KKW BEAUTY X MARIO Collab Review | Alissa Ashley

  • Published on Apr 2, 2018
  • This was my first time trying anything from KKW Beauty! Lets see how it goes!
    This collection is dropping 04/05 @ 12PM EST
    Full collection is $85
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  • veronica Ave
    veronica Ave 27 days ago

    I been wanting this pallet for so long and I finally snatched it so I been watching videos on tutorials. I know people aren’t huge fans but her makeup line is really so amazing people don’t understand they by attention to her image more so but I have a lot of items form her brand and its like all I use now lmao

  • Lauren Stewart
    Lauren Stewart Month ago


  • Jessica Eberbach
    Jessica Eberbach 8 months ago

    I love you so much you’re absolutely gorgeous ❤️❤️😍😍😭😭😭😂

  • Mudmee
    Mudmee 11 months ago


  • Branitasandhini Sambodjo

    please do other looks with this palette

  • Jayla Najea
    Jayla Najea Year ago

    She sounds and looks like Zendaya

  • Precooked Bacon
    Precooked Bacon Year ago

    you literally do the same look no matter the palette. how is that possible?!

  • Badriyah Zee
    Badriyah Zee Year ago

    I love how simple and to the point your videos are with just enough detail. Really loving your channel!

  • Tots Inapprops
    Tots Inapprops Year ago

    Lmao I love you Alissa you're so sweet. I have nothing to lose so I'll say it...."Kim you make waaaaay too much money for you to be putting out trash. I'm tired of hearing these mediocre reviews about your product.... And quality assurance should be your number one priority because YOU of all people are under major scrutiny. Your label better be STRAIGHT in the next few batches. Keep it together girl!"

  • Elise Powers
    Elise Powers Year ago

    the colors don't mix just because the formula is fucked, not because the makeup is racist.

  • Nkitty24
    Nkitty24 Year ago +1

    Let me just say that i can just stare at your face all day long!!

  • zakiah tukes
    zakiah tukes Year ago +1

    If it wasn't for you this collection would have never gotten a view from me lol. Nothing against it, just doesn't at all interest me.

  • theincredibletwinkie

    I actually wanted to see a blue. Even though it’s overhyped. You’re literally the only YT artist I recreate looks from because you’re a HOODIE queen.

  • Verónica B
    Verónica B Year ago

    What a beautiful woman you are oh Lord! You make me feel like: Ok, when God decided to give beauty to women, you were in the front row and I was 300 places behind??? LOL

  • Beauty Butterfly Make up Play Time

    I love the look!!!!

  • Lola Campbell
    Lola Campbell Year ago

    I love your reviews because of your true honesty keep that quality. I watch a lot of different makeup artist on TVclip do reviews and something I would like to see is a review done with people of a light, medium, and dark completions at the same time reviewing the same palette, using the same colors for the same look. I hope I'm not asking too much, but if anyone can pull it off I know you can. Thanks and stay blessed.

  • Jenairous Nichole

    Yesss I saw you on her story ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Mary Johson Vialva

    Her setting powder doesn’t work for Ebony chocolate skin it leaves leaves a white ashy cast on your face It’s good for lighter complexion maybe light skin are golden brown.

  • Shannon Moffitt
    Shannon Moffitt Year ago

    Y’all know her lipgloss with elf is back in stock right😍

  • Musicellaneous
    Musicellaneous Year ago +1

    This is so great!

  • Shanaa
    Shanaa Year ago

    Kardashians and Jenner's are so over hypppeedddd and over rateeedddd! I don't get it.. but I had to see what's good with this collaboration.

  • Sammy
    Sammy Year ago +1

    Ugh your eye colour is gorg I cant

  • Niosha Jenkins
    Niosha Jenkins Year ago


  • Dominique Boyer
    Dominique Boyer Year ago

    not a fan of cool tones (probably because I don't know how to use them) but i like the look you created with them!

