Binging with Babish: Fried Chicken Lasagna & The Luther Burger from the Boondocks


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  • Daniel McCoolly
    Daniel McCoolly 4 hours ago

    Why should the word breast make anyone uncomfortable?

  • BokChoyKhoi
    BokChoyKhoi Day ago

    Now this is something that is worthy of two heart attacks and eight strokes from Peter Griffin.

  • Ben Rinehart
    Ben Rinehart Day ago

    Loved the episode up until Sean Evans came on, then I immediately stopped watching.

  • Lucines Polanco
    Lucines Polanco 2 days ago +1

    Can you please open up a restaurant and just serve creations inspired by tv shows and movies 🙏🏼

  • ray jude tubbs
    ray jude tubbs 4 days ago

    oh my god. you don't know how much it hurt me, both spiritually and emotionally, for you to make such beautiful chicken and waffles only to completely and magnificently bastardize it.

    godspeed, babish. you hurt me so good.

  • Trashboye
    Trashboye 5 days ago

    the episode these foods were
    featured in was the only episode
    of the boondocks where the n word
    was never said

  • Ramon Wilson
    Ramon Wilson 5 days ago

    Hell yeah!!! The luther burger

  • Gold Coin
    Gold Coin 6 days ago +1

    4:45 the main event.

  • ???
    ??? 7 days ago

    That looks so fucking good.

  • freddy04123
    freddy04123 7 days ago

    Sorry but there's no way to make sausage gravy tasty.

  • McLovin McLovin
    McLovin McLovin 9 days ago

    Hey Sean from first we feast

  • Lorenzo Maldonado
    Lorenzo Maldonado 10 days ago

    So can i use German "brot" sausage, italien sausage or just breakfasts sausage ?

  • ColinM
    ColinM 10 days ago

    With all this cooking, what's your daily caloric intake?

  • secret222
    secret222 10 days ago

    The chicken is to thick. It needs to be thinnr cuts

  • tristanc64 on twitch
    tristanc64 on twitch 10 days ago

    finally got to see this come to life after thinking that shit looked good on tv ten years ago

  • Giana Ross
    Giana Ross 11 days ago

    I literally watched that episode like a week ago. It was funny af

  • goldenkuky
    goldenkuky 11 days ago

    The puns tho 😂

  • ToN1c
    ToN1c 11 days ago

    This Lasagne would really need some Mac & cheese to make it better. The Lasagne could learn a Lot from the garbage Plate

  • Katherine Wilson
    Katherine Wilson 11 days ago

    This video is great! I got heartburn just watching it thank you!

  • art seen as art
    art seen as art 12 days ago


  • Luar D'Andrea
    Luar D'Andrea 13 days ago

    Yours can't serve people this kind of stuff. It's gonna cause...death.

  • Iron Raccoon
    Iron Raccoon 13 days ago +1

    This must be what crack feels like.

  • lazy bhikkhu
    lazy bhikkhu 13 days ago

    Wow, is this pre-cross-section?

  • talen dumas
    talen dumas 15 days ago

    how would anyone think a burger on krispy kreme donut would be bad....?

  • Milena Solis
    Milena Solis 15 days ago

    3:43 I like my men like I like my sausage gravy *thicc* and *delicious* 😂😂 I'm sorry

  • Jacob
    Jacob 15 days ago

    why the hell do you love that fond so much lol

  • ATK1734
    ATK1734 15 days ago

    As much as I love every inch of this food (fried chicken, donuts, bacon, waffles, etc) arteries just clogged up watching YOU eat them.

  • Jeremy Zang
    Jeremy Zang 16 days ago

    If there is a heaven out there, please make it a heaven with foods from Babish.

  • Kendall Zylstra
    Kendall Zylstra 16 days ago

    We want sean!

  • Not Me
    Not Me 17 days ago

    Watching your show has sometimes made me wish I wasn’t vegetarian 😪

  • LyonKing👑
    LyonKing👑 17 days ago

    Bacon, burger, donut, July 4th?

