Joe Rogan Experience - Fight Companion - September 7, 2019

  • Published on Sep 7, 2019
  • Joe is joined by Eddie Bravo, Bryan Callen & Brendan Schaub to watch the fights on September 7, 2019.

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  • D̶a̶m̶o̶n̶ ̶ J̶u̶d̶e̶

    Let's all pray that Schaubs goofy ass pulls a Paul Walker in his car! That's the only comedy I want to see from him! Or hopefully he offs himself like Brody Stevens! 🙏

  • D̶a̶m̶o̶n̶ ̶ J̶u̶d̶e̶

    Faggot Schaub lowkey hates Khabib!

  • B-Grade Productions

    ya gotta roll ta roll

  • theGhostFacekillah92

    hahaha Eddie be gold in this one. "daaaaamn, they getting but cheek cancer"

  • Cris Loza
    Cris Loza 2 days ago

    Gun to the head? Yaaaa

  • Active Guard
    Active Guard 3 days ago

    They need to keep these alive with the four horsemen

  • ragnarlodbrok
    ragnarlodbrok 4 days ago +1

    Lmao Joe and Brendan are not funny at all, Eddie is right you don't have to be funny to be a comic now.

  • Kristijan Korat
    Kristijan Korat 6 days ago +12

    Joe: What does Tony eat?
    Eddie: He eats like a savage.

  • Kristijan Korat
    Kristijan Korat 6 days ago +1

    Bravo can’t answer then he starts telling a story.. lol 😂 Man he’s crazy weird and funny like Tony that’s why they click.

  • Antidote
    Antidote 7 days ago


  • Paul Mark
    Paul Mark 7 days ago

    The Old man yoga had me dying

  • Daniel Mejia
    Daniel Mejia 8 days ago

    Hispanics rule fight games, boxing and ufc.

  • Ticklemehomo
    Ticklemehomo 9 days ago

    Eddie's right, there are a lot of comedians who have horrible specials and standup in general. Joe's most recent special was ok, I could not finish Amy Schumers leather special and Hannah Gadsby makes me wanna put a revolver in my mouth. The best comic right now is Tom Segura, that dude is funny af without even trying and all his netflix specials are killers, 2 bears 1 cave with Bert (who is also really funny) is my new favorite podcast.

  • CMS Mokes
    CMS Mokes 10 days ago +2

    “Are we live?” No Joe, you’re not.

  • jcaudill1972
    jcaudill1972 10 days ago

    The thing is people call wrestling fake but the only REAL fake part about it is the ending, who wins, but pound for pound the wrestlers are tougher than MMA fighters. Now before you explode I'm talking what they physically put their bodies through and keep going. They jump off the top rope to the concrete 400 times a year and keep going. Tell me an MMA fighter straight out the gate right now that could do that? Nobody could so calling wrestling fake is unfair

  • John Wick
    John Wick 11 days ago

    What was that all about @57:13

  • KiarOdyssey
    KiarOdyssey 11 days ago

    Uncle Joey better be there Nov 2

  • DoucheBags
    DoucheBags 11 days ago

    2:51 my ass hurts cuz theres a little bit of a bulge thats pushing on it.

  • Asparuh Ivanov
    Asparuh Ivanov 11 days ago

    So was Eddie Bravo born like that or he became the stupidest person on the planet while aging?

  • BasedOmen
    BasedOmen 11 days ago

    Werdum vs Ngannou anyone?

  • nadir allahverdiyev
    nadir allahverdiyev 12 days ago

    Brendan: dude look at his dad. His dad looks like he can go four rounds 2:32:07

  • Pro Fights Info
    Pro Fights Info 12 days ago

    I watched this on September 8, 2019!

  • Harry Stokes
    Harry Stokes 12 days ago

    Eddie bravo and Steve o have very similar voices

  • Jimmy Tweedale
    Jimmy Tweedale 12 days ago

    Anybody else remember the live days?

  • Jimmy Tweedale
    Jimmy Tweedale 12 days ago +5

    Joe: hey gu....
    Brendan: I agreeee

  • Tommy Larsen
    Tommy Larsen 13 days ago +5

    2:25:43 Eddie dropping knowledge

  • rich mills
    rich mills 13 days ago

    Eddie bravo:- wait pizza not coming.... FUCK!!

  • Luke Robinson
    Luke Robinson 13 days ago

    57:13 wtf is up with joe lol

  • Rhodesain Tetrahedron
    Rhodesain Tetrahedron 13 days ago

    Eddie bravo is the shit lol

  • lirbic
    lirbic 14 days ago

    Wish Eddie would shave his arm pits. His sweat is disgutsing

  • Jorge Masvidal
    Jorge Masvidal 14 days ago

    The one time Joey Diaz came on a fight companion he created a fire in the mma community. Stiopic khalabeeb etc. The views and hype was insane. And these cunts still dont have him come on.