  • Silk Nimū
    Silk Nimū Year ago

    Girl you are gorgeous😍

  • Ashley A
    Ashley A Year ago +1

    I’ve never seen any of your videos, and I just clicked yours because the thumbnail didn’t have the typical palette and pose. Lol so I thank you for being different and your personality is so normal and likable. New subbie for sure! And by the way you are so beautiful! 👏🏼

  • Jessica Henderson

    Talking in the music? Or is my phone tripping? It was very distractingb

  • ItGirl Kay
    ItGirl Kay Year ago

    I would really love to see you in some bold lashes ... certain lashes just transform the entire look from sweet to sexy/baddie

  • Miki Minach
    Miki Minach Year ago +1

    nooo I think super nude looks so good on you! shame about the formula

  • Danielle Thibault
    Danielle Thibault Year ago +1

    Her lip cremes with Kylie do the same lip things where as the super nude. The colors are nice but it does the same thing which really sucks

  • Kaylynne Wilson
    Kaylynne Wilson Year ago

    Your voice is so cute omg I love it

  • kaylee mason
    kaylee mason Year ago

    what are u talking about you rock that color sis!!!!

  • Penny
    Penny Year ago +1

    The whispers in the background music scared the shit out of me at first 😂😂

  • Enlightened__ Goddess11:11

    What do you use on your brows? Updated tutorial PLEASE?

  • Alice Abrahamsson
    Alice Abrahamsson Year ago +1

    (My opinion here okok, don't get butthurt)
    I think its becoming so bland and basic that every model, celebrity or superstar starts to have their own beauty brand nowadays, its nothing special in my opinion and they don't bring something new to the table, you get it?
    Its like back in the days when every celebrity had their own special perfume (Britney, Katy Perry, Taylor swift etc.)
    I don't care for the KKW x Mario palette, it looks very basic like every other celebrity makeup palette.

  • Chi Zoba
    Chi Zoba Year ago +1

    I love the classic lipstick, it’s so beautiful

  • Sutton
    Sutton Year ago

    I think a lot of us have ZERO intention to buy this palette but we here watching you work! Congrats for being on their PR list!

  • n vr
    n vr Year ago

    no blue. nice to see what other looks this palette can do. thanks. :D

  • Anne-Marie Castillo
    Anne-Marie Castillo Year ago +1

    Which BH Cosmetics brush is that? The blending brush? I needsta know!! LOL

  • Jackie R.
    Jackie R. Year ago

    What you said about the sticker I just want to say that you don’t know what the workers have to go trough just to get you an thousand other people their palettes and putting those stickers by hand is not easy so you can try to apréciate a little more focus on the quality of the actual palette because for those type of comments it doesn’t affect the brand it affects the workers

  • Vivian Coronado
    Vivian Coronado Year ago +1

    So glad I found this video.

  • kaylee scharneck
    kaylee scharneck Year ago +1

    Really wanted to see the blue on your completion to see it it would suit me ,
    But I loved the look ❤️

  • antiquedynasty
    antiquedynasty Year ago +1

    Not even gonna lie, i forget that lighter black women still have issues with cosmetics formulated for beige to white skin. I just assumed that wasn't the case.

  • Emiko T
    Emiko T Year ago +2

    I’m not here for the review or the product....I’m just here for you and your work! KKW won’t get a penny from me. 🤷🏽‍♀️

  • Zaara Javed
    Zaara Javed Year ago +1

    i love alissa because she’s so honest, and nice, and she isn’t shady at all!! she’s what beauty gurus should be like

    AskCHRISSY Year ago

    Waiting for that FENTY review...

  • Tiger Lily
    Tiger Lily Year ago

    Thank you for being honest in ur review. Kim came out with her stuff way 2 late. The market is too saturated to get excited about these products.

  • lancey lance
    lancey lance Year ago +2

    Does anyone know what foundation she’s wearing ?

  • Helena
    Helena Year ago +3

    Kylie Cosmetics Royal Peach Palette and this palette it’s almost the same it’s ridiculous

  • Ayenate' Lawson
    Ayenate' Lawson Year ago

    Most people are warm toned, but since I'm on the cool side I like when they throw us a some cool shades.

  • Eriele Tellis
    Eriele Tellis Year ago

    Thanks for the honest review.

  • T Hynson
    T Hynson Year ago

    On camera all 3 lip products looked nice with your eye look. Very pretty.

