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  • Welyn
    Welyn 24 days ago +936


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    • Frankie Bambie
      Frankie Bambie 15 hours ago

      The rap at the end was boss bro

    • Reynaldo Hanipale
      Reynaldo Hanipale 9 days ago

      Welyn I LOVE WATCHING UR VIDEOS🥺❤️they are mostly funny videos n yhu be makin gn survival seem fun for everyone we i buy me a PC first game umma buy is RUST OFC

    • Mathew Pinon
      Mathew Pinon 12 days ago

      dude you did this vid so good this is the first time ive seen your Chanel and i love it fam keep up the good work

    • Roulpops
      Roulpops 14 days ago

      Online games need more people like you @Welyn :)

    • NoLeads Ent.
      NoLeads Ent. 16 days ago

      dope! keep it up!
      who does the song at the end?? not bad :D from a fellow lyricist!

  • Seth Allen
    Seth Allen 48 minutes ago

    Dude wtf your awesome

  • Camron Etienne
    Camron Etienne 2 hours ago

    Bro I don’t even play rust ima console player but I love your fucking videos

  • Father Gascoigne
    Father Gascoigne 2 hours ago

    Clan member: *kills welyn*
    Welyn:"I'm about to end this clan's whole career"

  • Nathan Fuell
    Nathan Fuell 5 hours ago

    How do you install the game

  • Jose Calderon
    Jose Calderon 10 hours ago

    most intertaining i seen in long time dude thank you

  • Jayjay Pantaleon
    Jayjay Pantaleon 10 hours ago

    that's how I laugh when I don't know that joke 23:47

  • 1un4cy
    1un4cy 18 hours ago

    Why are hacker names "bf9dbgasifsa" or "tatsuttttttttt" instead of something creative and condescending like "usux" or "im just good"

  • Tariq Tayyan
    Tariq Tayyan 19 hours ago

    you are killing Bots in CS Go XD , dont worry brother i know cs go is cancer XD

  • JA REL
    JA REL 21 hour ago

    Welyn n chill

  • Dark MachoTaco YT
    Dark MachoTaco YT 21 hour ago

    That song at the end 😂 best part

  • King Doge
    King Doge Day ago

    I'm roof camp God

  • Thomas Thornton
    Thomas Thornton Day ago

    Aye welyn ur videos are so funny keep up tha good work

  • Youth Fx
    Youth Fx Day ago

    The bars

  • RedJive_Industries

    awww, that was really cute.

  • Drumpf 2030
    Drumpf 2030 Day ago

    Sry but I’m going to defend cheaters and say that making code to undermine a program is brilliant

  • Cyberion XI
    Cyberion XI Day ago

    nice piece moment man... salute

  • Josh Pavelich
    Josh Pavelich Day ago

    Dude, I don't play Rust but you make such golden content I always love watching. Also your rap at then was fire. Keep up the amazing work.

  • Brayden Renault
    Brayden Renault Day ago +1

    Me:*remembers a campaign from cod
    Gaz:your fruit killing skills are remarkable

  • Will Considine
    Will Considine 2 days ago

    The laugh at 1:55 came tf out of no where

  • なみ
    なみ 2 days ago

    that ending is wholesome

  • OG 7High
    OG 7High 2 days ago

    u killed that vid :) nice flow btw

  • Tony Timmer
    Tony Timmer 2 days ago

    I don't play Rust but that was really satisfying...always kill cheaters!

  • Deenszx King
    Deenszx King 2 days ago

    there are 3 types of cheaters.
    1. Hackers
    2. Modders
    3. Spenders

  • Professor NoOb
    Professor NoOb 2 days ago

    13:22 that mans was driving his car in the background of welyn's inventory

  • Amv Slick
    Amv Slick 2 days ago


  • Legendbetold
    Legendbetold 2 days ago

    Strait BARS!!! at the end

  • Gaming Hub
    Gaming Hub 2 days ago +3

    This lowkey touches my heart😀😀😀, this is a great example of being apart of the gaming community help each other out. I gave you a well diserved sub!

  • John Manning
    John Manning 2 days ago

    I would've bombed every base they had at key points of each base.
    Bring down the house.
    Or in this case, houses.

  • Corey Collins
    Corey Collins 2 days ago

    You got yourself another sub, just because of that end rap.... bravo

  • s y
    s y 2 days ago

    I subbed just because how awesome this was ! the cheaters got what they deserved 😂

  • Hilda May
    Hilda May 2 days ago

    damn that rap was tight

  • Mason Connor
    Mason Connor 2 days ago

    Anyone else notice the Twig on the roof

  • King Arthur
    King Arthur 2 days ago

    When u want to felx ure skills on csgo so u go on bot mode

  • Chase Herman
    Chase Herman 2 days ago

    This was great

    STAY BLESSSED 2 days ago


  • Charles Bargone
    Charles Bargone 2 days ago


  • A Claveau
    A Claveau 2 days ago

    And FP said TuRrEtS aReNt BaItAbLe AnYmoRe

  • Wolf Born
    Wolf Born 2 days ago

    You son of a bitch, im in!

  • DA SPY10
    DA SPY10 2 days ago

    That rap at the end was 🔥

  • Lilboots
    Lilboots 2 days ago


  • Ethan Owen
    Ethan Owen 3 days ago +1

    I kinda cringed when you played csgo, but the rust gameplay made up for it

  • Shawn Wilson
    Shawn Wilson 3 days ago

    That rhyme was 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Friend Chicken
    Friend Chicken 3 days ago

    1.6k cheaters disliked the video?

  • Henry Swag
    Henry Swag 3 days ago +2

    Instead of playing against bots you should’ve just had clips of your dieing in comp

  • Jonbarian
    Jonbarian 3 days ago

    You earned sub from me, your a legend

  • Alexandru Virgil Vacariuc

    I loved the rap at the end

  • Wendy Woods-McMahon
    Wendy Woods-McMahon 3 days ago

    #fakeraids oh sorry wrong youtuber

  • csgo gaming
    csgo gaming 3 days ago

    lol you are the cheater

  • Youdy
    Youdy 3 days ago +13

    17:44 He said "Free Camera" Meaning FreeCam. They can noclip into the base to see the layout, so they know where to raid.

  • Youdy
    Youdy 3 days ago

    17:44 He said "Free Camera" Meaning FreeCam. They can noclip into the base to see the layout, so they know where to raid.

  • Sam Trumble
    Sam Trumble 4 days ago

    of course the cheaters were Chinese.....

  • Lorenz Friedmann
    Lorenz Friedmann 4 days ago

    Boyyyyy the end rap was FRESH

  • Evil Deeds
    Evil Deeds 4 days ago

    They are dumb? You did not notice the twig roof when you landed!

  • Evil Deeds
    Evil Deeds 4 days ago

    AGAIN! the magic turret that does not need power!

  • Evil Deeds
    Evil Deeds 4 days ago

    How does that auto turret work without electricity?

  • GODZILLA _ 6337
    GODZILLA _ 6337 4 days ago

    Once I get rust I'll join up

  • GODZILLA _ 6337
    GODZILLA _ 6337 4 days ago


  • jacass1020
    jacass1020 4 days ago


  • No Noed for you
    No Noed for you 4 days ago

    For some reason i think i remember this names from Blacksquad :D i mean i dont know where to get cheats and idc but i know somehow when someone is cheating ... and 2 of them 3 i already know. but im not that 100% sure. more like 70/80%