  • LyonKing👑
    LyonKing👑 17 days ago

    Land of the free

    IMNORMAL 18 days ago

    I love how the moste whitest man with the moste whitest voice cooking things from a show with mostly black characters

    DMBOI PLAYS 18 days ago

    Makes video uncomfortable as possible

  • Heatboyjones11
    Heatboyjones11 19 days ago


  • supercalafragalistic Expialidotious

    Did anyone else think he said "bitching with babish"?

  • MWP Gaming
    MWP Gaming 19 days ago

    i like a little bit of sean evans cameo

  • Commander Rabbit
    Commander Rabbit 20 days ago

    is it sad that one of the mom & pop restaurants in my home town has its own copy of The Luther Burger its just renamed but is the same recipe

  • Glockamole Online
    Glockamole Online 21 day ago


    RYMICS ACTION 21 day ago

    Bitching with babish? 0:24

  • lil phil 54
    lil phil 54 22 days ago

    I'll pass on that heart attack

  • Matt
    Matt 23 days ago

    He cut out the part when he drops the hard r n word

  • Arturo Hernandez
    Arturo Hernandez 23 days ago

    “It’ll cause...Death”TRY ME BITCH

  • James Winfield
    James Winfield 23 days ago

    Can you make mimas brisket from young sheldon

  • Asher Yin
    Asher Yin 23 days ago

    “I can feel my left ventricle slamming shut as I speak!”

  • more shitty playlists
    more shitty playlists 23 days ago

    I love diabetes

  • Caligulas Catnip
    Caligulas Catnip 24 days ago

    This video is so murican I can feel the diabetes

  • Nate Trizzle
    Nate Trizzle 24 days ago

    Bitch lasagna

  • Jack Preacher
    Jack Preacher 25 days ago +1

    Hi Sean!

  • Rich Pool
    Rich Pool 25 days ago

    You the best Babish

  • Please Don't
    Please Don't 25 days ago +1

    Betes with Babish

  • dlxe
    dlxe 26 days ago

    You hold the fork in such a weird way when eating! ;)

  • Eric Askew
    Eric Askew 27 days ago

    What is the difference in the final product when you use kosher salt vs non kosher salt??

  • George Finley
    George Finley 28 days ago +3

    Hear that? My cardiologist just fainted.

  • Reece's Pieces
    Reece's Pieces 28 days ago

    could you put in the recipes please?

  • FoxDragon
    FoxDragon 28 days ago

    I gotta say, it does not make me at all uncomfortable to hear you say the word 'breasts'

  • Jello
    Jello 28 days ago


  • Twix Twix
    Twix Twix 28 days ago

    Thats alot of calories

  • Jooce PB
    Jooce PB 29 days ago

    Bitch lasagna

  • NeonBlue27
    NeonBlue27 29 days ago

    I think Granddad would be against putting the bacon on a paper towel. Ya lose all the grease that way!

  • bigben028cards1
    bigben028cards1 Month ago

    Ha Sean Evans nice I wasn't expecting that.

  • James Knorr
    James Knorr Month ago

    Guys, I just noticed how all this food is probably delicious

  • Matthew McGee
    Matthew McGee Month ago

    ignoe when he says ''kosher'' salt kosher is just something jews use not being racist or offensive but i asked pople and they say its just waht jews use instead of normal salt use any salt you want

    • Depressed Cat
      Depressed Cat 28 days ago

      Yes, it doesn't add any flavor, it's just kosher salt has bigger crystals

  • Midian aka Jeremy
    Midian aka Jeremy Month ago

    Looks mouth watering however I wouldn't risk any of my organs go KaBOOM!

  • HappyHippoEaters
    HappyHippoEaters Month ago +2

    this Recipe is way to healthy
    You need to try harder

  • Your Bro GPH
    Your Bro GPH Month ago

    I could feel the cholesterol just by watching you make this. Loved it

  • Michael Hamilton
    Michael Hamilton Month ago

    There is a minor league baseball team near me that basically serves the luther burger at its home games. Wonder how many diets its killed.