  • Bethjuna Faustin
    Bethjuna Faustin Year ago

    Loved your review😍 but I need a Colourpop X Alissa collaboration ASAP that would be EVERYTHING !!!! 🙌🏾

  • Kayleigh Puley
    Kayleigh Puley Year ago


  • Maria Hammill
    Maria Hammill Year ago

    I am a lighter complexion than you and I won't buy anymore Tarte palettes because they do the same darn thing on me. I cannot make them work.

  • HotMessNess MUA
    HotMessNess MUA Year ago

    I really like this style . Already using one side and talking through is a nice approach

  • Hadasa Rodriguez
    Hadasa Rodriguez Year ago

    Kylie has a similar eyeshadow palette. The concealers, lip glosses and powders are sample size and with the Shape Tape and Laura Mercier cruising around I think KKW is so Not worth the hype

  • Danie Thornsen
    Danie Thornsen Year ago +397

    Finally a review without a blue eye. 🙌🏾

    • Erin Rodgers
      Erin Rodgers Year ago

      Danie Vixen blue make up is GORGEOUS bro 😭😍

    • Shanaa
      Shanaa Year ago

      Danie Vixen tbfh

    • Glam Beauty
      Glam Beauty Year ago +1

      She should have released a single shadow lol

    • Alice Abrahamsson
      Alice Abrahamsson Year ago +2

      the blue eyeshadow looks in a lot of beauty gurus who got this palette becomes so boring after a while, they are basically using the same colours

  • Dulce Magallon
    Dulce Magallon Year ago +1

    i love watching your videos ): you're always so positive and it just makes me so happy♡

  • HotMessNess MUA
    HotMessNess MUA Year ago

    You look gorgeous! Clicked for u

  • Susan Spight
    Susan Spight Year ago

    i love bad gal bang but the transfer is the worst!!!!!!!

  • teeahrahahnet
    teeahrahahnet Year ago +3

    I'm so underwhelmed by this palette. Watching to support you lol

  • Carla Koogler
    Carla Koogler Year ago

    Your brows are perfect! I know they are not the subject matter ..... but just had to say ...........

  • Toni Toussaint
    Toni Toussaint Year ago

    Alissa makes everything look good! So gorg

  • Kayla Jay
    Kayla Jay Year ago +1

    Yes! I’m here because I know you’ll give us the TRUTH! Love your reviews, you keep it real!

  • 90’s Baby
    90’s Baby Year ago

    I was like why one eye looks different lol my dumbass wasn’t paying attention lol btw girl you be slayin that makeup 😍🔥

  • everberry51
    everberry51 Year ago

    Omg this image quality! This eye lewk 🤩

  • Sugaree
    Sugaree Year ago +2

    The glosses looked good on you.

  • Arantxa Orig
    Arantxa Orig Year ago +1

    I wish Mario would just release his own makeup line 😩

  • Macru37 PR
    Macru37 PR Year ago

    I love this look on you!!!

  • Jo
    Jo Year ago

    KKW brand 😴😴😴😴😴

  • Lalaa Nini
    Lalaa Nini Year ago +2

    Crayola pallet review pleasee🤗❤️

  • KirtBean
    KirtBean Year ago

    I love how many influensters cancelled shape tape ❤️✊🏾

  • Ruby P
    Ruby P Year ago +1

    This has been the only kardashian/jenner makeup product I've been interested in, bc of Mario- I just think he's an amazing makeup artist. I don't hate Kim but I just think there are sooo many other products that are more affordable and more accessible, plus I'm not into the whole "lets hype this up as a limited quantity product so people will rush online to spend their money now" type of brands. I know some of her and kylie's products are permanent but I prefer to support other brands...

  • christian gonzalez
    christian gonzalez Year ago +1

    thanks alissa! 💖 i’m totally buying this palette thursday. i was just waiting for a review i knew i could trust.

  • Bombay Lover
    Bombay Lover Year ago

    Yess!! Do a brick smokey eye 😍

  • Sasha Sion
    Sasha Sion Year ago +1

    Your whole personality tho 😍

  • Andrea Janae
    Andrea Janae Year ago +1

    Are your eyes green ???

