Binging with Babish: Fried Chicken Lasagna & The Luther Burger from the Boondocks


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  • Josh Guevara
    Josh Guevara Day ago

    What's with americans mixing desserts and meals?

  • Aadi Shankar
    Aadi Shankar Day ago

    What would happen if God and Hell did an eating challenge with the Luther burger and that breakfast lasagna?

  • ethervagabond
    ethervagabond 2 days ago

    "starting with waffle and sausage and fried chicken lasagna" --a...alright
    "next up we're going to trim off the fat" -...why?

  • Tyler From Texas
    Tyler From Texas 2 days ago

    Where's the grilled onions?

  • Family friendly randy

    Spicy milk

  • kurodiggs o
    kurodiggs o 2 days ago

    I could feel my arteries clogging just from watching this

  • Yung Yeet
    Yung Yeet 2 days ago

    Why do I want to eat that?

    GAY GAY 2 days ago

    this looks good shut the fuck up babish u fuckin towel head

  • Lemaunade
    Lemaunade 2 days ago

    0:43 poor chiggen

  • dairil harraz
    dairil harraz 3 days ago

    _it might cause death_

  • just Lea
    just Lea 3 days ago

    Why is this guy not on television yet, holy hell ....

  • GoodOleUltraviolence

    yo i'm about to eat

  • momo mo
    momo mo 4 days ago

    more like bagel burger

  • Gamerboy 3213
    Gamerboy 3213 4 days ago

    I've always wondered if kosher salt is needed or if it's how babish cooks

  • Kevin Ortiz
    Kevin Ortiz 4 days ago

    What is it about these recipes that make them so dangerous?

  • BMO chop
    BMO chop 4 days ago

    Ugh you always do way too much

  • BigBalloon 19087
    BigBalloon 19087 4 days ago

    Just cause it's healthy doesn't mean it's goof

    jdjdkk kid ndndjd d d
    4A-GE Sorry about that, had a stroke

  • bonesaw cris
    bonesaw cris 4 days ago

    Just used the sausage gravy recipe, but because i had no flour i used pancake mix. It came out bretty good

  • Anderxon
    Anderxon 5 days ago

    Have you ever made a dish without kosher salt

  • Morgan Parsons
    Morgan Parsons 5 days ago

    I'm suprised I didn't have a stroke just watching this

  • Yo boi
    Yo boi 5 days ago

    Diabetes in a burger
    In anime form

    Cuz why not?

  • charlie Dilltardē
    charlie Dilltardē 5 days ago +1

    make haggish if you are so free ya twat

  • marc huerta
    marc huerta 6 days ago

    Isn't there supposes to be grilled onions on a Luther?

  • Lola Bunny
    Lola Bunny 6 days ago

    Why didn't you make pork flavored broccoli!?

  • Ale x
    Ale x 6 days ago

    2 bald guys eating deaths dick

  • ThatLastGuyHD
    ThatLastGuyHD 6 days ago

    Steven: Call me lasagna
    Pearl: Steven stop your gonna break her.
    Yellow Pearl: Have a safe extraction Pink Lasagna

  • Christopher Weston
    Christopher Weston 7 days ago

    Remember to lay away when frying to avoid initial burns lol. I learned the hard way

  • misokittyywatch
    misokittyywatch 8 days ago

    Your voice reminds me of Lemony Snicket

  • GrimDeath 8
    GrimDeath 8 8 days ago +1

    This very food rivals the heart attack grill in Vegas

  • Mc Rick
    Mc Rick 8 days ago

    I’m getting a heart attack just watching you make that lasagna

  • Yusuf Mohamed Al Banna

    Did I hear him say: fry the chicken for 6 to 9 minutes?

