trái Châu
    Trái Châu 19 days ago

    ASMR? 1:39

  • Black Out
    Black Out 20 days ago

    Who’s ready for 2019

  • Leonidas Mossoff
    Leonidas Mossoff 20 days ago

    i love yuo

  • Rexz
    Rexz 20 days ago

    Citrus Acid💪😉🤜 🤚🤕🤚 mberry

  • ammara raa
    ammara raa 21 day ago +1


  • sup sup
    sup sup 22 days ago

    This is cody and he is dumb can somebody like to make cody smart

  • Skyrim Riddle
    Skyrim Riddle 22 days ago

    3:37 no offense but I think you need a doctor now. 1 like = one doctor for Jon

  • toe herpes
    toe herpes 23 days ago

    black hair dude right after the shoot: *leaky butt in the bathroom*

  • The Kwebbel
    The Kwebbel 23 days ago

    They're tongues: 💦💦💦💦💦💦💦

  • Natalie Healy
    Natalie Healy 23 days ago

    3:01 train vibes😂😂😂

  • LucasVidzHD
    LucasVidzHD 23 days ago

    At 3:34 I am dying 🤣🤣😂😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂😂🤣🤣

  • Anonymous Man
    Anonymous Man 23 days ago


  • Kevin Simpson
    Kevin Simpson 24 days ago

    My dumbass and my friend got citric acid so we fucking ate all of it and we couldn’t taste anything so at dinner when my mom asked me if it was good I just said it was delicious

  • rachel goldwater
    rachel goldwater 24 days ago

    Do it with the toe of saten