  • ma_kayla_rose
    ma_kayla_rose Year ago

    I literally love you so damn much! And you’re such a sweet person!

  • peachyghoul
    peachyghoul Year ago

    Waiting for that oatmeal review✌🏼

  • TheNenaBrown
    TheNenaBrown Year ago +2

    Thank you for the review Gorgeous! 💖
    For me, ISSA NO!
    The palette comes off hella ashy looking & DEFINITELY NOT chocolate girl 👩🏾👩🏾👩🏾 friendly..
    I actually liked the 2nd gloss color & it was pretty on you.. But they are waaaay to casket ready nude for dark skin gals.. (But I definitely wasn't expecting it to be)
    I do love the packaging of the lipstick! The transparent tube was hella cute & unique 😍

  • Aurora Tejeda
    Aurora Tejeda Year ago

    Nice review 💕💕

  • armybratchic
    armybratchic Year ago

    I'm sooooo excited for this pallette!!!! ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

  • Heydi Robles
    Heydi Robles Year ago

    Best review

  • quishadoll
    quishadoll Year ago

    ummmmmmmmmmmmmm 😭

  • yneone
    yneone Year ago

    You look amazing. I was hoping you'd use the blue to be honest...LOL. I like this palette and the colors seem to blend well which is consistent with other reviews I've seen. I have never purchased from KKW either because of the price point really but I will get this palette at some point. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do a look using the blue. With your skin color, it would be amazing. Thank you!

  • Jennifer Adams Franklin

    Only watching cause I enjoy ur videos. 😊✌🏾Not a fan of the line. But let's see.....

  • Vanessa Hernandez

    This palette reminds me a lot of the Jaclyn hill palette

  • Skye Foord-Kelcey

    I love that you are very critical of the line and remain professional and true to your thoughts. I'm literally only watching cause I know you will tell companies to step up when they need it

  • Rebecca Reif
    Rebecca Reif Year ago +5

    Appreciate this review, but NOT a huge fan of the background music...

  • Colyn Jessica
    Colyn Jessica Year ago +1

    I would love to see a review by you of the under eye kits by KKW beauty. Also… You’re adorable!

  • Leticia Carrigan
    Leticia Carrigan Year ago +18

    Your natural lashes look good little sis😇there getting long.

  • Sammie A
    Sammie A Year ago +1

    I’m sure a million people have mentioned this but Kim’s products are getting better. Dare I say better than Kylie’s......
    I wonder what it’s like in that Kardashian bubble....I’ll bet Kylie is not happy about this !

  • Nesha Nord
    Nesha Nord Year ago +1

    Beat face! I'm here because of that THUMBNAIL!!!!! Lolololololol!!!!!!

  • Mara Mimosa
    Mara Mimosa Year ago +25

    When Alissa said she hopes to do a collaboration with someone...
    me: calls up auntie Jackie 😩😂
    That would be a great collab right there 🤔😍💯

  • Lietta Goins
    Lietta Goins Year ago +1

    My best friend bought me the tarte Amazonian clay pallete two Christmas' ago. I couldn't use the top two rows because they were so pastel the shadows turned grey or basically white on me. And this was when I was using soft ocre from my brown bone to my kid as a primer. It was like the shadows weren't rich enough to be bold or pop. They just set the paint pot if that makes sense. I have it to my sister who is mixed with cool undertones. My best friend is lighskin and isn't into makeup as much as me so I never told her I couldn't use it because buzzfeed recommended it for deep shades 😩😩😩

  • Elizabeth Gonzalez

    I love how chill you are on all of your videos 💕

  • Romia Chambers
    Romia Chambers Year ago +2

    Was it me or is it hella weird for that electric blue to be in this palette? It seemed sorta out of place to me 🤷🏾‍♀️

  • Daisy Mathews
    Daisy Mathews Year ago +4

    I’m so happy he’s coming out with his own brand because he’s going to have some amazing products 😊!

  • Kenyae wooden
    Kenyae wooden Year ago

    Hi Alissa, I love the point about some shadows being formulated for lighter skin tones...please do a video on this topic! Sometimes I feel like I suck at eyeshadow...then when I try other brands I’m winning!! Lol love this video btw 💋💋💋