  • Stephen Budders
    Stephen Budders 9 days ago

    That lasagna looks so good... as long as you don’t mind a mild heart attack or two

  • Clipz -_-
    Clipz -_- 9 days ago

    Who else remember this episode

  • Shannon Ladnier
    Shannon Ladnier 9 days ago

    Ive had that burger at the mississippi state fair once, no regrets

  • Not a milk drinker
    Not a milk drinker 9 days ago

    *Feels awkward about using the word "breast" but totally ok with saying "lube up"*

  • CloppyFeet
    CloppyFeet 13 days ago

    Looks good

  • Aidan Poole
    Aidan Poole 13 days ago

    Your videos are the best, you deserve 50 million bruh

  • Ben Anderson
    Ben Anderson 14 days ago

    This is gonna give a vegan a stroke

  • David Gregory
    David Gregory 14 days ago

    im boutta make all that

  • Crunch and Fitness
    Crunch and Fitness 14 days ago

    Love Boondocks so funny

  • Billy Pack
    Billy Pack 14 days ago

    Nice dragon ball tat

  • Ying the Eevee
    Ying the Eevee 14 days ago

    That kid has a point lmao

  • B-rye the dragon guy
    B-rye the dragon guy 14 days ago

    That screams America In a goodish way

  • I'm Nut
    I'm Nut 15 days ago

    That's aggressively american

  • Ezranisha Banks
    Ezranisha Banks 15 days ago

    Did not get weirded out when you said breast but did get weirded out when you said lube up 😂😂😂

  • Aye Lmao
    Aye Lmao 15 days ago +1

    The serve the Lutherburger at the deli right down the street (Rocky’s Millwood Deli)

  • OrTizzy ToBizzy
    OrTizzy ToBizzy 15 days ago

    What did you say niggggga?!

  • Edward Shalash
    Edward Shalash 16 days ago

    Thorax is nicer more professional word for chicken breast 😉

  • SqiffyMarlin
    SqiffyMarlin 16 days ago

    Love this show and video

  • Richard Harper
    Richard Harper 17 days ago

    Didn't know you watched black people shows.

  • jose.roblox.1995
    jose.roblox.1995 17 days ago

    this is a stereotypical black man's wet dream

  • Erox
    Erox 18 days ago

    Great video but just wondering what do you do with all that food once you're done? I

  • Carter Stokoe
    Carter Stokoe 18 days ago

    Chicken titties! breasts doesnt sound so bad now does it?

  • Jeff Pagan
    Jeff Pagan 18 days ago

    Isn't Luther Vandross dead?

  • Angelique Boulware
    Angelique Boulware 18 days ago

    i am usually a corn bread guy but corn waffles genius!!!

  • sylvion Chan
    sylvion Chan 19 days ago

    In Kentucky that burger is sold at a restaurant called the grind it is one of my favorite burgers. ps can you make the portal game cake

  • lava lupus
    lava lupus 19 days ago

    i started this video in 2018 and ended it in 2019

  • Nobr4in3r
    Nobr4in3r 19 days ago

    This is why the world looks down on america.
    This and rednecks

  • beeala boobie
    beeala boobie 19 days ago


  • chilicutter
    chilicutter 19 days ago

    Honestly that luther burger looks way better irl 🤤

  • Caleb Collier
    Caleb Collier 20 days ago

    Make Bitch Lasagna in honor of PewDiePie

  • Noe Fernandez
    Noe Fernandez 20 days ago

    how do you do this? I burn eggs, I can't even toast bread correctly.

  • Empty Empty
    Empty Empty 21 day ago

    Why are your egg yolks so perfect and round in the pan??? This is sorcery.

  • Nicholas Lenford
    Nicholas Lenford 22 days ago

    My only critique is he neglected to toast the burger buns.

  • Confusion BOMB
    Confusion BOMB 23 days ago +1

    The Luther burger IS AMERICA *IF IT WAS A FOOD!!!*

  • See it or Flick it.
    See it or Flick it. 23 days ago

    I was with the breakfast lasagna until it was drenched in syrup. A small drizzle on the waffle would have been good but drenched? That pushed the excess level of the already excessive dish too far.

  • Fahad Mirza
    Fahad Mirza 23 days ago

    Why use both peanut and vegetables oil?