  • Clos Montana
    Clos Montana 14 days ago


  • Jon Jones
    Jon Jones 15 days ago

    Bunch of f4aggots

    Bravo is the only non bias guy there who is cool

    Joe is a dumb f4ggot with his ball sucker brendan and his other ball sucker callen

    fk me, such an insufferable trio

  • Yohan02972
    Yohan02972 15 days ago

    I wish brendon would stop kissing ass

  • TheTruthness2011
    TheTruthness2011 15 days ago +1

    Rogan caught-out on bullshitting, for the umpteenth-time.
    Eddie said the Regenicin didn't work for him - at all.
    Rogan has been banging-on about it for years - how effective it is.
    Once Eddie opened his mouth Rogan tried to move the subject away from Regenicin and on to stem-cells.
    'Friend', huh?
    How anyone can take him serious shows how fucked the World is

  • Seth Stidams
    Seth Stidams 16 days ago

    Rogan kisses Eddie bravo and tony Ferguson’s ass and shits on Khabib whenever he can get away with it. Tony is good but reality is he’s old and not strong enough to beat Khabib anywhere .

  • Seth Stidams
    Seth Stidams 16 days ago

    Rogan just forgets to mention how tony Ferguson gets the shit beat out of him most fights and act like the micheal Johnson ass whooping didn’t happen .
    It’s nice to dream but in reality tony doesn’t stand much chance against Khabib

  • swiss cheese
    swiss cheese 16 days ago

    Ray Leonard is not struggling to talk joe

  • Sakib Khan
    Sakib Khan 16 days ago

    Schaub gonna bring the name Conor anyway

  • Mask of Zen
    Mask of Zen 16 days ago +37

    Joe: x
    Brendan Schaub: "I loveeeee x"


    no chancho, i would never leave you.. i just need to borrow some sweats
    -Brendan Schaub

  • UltimateJugement
    UltimateJugement 17 days ago +1

    Rich Piana goddamn it! 46:50 R.I.P

  • VA
    VA 17 days ago

    First Time i laughed in The whole podcast was Eddies "old man yoga"...he should Make that in to a bit...funniest shit ever, Cracked me up real gooe 😂😂😂

  • ItsThatEazy
    ItsThatEazy 17 days ago +25

    Bryan, "He doesn't look like hes taking much damage"... Eddie, "aren't you an actor?" Lmao @2:22:45

    • Mad Funny
      Mad Funny 13 days ago +2

      @Jorge Masvidal Eddie is teasing Bryan, because he's an actor, not a fighter. So, Eddie is saying, how would Bryan know, what taking damage, looks like.
      Imagine two doctors, discussing how to do an operation - and the hospital janitor says, "Maybe you guys should do it like this."
      The doctors, would be like, "WTF? Aren't you the janitor?"

    • Jorge Masvidal
      Jorge Masvidal 14 days ago +1

      ItsThatEazy whats the pun here? Serious question

    • MagicMonkeyTM
      MagicMonkeyTM 15 days ago

      ItsThatEazy hahaha

  • Colt Benbow
    Colt Benbow 17 days ago

    It’s a fun game every time the say 100% stroke it and see if you can nut.. is that gay/or to repetitive

  • Derrick Santos
    Derrick Santos 18 days ago

    Eddie with that coke-bloat

  • Robert Barnes
    Robert Barnes 18 days ago

    Eddie man, so gung ho about trump, thats disappointing.

  • C
    C 18 days ago

    Damn joe how you stay friends with someone that’s outs you for cheating on your wife? I.E. brannon slob

  • Alex Chaparro
    Alex Chaparro 18 days ago

    It took me 3 weeks to watch this companion.These matherfuckers are bias couse they dont got money on it. Rich Bitches

  • peter hondros
    peter hondros 18 days ago

    fuck callen

  • Red Arrow
    Red Arrow 19 days ago +1

    lmfao 3:01:00

  • Andrew Amaya
    Andrew Amaya 19 days ago

    I skipped this podcast only because Schaub is a fuckin tool and even though I don't know him he is annoying to hear and isn't funny. Lol

  • dzaleski09
    dzaleski09 19 days ago +4

    Joe needs to have a live intervention with Brendan about comedy...

    • Yong Gun
      Yong Gun 18 days ago

      dzaleski09 failing in comedy has no risk of injuries like fighting, also Brendan is killing it rn even if he may not be the funniest comedian

  • Tim Zahler
    Tim Zahler 19 days ago

    Rogans a china mans limp tall

  • VA
    VA 19 days ago

    Whats that countdown timer fo?

    • VA
      VA 19 days ago

      @SeztoGaming ah, but of course, thanks.

    • SeztoGaming
      SeztoGaming 19 days ago +1

      For people who are watching the fights to sync up

  • frank hargrave
    frank hargrave 20 days ago

    Say that name Brendan lol

  • Rio Sas
    Rio Sas 20 days ago

    Lol fk jamie for show hairi dude and not hot woman ;)

  • Kyle Christensen
    Kyle Christensen 20 days ago

    I’ve figured it out: the only person dumber than Schaub is Bravo.

  • Joshua Diaz
    Joshua Diaz 20 days ago

    Russians are taking over boxing? Fuck, Joe Rogan says some dumbshit sometimes. United States and Mexico currently still hold most of the titles. Russia is not even in the top 3 in boxing. Stick to mma.

  • Michael James
    Michael James 20 days ago

    What's up at 57:08 where Jamie says something and apologized as JRE looks in his direction? Poor Jamie like a domestic violence victim here.

    • SeztoGaming
      SeztoGaming 19 days ago +1

      It’s because joe was talking about a product from a sponsor of the show and he called it weird. That’s all there is too it