  • Redtiger 416
    Redtiger 416 Month ago

    I made the luther burger at home and my wife and I looked at each other. we ate the whole burger but we had nothing but greens for the rest of the week

  • Special Fex
    Special Fex Month ago

    I really wanna try a Stoner Pie rn

  • preston easley
    preston easley Month ago

    My mom made chicken and waffles and the chicken was soaked in sweet tea rather than a brine
    It was absolutely incredible.

  • Bob Lu
    Bob Lu Month ago

    Most people watch this with no intent to make it

  • Padparadscha
    Padparadscha Month ago

    Witch is worse heath health wise this or Eggs Woodhouse?

  • Baker Wright
    Baker Wright Month ago +1

    nice waffles brother

  • Franklin Armendariz

    A L O T O F P E P P E R

  • Pancho Villa
    Pancho Villa Month ago

    You forgot the grilled onions lol

  • themonkeyhand
    themonkeyhand Month ago

    Sausage gravy/creamed chipped beef can always use a dash of Worcestershire sauce.

  • Jordon Lees
    Jordon Lees Month ago

    Make more black people food

  • Latasha Ramsel
    Latasha Ramsel Month ago

    Itis food for real lol

  • Kossolax the Foresworn

    I really do must question the american food culture of mixing sweet and salty.
    they are always complaining about pineapple in pizza, while eating syrup with bacon and cheese with apple pie.
    the whole culture is food heresy.

  • Tim Kallam
    Tim Kallam Month ago

    That lasagna is breakfast casserole on crack and something I would eat minus the waffles if I wasnt on a diet.......

  • Terry Lemley
    Terry Lemley Month ago

    He forgot the onions tho....

    SPENCER WARE Month ago

    For authenticity he should have fried the chicken in a really old pan with crisco the black mans choice frying oil

  • Bastiaan Meulenbelt

    Easy though chance testify invitation sixth kind edition drift sun plus.

  • D Sizzle
    D Sizzle Month ago

    This is what crack must feel like.

  • Honorable Chairman Meow

    I am now a fat cat

  • JayTheDragonKing
    JayTheDragonKing Month ago

    These videos are so great.

  • Afrotaku 02
    Afrotaku 02 Month ago

    I know that actually eating these dishes would probably cause instant death.....but I still want to

  • Judy Chen
    Judy Chen Month ago +2

    5:19 he meant he is going to make his homemade donuts

  • Pikapile
    Pikapile Month ago

    daaaaaang grandad, is that a cell phone, or a cordless payphone?

  • Quantum Proton
    Quantum Proton Month ago

    Looks like type 3 diabetes was discovered

  • Tery Y
    Tery Y Month ago

    Sean rocking that bling watch hahaha, I honestly didn't recognise his voice until you said "Sean from First we Feast".
    Should do a chicken wing episode with him!

  • Uriel Septim
    Uriel Septim Month ago

    Back to the gym for you Babish. That junk is a monster.

  • René Price
    René Price Month ago +1

    No crossection

  • Burning Hammer Studios

    the itis mustve beens real after eating that lol

  • Robynn Roberts
    Robynn Roberts Month ago

    I want to try the breakfast lasagna but at the same time I don't want to have a heart attack

  • Ayden Chan
    Ayden Chan Month ago

    U forgot the onions

  • Daniel Rodriguez
    Daniel Rodriguez Month ago

    💔 😬

  • Luke Dearey
    Luke Dearey Month ago

    what about the bacon-wrapped chitlins stuffed catfish?

  • HI- -REZ
    HI- -REZ Month ago

    dude I've been binging this show (I see what I did there 😂) tonight cause I just found it and hot ones is my favorite show on TVclip as soon as I heard "did someone say krispy kreme? I was like noooo way Sean's here too??? 😱😱😱😂😂😂

  • AceRickyXz
    AceRickyXz Month ago +4

    Everything on point but you forgot the grill onions on that luther burger