  • Yuuki Plays
    Yuuki Plays 23 days ago

    Make a krusty burger from the Simpsons

  • Bigermax25 Gaming
    Bigermax25 Gaming 24 days ago

    *F R E E D O M*

  • Lola Ashton
    Lola Ashton 25 days ago

    Why do you have so much liquor

  • timeroller
    timeroller 26 days ago

    you forgot the part in making the Luther burger where you perform an exorcism on your kitchen to banish the unholy abomination you have just created to the acid filled hell of your stomach

  • Emuzthewized
    Emuzthewized 26 days ago

    Western New York like in Buffalo has I think 2 Krispy Creme doughnuts

  • domisthebomb09
    domisthebomb09 26 days ago

    My heart just stopped just by looking at this

  • cάᴌvɪɲ ᴆêƖ ȷoε

    make bih lasagna

  • stopdropandroll
    stopdropandroll 29 days ago

    Bitch lasagna

  • Kaleb Austermuhl
    Kaleb Austermuhl 29 days ago

    You theme your episodes very well. Also, great use of clear speaking. One perk of a voiceover, am I right? Guess it's lost in the ether before publishing.

  • steven smith
    steven smith Month ago

    3:07 When did it become uncomfortable to say and or hear the word Breasts.

  • steven smith
    steven smith Month ago

    The Luther burger should be served to death row inmates as a last meal/execution.

  • Brendan Marks
    Brendan Marks Month ago

    You cut in half and didnt show the cross section how dare you

  • George Prchal
    George Prchal Month ago +1

    Must be what crack tastes like.

  • TheBarbaricTain
    TheBarbaricTain Month ago

    The Lutherburger I actually got at my state fair so yeah it is carnival food.

  • YUXNGOD 999
    YUXNGOD 999 Month ago

    Your friend sounds like Shaun Evans

  • Popular Loser582
    Popular Loser582 Month ago

    Biatch Lasagne

  • White Cat
    White Cat Month ago

    Make a bitch lasagna

  • Who Like Cake
    Who Like Cake Month ago

    Yeah I saw all that grease too so that's pretty free.

  • Zechariah James
    Zechariah James Month ago

    If I had made that lasagna I would have eaten the entire thing

  • Leapsalot
    Leapsalot Month ago

    *holy shit, that is violently american*

  • Zigger34
    Zigger34 Month ago

    The doughnut burger is a fair food they serve it at Dixie classic fair in nc

  • Muhamad Agil Najib
    Muhamad Agil Najib Month ago

    Its like something from epic meal time, but much better

  • HeckinLe Bork
    HeckinLe Bork Month ago

    Babish: *makes breakfast Lasagna*
    EMT: ''You call that Lasagna?'' *pulls out fast food lasagna* ''THIS IS LASAGNA"

  • Myles Yamada
    Myles Yamada Month ago

    The other guy was a fucking pretentious dick

  • Shauna Donnelly
    Shauna Donnelly Month ago

    0:20 anyone else hear "bitching with Babish"

  • Symd That Guy
    Symd That Guy Month ago

    lets get this to 100K likes

  • ArghRawrWhoa
    ArghRawrWhoa Month ago


  • AtheistGunGamer22077

    You ruined it with the maple syrup

  • xxxCrackerJack501xxx

    "It'll cause...death!"
    lol, I miss that show

  • Lucidity
    Lucidity Month ago

    Coming from Season 2 BwB back to early Season 1, Babish sounds so unenthused tbh

  • Dimas Syahrul
    Dimas Syahrul Month ago

    Bing!!! Lasagnaa.. Bing!!! Lasagnaa

  • MaggieCandy
    MaggieCandy Month ago

    Even though I hate eggs, I actually wouldn’t mind trying that breakfast lasagna. If only just once.

  • Nate_dawg 115
    Nate_dawg 115 Month ago

    I tried the donut burger with Krispy Kreme and in n out. It was really good